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I Just Found An Ab/Dl Interactive Story!

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I was so happy that I just had to share it with you. Here's the link to teh begining of the story:


Here's where the story starts to get ABish: (Please, someone continue the story))


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There's a few AB/DL stories on that site but unfortunately they are almost all too incomplete to enjoy.

I started my own a little while ago and add to it whenever I find motivation (there's almost 200 pages now)

It will be impossible to complete it by myself because each choice adds more paths to write. It would be nice if others contributed.


Most of my longer paths have sissy content but if you're not into that feel free to build on one of the non-sissy storylines.

If you do add to the story please try to keep it in the style of a choose your own adventure book. The story happens to the reader and the only decisions they can make are what their character chooses to do


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Its really fun going down every path and seeing how your simple choices can have a major effect. I am very interested in chaos theory and stories like these are a mini example of that.

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My story Changes was dormant for a while but I've been adding to it again. It's now got over 400 pages.

I've also recently started two more stories: You're The Little Sister Now and The Princess Diapers

If you feel like adding to these please do so but pay attention to the instructions on the first page.

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