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Found 10 results

  1. themitchyboy

    The Big Debate: Cloth VS. Disposable

    Do You Wear Cloth Or Disposable Diapers? Feel Free To State Your Opinion. Here's My Favorite Cloth Diaper!
  2. As some of you may know, based on the stories I've either written or the posts that I've made that my ideal mommy is more that of a grandmotherly type. A woman with years of experience under her belt, one that doesn't tolerate
  3. MixerOp

    Right after it was put on.

    From the album: Me in Diapers

    Just a pic of my nice ComfiDry right after it was put on.
  4. MixerOp

    ComfiDry, with happiness...

    From the album: Me in Diapers

    Trying a ComfiDry, and a smile came to my face and etc...
  5. MixerOp

    It's had one wetting

    From the album: Me in Diapers

    Again, I just like this diaper. At this time, it's had 2 wettings in it.
  6. MixerOp

    Look at the size of that diaper

    From the album: Me in Diapers

    Just the possibilities of how much this thing can hold...
  7. Diaperboy34

    IMG 20130720 182902 239

    From the album: Diapers

    © diaperboy34-2013

  8. Diapercheck

    The Diaper Check

    One of my most favorite things about wearing a disposable diaper (other than using it of course) is having it checked by mommy. There are several ways to do this, but I think my favorite is the peek inside the leg cuffs. Does anyone else enjoy a diaper check as much as me? If so, which method do you prefer?
  9. Ok was just cruising Ebay this evening before going to bed and came across these diapers that are for sell on Ebay.