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Baby Quinn Fabray!

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Rachel woke from her sleep in the middle of the night to the sound of crying over the baby monitor. She pulled herself out of bed with a sigh and padded towards the nursery she opened the door and smiled and the blonde girl kneeling in her crib. "Hey Quinnie, what's the matter honey?" she cooed. Quinn sniffled and rubbed her eyes

"Bad dreams Mama" she whimpered.

"Silly Nightmares," Rachel cooed as she got her baby out of her crib. Quinn immediately buried her face in Rachel's neck "It's okay baby mommy's here now," Rachel took Quinn to the rocking chair in the corner and began to rock her baby until her tears were gone "Do you wanna come stay in Mama's bed?" Quinn nodded pathetically into Rachel's chest. Rachel got Quinn halfway to her bedroom before Quinn stopped.

"Wait need paci!" she announced.

"Of course how could I forget," Rachel chuckled. So they made their way back to Quinn's room Rachel picked up Quinn's favorite green and purple pacifier of the changing table and popped in her mouth. She paused

"Are you wet sweetie?" Rachel asked already reaching under Quinn's night gown to check her diaper and finding it wet "Come on let's get you changed then we can go to sleep," she said getting her baby arranged on the changing table. After getting Quinn into a fresh diaper Rachel helped her down and they went into her room. Rachel got Quinn situated and cuddled into the blankets and pillows then climbed into her side of the bed and wrapped her arms around Quinn "Your safe now little one go to sleep," Quinn tucked her face into Rachel's neck and sniffled after some gentle humming and cooing from Rachel she found herself drifting back to sleep.


"Momma, Momma" Quinn whispered poking Rachel in the side. Rachel groaned and rolled over "Hi Momma!" Quinn said

"Good Morning Baby Bunny," Rachel cooed nuzzling Quinn's nose and tickling her sides. Quinn giggled in response. "Are you ready for your breakfast?" Rachel cooed.

"Uh huh hungy mommy!" Quinn said

"Well let's go get some yummies into that little tummy then!" Rachel got up and took Quinn in the nursery to change her diaper before leading her to the to the kitchen and sitting her in her booster seat at the table. "What do you want baby girl?"

"Baba! Baba!" Quinn chanted Rachel smiled and sprinkled some cheerio's onto the table for Quinn too munch on while she prepared her bottle and munched on her toast. The bell went off on the bottle warmer and Rachel retrieved it.

"Do want to come have your bottle on mommy's lap or do you wanna be a big girl and feed yourself?" Rachel asked

"Wif mommy!" Quinn said reaching out for Rachel smiled and led her little girl to the couch

Rachel got herself situated and patted her lap invitingly. Quinn quickly crawled up in Rachel's lap and had her head cradled in the crook of Rachel's arm. Rachel led the bottle to Quinn's mouth Rachel smiled as Quinn's suckling began to drain the bottle. She gazed down at her baby girl and pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead.


Quinn's nap time rolled around and the little girl was engrossed with her toys and her Blue's Clues DVD. "Quinnie baby it's nap time," Rachel said gently

"No fank you," Quinn replied.

"Quinn Fabray you do not talk to me that way," Rachel chastised

"I no want nap go 'way!" the toddler stated firmly

Rachel sighed "Quinn it is your nap now you can come with me and go down for your nap or you can have a spanking first," Rachel warned

"No Nap! No Nap!" Quinn yelled. Rachel sighed heavily


"No nap! Go way!" Quinn screamed hurling a toy pony in Rachel's direction.

"Quinn Elizabeth Fabray!" Rachel said yanking Quinn up by her arm and swatting her bottom "That was naughty!" she said. Rachel sat on an arm chair and pulled Quinn over her lap and pulled off her pants and undid her diaper

"No 'pank momma! I sowwy No 'pank!" Quinn squealed.

"You had your chance young lady!" Rachel said as she began peppering spanks over Quinn's bottom after sufficiently spanking Quinn who was now sobbing and hiccupping Rachel hugged her and led her to the naughty stool in the corner. Both women endured the excruciating 3 minutes of Quinn's corner time before Rachel walked over to the corner and gathered Quinn in her arms

"I Sowwy Mommy!" Quinn sobbed burying her face in Rachel's neck

"It's okay baby you're forgiven now I love you baby girl," She cooed "Are you ready for your nap now?"

Quinn nodded and wrapped her arms around Rachel's neck and her legs round her waist. Rachel took Quinn up to the nursery and tucked her in with her lamb and pacifier.

"Have a good nap love" she said kissing the girls forehead as she slipped off into her nap

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Quinn was curled up on the couch suckling her pacifier and watching Wonder Pets in her cute little footed PJ's it was spring break, her mother was out, and she was finally getting to have some "Baby Time" which is why when the doorbell rang she answered still contently sucking her pacifier well she was until she saw Santana standing outside her door "S..S…Santana W..what are you d..doing here?" she stuttered . Santana stood looking a little shocked

"Well I was dropping by to see if you wanted to go get some…Oh god Quinn are you wearing a diaper? She demanded. At this Quinn's bottom lip began to tremble she let out a small whimper before breaking into giant sobs. "Oh…Q I'm sorry sweetie," Santana cooed embracing Quinn and closing the front door "It's okay sweetie of course you wear diapers cause you just a baby huh?" Quinn nodded into Santana's chest she picked up her pacifier which was now hanging down on the clip that was attached to her pajamas and put it in her mouth sucking it again What are you watching cutie?" Santana asked once Quinn had calmed down.

"Wondew Petth" Quinn lisped out behind the pacifier.

"Can I watch with you? Santana asked. Quinn just nodded feeling surprisingly safe and comfortable in Santana's lap. After the morning time children's programming went of Quinn sighed

"Tana you wead to me?" Quinn asked.

"Sure honey what do you want me to read?" Quinn got off Santana's lap and went into her room. She returned with a copy of If you Give Mouse a Cookie and handed it to her before climbing back up into her lap.

"That's a good one Quinnie!" Santana cooed.

By the time the story was finished Quinn's stomach was growling hungrily.

"Is someone hungry?" Santana asked. Quinn nodded

"Hungy, Tana" she said.


Santana had packed a picnic lunch, dressed Quinn in a simple sun dress and took her down to the park.

"I pay Tana?" Quinn asked sweetly.

"After you eat all you lunch," Santana replied as she set out their lunch. Quinn pouted then took a sloppy bite of her PB&J and happily munched her goldfish crackers

"Fanks for wunch Tana" She said happily suckling her sippy cup .

"You're very welcome! Anything for a good little girl like you!" she cooed.

"I go pay now?" Quinn asked

"Sure sweetie I'll be right her on the bench okay?"

Quinn ran off and played on the slides for several minutes then ran over to Santana

"Can you push me on the swings ?"

"Sure sweetie" Santana said taking Quinn's hand and taking her to the swings.

After playing on the playground for a while Santana took Quinn down to feed the ducks by the pond the two enjoyed themselves for quite some time until Quinn began to cry.

" What's the matter Quinnie?" Santana asked

"Diapee wet," Quinn cried out.

"Oh sweetie we didn't bring you any fresh diapers, how bout we go home and get you changed and down for a nap," Santana said seeing the girl yawn. Quinn nodded

"Cawwy me?" Quinn asked looking up at Santana with giant tear filled doe eyes.

"Of course sweetie climb up" Santana said hunching over so Quinn could climb on her back.

Once they were home Santana got Quinn into a dry diaper and a comfy t shirt. She tucked Quinn into her bed with a pacifier and her stuffed elephant.

"Tana?" Quinn asked

"Yes Sweetie?" Santana replied sitting next to her on the bed.

"Wiww you awways take care of me?"

"Always sweetie," Santana replied kissing her nose

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Quinn Fabray at school was very very different than Quinn Fabray at home. At home she wasn't HBIC or the head cheerleader no Quinn Fabray at home was Quinnie she was her Mommy and Daddy's little girl…quite literally her parents babied her the minute she stepped through the front door after school. She didn't mind it all really in fact she loved it, the way her parents focused 100% of their attention on her. She walked through the door Tuesday after school ready to relax and spend time with her mommy.

"Mommy I'm home!" she called when she entered the house. Judy Fabray rushed quickly out of the kitchen to greet her daughter.

"Hi Quinnie are you ready to get changed and have your snack," she asked her while wrapping her in a hug.

"Uh huh," the blonde teenager replied. Judy took her daughters hand and led her up to the pink bedroom.

"Alright sweetie go wait on your bed for Mommy," she said. Quinn did so obediently she sat on her bed kicking her legs back and forth before slipping her thumb into her mouth and sucking contentedly as her transformation began. Her mother returned shortly with a few items in her hands.

"Okay baby lay back for me," she said. Once Quinn was on her back Judy made quick work of removing her shoes, skirt and little pink panties before laying them neatly in a pile in the corner. Judy then wipes the girl in front of her with a baby wipe and sprinkles her with some baby powder before taping up a fluffy white diaper around her slender frame. "Sit up for mommy Quinn," she say sweetly. Again doing as she's told Quinn sits up and she allows her mother to remove her blouse and replace it with a pink Whinnie-The-Pooh t-shirt that hangs just above her diaper.

"Fanks Momma," Quinn says innocently only removing her thumb for a moment before returning it to her lips.

"You're welcome baby," Judy smiled placing a kiss on her little girls cheek. "You ready for your snack?" she asked. Quinn nodded.

"Can I have Goldfish?" she asked.

"Sure sweetie,"

Judy got Quinn downstairs sitting in her chair and poured some goldfish into a little bowl and some chocolate milk in her favorite sippy cup. "Here baby," Quinn finished her snack quickly and her mother let her play in the living room where her mother could hear and see her while she made dinner. She was happily sucking on a purple pacifier and coloring in her pooh bear coloring book. Then her daddy walks in the front door.

"Daddy Daddy," Quinn squeals lifting her arms to be picked up. Russell smiles and scoops up his teenage daughter.

"Hi sweetie," he says as he pats her bottom. "Looks like someone needs to changed," Russell goes to the kitchen to greet his wife before gathering Quinn's changing supplies and laying her out on the play mat making quick work of getting her clean. Then comes cuddle time with daddy while he watches the news she just sits there curled into his side sucking her pacifier until Judy calls them in for dinner.

At dinner Russell is sure to cut Quinn's food up really small so she won't choke dinner is always filled with Quinn chattering on about her day while Judy and Russell enjoy listening to all her stories. After dinner while Judy takes Quinn upstairs for her bath while her husband cleans the kitchen. Judy gets Quinn the bath tub with her toys she plays happily while letting her mommy get her all clean. When Judy is satisfied she pulls Quinn out and wraps her in a towel drying her quickly. When they enter Quinn's room Russell is waiting there with her nighttime bottle ready he lifts her on to the table and slides a thick nighttime diaper under her bottom and tapes it up. He then snuggles her in the rocking chair and places the bottle to her lips and she accepts it happily he rocks her back and forth and her mother sings a gentle lullaby. Her eyelids start to flutter and he tucks her in each of her parents give her a kiss on the cheek

"Goodnight sweetpea,"

"Night Mommy Night Night Daddy," she murmurs before slipping off to sleep with her pacifier and teddy bear.

"Sweet dreams baby girl," Her father whispers before flicking on the night light and the monitor and leaving her room.

Yeah…Quinn Fabray at home was very different from Quinn Fabray at school.


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Love this story. But who's the main person babying Quinn?? First it is Rachel , than Santana Then her parents. Needs just a little more consistence on that part. But otherwise it's a great story and can't wait to read more.

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“Binkie!†came through at a high pitched scream through the monitor for the millionth time that night.  Will sighed.

“Come on Terri can’t she just have it at night for a little while,†he said rubbing his face. Terri huffed.

“No Will Quinn is a big girl now it’s time to break the pacifier habit now,†there were still loud heart wrenching sobs coming over the monitor.

“Momma!†Quinn called “Mommmy! Ma! Mommy! Mommy!†Quinn called out over and over again. When no one came to pay attention to her she knew exactly what card to pull. “Dada! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!† And Will was out of his bed like a shot

“You can’t run for her every time she cries Will,†Terri said.

“I know Terri but she’s really upset right now and I can’t stand to hear my baby girl cry for another minute,†he said before walking down the hall to Quinn’s room.  When he entered he flicked the light on and what he saw nearly broke his heart Quinn was sitting up in her bed with her  Disney princess bed spread bunched at the foot of her new “Big Girl Bed† her face was bright red and drool and snot were running down it  â€œOh baby girl it okay,†Will cooed going over to her and picking her up her rocked her back and forth until her crying calmed a little he patted her bottom and felt her diaper sag a little “I think someone needs their bottom changed,†he cooed taking her over to the changing table where he first laid her down and wiped her face with a baby wipe and the proceeded to change her soiled diaper.

“Monsters Daddy!†she shrieked “Don’t weave†she begged tear threating to fall again. “I want binkie!† Will sighed.

 â€œOkay baby daddy will get it but shh we can’t tell mommy,†he said. Quinn held a finger to her lips

“shh is a secet!†she said making Will chuckle a little as her pulled the hidden pacifier out one of her dresser drawers. “Wanna stay wif daddy,†Quinn said quietly around her pacifier.

“How about you and daddy go sleep on the magic bed in the living room,†he offered referring to the pull out mattress that Quinn loved

“Yeah Daddy magic bed!†she said clapping her hands. Will carried Quinn downstairs and got her a sippy cup of water to help calm her more her figured her throat must hurt from all her screaming earlier and her sat her on her playmat while he set up the bed. One the bed was sat up Will called Quinn over and she climbed up on the bed and plated a kiss on his cheek before  replacing her pacifier and cuddling him Will smiled and handed Quinn her Teddy which he smartly brought down with them. “Daddy can we watch Lion King?†Quinn asked sweetly and Will couldn’t help but give in he knew it was late but Quinn would probably be a sleep a few minutes into the movie so he put the dvd in and ran the movie.



The next morning Terri walked into the kitchen to find Quinn cuddled up to Will sucking her pacifier as the main menu for the Lion King played on the television she rolled her eyes “Wrapped around her little finger ,†she thought. She flicked off the tv and gave each of them a kiss before going into the kitchen to start breakfast.

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