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Wanting to be a baby again

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I stayed little longer than most. My younger brother was born when i was 4 and i guess I wanted to be babied too. I remember getting diapered and being changed. I wasn't potty trained until I was 5 and even after that I had a lot of accidents. Mom constantly reminded me to go to the bathroom and I wet the bed until almost 14. As a 7 year old, I started wanting to be a baby again. I talked like a baby, wanted mom to help with my bath and dressing and even intentially did bad on school work to get attention. Now as an adult baby I look back and think thats how i have always been. Just one time I'd like to be changed and rocked and even nursed. I dont see anything changing as I get older!

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At age 57, I think back to how my being a baby started and remember how so many females insisted I lay being held to their breasts nursing like a baby. I know how well I still fit in strollers and playpens even at my age. After having many girlfriends and lastly my wife willing to treat me as a baby, I find now being handicap and in diapers 24/7, has me craving to be babied by a lovingly dominate woman everyday when I'm home alone while my wife works. My constant craving is to be in my diaper and t shirt, being bottle fed baby formula then being held nursing at Mommy's breast for a nice time then be placed in a playpen with a bottle, pacifier, baby teething toys, baby  toys and soft animals to play with. Mommy nurses me often and reminds me that I'm Mommy's baby. Mommy changes me when I'm wet and puts me down for my naps after nursing me first.

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