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Euron form

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Hi All, I've just managed to get a hold of a pack of euron form ex-large which are cloth backed (which i don't usually use) but when you get a pack free you2ve gotta try them. I am really impressed with these diapers. I've worn the same one since 10 o'clock this morning, just after i got out of bed and had a shower and a change i tried them out. I'm still wearing the same one, it hasn't leaked or caused me any discomfort and it is still going. It nearly eight hours now in the same diaper!

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I use these,whitch one did you get if its the overnight one then you are in a very good position as these last 12hrs or more depending on how much you wet.I have worn the overnight one up to 14hrs with no leaks but with plastic pants.The rest of there range is well from utter crap [the extra plus ]witch hold maybe if your lucky two wettings to the exellent overnight ones most of the range is the same as the ID slip range{same manufacture namely Ontex.

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