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Found 1 result

  1. piggyinnappies

    A fine mess

    I read a similar story to this in Sissies on Parade a long while ago. This is my take on it, I apologise to the original author. I was just finishing my breakfast coffee when the doorbell rang, I got up,wandered to the door and opened it. Standing there was a tall well built lady who looked to be in her early fifties. "Can I help you" I asked slightly annoyed. "Actually it's you I've come to help" she replied rather sternly. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I am here on behalf of your employers medical company. Please may I come in?" I showed her into my kitchen and invited her to sit at the dining table. She pulled a laptop out of her bag and turned it on. "So how can you help me?" "By keeping you out of trouble" was her answer. "What do you mean trouble, and how can a health worker keep me out of any trouble?" Was my puzzled reply. I was starting to get a bit annoyed with her. " We need to do a continence test on you." "What on earth are you on about?" "To put it simply we need to see if you can keep your pants clean and dry" "What!!!"I spluttered"I'm a grown man not a little baby" I shouted. She replied calmly "If you don't agree to the tests then I will have no option except to show your employers this" with that she turned the laptop round so I could see the screen, on it was a list of websites that all involved adult babies. "This is a complete history of your internet browsing. You either take the test or we go to your employer with this." "But what has this got to do with continence training?" "You just worry about the tests and we'll worry about the reasons." I sat there in a state of mixed emotions, I couldn't afford to lose my job, and suffer the humiliation if this got out. I love looking at pictures of women in nappies but have never had a desire to wear them, to be honest the thought of wearing nappies repulsed me a bit. I knew I couldn't win this so I agreed to the tests. "Right where do I have to go for these stupid tests then?" "You can do them here and now" she replied. "What do I have todo?" "Just stay clean and dry for two hours" she replied with a slight smile on her face. "Well that's easy enough" I retorted. "Let's get you ready then. Where's your bathroom?" I led her up to my bathroom, she followed bringing her bag with her. "Right climb into the bath then" she said. I replied "what for?" " If you fail it's less messy to clean up" was her answer. I stepped into my bath, she told me to sit down. With that she removed a bottle of water from her bag. I was told to drink it. "Right if you can hold that for two hours then you pass. Wet or mess yourself the it's a fail and you come to our clinic for the appropriate treatment" I drank the water and passed the bottle back to her. "Now what?" I asked. "Just stay clean and dry for two hours" was her reply. " Oh and to be sure you don't cheat and use the toilet we'll use these" with that she handcuffed me to the taps. "I'll be back in two hours. Try and stay clean". With that she left the bathroom and went downstairs. How did this happen, I was handcuffed in my own bath waiting to show this woman I could stay clean and dry, after all I'm not a baby. I could hear her downstairs talking on a phone but couldn't hear what was said. As I sat in the bath unable to get out. Time seemed to drag, I looked at my watch I had only been in there about twenty minutes when my stomach started to gurgle slightly. I didn't pay it any attention I thought it was just nerves. While I sat in the bath I started to think about what had happened. It started to dawn on me these events were a bit strange. Why would they do this sort of test at home and not in a clinic. Yes I had a fascination for girls in nappies but why would this make someone think I might be incontinent. Nothing this morning seemed to add up. I had been panicked with the thought of my employers finding out, but medical things should be confidential. I slowly realised my predicament. I was chained to my bath with a strange woman in my house, basically I had a problem. After a while I realised I had another problem, I could feel a build up of pressure in my bladder and bowels. Oh no I thought, I had already emptied my bowels this morning. I never ever went twice in one day, I must be going down with something.