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Hey, so I've been wanting to use castor oil with a diaper sometime soon but after doing some reading online, I'm kind of nervous now. The reason is because people have said the effects of castor oil sometimes lasted for an additional day or two. This worries me because I can't be diapered for that long. So do you think a buttplug would stop the effects of a castor oil mess? If not, please comment any other suggestions on how I could prevent messing myself with the after effects of the castor oil. Thanks!

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Castor oil is a purgative not a laxative so in my experience it does not act on a second or third day because you have pooped out everything there is to poop on the first day, it also tastes nasty and definitely leaves your lips oily so keep a baby wipe handy.

Also to hide the taste when ingesting it mix it with bourbon or something like that ( it I'd soluble in alcohol ) alot of people say to mix it with O.J, tomato juice, or chocolate milk sounds simple tastes wretched, use a strong alcohol and mix in an oral dosing syringe so you can squirt it as far back in your mouth as you can..

Get up really early in the morning like 4 am to dose it, do not take it at bedtime because it tends to work very very quickly when taken at night resulting in you unable to sleep because you are filling your diaper at 2 am onward.

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