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Cute Powerful Girls – What Powers It?

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I've been trying to make sense of what powers my fantasy, maybe someone else here has these same feelings? I'll try to get to the point with a quick story below to really demonstrate the question. So please check out last paragraph. All this might seem common at first, but please read on.

There is one element to all this that I still to this day don’t understand. That is the fantasy of a girl making me do something totally impossible, and with no hands, but rather my "thing". Like picking up a train over my head... I know it's crazy thinking. I think it started from watching Mighty Mouse when I was a child and seeing how he was always tied up unable to get to the girl. And although Mighty Mouse didn’t have a diaper on, he had that red section of his outfit that could have symbolized one.

Let me just point out that I've enjoyed the idea of girls taking the roll of a queen figure, or someone who is very powerful. This power entails the idea of a boy (Myself) being trapped in an environment totally controlled by a group of very cute girls, accompanied by very..very strong men guards who will do what ever the girls order them to do. This environment could be a large place with huge locked steel doors and only the girls know where the keys are. As an example to demonstrate this vision, I'll explain it with a quick scenario.

- - - STORY HERE - - -

In this imaginary place boys are required to ware diapers 24/7, but sometimes they don't want to. In one situation a boy is ordered by one of the girls to come to the group circle with the rest of the diaper boys for a game that will last two hours. Almost immediately the boy displays a red face in anger and desperation. (The kind of face of a little boy who hasn’t pooped in three days). At this point the boy runs towards the hall in his bulky diaper with clumsy-marching foot work. As I stood and watched I could hear the diaper in his pants moving further away like someone running in a nightmare, but not getting very far. This is because the monster in the dream ... a guard with grizzly bear like arms scooped the little boy up and brought him back to the circle where the girls were. One of the girl leaders just smiled and said, "Nope, we have two hours to go and you're staying, sorry ". All twenty-five of the girls gather around in their gym uniform-shorts to watch as the angry little boy wrestles to break free from the steel clamp like arms of the guard. The boy is so angry, at one point he almost got close enough to kick one of the girls, ...close enough that he could smell the baby oil the girls were wearing all over their tan legs. Although he tried with all his might, he was unable to reach her because the monster's crushing grip pulled him away and back onto his lap. One of the girls responds by saying, "Nope, you can't get away diaper guy, you can't get us” nope..nope..nope..sorry..!" ...as she and the other girls giggled. The boy was too out of breath and more concerned with another matter. Only seconds later his face went from red-to-pink in defeat for he was no match against the girls army of guards. Unable to break free the boy ended up spending almost the entire two hours in a stinky diaper till one of the girls decided to order the guard to release him, she then gave him a new diaper.

- - - End - - -

Q, If this is what you want done to yourself for fun, the question is, where does this power stem from? Why is it pleasurable to have girls in power of me?






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