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Advice for mommy and me plz

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Where do i begin........well im a 29 yo male married to my best friend since kindergarten we have 2 beautiful children together she is a stay at home mommy and I am a maintenance man by night and little by day. I kept my little secret well guarded growing up as most of you have so my wife never found out about my little side until we decided to go steady about 8 years ago now. It took her some time but she grew to accept it as first thought was omfg hes a pedophile. Weve now worked up to the role play thing slowly and over time shes been much more participant so much that she has even wore a handful of times with me though she likes pullups better. Our sex life has struggled because its very difficult for me to achieve orgasm without it being abdl related and shes growing tired of a little boy shes told me quite a few times that sometimes she just wants her Man and i have a very hard time being this grownup everyone wants me to be. Fast forward to this month i have made the decision to go full time with the diapers and my wife has agreed given we hide it from the kids. We are at a crossroad now as she wants to baby me but doesnt know what to do and frankly neither do i. I want held i want rocked bottle fed but i also want random checks praise and punishment for the good and bad i cant describe how it makes me feel bit to be treated with an infantile status is what i want. So now for you guys im begging for ways to explain to my wife how to treat me as well as advice for me on how to man up in the sack. Please dont be hateful this post is 100% true so please help dont hurt.

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Well, if you already have children, talk to your wife about what she would have done for them. What things did she do to care for, and make them feel good. And, look back at anything you can remember from your own childhood, are there things you miss?

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First and foremost I think you are correct in saying that you must do this in secret from you children. Sure you can engage in playing games and toys and watching cartoons with your children and they won't know any different, but the other stuff must be kept to you and your wife/mommy.

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Contrary to popular Fetish belief, children aren't stupid till they leave home. If you play in front of your children, sooner or later, they WILL put two-and-two together. Don't expose children to adult play. I'm trying to be tactile and use a little finesse and not "Quote" I've tried all day to ignore this plea, to not be harsh.

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Firstly we should all congratulate you on having opened up to your partner around your desires.  This is a thing that so many people find very difficult to do.  It sounds like you are in a good place and that she has accepted certain parts of your needs, though perhaps with some reservation. I recommend establishing some boundaries around these activities that make her feel comfortable with your desires and balance your role as father and husband to ensure that they are sustainable over the longer-term.  Once the honeymoon of her acceptance has passed there is a risk she becomes resentful of your fetish and now it intrudes into your and her life.  Perhaps your could consider setting aside some time each week to indulge your needs as a little boy and make other times focused on her needs and those of your family?  Like others have and will say I think it is very risky wearing or doing this sort of thing with kids nearby.  Kids tend to be much smarter and more observant than we give them credit for.  Her desire to let you indulge may fade very quickly if you do not establish some boundaries around this that keep it away from your children.  

I think you may find that you feel much better about this and "man up in the sack" as you put it will improve if you compartmentalise your desires better.  Variety is the spice of life as they say and I think being a full time baby/DL would be a very boring place to live, especially for someone as young as you with a willing and supportive partner. I hope this did not come off as judgemental and wish you all the best.  

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