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Growing Up in Diapers (pvt w/ Ishigreensa)


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Gracie was upset that she was being held back, and she cried and cried until her father took her home.

"They don't like me at school," she told her dad.

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Trent could not help but feel bad for his little girl. He kissed her on the forehead in hopes of trying to make her a bit happier.

"Honey, you know the teachers are just doing what they this is best." Trent said as he began untaping the soaked diaper. He began wiping her with wipes as he spoke. "They believe you should be potty trained. It wouldn't hurt us to try that this summer. Today, we are going to try you in panties.Daddy bought you some with your favorite characters."

Trent helped Gracie slide them on and looked as his daughter took in her new attire.

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"Yes sweetie. We need to try this. Trust me, it's for the best. You want to be a big girl, right? Big girl's at least try to use the toilet." Trent said. "I know it feels pretty weird, but it's something that the school wants us to try."

Trent stood up and hugged his daughter before walking to the doorway. He turned around and noticed how awkward Gracie looked in something that was not as thick around her waist. "Breakfast will be ready in about 15 minutes."

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"Trust me, your body will tell you!" Trent shouted as he made his way into the kitchen. He decided on making Gracie's favorite breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Trent began combining all the ingredients and and poured batter onto the skillet. While the pancakes were browning, he started heating bacon in the microwave. As everything finished cooking, Trent made plates for both of them and put them on the table.

"Gracie!".Trent called. "Breakfast is ready! Come and get it while it's hot!"

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Gracie got up from the floor and ran into the kitchen, and when she smelled her favorite, she smiled really huge, ran up to her dad, and hugged him tight.

"Thank you, thank you, thankyou," she said so fast, it was like a machine gun rapid fire blaze.

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"That means you don't have to go. It takes practice of trying to control your muscles before you master potty training. You still have a long way to go. Don't worry sweetheart. It will happen whenever you are ready." Trent said as he dug into his own food. He had to admit, this was going to be a change for him as well. They would try to work through this together, and as best as they could.

"You are always welcome. I figured this was going to take some adjusting to get used to, so it sounded like a chocolate chip pancake type of morning."

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"It matters because many teachers believe that someone your age is more than capable of asking to go and use the restroom. The nurse is willing to change you like she always has, but teachers and the principal are being firm in their stance. Also, they believe diapers could potentially distract other students. The smell alone is what they worry about." Trent said.

He looked over at his daughter as she took it all in.

"I honestly have never minded changing your diapers, but we have to attempt to abide by the school's policies." He smiled. "I know you love my pancakes honey."

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"Gracie, what's wrong?" Trent said as he walked over ad looked down. "Uh oh, looks like someone wet their panties. It's ok though. Accidents will happen." He picked up his daughter and carried her upstairs into her bedroom. He carefully slid her underwear off and wiped her down with the baby wipes. He slide on a new pair and took the others to be tossed in the hamper.

"It's ok princess. I'm not mad at you." Trent consoled as he hugged his daughter.

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Gracie put her hands in the way of the new pair of panties being slid up her legs, and stopped it before it covered her pelvis.

"I don't want panties," she sobbed.

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"Honey!" Trent shouted trying to get his daughter's attention as he hugged her and pulled up the panties. "It's ok. You know accidents will happen. They are to be expected. You can't expect to become trained in a matter of hours. That's not the girl I raised. The girl I raised is willing to face challenges head on. I know it's hard, but we can get through it. Would you like to go to the park after daddy does his errands?"

He needed some way to get her mind occupied with something else at least for the time being. Maybe he could make this easier for Gracie?

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Gracie looked up at him her eyes red and watery.

"Are we going to the park?" she asked as she breathed in and out exhausted from throwing a fit about wearing the panties, and her daddy winning the tug of war, getting them on her bottom.

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"Yes we will be, but first we need to go to Walmart to pick up a bit of groceries." Trent said happy to see Gracie was calming down. Hopefully, her cute smile would come back pretty soon.

"Now, go get dressed and we will leave." He said as he began putting on his shoes and grabbed the car keys. "Call me up when you are done."

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"Of course, but go upstairs and take your jeans off. You will be in diapers while we are out. It will be easier considering we will be in public and cleaning up a mess would make a scene. Plus, I don't want you to get embarrassed." Trent said after reasoning it out. This really would be the best decision. Cleaning an accident at home was one thing, but in public would attract unnecessary attention. Gracie was already none too thrilled about this entire process. Public embarrassment was the last thing she needed.

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"Yes I will be diapering you." Trent said as he carried his daughter up the stairs and laid her on the bed. He gently slid down her panties, and grabbed another diaper from her closet. He opened it up and taped it onto Gracie's waist. "There we go! A nice and diapered up babygirl."

Trent walked over and grabbed a backpack they had been using as a diaper bag, and put in 5 diapers, rash cream, powder, wipes, and a changing pad.

"Alright, I think we are ready to go." Trent yelled as he walked down the hall and out to the car.

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Gracie ran out to the car, very excited.

She tried to open the car door, but it was pretty big for a small girl.

She got it open, but she nearly fell back as it was pulled open.

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"Alright, we will get you some paint as long as you paint daddy a picture." Trent said as he began backing up. He pulled off down the street, and they were off. "Are you excited about the park?"

He already had known the answer. Gracie had absolutely loved the park ever since she had been born. There was a reason why he always pulled this this treat out whenever she was feeling sad or angry.

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"Hmmm...sounds like a plan." Trent said smiling. He continued driving and eventually pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot. He shut off the car and helped Gracie get out of the back.

"Alright, we will need a shopping cart if you can find one without running in traffic. Can you do that?" He patiently waited for an answer, but could not help but notice the waistband of her diaper sticking up over her skirt.

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