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Alrighty everyone, not sure if this is under the correct category, but hopefully it is. So I managed to convince a girl to try out some abdl stuff and she seems willing. My problem is that she is a size 0 waist (not really a problem per se, but...). I was planning on letting her try a Medium sized Cushie from abuniverse. However, upon talking to a few other local abdls, I've realized that it would be way too big on her. So my question is, would a Pampers size 6 or 7 work? About what women's waist size will either of those go up to? I've read reviews on them and heard that the only difference between the two is how much they can hold. So can anyone help me out? If nothing else, I'm going for Goodnights, but a tapeable diaper would be preferred because she is interested in the ab aspect as well as the general sexy link. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Attends Youth or Attends Breathable Small will fit a petite Size 0 woman. You can order those on-line from any of the larger Attends dealers.

Baby disposables, even Pampers Cruisers Size 7 are intended for toddlers. Adult hips are far larger than on toddlers and the length of a baby disposable is not enough to reach above the hips, This does not allow the baby disposable to stay in place once wet.

Your best bet to find a bag of Cruisers Size 7 is at Toys-R-Us. Hardly any other stores still stock them. The difference is a Size 7 is longer than a Size 6. Otherwise they stretch the same size at the top.

Maybe if the gal wore a Size 7 inside her regular big girl panties, to keep the diaper from sliding down her legs.

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Hmm...yeah, I was considering the youth Attends, but it's happening rather soon and I didn't have time to purchase anything online. It was more about finding something relatively babyish and finding it relatively fast. I have seen some women with smaller waists/hips fit into the pampers (not a perfect fit, but a fit nonetheless), so I was wondering which would be the best to go for. I'll probably end up going with the Goodnights, but just wanted to check on the Pampers to see if they were a possibility.

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Like Angela said, grab a bag of size 7 and find out. If not they are a good stuffer for laters! Have a great one and try not to be so eager huh! :P Rush ..Rush Rush... plenty of time if she likes it for the proper fitting stuff! :)

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Meh, thanks anyway guys, but she got cold feet. Ah well, no big deal. People have a better shot of introducing their fetishes to people they like instead of finding someone with the same fetishes right? =P

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