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How to discuss loss of bladder control with your doctor...

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Hi! I thought I would write this post so that I could try and help anyone who thinks they might suffer from incontinence. Do you have uncontrollable urges to urinate? Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh? Do you constantly urinate without any control whatsoever? These are all forms of incontinence.

It is estimated that there are quite literally millions of people in the United States alone under 50 years of age that suffer from some loss of bladder control at present. So, it is not just an

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Hey, that's a really long post, but greatly detailed - thanks for this. I actually was struggling with talking to my doctor and other people at all - well, obviously as I even had a problem talking to my doctor I had a nightmare when I was talking to people. I didn't apply even half of your advice, when I was overcoming my problem with sharing things with my doctor - I just realized, that I'm overthinking it and I'm caring about it too much. After all he is a doctor, he is a professional at what he does - your issues aren't really surprising him, it's just his job - he is taking it casually, not that you talk to your crush that you have been in love for 2 years and she has finally given you your minute of screening time. Chill out with life more and learn to enjoy it :)

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