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Found 30 results

  1. Little cub daycare (private with babywyatt)

    (Continued from last post of later version) "Sweetie, you can't take something what don't belong to you." said sternly Sammy and gave pacifier to fox girl. She also gave Brooke her own pacifier which would make her really gentle for other. She then left room.
  2. “Well, work is work” Johann thought as he walked down the line of modules. He was walking along a steel hallway, carrying a briefcase, and doing what amounted to a check in the box inspection job. At least he was getting paid. As a chief engineer aboard a Star Force Explorer vessel, he had become used to a much more exciting lifestyle. Travelling the stars, vising new planets, fighting pitched battles against pirates and invaders… the kind of things he had signed up for. However, all away postings have to end at some point, and he rotated back to more conventional duties until it was his turn to leave again. So now here he was, monitoring Care Modules. He walked along the steel floored hallway and approached a random one on his right and set his briefcase down. There was a desk with a variety of gleaming buttons, and he hit the central one. A large screen door, invisible until now, appeared in front of him and slid upward. He hit the reinforced plastic behind it, ensuring it was secure, then hit a switch. A light came on, revealing a large and seemingly empty room behind. “Alight, let’s see if this all works” he said to himself. The rooms were kept empty not in use in order to prolong their lifespan. However, that could change in a second. He hit a button and began switching through a list. With it, the room changed. The walls turned from a dull grey to black, then blue, then pink, then red, and through a rainbow of colors, textures, and designs with paintings and murals appearing at will. He turned to a different list, and carpeting appeared on the floor, only to be replaced with tiles, rugs, wood, and dozens of other materials. He turned another, and furniture appeared, making an ordinary bedroom, a hospital, a prison cell, a nursery, a children’s bedroom, and more all along set designs. The idea of the machine is that it could be used as support for almost anyone, for almost any need, and in almost any situation. It could be a room to satisfy almost any need or desire aboard a ship or on the planet, then switch to something different when the next occupant came in. Johann’s job was to ensure it was all working properly before a tour came through the next day, which would include inspectors to give it final approval. As it was, several of them were already occupied, so his work was merely formality. “Alright, that is all in order. Now let’s see what else you got,” he said. He hit a button, and steel arms came out of the walls, protruding from every corner. He turned on a microphone and spoke into it. “Computer, recognize my voice.” There was a series of beeps followed by “RECOGNIZE, JOHANN,” n a mechanical voice. An image of himself in his flight suit came up, looking slender, with long brown hair. “Damn I look good,” he said, secretly wishing he could be back in that flight suit. “COMMENCING “LOOKING GOOD” PATTERN,” the voice said. Smooth jazz music came on, along with robotic dancing. Hands came out of the desk full of make up. “NO NO CANCEL CANCEL!” he said, and the machine stopped. Being careful not to mutter to himself, he bent over and opened his briefcase. A small robot, made of steel bars and wires, jumped out. It straightened up and quickly grew to a full adult’s height. It then began to flesh out, with rubber balloons inflating in the place of skin. A crude imitation of a man, but good enough for his work. He hit a button on the desk, and a door appeared in the wall. He unlocked it, then spoke to the robot. “Get in,” he said, and the robot obeyed. He shut the door behind it, and locked it. “Computer, prison setting,” he said. A series of beeps followed, then “PRISON SETTING ACKNOWLEDGED.” The room changed to a deep blue with simple furniture. He held down a button which deactivated the arms. “Robot, try to get out,” he said. The robot banged on the glass and on the door with twice the strength a human could muster. None of them budged. Johann released the buttons controlling the arms. In an instant they sprang to life and wrapped themselves around the robot, suspending him helplessly in the air. “Excellent. Computer, hospital setting.” “HOSPITAL SETTING ACKNOWLEDGED.” The room changed to a white hospital room, and the arms lay the robot on a bed while a light scanned him for medical problems. “Alright, robot, trip and fall, demonstrate “broken arm.” The robot didn’t move. He spoke louder. “Robot, trip and fall, demonstrate ‘broken arm.” The robot remained lying in the bed as arms took care of and shook its head at Johann. It put its arms behind its head and let out an automated sigh. “Damn lazy robot,” Johann said. He walked into the room. “Robot, leave this room!” The robot stuck its ‘tong’ out at him. The robot was a highly developed, extremely expensive tool, and a jackass. If this was a malfunction, it would come down on Johann’s head. “INSTRUCTIONS NOT UNDERSTOOD,” the computer said. “No, I want this robot out of the room!” Johann said. “UNDERSTOOD, REMOVING ROBOT.” A whole appeared in the roof, and the arms tossed the robot half a mile into the sky. “Oh s&$%....” Johann said, watching his career fly away with an overpriced jackass of a robot. “INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTOOD,” the room said. A toilet appeared, and the arms picked up Johann and pulled him toward it. “NO NO! I’m not going to use the toilet.” “INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTOOD. ALTERNATIVE MEANS ENGAGED.” A tube came out of the wall “NOOO not that!” Johann said. He didn’t even want to know what the tube was for. “Just put me down.” “UNDERSTOOD,” the arms dropped Johann with a hard ‘thump’ onto the ground. He sat down to think. “God damn this thing destroyed the robot… it was like my boss’s baby… he said take care of it… they are going to HATE me, probably punish me, give me the 10th degree… probably won’t leave earth again…” “UNDER NOT UNDER NO UNDER NOT STOOD UNDER NOT STOOD NOT NOT STOOD UNDER” the voice said. Johann jumped up, and realized he was still muttering to himself. The arms were spinning around, struggling to find some meaning in his words. Johann began to panic. This was worst case scenario, he had caused a malfunction. “NO! STOP LISTENING TO ME!” he shouted. “UNDERSTOOD. JOHANN NO LONGER ACCEPTED VOICE CONTROL.” “What?” he said, color draining from his face. The computer didn’t say a thing. “REVERTING TO MOST LIKELY SETTING.” The machine made a long string of beeps and static noise, then began repeating his last words. “ALTERNATIVE TOILETRY MEANS… WON”T GET OUT… TAKE CARE OF IT… PUNISH… BOSS’S BABY… DOORS LOCKED, NURSERY MODE ACTIVATED.” “WHAT!” Johann shouted as arms seized him. The walls around him changed to a baby blue with colorful cartoon character’s dancing around it. "This... can't... be... happening..." he said, while reality confirmed that it could, in fact, be happening. He made a scramble for the door, and slammed into the now solid wall that replaced it. Arms grabbed him from all sides and lifted him strait into the air. "No NO NO! I"M NOT A BABY!" he said, as he was carried toward a changing table. "YOU ARE A BABY, AND WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH. ARE YOU THROWING A TANTRUM?" the machine said. "I"m NOT throwing a tantrum! I'm an adult put me... MPH..." he was cut off as a large pacifier was shoved into his mouth. He spat it out, only to find it instantly replaced and attached behind his head with ribbons. "What sort of nursery is this?" he thought. "NAUGHTY BABY. GOOD BABIES DON"T THROWN TANTRUMS. SUCKLE THAT AND BE A GOOD BOY OR YOU'LL GET A SPANKING. ANY MORE LIES ABOUT BEING AN ADULT WILL RESULT IN MOUTH SOAPINGS" Ridiculous. The machine couldn't spank a baby... could it? That be abuse...He watched the thick steel arms circle around. He didn't want to test it. The arms settled him down on the table. The stripped him naked, taking his clothes back through the walls. He groaned as he saw their replacements. A thick white diaper, sized for himself and cartoonishly decorated came out. A baby blue teddy bear shirt with pink ruffles at the sleeves and "Baby Boy" written on the chest followed, along with finger less mittens. The arms were efficient, he had to give them that. He was very quickly powdered, diapered, and dressed to the machine's specifications. He sat up, getting used to the new sensations. The thickness of the diaper forced his legs apart, and any movement was accompanied by the loud crinkling of plastic. However, the sweet smell of the powder, along with the softness of the padding and the t-shirt made it comfortable. The machine lifted him up and set him down on the ground amid a pile of toys. "NOW BE A GOOD BABY AND PLAY UNTIL SUPPER TIME." Not likely, he thought. The second the hands moved away he stood up and reached for the tapes of his diaper. He grabbed at them on impulse, not thinking through. This quickly proved for a mistake for two reasons. First, he found that his now mittened hands were near useless when it came to opening tapes. HE had a moment to contemplate this before the second reason came crashing across his padded backside. "MPH!" he yelped against the pacifier as he was hoisted into the air. Dread filled him, and he realized the machine might just make good on its promise. A scan went over him. "ASSESSING PAIN TOLERANCE" it said. Pain tolerance? he thought. It couldn't... no... Johann watched in horror as one of the hands raised itself behind him. He closed his eyes. THWACK! he felt and heard, as the hand slammed down on him. "BAD BABY! BAD BABY!" The machine said, over and over as it spanked him. This can't be happening! he thought. They wouldn't spank an actual baby! What is this? The machine continued, putting Johann into more and more agony. He felt his bottom get blistered, and slowly broke down from yelping into loud sobs. Finally the spanking ended. The machine turned him back over and craddled him comfortably, rocking him back and forth. A finger waggled in front of him. "THERE THERE. GOOD BABIES KEEP THEIR DIAPERS ON. HAVE YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON?" Johann nodded. "GOOD. IT IS TIME FOR FEEDING. PREPARING MEAL WITH LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY." Johann's eyes went wide as he was sat down with a crinkle and a thud at a high chair. He barely even noticed his aching bottom. Lesson? Diaper necessity? What fresh hell could that be? The machine removed his pacifier, and he tried to ask the question but was silenced as a spoon full of sugary-sweet mush was shoved into his mouth. "OPEN FOR THE AIRPLANE!" One of the machine's hands held his head as the others spooned more and more into him fast enough to almost make him gag. "Wait! MPH..Let me MDSGE.... SPEAK! MPHHHHH." Every time he swallowed one spoonful, another one was instantly behind it, giving him no pause to finish speaking. He tried to spit some out, but the machine simply scooped it up and kept going. He was forced to continuously swallow what he imagined was mashed fruits and vegetables with oatmeal- as strange, gooey substance clearly intended for babies. But no one would feet a baby like this? They wouldn't treat one this roughly, would they? Soon the bowl was finished, and Johann felt stuffed with the massive amount of goo so quickly shoved into him. The hands then grabbed the bottle and lifted him out of the chair. "WAIT!" he shouted. Miraculously, the machine paused. "What is this.. lesson... thing... you are giving me?" "LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY" "Yes! What is that? "LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY. USED FOR BABIES WHO ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THEIR DIAPERS OR ARGUE AGAINST THEM. IN ORDER TO INSTRUCT BABIES ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THEIR DIAPERS AND PUNISH FOR THE SAME TRANSGRESSION. THE BABY IS GIVEN SUPPLEMENTS TO ENSURE DIAPER USAGE, THEN KEPT INSIDE THEM." Johann's eyes went wide. "WHAT!? You can't... MPHHHH!" He was cut off once again as the bottle was shoved into his mouth. He glared at the arms, waited a moment, and refused to drink. "IF THE BABY IS HAVING TROUBLE DRINKING, HE CAN CERTAINLY BE ENCOURAGED." The machine held up a massive wooden paddle. Johann stared at it a moment, and realized the machine wouldn't let him go until he drank anyway. There is no way he'd win a contest of patience with an inanimate object. He sulked, and began to drink. "GOOD BABY, GOOD BABY," the machine said as it rocked and fed him. Johann just tried not to think about what he was ingesting, and what it would make him do. There had to be a way out of this. When he finished, the machine put the pacifier back in his mouth without tying it on. It then put him on the ground and said "GOOD BABY, NOW PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS." Not wanting to risk another spanking, Johann picked up his teddy bear and made a show of playing with it, all while trying to think of a way out. More importantly, he wanted access to a toilet before his 'lesson' on diaper ususage began. He could already feel his stomach grumbling, and did not like what that meant. The control panel was on the other side of the wall. If he could get to it, he could reset the machine to accept his voice commands again. He picked up the bear and threw it to where the door way had been. He stood up, but after a command from the machine not down, he could back down. He then crawled after the bear, stopping before what was now a sheer wall. He ran his fingers along it, hoping to find some kind of handle. He slowly stood up, leaning on the wall so that the machine didn't tell him to sit down again, and felt for any kind of opening. HE began pounding on it with his mittened fist. He felt arms grab him and carry him to the center of the room. A finger waggled in front of him. "BABY WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN. IT MAKES IT SEEM LIKE BABY IS TRYING TO LEAVE, WHICH HE KNOWS IS A BIG NO NO. BABIES CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT SUPERVISION. NOW STAY HERE AND BE GOOD" A large blue baby bouncer appeared underneath him, and Johann was set down into it. His feed dangled half a foot off the ground, and he realized he wouldn't be able to move from that spot. He tried to push himself out, but it latched on around his waste. Meanwhile, his diaper was pressed up against him, reminding of his new status, and what he would soon be required to do inside it. He felt his stomach rumble, driving the point home. Johann looked around helplessly. Aside from the teddy bear, there was nothing in arms distance he could grab onto. He could put the tips of his toes on the ground, but only managed to bounce around, which he stopped as soon as he realized how he must look. The bouncer was stationary, there was no way for him to walk or move back toward the wall. Johann stayed and sulked for what felt like hours. He tried to amuse himself with the bear, if anything to make a show for the machine. However, he couldn't distract himself for long. The cramps inside him kept growing. They came on quickly, making his stomach rumble and complain. He kept hoping the machine would let him out, but there was no such luck, and soon he was desperate. "MMM MMM!" He began making sounds against the pacifier, hoping to attract its attention. He waved his arms around and pointed at the pacifier, while pouting and sulking to show something was wrong. The hands removed the pacifier. "IS SOMETHING WRONG?" it asked. "Yes! Please, I really need to go to the bathroom." "Babies don't use the bathroom." "Please! I need to go.. uh... number two." As if to emphasize it, his stomach grumbled, and he heard a loud fart escape. He blushed and hoped that was all it was. "THEN YOU ARE ALL SET. THAT IS WHAT YOUR DIAPER IS FOR." "No! Please don't make me! I want to use the toilet!" "POTTY TRAINING WILL NOT BEING UNTIL YOU TURN 3." "I'm A GROWN MAN, YOU DENSE RUST BUCKET! LET ME GO!" Johann was getting desperate, and angry. "ARE YOU HAVING A TANTRUM? BABY WILL NOT TELL LIES." "I'm not a baby! You will let me use the toilet or I'll have you deactivated you worthless malfunctioning bastard!" "NO. BABY WILL NOT BLACKMAIL HIS CARETAKERS. "But this is pointless! Its ridiculous!" "BABIES WILL NOT ENGAGE IN SELF DESTRUCTIVE NIHILISM." "This can't be real." "SOLIPSISM IS ALSO BANNED." "SHUT UP! And let me out of these diapers!" "THAT IS ENOUGH. YOU WILL USE YOUR DIAPERS NOW. INITIATING PUNISHMENT SEQUENCE 34 C." "What?" Johann said, color draining from his face. The pacifier was again tied into his mouth, and he was suspended bent over. A hand raised up and spanked him hard enough to make him yelp. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The hand continued spanking him, and the machine spoke. "BAD BABY! YOU WILL BE SPANKED UNTIL YOU USE YOUR DIAPERS LIKE YOU ARE MEANT TO." Johann was in panic. He couldn't do that. However, his bottom was already sore from the previous spanking, and there was no way to escape. Furthermore, the pressure was building, and he was getting desperate. He swallowed his pride, and gave up. He felt a massive stream of muck come out of him and into his waiting diaper. The spanking spread the warm mush around, caking him. He cringed at the feeling, wanting more then anything for it to be over. However, after all that waiting and holding back, there was a lot in him and it kept coming out. The hands slowed down to a light patting as he finished. He shuddered, utterly humiliated. His only relief was that no one was there to see it. It took him a moment to realize that the hand hadn't entirely stopped. Instead, it changed its pattern, rubbing him and patting him. He looked at it questioningly. "THIS IS PART OF THE PUNISHMENT. BABY WILL HAVE HIS MESSY DIAPER RUBBED TO INCREASE DISCOMFORT, THEN REMAIN IN IT." The machine kept going, then slowly turned him over and sat him on a pair of arms folded like a knee to bounce him up and down. "What kind of horrid nursery is this!?" Johann thought as he sobbed. He felt the muck in his diaper get pressed against him again and again. Already, the smell made him want to gag, and the feeling made it worse. When it was finished, the machine put him in the corner and ordered him not to think about what he had done and not to move. Johann sulked, almost thank full for the teddy bear and pacifier. Having nothing to do or distract him, he couldn't stop thinking about the feeling inside his diaper, the horrible smell, or his humiliating circumstance. How could the machine make a mistake like this? Why would it treat a 'baby' so roughly? And how could he get out? Johann had know idea how long it had been when the machine finally picked him up. "DID YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAD DONE?" Johann nodded. "GOOD BABY. YOUR PUNISHMENT IS ALMOST OVER. YOU WILL BE CHANGED SOON, AND UNTIL THEN YOU CAN PLAY." Johann was happy for even the slightly good news, and tried to not think about the fact he was happy for a diaper change. That changed quickly, however, when he saw where he would be spending his 'play time.' The machine carried him back towards the bouncer, and despite his kicking and squirming, deposited him inside of it. "MMMMMMPPPHHH!" He moaned and wailed as the messy diaper was pressed against him. He sulked down, almost crying. The feeling was horrible, and getting worse by the minute. It was beginning to itch, and he was helpless to stop it. He hung pouting in the bouncer, holding tightly onto his teddy bear for the slightest bit of comfort. The machine turned on cartoons directly in front of him, and unable to turn away inside the bouncer, he was forced to watch. He didn't think he had ever been so miserable. Finally, the machine began to pick him up. "CHANGING TIME" it announced. Johann thought of how just a few hours ago that statement would seem ridiculous, and now it seemed like wonderful news. The arms had him suspended mid air when they stopped. Johann wondered what was going on.. "ACCEPTING NEW COMMANDER- Capt C. Cleveland." The machine said. "Oh no..." Johann thought. "When was the tour coming through?" As if to answer the question, the screen door began to move up. Johann's eyes went wide and he struggled helplessly against the arms. A deep horror dawned on him. "PAUSING FOR INSPECTION" the machine said, leaving Johann suspended mid air directly in front of the screen. There was an audible gasp as a collection of shocked faces saw Johann suspended spread eagle, wearing a babyish t shirt and diaper, sucking a pacifier, holding a teddy bear, with infantile cartoons on, clearly having just been taken out of a bumper and with a diaper changing table being prepared behind him. "Is that... is that Johann?" a voice said. Johann stared in shock. The voice was Amanda, one of his co-workers. Along with her most of his coworkers, his seniors, the commanders and admirals, the actual inspectors, and, it seemed, a tour group of visiting civilians. There were far more then he expected, and every one of them was staring at him. He wondered if anything could be more humiliating. His answer came quickly. "UNTWISTING ARMS" the machine said. Johann looked up to see that, by grabbing him when he was struggling, had become twisted in a loop. The result was Johann began to slowly rotate in front of the group. He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping it would stop before it was too late. It didn't, and there was an audible gasp as Johann was turned backwards to reveal his messy diaper to the crowd, before facing them again blushing deeper then he ever had before. The audience was horrified, but remained, unable to turn away from the train wreck of a scene. "Ummm... Captain Cleveland... who is this?" the admiral asked. "That is... that is Johann sir, one of the monitors here," Johann's flabbergasted superior explained. "What is he doing dressed like that?" "Well sir... that is the nursery program, usually intended for babies." "Then why is he there?" "Well... there are... other... reasons people might want to use it. Some people take it for.. ahem.. personal reasons, which we don't ask about. It has different settings for that." "So, a fetish?" "Yes. He talked about going on sabbatical to relax... I didn't realize this is what he meant." Johann was partially relieved to finally have an explanation, partially horrified to realize everyone there thought he was a pervert. "Huh. It has other settings like this?" the Admiral asked. "Yes. Also, they can be used as a punishment, I'm not..." "PUNISHMENT INITIATED" the machine said. "Oh god" Johann thought as it swung him around. To the shock of everyone there, the machine bent him over directly in front of the screen. Johann cringed at what he knew was going to happen. There was a loud shout from the audience, and Johann felt a hand smack the back of his messy diaper. He shouted, and the hand kept spanking again and again. The audience was groaning and screaming. Captain Cleveland spoke up. "Abort, abort! Computer, stop that!" The machine stopped, and left him suspended. "Why don't we go check..." "CHECK INITIATED" the machine said. There was another horrified scream as Johann's messy backside was brought up close to the screen and presented to the audience. The screen was slightly raised to allow for a check from the audience. Johann heard loud gagging and people backing away. "IT IS MY OPINION THAT THE BABY'S DIAPER IS MESSY," the machine said. "NO NO!" the captain yelled, "just do what you were doing before!" "UNDERSTOOD. CONTINUING DIAPER CHANGE," the machine said, and Johann was carried to the changing table. There was a scream, louder then before, as people began filing away from the scene. "CLOSE THE SCREEN! CLOSE THE SCREEN!" the captain yelled. The crowd began to move away, with members stopping to watch in awe at Johann's diaper change. Johann himself was held down to the table as his diaper was untapped and removed. He stared at the closing screen, watching both his greatest humiliation and possibly his only chance of escape disappear. He thought of his future. These chambers were usually private and self sustained. If they thought he really was going on sabbatical, its possible he'd be here for months before they asked him back. That was even if they wanted him back after all this. He dreaded having to go in front of his boss to explain how he ended up in a messy diaper in front of the Admiral, not to mention the airborne robot. However, even that was better then staying here. He let the machine change him, and prayed someone would have the sense to come and ask. Thanks for reading! As always, comments or critiques are appreciated.
  3. Adult sized changing table.

    I recently started living alone and I'm slowly changing my bedroom to look more like a small child's room. I just recently got my bed the way I want it with MLP bedding. Now I'm wanting to get a changing table for my room but don't know where to begin. I imagine it'd have to be custom made or try to convert an existing piece of furniture into one so I'm looking for suggestions on how to do that.
  4. Auntie Joan I watched as the latest terror attack was reported in graphic detail by the TV news. Over ninety people so far dead in an explosion in Mumbai that was obviously aimed at the bus full of new army recruits who were on their way back to base. The huge car bomb was so intense that it obliterated the bus and everything within a hundred metre radius, what I didn’t know was that my parents just happened to be passing in their taxi at the time. My name is Dean Court. Yes I know it sounds like a venue – ‘Could you book the reception at Dean Court please?’ or ‘Dean Court, the ideal place for your aging parents to live out the rest of their lives in a safe and secure environment’ or more likely ‘Dean Court, oh yes they do a wonderful seafood and champagne brunch’. However, I’m thirteen, nearly fourteen, and go to a private school in the UK, even though I’m from Washington DC originally. Both my parents work for the government, though I have no idea what they do, but I hardly know them as I was packed off to school the minute I was of the correct age – I was three. Since then I have spent more time away from home and my parents than I have with them. They were quite old, late forties, when they had me but there was never a close bond. I can honestly say I hardly know them and obviously I was some kind of hindrance to their busy careers. I suppose that’s why I ended up at a school I absolutely hate in England but which was well away from them back home in the USA. # I had no idea why my parents should have been in Mumbai, but when two men and a woman from the embassy arrived at school and I was removed from class to be informed of their deaths, I honestly didn’t know what to think. I was stunned. I asked the agents what mom and dad were doing in India in the first place but they said they didn’t know. I could tell they knew more than they were saying but they were ‘agents’ so weren’t going to tell me anything. None of it made any sense, but whether it made sense or not, the main point was that both my parents had perished in a terrorist attack, in a foreign country and I had no idea why. Perhaps the sad thing was, I didn’t cry, I hardly knew them. I hadn’t even know they were in India that’s how invested they were in me. They may have thought I was getting the best education available but I was an unhappy American, in a school riddled with class and discrimination. It may well have been number one for educating the elite of ‘Ye Olde England’ but for me it was a constant and unhappy trial. The school’s philosophy of keeping their students busy and involved backfired with me. I hated games, I hated my fellow students, I hated being away from home, I hated the teachers that tried to involve me in the way the ethos of the school operated. I hated the over-prissy school uniform along with the fucking UK and all it stood for. My nickname was ‘Doodle’, they chirpily informed me, as in ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ but I never responded to it. The school ‘house’ system annoyed me so much, I couldn’t understand (or want to be involved) in anything that bonded a group of kids, as diverse as we were, over something so stupid as ‘playing for the benefit of the team’ or house in this case. No, I was a very unhappy boy in an institution I couldn’t escape. I resented every second I was there and even more the parents who, without asking or even considering my opinion, sent me to such a prestigious hell hole. I felt cheated out of my childhood. I’d been handed from one institution to the next since I was three and always with the expectation of the betterment my parents no doubt wanted for or from me. Even when I was home the contact between us was minimal and I’d spend a huge amount of time in my room, playing on the computer, reading and waiting to be shipped back to school. Not once do I ever remember my father suggesting we should go to a theme park together, or go swimming, or camping together… or any damn thing that parents do with their kids. # Of course I had everything I wanted… except a family or friends. At school I hated being forced to be friends with people I detested. I wasn’t stupid and my grades were quite good, but I objected to being made to live with people I found objectionable, shallow, self-obsessed and entitled. In return they found me pathetic, dumb, withdrawn and not worthy of any consideration at all. I absorbed more than I showed but gave out very little. Teachers tried to chivvy (God at times I come over so English) me into various pursuits but gave up when my apathy began to corrupt others. I think they didn’t really want me contaminating the other students and I’m sure dad got regular reports on my attitude to school fellowship and all that rubbish entails. On several occasions I’d be called into the house master’s study or the school shrink’s office for a ‘friendly chat’ but I could see their prying ways and offered nothing back. I may have detested my parents but I wasn’t going to give this bunch of ‘professors’ that kind of ammo. I said very little, offering one word answers or subliminal contempt, all though I’m not sure just how subliminal I was. So, my parents being blown to smithereens was a turning point in my life because I was shipped back to Washington DC for a funeral that was attended by some bigwigs from the government. It was so high profile that even the TV companies and press were there but I still couldn’t get a straight answer to my question – ‘what did my parents do?’ It was then I realised that mom and dad must have been pretty important. Although this revelation didn’t make me think any less of them (I was so angry I don’t think I could have thought any less of them), as far as I was concerned they had abandoned me in favour of the state and left for others to bring up… they also did a terrible job. As both coffins were ceremoniously lowered into the grave I realised I was now an orphan and knew that as a thirteen year-old I still had no say in my future. I dreaded being returned to school in England to ‘finish my education’ but looked around at the mourners and wondered who, if any of those assembled, would be bothered at what became of me. I believe that people within the government had tried to find my next of kin. My grandparents were old and unable to take me in, my parents being in their forties when they had me, and the only person they tracked down was dad’s estranged sister Joan who lived out in the mid-west. I hadn’t seen her for over ten years and could hardly remember what she looked like so when the black-clad lady approached with her condolences I had no idea she was to be my future guardian. However, she put an arm around my shoulder and for the first time since the deaths, well, in fact, for the first time in many years; I felt that someone actually cared. # For the next few days she and I lived in my parent’s house as their business was put into some kind of order; the house, their banking details, the compensation from the government for my loss, were all sorted by the family lawyer and my aunt. A trust fund was set up and several other financial, legal and administrative problems overcome. It came as no surprise to me that Aunt Joan was the only person who, albeit reluctantly, was thinking what was best for me. As I said, I was dreading being punted off back to the UK but thankfully Auntie Joan was dead against it. She didn’t like their privileged educational system and I think more importantly, she detected my complete distaste for the place. I loved her immediately for her insight into what made me tick. It may not seem such a big thing but I can tell you, for the first time in my entire life, I thought I was on the same wavelength as another person. One night she asked me if I was happy. A simple question and not imbued with any deep meaning but it was the first time I’d been asked about anything and, I’m sad to say, I broke down and cried. I’m thirteen and this was the first time I’d openly cried for as long as I could remember. That one spark of interest in me and my welfare meant the world and I cried and cried whilst being gently consoled by my dad’s estranged sister. The tears weren’t at the loss of my parents but, as I saw it, the loss of my life that had me so emotional. Again auntie offered comfort and explained she was going to look after me and to forget the pompous school in England… she hoped I’d be OK with that decision. As far as she was concerned I was going to join her back at the little town she called home and where, she assured me, I would have a better life. She said quite deliberately that she would never abandon nor leave me to someone else to bring up; I was too precious to put in other people’s hands. I can’t tell you what a relief her few words were and I felt a whole heap of anger, frustration and entrenched hate suddenly evaporate. # However, her now being my guardian she was also privy to the fact I had another, more personal problem. When I was at the school in the UK, I occasionally wet the bed. I wasn’t even sure if I was doing it on purpose or not, although I certainly didn’t like the name calling or my wet mattress, for some reason I didn’t actually mind wet PJs and the little rebellion it kindled in my head. However, that night time problem persisted whilst back home and even after the funeral I had woken up every morning drenched in a pool of piss. Everyone appeared very understanding knowing the pressure I was obviously under, coming to terms with everything though I didn’t tell them it was an ongoing problem that I’d had for some time. I had no idea if the school had reported back to my parents; however, I felt I should speak to my aunt about it. I was nervous bringing up the subject but she came into my room one morning and I was just coming to terms with another wet set of PJs. The dark huge damp patch was obvious spreading across my pale blue cotton bottoms. It had even reached my jacket and I couldn’t be sure but I think my room smelled of pee. Luckily, I’d already managed to put a rubber sheet down to protect the mattress so it was only me and the sheets that were wet. I was embarrassed. Normally, if I’d been at school I would have looked defiantly at anyone who thought to make a comment, as if daring them to say something, but at that moment I felt like a silly little kid who couldn’t last a night without pissing himself. Tears seemed to be something I did now as I guiltily revealed to her what had happened. I don’t cry, well I didn’t cry before, so why they came so easily I wasn’t too sure. “It’s OK Dean, don’t worry.” She put her arms around me and gave me a cuddle. I stifled the sobs that were left. I explained that this wasn’t a one off, that I’d been a bed-wetter, off and on, for a long time now. I knew I should have grown out of it but, well, I hadn’t and I was sorry if that was going to be a problem for her. “Don’t be silly Dean, nothing you do will be a problem to or for me, but let’s get you cleaned up and packed, as I think it’s time I… we… went home.” She smiled the most endearing smile. Like mom and dad she was at least 50 years-old but still had the skin the texture of a woman in her thirties. Under her mop of faded blonde hair her face radiated warmth and understanding and again I felt protected and safe when Auntie Joan spoke. “Doesn’t it bother you?” I queried as I looked down at my sodden bedding. She laughed out loud. “Sweetie, back home I run a children’s nursery so if a bit of pee or poo worried me, I’d definitely be in the wrong business.” She urged me to get up, take a shower and dress as she’d booked us on a flight home. # HOME? I had no idea where in the mid-west I was going to call home but auntie had organised everything, she’d packed up most of my things and had already shipped them out together with one or two mementos and pieces of furniture. She said there was little point in taking too much as she didn’t need it and I didn’t appear that bothered about keeping anything so, my clothes and computer had been dispatched and we travelled with minimal luggage. However, once I was out of the shower and deciding on what to wear for the flight auntie asked me a strange question. “Will you be OK to travel as you are or would you prefer to wear protection?” She said it so matter of factly, as if it was something I might have considered in the past but in truth I hadn’t. “Er, er, no, er I’m OK,” I was still adding up the ramifications of what she’d just asked. Did she expect that I needed to wear some kind of protection when I travelled? “OK Sweetheart…” That was a new term of endearment and one that instantly sent a shiver of pleasure through my body. Nobody, not even my parents, had ever used such a term of endearment… and I loved it. “…dress for comfort because when we get there it will be in the 80s and we don’t want a sweat drenched suit to be your first experience of your new home.” I didn’t have much choice; some stuff was left for the final packing crate so I ended up wearing my undies, a t-shirt, a blue sweatshirt and a pair of knee-length navy blue shorts and navy blue sneakers. Auntie said I looked like a local, which I suppose she meant those I was going to meet for the first time. She was all smiles and joviality and determined that my parent’s deaths were consigned to history and that I should be treated as a boy about to embark on a new life that I had some control over. # During the flight, and again on the journey from the airport to her… our… home, the fact that she’d asked if I needed protection kept resurfacing in my brain. It wasn’t that I was offended, though I was surprised, but the thought of what that might be like just wouldn’t go away. She was telling me about the town where she, sorry, we called home, a place of just twenty thousand inhabitants in the south-west corner of Kansas. She explained that ‘The Rainbow Rooms Nursery’ (hereinafter called The Rainbow) was her business and where she and a staff of four permanent and four temporary looked after children from babies up to pre-schoolers at five. She explained that sometimes older kids also joined the youngsters in class because that was the age they identified with. I assumed she was being polite and meant that they were slow or had mental problems but, as she didn’t speak that way, I kept those thoughts to myself. My new home was a two story house comprising off; three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, a kitchen, a living room, a den and large utility room (with toilet and shower facilities) downstairs and an even larger basement. All this was set on a decent plot of land, which auntie had made into a very nice garden with flowers and bushes to all sides and a lawn that swept down to the sidewalk. The street was a mixture of small homes like ours and larger, three story places designed for rich folk or big families. There was quite a selection but the area felt safe and clean and all the exteriors appeared well maintained. We lived at number 46 Glendew Lane and the homes on either side of us were built exactly the same as ours. # Auntie’s room was the largest and at the front of the building whereas mine was one of the two rooms that faced the back garden. The packing cases had already been magically transported to my room although the bed had yet to be constructed. I sighed a little at the prospect of fixing up my bed because in truth, I was hopeless at anything, even that basics, by way of construction. However, the other bedroom was already set up as a nursery because auntie said that occasionally she babysat or looked after kids whose parents had to go somewhere in an emergency and they needed someone to look out for their child. Most of the children she babysat were of an age where a nursery was more appropriate than a bedroom, so she kept it prepared for any such crisis. There was a crib and a small bed, both already made up and ready for a little person in need of a place to stay. The crib was all childish fleecy blankets and stuffed animals and I felt a sudden pang in my chest and I wasn’t sure why. The bed was covered by a duvet with Disney characters all over it and a matching pillow. Again, it was stacked with several teddy bears and other stuffed animals. I swallowed hard, standing in the doorway wishing I could just curl up with them and go to sleep. For some reason I couldn’t get my breath and my heart was pounding, I thought I was having some sort of panic attack or delayed response to my parents death and I started to cry. God damn it, what is wrong with me? # Unaware of her presence auntie seemed to know I was struggling with something and came and put her arms around me. The roar that left my chest as I bawled like a two year-old was quite uncontrollable and I wept into auntie’s bosom just like that toddler would. She soothed my distress and stroked my hair, it was a feeling that was alien to me and I couldn’t get enough of it. Eventually, she guided me towards the bed and we sat to talk. The bed had rails around to stop a child from falling out but on one side the rail was down so we made ourselves comfortable there. In due course I was able to get my tears under control and we chatted like we hadn’t done before. To get things rolling she explained the function of the room, even though it was pretty obvious; the toys, the piles of diapers, plastic pants, wipes and lotions, ointments and powders. What I hadn’t noticed though auntie had, was that I’d wet myself whilst being so affected by the room. There was a damp stain on my trousers, enough to flag my wet situation but she just patted my back and asked if I’d mind if she sorted me out. I wasn’t completely sure what that meant but I was too emotional to think straight and in truth I was tired and just glad I didn’t have to concern myself with any of it. She told me not to worry; she’d done this a thousand times and with boys my age so not to be embarrassed. She stripped me out of all my clothes and lay me out naked on the bed. She asked if I thought I needed to go to the toilet but I think it was too late for that, so shook my head. She then wiped my damp pubic area and towelled me dry before applying a scented lotion and rubbed in some baby powder. None of this bothered me I was now so relaxed in her caring hands I needed it to continue, I’d never felt so wanted. Once she was satisfied I was happy and not anxious about anything she reached up and grabbed a large disposable. She unfurled it as I watched, and although part of me was saying ‘no’, another part was hoping she’d just tape me in and I’d have no say in the situation. This was exactly what she did. I was clean, warm and snug as she juggled a pair of opaque plastic pants up and over the diaper. She then reached for a blue cotton t-shirt and fed my arms and head into it before rolling it down my body. I hadn’t noticed the snaps at the bottom as she fastened me in. “I think Dean you are just one tired little boy… so why don’t you just climb into bed,” She pulled down the duvet cover and invited me in, “and get a good night’s sleep?” It wasn’t a question, I was exhausted and at that moment I yawned and felt that sleep was just what I needed. She stroked my hair for a few moments before slipping a teddy into my arms, which I snuggled tightly. My eyes were closed but I could hear the rails being pulled up and click into position but I was too sleepy to think any more about it. I heard her say night-night from the door and then I was alone. # to be continued........
  5. First time in a REAL ABDL CRIB

    From the album Little Heavenly Pics

    I was at the Littles party yesterday and it was the best! There were Littles just like me and we watch movies and that one adult baby had a doggy he's also the host of the house. I was actually got changed when I went and then he gave me this awesome diaper tips. Also there's actually a diaper store for adults in Las Vegas.
  6. The Hidden-Away Nursery

    "Kelly! I won't, you know I'm too old!" "Of course you're not, now come on!" "I am, for God's sake, you're being stupid!" "Keep talking like that and I'll tell Mum and Dad." Kelly practically dragged her younger brother, Edward, further along in the mall. Luckily, both she and Edward thought, it was just after opening, so very few people were around to see them squabble. Edward was 13 years old, well, only just 13, his birthday had been four days ago, and Kelly was 18 and very nearly late for work. Edward and Kelly's parents had left town, their company had sent them to a convention down south and several meetings with "Important people," as they always said. Not wanting Edward to be left alone at home during the holidays, they asked that Kelly should find some kind of activity or something for Edward to go to whilst she was working. As luck would have it, an apparently small and hidden-away 'nursery and young person's day-care' had opened in the very mall that Kelly worked at. Because of the daycare's grand opening deal, both Kelly and her parents agreed it would be perfect place to leave Edward if it proved to be up to their standards. Edward's parents both visited the day-care and spent most of an afternoon there, to oversee it and talk with the staff. They came home and announced that it was indeed 'perfect.' This is how Edward found himself being almost literally dragged there by his older sister the morning after their parent's departure. He went quiet after Kelly's threat of telling Mum and Dad, and allowed himself to be led there, with slightly less of a struggle. The daycare itself looked small. It was situated at the very end of one of the malls' many zones, set against the back wall. It was overshadowed by a large chemist on its other side. A poster had been put up across the door, advertising the 'grand opening deal,' with a list of bargains included in the deal, such as 'Helpful staff', 'Constant supervision' and 'Food and diapers all included.' Edward found himself being led inside much quicker then he would have liked, and being almost pushed towards the desk that sat directly to the right. The lady sitting behind it was about 30 years old, maybe slightly younger, dressed in a clean white uniform. She looked up immediately when the door was opened and listened as Kelly introduced herself and Edward. "Edward…" the lady said, looking down a list on the wall. "Yes," she continued. "You are slightly early, but no worry, you can leave him with me," she said to Kelly, who nodded, said goodbye to Edward and left through the door. "Just wait in there," the lady said to Edward, pointing with her pen to one of the two doors leading further into the back of the daycare. "You'll find some drink and snacks in there." Edward peered through the door. It looked like a fairly ordinary waiting room, with a low table lined with paper cups of milk and various juices, and numerous plates piled with various snacks. Soft chairs lined the walls and a television sat in one of the corners of the ceiling. Taking some orange juice and a biscuit, Edward sat down, very nervously. He looked up at the television, which was playing cartoons. He sat there for about twenty minutes, looking down from the TV whenever the door to the day-care opened. Several children of different ages entered with their guardians. Some looked very young, hardly three or four, a couple looked about eight, maybe nine years old. Mind you, Edward did look quite young, too, so he doubted he looked that out of place compared with the children coming in. None of the other children joined him. They were sent straight into the other door leading out of the reception. After the twenty minutes, the lady at the reception called Edward through. He dropped his three empty paper cups in the bin as he left. The lady said "You can go in now, the lady inside will help you." Obediently, Edward entered the second door and closed it behind him. A second lady, dressed in the same uniform as the receptionist looked over at him as he entered. "Okay," she said. "Nothing to be nervous about." She guided Edward over to a table of some kind, with small doors under the top. She asked Edward to remove his shoes, watch and several other items. She placed these in one of the small compartments under the table and she then asked Edward to get on top of the table. She helped him a little. The table had a slight rubbery feel to it, thought Edward as he was motioned by the lady to lie down. "Now, don't be scared," she said, placing a hand on a small computer console on the wall. "You're in safe hands; just try not to move much." She pressed a couple of the buttons and Edward felt himself move towards the wall. He looked up to see where the table connected to the wall a hatch big enough for him had opened, and the surface of the table was more like a conveyor belt. He was very scared, but stayed still, not wanting to disobey the lady's instructions. He stopped moving once his whole body and head had moved into the alcove. After a moment's pause, several lights above him sparkled and shone. Laser-like lights moved over his body, almost like a scanner or something. The lights stopped after a few seconds, and for a moment or two nothing else happened. Without warning, he felt the floor by his feet drop, and felt himself sliding forward. He was terrified as he slid for what felt like a long time. After several moments, he felt himself slide to a halt, but before he could think about where he was or what happened, several mechanical arms loomed towards him, as they did, lights slowly came on, illuminating the circular passage he was lying in. Before he could sit up to have a better look, the robotic hands had hold of him. He felt them tug at his shirt, pulling it off completely. He felt a similar tugging sensation on his trousers, and felt them slide off his legs. Lastly, his underwear was pulled from him, leaving him naked and at the mercy of those mechanical hands. The arms then moved back towards the walls, letting go of him completely. Before he could even realize his freedom, the floor dropped again, once more he felt himself slide into blackness. After a much shorter journey he felt himself slide to another stop. Like before, lights slowly came on and more mechanical arms seized him. He felt himself rise into the air. Terrified, he watched as the arms holding his legs prized them easily apart and raised them further up, exposing him completely. Several more arms descended from the ceiling, carrying a number of white objects. He saw two of the arms unfold one of the white objects in front of him, he then realized, with a feeling of shock and foreboding, it was a very thick disposable diaper! Unable to move, he watched in horror as the arms slid the diaper around him, in one seamless movement they had placed it on him, tightened it to a comfortable size and taped it shut. He then watched as it did this twice more, so once the diapering arms finally disappeared, Edward was clad only in three, exceptionally thick, disposable diapers. The arms lowered him and darkness filled the room. The floor dropped for a third time and he felt himself slide once more into pitch black… After a short journey, he felt the slide vanish from his diapered bottom and seemed, momentarily, to fall into nothingness… until he landed with a very soft thump onto a soft floor. He looked up. He saw he was inside a colourful, kind-looking room. The walls were decorated with calm, pastel colours, while the floor was literally covered with various large, extremely soft cushions. Above a doorway facing Edward 'Welcome to the Nursery' was painted, with several cartoon animals decorating the space around it. He looked back towards the ceiling; the ceiling sloped upwards towards a vent-like rectangular hole, far out of reach of the floor. It was there, Edward guessed, that he fell from. He then, after assessing the situation in his head, came to realize that he was still only wearing three thick (yet strangely comfortable) diapers. He moved his hands down and felt them. They were very crinkly, making the noise loudly when he squeezed the padded mass. He was about to untape them when he realized that he had no other clothes, so he guessed it would be better if he kept them on. He unsteadily got to his feet, made difficult by the diapers and the ungainly floor. He made a step, only to fall back onto the cushions. After a minute or so of this, he made it to the doorway. The cushions stopped here, replaced by similarly soft floor, like a spongy material. He supported himself against the wall, continuing down the passage. He now entered a square room, decorated in the same style as the one he was just in. Many doors led off this room, each, apparently, leading to a different zone. Above each door was written things like Cartoon Room, Disney Room, Refreshment Room, Toy Room and so on. Another room, he noticed, was labelled Changing Room, so he thought he'd better check there, as there must be someone there to change diapers that he could talk to. Ahead, a closed door stood. He approached it, realizing as he did that the door had no handle. When he stopped, lights, like the ones in the tunnel before the slide, flickered. Mechanical arms, like the ones in the tunnel, sprang out of hatches in the wall. They took hold of his arms and legs and lifted him into the air. Another arms appeared, it seemed to scan the diapers Edward was wearing. It stroked the main bulk several times, and inserted its fingers in the leg holes, between the cuff and his legs, apparently feeling the wetness of the diapers. A woman's voice spoke on overhead speakers. "You are either not wet enough or not soiled enough to use the changing facilities. Please check back once you have exceeded the capacity of your diaper." The arms lowered Edward and disappeared into the walls. He stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do. He became aware, now that he thought of it, of the amount of pee building up inside of him. He decided to go back to the previous room and check out the rest of the nursery to help take his mind of it. Once back, he read all the rooms, and decided to checkout the Disney Room first. He entered a room similar to the first one, rectangular and covered in cushions. He saw that a huge television screen was positioned on the wall opposite. He saw that the film 'The Jungle Book' had just started. He came forward, noticing the many Disney characters painted on the walls. He sat himself in front of the big screen, watching Mowgli and Bagheera begin their journey to the Man Village. Looking at it, he realized that Mowgli's red underwear looked surprisingly similar to a diaper. He wondered if it was. But he was reminded of the building tension inside him. It wasn't until he watched Mowgli and Bagheera climb the big tree that he realized he couldn't fight it. He looked back, to make sure he was alone, and positioned himself on all fours, to loosen the feeling around his crotch. After a brief struggle, he felt the cascade of warm urine fill the space between the diaper and his skin. He peed for a long time it felt, so much that he hoped the diapers didn't leak onto the cushions, or he may get into trouble. It wasn't until Kaa began hypnotizing Mowgli and wrapping him up in his tail did Edward feel his bladder empty and the urine stop. He sighed a little sigh of relief. He slumped back down onto the cushions, feeling the warm diaper squish slightly, the still damp inside squelching against his bottom. He decided to stay a while, and continue to watch The Jungle Book, thinking that he'd visit the rest of the nursery when he felt ready to tear his eyes away from the film... To be continued... (I wrote this story a few years ago, I have since posted it on DeviantArt http://theevilengine.deviantart.com/art/The-Hidden-Away-Nursery-a-diaper-story-338658385 thought it could do to be on here as well. Hope you guys enjoy!)
  7. Angelica's Crib

    From the album Pipsqueakstevie

    This crib, was at Angelica's house, in upstate new york, I was able to sleep in it for four days, and I got the best sleep of my life!

    © pipsqueakstevie

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  9. Hello All, Something I feel is an important subject is that of littles who choose to visit a professional mummy. I remember plucking up the courage twice to inquire to a pro-mummy but when it came to having to ring her in person (one of her requirements), I lost my nerve. Like a lot of ABs, I really needed a mummy who could provide me with the right kind of care, which for me was a very young and vulnerable pre-verbal baby. I needed a mummy for whom the process wasn't an "act" nor did I want a domme who offered it as a bolt-on service. I wanted nurturing and comfort for my very needy and wounded little self; nothing even vaguely sexual at all. This narrowed my choices considerably for it seemed, in the UK at least, there were very few who could fulfill this role. I want to share with you a page written by a pro-mummy who deeply understands the needs of her littles, loves and cares for them unconditionally and who has heard first-hand the bad, sad and sometimes disturbing experiences of those who have visited other pro-mummies in the UK. There is great advice in here about how to choose the right mummy for you; one that meets your needs, which as she also advises, may not be her. She has a procedure that is followed before any littles visit to make sure she is the right fit for them - not always. http://www.mummygrace.co.uk/#!due-diligence/ultvx I hope that this helps all those that consider visiting a pro-mummy. I know how terrifying it can be; it's expensive, it might involve travel, it's showing your most vulnerable side to someone you don't intimately know. Make sure your little gets what they need and deserve. BL XXX
  10. Rp

    hello i wanted to rp i may be new but im new to rp i wanted to do a regression story
  11. This is my first attempt at writing a story. Ever. Be nice. I'm not much a writer; I'm not even sure that all my punctation and everything is correct. But I've always been fascinated by robotic maid/mechanical nursery type stories. Can't get enough of them. So I figured I'd contribute what I can. Hopefully it's somewhat original. Can't promise anything as far as when more parts will be posted. Feel free to make suggestions. (Part 1) Just as Elaine was crawling out of the window, she felt someone, or something, grab her leg. "Damn, what now?" she thought. "Must have tripped another sensor." She turned to look and noticed the arm grabbing her ankle was attached to the robotic nursery maid she noticed earlier. As one of the latest nursery maids, it had very distinct human features. Realistic looking skin, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, freckles, soft expressions. The whole nine. It really was quite convincing. "Oh no, you shouldn't be crawling up there little one!" The maid warned. "You could fall and hurt yourself!" Still in the robot’s grasp, Elaine wasn't sure how to react. She decided to cooperate; reasoning was typically hit or miss with house bots, but it was worth a shot. "No thank you, I'm not a child, I don't need any help." The maid had managed to guide her back down to the soft carpeted floor of the babyish nursery. Her shrunken size suddenly became overwhelmingly obvious. The nurse really towered over her! Just as a mother her infant. "I'm sorry sweetie," the maid began in a motherly tone, “we don't want any accidents. Babies aren't allowed to climb up there. You could fall down and hurt yourself!” "But you see I'm not a baby. I'm an adult. So it's ok if I crawl up there," Elaine said somewhat nervously, trying to work her way out of the situation. Little did she know the robot’s advanced programming included lie detection. Children lie to get out of stuff all the time - it's crucial for robots in child care to tell the difference. And as Elaine was getting more and more nervous, her heart began beating faster and faster. The maid’s programming registered this as lying. “Now, if you’ll just excuse me, I need to…” "Nice try,” the maid cheerily cut her off. “You’re not an adult, but you are one cute little baby girl! And a dirty one at that. Come on sweetie, let's get you cleaned up!” "Cleaned up?" Elaine thought. She remembered that her tight-fitting, custom latex suit was still quite damp from earlier. She was starting to regret her initial blunder all the more. See, Elaine was a highly successful house thief. Through her various successes she had managed to get her hands on a black-market molecularizer, a device that reduces the distance between the atoms of a given physical object, thereby reducing it’s overall size. Her goal was to get in and out as quickly as possible. And with sensors literally all over the futuristic house, it would be much easier to make her entry through the kitchen window where sensors were scarce. But it wasn't the sensors that were the problem. It was the automated dish washer. As she was climbing down past the sink she somehow triggered the automated washing machine. Before she could even react, mechanical arms sprouted from below the sink and immediately had her in it's clenches. Her shiny suit must have been mistaken as a dish in need of cleaning. She was quickly carried to the sink where she was forcibly sprayed, soaped, scrubbed, rinsed, and placed awkwardly in the adjacent drying rack. As the house settled back down into it's naturally peaceful state, she carefully managed to get herself up, find a dish towel, dry herself off a little, and continue on her mission. Though the experience was jolting, she didn't have much time. But the nursery, this was something else. Something she couldn’t so easily get out of. “Time to get you all clean!” The maid said as she began moving towards her, smiling all the while. Reasoning with the maid was obviously a lost cause. It was either the window or the door. Seeing that the window was still open she made a dash for it. After climbing up what she figured was a changing table, she nearly made it out of the window before the robotic maid once again had her in it's iron tight grip. “That’s a no, no little one. You can’t be up there. Now let’s get you cleaned up!” She was being pulled back down as before, but this time her journey ended on top of the changing table. She also noticed that the maid hadn’t let go of her wrist. "Wait!" Elaine yelled. The maid looked down, stopping mid-way of closing and locking the window. "I am not a baby! I need to get out of here, you are making me miss a very important meeting… You must let me go at once! I order you to let me go!” All the while testing the grip of the robot. "Talking back is only going to get you into more trouble, sweet girl. Now hold still while we get you out of these yucky clothes!” "No! Wait!" Elaine pleaded, trying not to sound too desperate, "Please don't do this! My name is Elaine and I am 28 years old. I don't need you to clean me up. Please just let me go." The maid overtly ignored her plea and began reaching for Emily's zipper on the front of her suit. With her free hand she tried slapping the mechanical arm away. But she was no match for the strength of the robot - certainly not in her current state. Emily felt herself getting really panicked. What was she going to do? She knew screaming wouldn't help. The futuristic house was specifically designed to block out all ambient noise. Can she even make a run for it? Meanwhile, still atop the padded changing table, the robotic nurse began pulling down her zipper, exposing Elaine’s black-lace bra. She hung on to the robot’s arm with her free hand, it’s all she could really do. Time for a new strategy. Elaine figured that maybe if she played along, she could make a run for it when the maid wasn’t looking. She was running out of options. ”What is your name?" she asked in the sweetest tone she could. Meanwhile the maid began pulling on the wrists of her suit, which began freeing her arms from the tight latex. Her lace bra and C-cup breasts were now clearly visible. "My name is Sarah, I'm here to take care of you, Elaine“ the maid said as she continued to undress the girl. "Now I need you to be a big girl and lie back so I can get this messy onesie off you." Elaine unwillingly did as she was told. "Yes ma'am" she replied. “That’s a good girl!” Sarah happily responded in baby talk. As Elaine laid back on the softly padded changing table she noticed the crinkling of the plastic backed fabric. It smelled like baby powder. The whole room did. The top of her custom latex suit had been removed and was now sitting just above her skinny little waist. The maid methodically grabbed the girl’s ankles, crossed them and lifted until only her upper back and shoulders remained on the table. Elaine winced as she thought about how this must look. Play the part, she told herself. The maid pulled on the waist-band of the suit, alternating each side as she did. The suit was like a second skin it was so tight! Slowly the garment was worked past her feminine hips, eventually exposing her tightly sculpted ass and matching black lace thong. Her perfect ass came out of the tight suit with a bounce. The maid lowered her hips back down with another crinkle as she once again made contact with the soft fabric. She then watched as her suit was peeled off both her legs. She made a mental note as Sarah tossed it in a clothes hamper next to the table. She needed that back. Elaine once again reflected on her current situation. Instead of being on her way to sell the highly prized data she worked so hard to collect, she found herself virtually naked (save for her bra and panties) on top of a changing table in a baby's nursery. Elaine was pulled forward into a sitting position. She kept telling herself to remain calm, that once the maid turned her attention away she would run for it. She couldn’t see but knew what was happening. Her bra was being unhooked. Her perky breasts gently falling every so slightly as it was loosened. Elaine hadn’t wished it had gotten to this point but reminded herself to keep cool. She needed to act the part if this had any chance of working. The time for panicking hadn't come just yet. Sitting with her legs out in front of her, her lace bra was brought forward and slid off her arms one by one. Her beautiful breasts were now on full display. She was laid back down and felt her ankles being lifted once more. She closed her eyes and covered her face in embarrassment as she allowed the back of her panties to be seized by Sarah’s warm robotic hands and slowly pulled off. The curves of her beautifully shaped ass juxtaposed against the babyish backdrop. She once again heard the slight crinkled as she was lowered back down, now completely naked, on the table. Both bra and panties were distributed in the same hamper as before. Laying there naked on top of the changing table, the 28 year old girl had a sudden rush of panic. Was she really going to just let all this happen?! She began to breathe heavily at the thought of what might come next. I’ve got to get out of here, she thought. “Are you ok baby girl?” Sarah asked, noticing the change in the girl’s state. “What’s wrong?” Oddly enough, this simple question brought Elaine straight back to reality. She had to stay focused. No time for panicking. There was still a chance she could make it out. “Nothing’s wrong… I’m ready to get all clean,” Elaine managed. “Good girl! Now let's get you to the bath tub so we can get you all clean!"
  12. Hi there, I'm looking to play as my character who is either a small adult turned into a baby for Christmas, forever! I'm thinking she's sixteen, been wearing pull ups to bed...Christmas morning she gets up excited to see what santa brought her...it's all stuff for a baby! She'll be one again! Maybe she even has an accident she's so excited...a poopy one!
  13. Regression - An ABDL Short Film

    Hey everyone. I wasn't sure where to post this since it does fall under the category of being a short story, but in the form as a film. I directed, acted, and edited this short over the course of the summer and I hope its something the the ABDL community will enjoy. The premise. A psychological drama about an average guy who gradually re-discovers the wonderment of his youth. Follow me: Tumblr - http://isidetape.tumblr.com Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1FBk04ZcBW--H0Ac1ZMVIQ
  14. Newly Planned AB Nursery

    Littopia Is a Little's dream that is being brought to life from the depths of Imagination, Fantasy and Magic. Littopia is a private resort catering to big kids at heart, by bringing your dreams to life and offering you a customized stay at our one of a kind luxury estate. Littopia has been designed to be an all inclusive Oasis of imagination, and fantasy. The property is completely private, and closed off from the rest of the world. Feel relaxed and at home with extravagant gardens, fountains and waterfalls There are tall fences around the perimeter of the property that are lined with trees and bushes. The front gate is never left open, and is only accessible with a pass-code and permission from our gate keeper. Littopia has been designed to provide complete care for big kids with no responsibility or worry. You can choose from a free range stay where you enjoy the property a your own leisure or you can opt to have your stay structured and maintained by our team of Mommies & Daddies. (***Please note we are currently accepting resumes for Mommies and Daddies, please message me for further details on requirements.***) Littopia is equipped with A Full Service Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Custom Themed Out Door Play Ground Indoor Jungle Gym, Games Room, Toy Room, Cradle Room, Four Themed Nursery Rooms Four Themed Toddler Rooms One Giant Group Nursery. A Movie Theater 8 Guest Rooms Stables Bouncy Castle Fire Pit Massive BBQ & Smoke House. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Littopia/1054753917886618
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  20. Adult Crib

    Well here is a new idea.I have never seen one. Just listed on e bay an adult size BLOW UP crib. Cute,stands three feet up but the lister did not include the length. Most of us babies need one 6 feet long .Price..$149.99 plus 25 to ship.
  21. Adult Day Care

    I was wondering if anyone has started an Adult Day Care? I was curious because I was reading the news article about that couple in Liverpool who run a nursery from their home. I think that's so awesome, but I can't afford to fly to England and then shell out more cash for a weekends stay. But the responses said "there are a lot of these commercial nurseries" coming out. Where are they?! If I could find one closer I would definitely save up! But I was wondering if anyone had ever thought of a day care theme? My regression agr is a 5 year old, and I would like to incorporate movies and toys and less with the cribs and high chairs. But if anybody knows of nurseries in the states (Oregon/Washington) that would be just as awesome!
  22. My Girlfriend

    It was a nice day and I had recently asked the girl I had a crush on out. Her name was Jenny and she didnt know I was into being a baby but I so badly wanted to. She was always nice and we had a lot of fun. I was a normal 24 Year old man aside from wanting to be babied. I told her about the fact I was getting evicted from my apartment for a single noise complaint and she told me I could stay with her aslong as I followed her rules. I didnt think much about it. Ive never been to her house before and I wasnt expecting her to own such a nice house. When I walked up to the door I didnt even have the chance to knock and she had already started to rush me inside. She was a strong woman and me being weak and small I was moved into the foyer as she closed the door. "Hey I know its been a few days since we have talked but I didnt know you missed me that much." I said to her. "Oh no I didnt want you to stand outside and have to wait honey." Jenny said as she walked toward into the kitchen. I assumed she wanted me to follow her and I did and she then told me the rules of her house. "Ok now Ian, here are the rules. Now I know what youve been hiding from me for a while and I didnt want to confront you about it because I didnt want to freak you out." I was trying to understand what she had been talking about and she takes my bags and sets them down on the floor in the kitchen and then begins pushing me down a hallway. "So I didnt know you could afford any of this how come you didnt tell me?" I asked. She responded telling me that she had a very good paying job as an accountant to some very generous and wealthy businessmen. "Ok now since your probably confused on what I am talking about on your secrete and its you want to be treated like a baby." Said Jenny. I started thinking to myself how she could have known. I didnt argue with her and she told me the rules. "Ok now since I know you want to be a baby and I want to be you mommy the first rule is to call me Mommy from now on. Alright honey?" I was still a little in shock as we stood outside of a room, assuming it is my new room, and I said "Ok." Jenny wanted me to say yes mommy and I didnt think of it at first and she said back to me "Ok what?" I quickly corrected myself and told her "Ok Mommy." "Rule two, you have to do what mommy tells you to do and if your not ok with that let mommy know alright?" She said with a smile. I responded to her with the same response again of "Yes Mommy."And she smiled happily said to me the final rule. "Since you are going to be my baby I am going to treat you as one. I will be doing a couple of experiments to see what you like and dont so if you are unconfortable with something tell me now." I was trying to think of what to tell her and I told her I didnt want needles or to be beaten senseless. She afterwards grabbed my crotch and said to me in a baby voice. "My baby isn wearing his diapey. No matter Mommy will fix that." She laughed at then picked me up and I just froze in shock of what she was doing. She proceeded to open the door and turn me to be able to see the room. It was a nursery filled with an adult sized crib changing table play pen toys with an arsenal of Adult baby clothing and diapers. "Mommy how long were you expecting me for?" Knowing Jenny for only but a few short months she replied saying, "About a month" she replied. She carried me over to the changing table and began undressing me. I tried to resist and she swatted my hands away. "No no Mommy doesnt want her baby to have an accident." She told me as she giggled. "But Mommy I dont want you to take my pants off" I whined. As I was complaining she grabbed a pacifier and shoved it into my mouth. "Now since your my baby I want you to talk like a baby. And remember I am going to treat you like a baby and good babies listen to their Mommy." I huffed and puffed as she took off my clothes and layed naked. "Aw my baby is so adorable I can tickle you and play with your little feet!" I was so embarrassed I tried to bury my head between my shoulders and she grabbed a diaper from under the table along with baby powder and whipes. "Now here is your diapey isnt it fun its got a cute little print on it!" They were ABU Cushies, I always wanted to wear them but never actually bought them. "Mommy doesnt want her baby making a big mess so Im putting extra padding in here. They will make sure you know your wet." I layed there helplessly as she put on the diaper. "All done!" She replied with a smile and put me down on the floor. I tried to get up but as soon as I was about to stand up Ide fall over until I became getting frustrated. Jenny came back with a onesie and pulled it over my head and snapped it shut at my crotch. I thought to myself "What is going on here?" I proceeded to stand up again and as I finished I fell back over and started to huff and puff. Jenny noticed this and told me "Babies dont walk." She left the room and closed the door behind her and I looked around and started freaking out. I took the pacifier that she had given me that now was attached to my clothes out of my mouth and started asking myself "Am I dreaming?" To check I pinched my arm and yelped at the pain. "This is not a dream." Jenny heard me yell after I pinched myself as she walked into the room with a bottle and a bib. "Oh Ian why are you yelling Mommy is right here" she said as she put her arms around me to give some comfort. "I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself to make sure." I murmured. Jenny had then picked me up and sat down in a chair while holding me and proceeded to put the bib on me. "Well honey you will be dreaming soon." Puzzeled I asked myself "What did she mean by that?" Jenny turned me and then held my head to feed me the bottle she had brought. "There there." She said softly and calmly "Drink your milk and dont worry Mommy is here." Pushing the rubber nipple of the bottle into my mouth I started sucking on it and began feeling calm and safe. When I finished she asked me "All done?" With a small chuckle and I nodded. "Your a good boy for finishing your baba." She grinned while she said that and I didnt like where she was going with this and all of a sudden I got tired very quickly. "Mommy what was in my bottle?" I asked struggling to keep myself awake. "Oh nothing I just put a small sedative in it." She said with a smile as she carried me to my crib. "Mommy will be listening for you on the baby monitor now go to sleep." I kept struggling to keep myself awake but I then felt a wave of relaxation come over my body and the last thing I remember was the covers being pulled over me and something had kissed my forehead.
  23. Kurotsuki's Diaper Pokemon RP :3

    A small diapered baby Umbreon sits on a sidewalk, in the afternoon. His disposable diaper is absolutely loaded, both wet and messy. He looks at the diaper and lifts his leg, beginning to pee in it again. He watches as he pees through it, the yellow liquid running down his legs. He coos a bit, looking at the puddle forming under his diaper.
  24. hired my first babysitter

    So, I went and did it.. I went on craigs list, posted an ad for adult-baby sitter in domestic gigs and am getting a huge reply! So far 6 women want the position and understand it fully. I've taken a shine to one girl in particular and we just talked on the phone a bit ago. she doesn't seem too outrageously priced ($50 for the first hour and $30 for each hour past that). We agreed on no #2's and no public displays of a babyish nature while under her care. well, please tell me what you think! any thing I should be overly concerned about? anyone have ideas on how I can facilitate her babying me to make it more realistic and fun for both of us?