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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! <3 I'm a poly baby girl that's actively looking for a Dominant. I'm rarely on here, but rather on Kik under halfofdscouple. I can't wait to talk to you! Best, Pumpkin
  2. Alex woke with a start. Her dreams had been one bad memory after another except for the last one, which had the courtesy of being a regular nightmare, that had shocked her awake. The only consolation to a night of fitful sleep and nightmares was that, upon waking up, Alex could barely remember them. There had been the even worse than she'd expected coming out to her parents but it was an old wound and she was over it. Mostly. She had more important things to worry about. She groaned, rolling over to check her phone. The date was bright, too bright because she'd been watching a movie and forgot to turn the brightness down before passing out late last night, and clear. Rent was due tomorrow and she had enough, she always did, but she'd been planning on buying extra food with what she thought was extra money. But it being the end of the month explained that. Time ran together when you stopped paying attention to the date, one example of how time was fake. "Kill me." She muttered, fixing her blanket back over her shoulder. It was Sunday and her day off so there was no reason for her to get out of bed before ten. But she did have to pee. "Wait." She put her hand under her shorts. "Sweet. Wet but not that wet. And it's cold anyway." Alex had fallen asleep in what had been a recently wet diaper so it was cold after a nights sleep. One of many reasons she decided it was best to wet it again. It was an adult diaper and huge, it could take at least three huge wettings before she had to change. She still couldn't wet laying down although she'd been enjoying diapers for years. Alex tossed her blanket off and knelt on her bed, diaper crinkling as she moved. The noise was something Alex enjoyed a lot. "Mrrow!" Of course. "I didn't forget you, you furball. Give me two minutes and i'll get breakfast for both of us." She told the fat, one eyed, grey cat her girlfriend Morgan had named Odin. He jumped down from her desk and pat pat patted over to the bed. "Murrrowwww." He cried, digging his claws into the comforter and stretching his back. "Ok, ok, jeez. You're so whiny today." Alex said, bending down to pet him for a second. "I miss her to. Goddammit, Abby." Abby was Morgan's mother, a cold women who never seemed to care about anyone but herself, least of all Morgan and her girlfriend. But Morgan was visiting her for a few days in the hospital after she had a stroke. Alex thought she was better off dead so Morgan had one less thing to worry about, they could even leave the funeral arrangements to her brother Jake. Alex climbed off her bed and waddled into the kitchen for breakfast. Odin followed impatiently at her heels. She bent down to open the cupboard under the sink and pulled out his food, pouring out a good amount of food into his bowl that she was sure he'd complain about later. Satisfied after he started to eat, she put his food away and started a pot of coffee. She made a mental note that they were out of coffee and she'd have to buy some before Morgan got back tomorrow. "Shit." She said, realizing the second she started the machine that she'd made enough for two people instead of one. Alex couldn't help but smile at what Morgan's reaction would be. Morgan would say 'you're so adorable, I love you so much.' and then kiss her on the cheek. Morgan was wonderful. Alex stood in front of the coffee pot as it dripped coffee, spread her legs a little to get comfortable, and began to wet herself. At first it was a spurt, greedily soaked up by her diaper. Then she breathed out the tension and relaxed. The floodgates opened and Alex listened to the drip of the coffee as well as the hiss inside her diaper. She wasn't sure what was better. The warmth that was spread throughout her diaper was hard to contend with though, especially since she hadn't even had a sip of coffee yet. She trusted it to hold another wetting if she stayed in it that long but she didn't trust the powder to prevent a rash and she definitely didn't trust the chair if she sat down. Alex checked the pot, not even half full yet, and decided she had enough time to at least put on pants. A shower would take too long and her coffee would either burn if she left the pot on or grow cold if she turned it off. Pants would do. The shirt she had only worn to bed so it would do for the day since she didn't plan on going anywhere important. She crinkled back to her bedroom, grabbed the wipes from the end table, and laid down on the rug. "This sucks." She said aloud. "Fuck, you stupid old woman. I want my damn girlfriend back." Alex ripped the tabs off one side of her diaper then the other and raised her hips so she could slide it out from under herself. Then she balled it up and set it aside to be dealt with later. Wiping herself clean took only marginally longer than getting the sodden garment off had. She grabbed the diaper and walked it and the wipes over to the diaper pail and tossed them in. After she wiped her hands on her legs for good measure she put her Wonder Woman panties on and threw on a pair of black hip hugger jeans. Alex walked back into the kitchen and prepped her mug for coffee by adding far too much sugar. She turned off the pot and poured herself a cup. "What do I want for coffee, Odin? No, wait, I have coffee. Breakfast. I need breakfast." She asked the cat laying on the table. Technically he wasn't supposed to be on it, Morgan always brushed him off, but Alex didn't have the heart to. No food was on the table so she didn't see the harm in letting him relax a little. They put the table under the window for a reason, Odin enjoyed the warmth of the sun like they did. "We don't have any food. Kill me." Alex said, looking up at the cupboard which should have a couple things of cereal but did not. The fridge was empty yesterday. The cupboards had enough canned goods and pasta for a while but no boxed mixes and barely any snacks. She opened one to check on the state of her peanuts. None. No toffee, honey roasted, or even regular ones. "Right, I finished those last night. Looks like I need to go shopping, Odin. Might as well get breakfast on the way." The 1917 was a coffeeshop she and Morgan liked to visit at least once a week and the perfect place to stop in to for breakfast. It was small and eccentric, old french jazz followed by modern klezmer was common from the couple of wireless bluetooh speakers throughout the place. They went there often enough that they were personal friends with everyone who worked there and their phones could connect to the speakers. "Hey, Claire." Alex smiled at the lanky blonde behind the counter. Claire had her hair up in a messy bun which left the bandage of a new neck tattoo on display. Alex, being friends with Claire, knew that it was supposed to be a rose with the name Sebastian in it. Sebastian was Claire's dog. He wasn't dead, Claire just loved him. She was adorable. The bandage was on the opposite side of her neck from an old tattoo. The old one was an image of the wicked curved beak and profile of some bird of prey, an homage to the fact that Claire could fly. Claire, like many other people, was an SPI- a super powered individual. It was the stupid, official, government acronym. Alex preferred the more general term- variant human, variant for short. "Yo." The taller woman gave a quick, two fingered wave to her as she handed a latte to a customer. "Regular?" "Yes, please." Alex said before paying and tipping her. She figured that she and Morgan gave a good ten dollars a week in tip to Claire. Not that they minded. Claire was funny, charming, nice, and totally gorgeous. Just like Morgan. She and Morgan were working up the nerve to ask her out. "Here you go. Cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter, large hazelnut coffee with a bit of caramel swirl and a dash of cinnamon, and a fresh baked jumbo, vegan, croissant. All made with love." Claire announced, putting it all on the counter with a flourish. "Thanks." Alex could feel her cheeks go pink. Morgan and her would definitely have to sit and down and talk about asking her out. She went to sit down at her table so the guy behind her could order. "Hey, what'ya think of the the bill they want to put through?" The man, no one she recognized, asked her. "The one that would make them nonhuman with no human rights? It's fucking bullshit. They're people like everyone else. Obviously." She all but growled. "Good, good. You look like someone who'd go to a protest. There's a rally at the statehouse Tuesday, starts at noon. We need the bodies." He said. "I'll think about it." She said before she settled at her table with her breakfast. A protest was good but that didn't mean she was about to trust some rando. He could be a fed or anti-variant. Or worse, both. Her breakfast would've been good, the food and coffee were always delicious, but Rally Guy had other plans. "Mind if I sit?" He asked. "Yes." She replied. He faltered. The man was pretty and obviously enjoyed using his boyish good looks. "Are you sure?" "Pal, I have a girlfriend and i'd like to eat my breakfast in peace. Please stop bothering me." "Fine." He said with no small amount of disgust. Which was exactly why Alex didn't advertise her powers like most people. She got enough flak for being an autistic lesbian, she didn't need to tell everyone she was a variant while she was at it. Alex barely tasted the rest of her food. Hopefully food shopping would go better, it was usually relaxing. Usually being the keyword she found out.