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Bonsai    32

Today I placed an order through Taobao for some Tena diapers produced in China (2 bags of Tena Slip M - 10 pieces/bag - and 2 bags of Tena Flex M - also 10 pieces/bag). The seller for all SCA products (including Tena) is T-mall.

Taobao is like ebay for China, so has almost anything you can wish for. Problem is that it's absolutely unfriendly for Chinese non-readers. I had to file my order using Google translator and, while I'm rather sure that the order was issued correctly, many other things remain unclear.

My main conern is about how discrete is shipment... can anyone capable to read Mandarine help me understanding if I have reason to worry?

Thanks in advance.

ps: posted here with the intention of making a review out of it if things work out fine. Taobao also is set for shipping abroad and prices are sometimes very appealing, so, apart for the Mandarine issue, this might be interesting.

UPDATE: The shipment WASN'T discreet at all. The box was "decorated" with TENA logo in all possible place and my name was clearly on sight. I was lucky that it was delivered when I was at home and ready to retrieve the bomb before it could cause damage. Not to be repeated.

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