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Hi! I’m new to this community and very happy to have joined! So I’ve been a diaper love for about four years or so and I’ve just gotten a hold of diapers themself a couple months ago, and let me tell you, it was good. That’s it. It sucks, because all these years I’ve been longing to try on a diaper but way to scared to ask my parents or tell anyone about this (still don’t plan on that) so i have a feeling of not knowing how a diaper feels really upped my standards of how they were going to feel. Although, I’ve built up the courage to tell my friend about it and they found a way to get me some diapers. I think they’re attends women (im male lol) and i don’t know what it is but i just didn’t expect it to be exactly like how they felt, again, probably because I’ve raised my expectations a little too high over the years. I’ll get used to it though. The thing is, I’m super conscious about them and I really do enjoy wetting them, or i think i could, but i feel like its too hard to actually let the pee come out, as if i have to push even when i have to urgently go, when as if i have to pee with the same urgency and go on the toilet, it comes right out. Also, is there anything else you guys suggest to do with diapers? Other than just wet and soil them? My expectations weren’t EXACTLY reached as you might assume, so maybe there are different things I can do to better please myself. Thank you all so much!

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Hi, and welcome to the site, and the community. You might want to post an introduction in the "Newbie Nursery" forum, it's a more appropriate place to shout out.

Glad you are able to explore your diaper desires more now. I'm sure, you have lots of thoughts to sort out. This is a good place to start at.

You're right, not to discuss it with your parents at this point. It's just something, they don't need to be involved in. If it was a health issue, that could be different, but it is not, so they are better being left out of the knowledge of. I mean, would you discuss what type of sex position you like best? I think not, I hope not.

If you are feeling a bit deflated, now that you have worn the Attends, it could be they're not a good real enough type diaper for you? You should try exploring some other diapers. Your best bet, would be to look around on line, at some of the Adult Baby diaper selling sites. Some examples,  http://rearz.ca/ , https://bambinodiapers.com/, https://us.abuniverse.com/, https://tykables.com/

Everybody has there favorites, those are just some examples.

Maybe you want more, then just wearing a diaper? You can explore,or get into more of the "Adult Baby" side of things. Just a thought?

Well, good luck, and hope some of this can help you out. Have fun and enjoy!!!


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