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Pampers baby dry size 7

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Interesting......Sadly I am way too big to fit in them. But a few years ago I could wear and did use Underjams size 8 when I would power walk in the mornings. I called them then and asked if they planned to make bigger sizes and got pretty much the same answer. "I will pass your message on....". That was about 5 years ago.

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The underjams sucked anyway, as the fabric that they used didn't hold up worth a damn.

Interestingly enough, if you don't mind using a pull up, the diaper part of the pampers swaddlers is pretty much the exact same in the Always Discreet Boutique diapers. It's got the same 3 channel wetness system, which I noticed this summer when my daughter was born and we were using the swaddlers on her. They actually work quite well, which shouldn't be a surprise given pampers reputation, and those that really wanted the "protection" you get from their favorite baby diapers can now have it. 

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