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Tena Slip Vs Flex

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Dubious    125

I have been wearing flex for some days now, with stuffers and i never could get them to fit (and other cloth-like diapers i had laying around)

Yesterday i got my package of Slip Maxi and the difference is like Night and Day, in the winter

On a scale from 1-6, ill give flex a 2 and Slip a 10 !

Did a full wetting before i went to bed, sitting in chair, no problemo

Did a full wetting laying on my side in bed before i woke up, no leak

Now its quite heavy, but can hold a few hours more and best of all, no noticeable odor, wich on cloth you get after the first pee

Not to mention, plastic diapers dont get stuck everywhere

Never tought i really missed the diapers this much...

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