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Found 4 results

  1. footed pajamas info

    do any one if there is a website like this. .http://adult-baby-shop.eu
  2. footed pajamas info

    do any one if there is a website like this. .http://adult-baby-shop.eu that is in the UK or USA that ship to the uk
  3. A few RP ideas

    Hey! So basically I've been looking for a few new roleplay partners with similar interests lately, and I found this site. Now, I really hope you read all of this before contacting me, because it's awkward when someone contacts me and asks to play something that I've mentioned in my post that I don't like doing. - Please no one-liners. I'll lose interest quickly that way, because personally I love details. (I count, say, 4-6 sentences as one-liners. Please try to write at least a decent paragraph.) - No 1st person/only 3rd person; past or present tense are both fine with me. - I'm primarily looking to play the character who gets babied. We can double, but I won't promise to be really good at it. - I would personally like it more if both of us played characters who are guys, but that's not necessary. Also not looking for sexual roleplay. Anyway, I have a few plot ideas that I would love to do! But if you have another idea in mind, I don't mind you suggesting it =) Note: MC means "my character", and YC means "your character" 1.) MC is a 16-18-year-old teenager, whose parents are leaving on a month/a few months long trip and don't allow him to stay alone at home. They arrange for him to stay at his aunt's house, where he has to share a room with the aunt's 13-15-year-old son, YC. YC is already pissed about having to share his room for the next month (or a few) and when he and MC get into an argument, he decides to get back at MC later. (I would love you forever if this included YC making fun of MC having a tiny dick and/or making him mess and wet his pants in public a few times before putting him in diapers - maybe even in front of his aunt, so the aunt would buy the diapers and demand MC wear them.) So, by the time MC's parents get back, he's been turned back into an adorable (though maybe still unwilling) baby boy. 2.) MC is a high school senior, with the embarrassing secret of still sometimes wetting the bed. One of his friends, YC, finds out about it when he's staying over for a few nights. He finds it highly amusing, and decides to experiment on MC a little. 3.) MC used to bully/make fun of YC when they were younger (YC could be a former classmate or a younger relative), but now when they're in high school, YC is both bigger and more popular than MC. He still can't stand MC's annoying attitude towards him though, so he has a little revenge planned for MC. 4.) (not craving this so much, but will gladly do if anyone is interested) MC's parents are leaving for a longer business trip/etc. and MC is 15-17 years of age, so they don't think he can stay alone at home for such a long time yet. There is a place they've used before too, where one can call and they'll send a robot to take care of your house/kids/pets for the duration of your absence (these robots communicate and look like humans). So they call for a robot, primarily to make food, clean and make sure MC is going to school/not having any home parties and such. They leave and by evening the robot comes to the house, but there's a glitch/wrong settings, and it treats MC like a small toddler or baby. Now, there are a few things I'm a bit iffy about, but mostly I'll be willing to try anything you might want to include in the RP. I'm a bit odd with public humiliation though; I don't enjoy scenes where YC humiliates MC in front of a crowd of people who they know/who they have to see almost every day. Doing humiliating stuff in front of people who they'll never see again in their life is fine. My favourite though, is when YC makes MC do humiliating stuff (let's say, for example, pee or poop his pants) in places where there is a high probability of someone seeing but there's no one in the immediate vicinity. Like, outside where anyone could walk/drive past them. Anyway that's pretty much it ^^ Hopefully that wasn't too long, and I hope you'll send me a PM if you're interested!
  4. Roleplay

    Hi all I am up for doing any sort of rp except sexual, if you are interested please PM me