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Foxy'S Birthday

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I probably think far too much for my own good about Foxy, but today would of been his 23rd birthday. I miss him. I'm trying my best to have a good day, because I doubt he'd want me upset over him on a day that would have been celebratory if he was still living.

Just a reminder for those that are suicidal right now - people do care about you. I know how that might sound like a bold faced lie from a complete stranger, meaningless and worthless when you feel so consumed by the dark. It is true, though. I've been there, too, so I know first hand. Please hang on. Life will get better.

To my Foxy - I love you, dude. I know it might sound silly to say because I've never loved you in the romantic sense, but you were and are my brother in my heart. We had our fights, especially when we were roommates, but ultimately we had good times. I hope you think so too. I miss you. Happy birthday.

~ moogle

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we all miss him!! and what you say is true. even when you think that no one care, there is always someone that cares and wants to help...

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