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UK AB/DL/Cub meetups?

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is there any known AB/DL/Cub meetups that happen regularly here in the UK? id love to connect with others in person but there seems to be minimal or no information reguarding this subject

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Yes, a fair number. They are all quite different in character too, so don't be put off if one of them isn't to your tastes.

Given your declared location, Adult Baby Club (or ABC for short) is probably your nearest. It's held in a gay bar and while not restricted to gay men, there's a definite bias that way. It tends towards standing around drinking and chatting in nappies (and whatever else you care (not) to wear) than a play event.

Further away from you there's a twice yearly(ish) playground party in north London, where an indoor soft play area is hired out privately for the evening. There's a 'preprep'/'preschool' event in Farnborough every 6 to 8 weeks, which has arts and crafts and story time - and zero standing around drinking! It's entirely play all afternoon.

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thanks frankenfurter and freswith for your swift responses, the munch you mentioned in winchester sounds like the best option for me dispite the distance, i may have to consider my transport options to get there, the rest mentioned seem a bit "balls to the wall" for a relative beginner to the scene

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CynicalHeart: whatever you prefer! It's worth noting that prior to ABC there's a 'premeet' in a vanilla pub local to the venue which gives a gentler start to things.

There was talk about a ABDL munch in Brighton but I don't have info or dates when that would be meeting - I think it might have been a one time only thing.

The Winchester munch is next on 20th March - we meet the 3rd Sunday of every month. It's held from 2:30pm in The Old Goalhouse (Wetherspoons) pub, around 10 minutes walk from the station (even if you don't know the way!). We're always there until 4:30 and if there's a decent sized group we tend to hang around for longer.

If you drive parking is free in Winchester on Sundays, which is why it's Sunday afternoon.

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ABC; frequently a decent sized crowd - 8 to 20 odd at the premeet and can be over 50 at the main event.

Winchester: it varies heavily, sometimes it's really quiet (4) and sometimes it's busy (21)

If you genuinely look under 18 we might question you on it, as officially the events are 18+. However, we don't routinely ID people for the hell of it.

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now you say that, im starting to regret trimming off my facial hair, ill scan my Birtth cetificate and bring a photocopy with me alongside my photographic bus pass just in case my face fur dosent grow back in time :unsure: its the closest i can provide to ID,

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1 hour ago, BedWetMark said:

Do the Farnborough and Winchester meets still happen?? I live in Hampshire ... so am interested

The Farnborough event is still happening regularly. See http://www.ngmanor.co.uk/preprep.htm for details. 

The munch in Winchester hasn't be happening for some time now unfortunately. I used to help organise it and the numbers just dropped off too much. 

As I'm in Hampshire, if you wanted to met up at a pub for a drink and chat I could be cool with that. I'm also regularly at LAM (London Alternative Market - http://londonalternativemarket.com/) each month where you can say hi if you want to. 

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