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Found 5 results

  1. Before reading the first part of this story, please know that it is the first story that I ever published and I am just getting started with writing. The following story is 100% fictional and should be treated as such. Having said that, please enjoy and any feedback is welcome. I have just been through the most embarrassing moment of my life, and it would be easy to blame my mother who definitively played a big part in it, but I do have to take ownership as well, after all, it is what I asked for. My name is Nathalie, and I am 24 years old and currently doing my master’s in computer science at the University of Birmingham, while studying I am still living at home to save money on rent. Actually if I want to write down what happened completely I can't just put it down, I want to have a complete record on how everything happened that led me to that specific moment. The beginning of this story starts, when I was eighteen and in the last years of high school. I was never one of the most popular girls, but I had a good group of friends, and I was even voted second for Prom-queen due to my good looks. One might consider it bad manners to refer to oneself as good looking. And I do agree that this sometimes can come across wrong, but I want to give a complete picture. I am 165cm, have green eyes and long brown hair. Doing sports has always been one of my favourite ways of spending free time, be it in the gym or running outside, I enjoyed most of all activities. All in all, I had a pretty normal life and even started dating when suddenly my parents got pregnant again and had my little brother Chris. I have always been proud that my parents choose to have me. When I was sixteen, they sat me down and talked to me about how they had troubles conceiving and that they used some help in order to get pregnant. It made me feel special and loved. would think that one would be ecstatic when getting a younger sibling but for me it was the complete opposite, I can’t quite explain it, I have never hogged the attention of adults or anything remotely similar to that, but I did really like my life. It had a clear structure and Chris changed that. Writing this out, does make me feel terrible and I sincerely feel bad, but I can’t change my feelings, even though I wished they were different. When Chris was born, I started acting up, I broke up with most of my social circle, I even stopped dating the boy that I had been seeing for the last two months, stayed out past my curfew and basically did everything that defied my parent’s expectations. To their credit they did let me act out for a while, but after they saw that I wasn’t returning to normal, they took me to a therapist to talk about what’s going on. The first few session were me being completely closed off, not answering, I just didn’t want to be there. It got better. I don’t know why and can’t remember the question that finally let me to open up, but somehow my therapist got through to me and it just snapped. I think I just talked for over an hour, unable to stop, luckily, I had the last session of the day, because I really don’t think I could have stopped talking at that time. I talked about everything, my plan in life, my feeling towards my baby brother and how I am hurt by the love that my parents show to him instead of just me anymore, feeling excluded from the family that I considered to be mine. I later found out that having those feeling is actually not that uncommon for someone who has been an only child for a while. They even have a name for this phenomenon but can’t remember it at the moment. With my permission Thomas, which is the name of the therapist, my parents, and I sat together, and they just listened to me expressing those feelings. I think I have never been more nervous then right before this session, I imagined all the different scenarios of how my parents will react to me, if they will hate or shame me for of my feelings. But nothing like this happened. I can’t 100% recall the whole session but I will never forget the feeling of relief that I had right afterwards. During this session Thomas gave us both a homework exercise, my parents had to write down special things they could do with me that they enjoy and that would strengthen our relationship, and I had to write down five scenarios were I felt disconnected and not included. The list, that’s the name I gave to the paper where I had to write down five things that made me feel excluded. It was easier to write my whole bachelor thesis then to start with that assignment. I thought that I could come up with at least 50 different examples but sitting in front of the paper, not a single one came to mind. That’s actually a lie. I had one concrete example, but I just couldn’t put it down. It would be to embarrassing. The List: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The list stayed empty, it stayed like that for nearly a week when it was time to get together again and talk about the things that we came up. I clearly remember sitting in the waiting room, having arrived earlier than my parents, and contemplating if I should put on, my one item. I nearly didn’t. I don’t know what changed my mind, it must have been the session before, the feeling of trust and love that I got from my parents, or maybe it was something different that I just can’t name, but I did put one example down. The List: 1. Diaper change.
  2. My Mommy (wife) has her BFF Stephanie bathe me and change my wet diapers. Mommy and Aunt Stephanie have changed my diapers in the presence of their adult lady friends. They have all been caring and very supportive so I don't feel ashamed.
  3. Hello all! I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place but I was hoping to get some help from the forum. A year, maybe two ago (maybe longer :s), I purchased a case of adult pull-ups that were pink and in support of breast cancer. Tired of the beige and white pull-ups I've been using lately I was looking to find these and have been striking out. I can't remember the manufacturer or where I purchased from, or if the product was a limited time thing. If anyone has information on if/where these are still available that'd be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Once started this story and sent it out a few places. Going to change the name of some characters and reformat it to be less of an info dump and begin again. Will not let it die and expanded it dramatically from where I had it. Stretched out a lot of the 'info dump' and gave it less of a fantasy fill as best I could without removing the fantasy aspect, lol. Please leave me comments! Chapter 1 - "Honey, it's time to wake up." Came a voice in Kimberly's dream. She wasn't sure what it was, but there was a strentch in this long, dark, black room. She heard the voice again: "Get up, I have to change you before I go into work." She realized who it was this time. "Five more minutes..." She moaned, putting a pillow to her face and inhaling trying to make the smell go away. "No, it's time to get you changed, it will only take a few seconds. Besides, I don't want my big girl to get a rash on her first day in High School, now do I?" Kimberly sighed as she lifted the blanket off of her and woke from the partial dream. She looked around, the light was bright and her mom was standing in front of her dressed up for work, with an Abena diaper in her left hand and rash cream in the other. As she continued to scan her room, she noticed wipes next to her bedside table and plastic pants on top of them. Her mom began to expertly untape the diaper, lifting it into the air and folding it up. The smell didn't bother her, as she began to wipe her daughter's behind, Kim became less aware of her surroundings. She began to drift asleep as her mom lifted her legs as the final layer of plastic pants were applied. She remembered before completely falling asleep that her mom told her to be awake by 6:30, because school starts at 7:37 and that she wanted to make sure she was there on time. In her dream, she noticed one thing immediately: she was in a very messy diaper. She was surrounded by beds in each corner, one of which had a man in it. He was asleep and turned away from her, but she could tell he was a shaggy man, with very long hair and a smell aura that would fend off the most dangerous of creatures; but maybe that was her. As she continued to scan the area, she began noticing how small the room was, and that the only way in or out was through metal bars. She walked forward out of both curiosity and fear. Putting her hand forward, she reached for the shaggy man on the bed; and on touch, he turned around viciously. In one instant, she was surrounded with intimidation and fear. The man had dark black eyes, completely filling them like a expanded pupil. He had a full beard, one that went past his chest, and his breath was that of a man who probably never heard of a toothbrush. As she began filling the diaper in her dream yet again, the man said something in an ancient language, one unknown to her: "Du'ra ducta monare. Du'ra ducta monare." As he continued to speak in the same pattern, a loud "BANG" was heard, but she couldn't shake herself and figure out what it was. In the next few seconds, another "BANG" was heard, this time she realized what it was: her alarm clock. "Mura Poota Kimby, Mura Poota Kim." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Those were the last words that came from his mouth before she was awoken by another loud "BANG". Boy was she glad to be awake, but as she rose she smelt the exact thing she did in her dream, and something in between her legs squished as she sat up: herself. She looked at the clock: "Damn, it's 9:29." She thought, jumping out of bed. She might of not had time to change her diaper and wash up, but she could at least make the smell be neutralized for the next five hours, or so she hoped. As she poured purfume all over herself, she also through some baby powder down her smelly diaper and also another plastic pant around them. She knew that her diaper would be too thick for jeans, and she didn't have any long skirts around the house, but she had one that would at least cover the diaper and leave her room to walk to school. "Oh, walking.." she thought, that would be a challenge. She put on a very cute tweety bird shirt, and brought her purse with a Abena Diaper and wipes along with her: at least she could get a change at school. Late on her first day back at a public school ever since her car accident two years ago. On the way walking the 4 miles to school, she got many stares and honks as she neared the campus, and she couldn't help but think that her diaper was definantly going to be showing at school. The minute she got onto campus, security came up to her. "Excuse me, can I help you?" The security guard asked. "I believe you can, I'm a new student here at Juan Seguin High and I'm running late. What should I do?" "Well follow me, first we need to get you your ID so you're an official student at the school: we'll do that by heading up to the library.." He paused and sniffed, "Is there something wrong?" "Not at all, please, keep going." "Okay, as i was saying, after that we'll get you down to your assistant principals office which, wait, what's your last name?" "Moore," she said, "Kimberly Moore." "Okay Kim, your counselor is Mr.Devans , please, follow me." She already knew this day would be hell, and if they keep her this busy she might not be able to get to the restroom to change her diaper. Then she thought about the privacy at where she was...How would she change a diaper this dirty in a public restroom? She knew she was in trouble. As the security guard walked her down to the library, they came to an elevator. She didn't think there was an elevator, as the school isn't that big. "Uh, can we please use the stairs?" She asked, afraid the smell of her diaper could be too much for the unsuspecting man. "Don't worry! I let all new students use the elevator for the first day they're here." She gulped and bit her lip hard as she entered onto the platform and the door shut behind her. Luckily the man's nose was stuffed up, as he even sneezed a few times and sniffed, to no apparent notice of the emulating smell coming from the thing under her skirt. The door opened and she rushed off of the elevator, just to run into the janitor, trip, and fall down the green circle patterned flight of stairs right across from the elevator door. Luckily, she landed on her butt, damaging nothing physical except for her pride, and the preperation she made for the smell of her diaper: Now she knew she was in for it. The security guard rushed to help her up, and as he bent over, he noticed the smell. "Ha, i guess the janitor isn't doing a very good with the bathroom downstairs." The janitor remarked, she fake smiled at him and sat up lifting off from her butt. If it was smell free then, it most definitely isn't now. Her face was red, which matched her red hair almost perfectly. They walked a few doors down to the Library, and spoke with Mrs.Gorman, the leading librarian. She began to set everything up, and asked her to sit down on this 2' tall stool, which looked rather small. Yet again, Kim gulped and prepared herself for the worst. The security guard beside her backed up, as he was sure his nose was acting up again because of the smell traveling to him. Kimberly looked as if she would cry as the picture was about to be taken, and Mrs.Gorman snapped the photo. "This is an interesting picture..." Said Mrs.Gorman, as it printed out on off her computer. She handed it to Kim, and she was surprised! Even though she was on the verge of tears, she looked beautiful. She was 4'11" with long, red hair and the best looking brown eyes you could ever see. However, when she looked down she saw what she was afraid of: The dark brown spot covered by a yellow plastic pant showing to the camera. This scared her, but as far as she could tell, Mrs.Gorman didn't notice. She walked out and told the Security Guard she could handle herself from here, but he insisted to escort her. As they were walking, wet farts could be heard coming from her behind. Each step she took, another wet fart took place, until all of the sudden she stopped dead in her tracks and began completely pooping herself, yet again. Three movements in less than six hours was fortunately uncommon for her, but the stress she assumed, was only making her incontinence worse. The security guard heard her farting and filling herself at the stop, but he didn't realize what it was. He just assumed her stomache was acting up, so he asked her to walk with him. How embracing, walking and filling her diaper arms length with her new school's security guard. He dropped her into Mr.Devan's office, and completely left her alone. As she walked to the secretaries desk, the three students sitting in a chair a few feet away from her began to sniff the smell, and acted like they were throwing up. She turned beet red, and tried to play it cool. "Hi, i'm new here and I was wondering what I should do to get into class now that I'm late." The secretary couldn't help but chuckle, "Arhem, yes, just show me your ID and i'll send you on your way with a student escort." "Oh, that won't be necessary, I can find my way around easy enough." She said, handing her ID forward. "Sorry miss...Kimberly, but it's standard procedure, i'll have Sara here go with you." She handed Kimberly her tardy pass and sent her off with Sara, who didn't look too excited to be there. As they exited the room, sara began to ask questions. "Okay, so what is that smell?" Sara asked, getting straight to the point. "What smell?" "The one coming from your ass, don't play stupid with me. Did you shit yourself?" Sara practically yelled in the middle of the empty hallway. "What? No! I didn't get a chance to take a shower I just woke up nearly thirty minutes ago and ran up here." Kim responded. Sara scoffed and walked off, leaving Kim to herself in the empty hallway unsure of where to go from here. She almost wanted to follow her but knew better with the way she was giving her attitude. She began walking around the hallways looking for signs of a handicap bathroom, she assumed there would have to be one somewhere. Sure enough after about five minutes of running around she found one but was unable to open the door, finding it locked. "Helloo --- Is anyone in there?" She asked, knocking on the door. No one responded, but she heard ruffling and what sounded like her very own diaper tapes being removed on the inside. Curiosity got the better of her and she walked off to the side of the hallway to wait and peek at whomever was in the room. For two minutes the only sounds she could hear was that of a nearby classroom laughing at something inside and shortly after she heard herself peeing her diaper. As she heard the sound that was unmistakably that action, she looked and saw that her plastic pants were doing their job as they began to fill up with urine. All of the mess would have had to push it out. She was nearly at tears now and just as if on queue the person in the bathroom walked out. It was Sara. Kimberly stayed quiet and as Sara walked to the other side of the hallway, Kim came across the corner and tip-toed into the bathroom trying to avoid leaking any pee into her shoes from the plastic pants. She got into the bathroom and locked the door, being hit by an unmistakable smell of a dirty diaper, but it was not hers. It was sitting in the over-sized trash can in the corner of the room along with a few other adult diapers and paper towels. Kim smiled to herself as she realized the reason Sara ran off was because she thought it was her own mess that she could smell, and apparently it was as well as her own but she was more than likely none the wiser. She slightly arched her back to remove her shoes as she did not want to criss cross her feet and risk spilling anything from the diaper and pant combination. She successfully removed her socks and shoes and placed them in the corner away from her. She tip toed across the room and stood right above the toilet and dropped her plastic pants. Most of the urine that was in it landed in the toilet, some falling to the other sides of the toilet but a much easier clean up than it could have been. From there she practiced for the first time in a long time to remove her diaper and change herself. She hardly ever did it as her mom did most of her changes for her after spending the majority of the last two years at home nursing her body back to good health. As she had the both the pairs of pants off and the toilet clean she laid on the cold tiled ground in the bathroom and began to remove the tapes to her drowned diaper. As she began attacking the mess with her wipes she remembered to that night when she had the tragic car accident.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Her dad was driving the family's Ranchero, a car they hardly took out but he insisted that they "go out in style" that night to the movies. It was the typical family night and it being Kim's turn to pick the activity she wanted to go see Step Up 2. On the way there, they seemed to hit pretty much every green light humanly possible and were making good time for the 7:05 showtime. As they got closer to the highway, Kim remembers tensing up. She was always scared of the on-ramp as there was always tons of traffic moving and it was always of concern to her. She relaxed as her dad was able to make the merge and was only a few exits away from the location. She remembered sighing as they were exiting the ramp with the theater directly in front of them when a big truck rear ended them and pushed them into the right-away ramp and they were swiped on by another vehicle. Her dads side took the entire blow, while her mother and herself were on the other side of the car. The entire vehicle shook and she blacked out. The last thing she remembered was getting the news that her dad did not make it from her mother who looked to be in perfect health outside of a few minor scratches and a cast. Being in a hospital bed looked down on by her mother was something she wouldn't be able to get off her find for a few months, especially with all of the pysical therapy she was going through trying to improve her leg strength. The doctors told her she suffered a minor lower spinal injury that would result in temporary loss of urinary and bowel control as well as little to no control over her legs. But with proper training, she would have control back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She snapped back into reality as she heard a loud bell ring over the speaker. The second class of the day was getting out and she was still covered in filth. She sped up her cleaning process and after about a solid twenty wipes she felt she might have been clean enough. She folded up her diaper and threw it in the trashcan, then laid back down on her second diaper. It was then that she noticed that she forgot to bring the powder that she had poured into her plastic pants to help the smell from coming out as she was rushing out of the house. She cursed herself for forgetting and knew she would not smell very good throughout the rest of the day, but at least she was somewhat fresher. She stood back up, laid her skirt back down and then assessed the damage. She knew the plastic pants would do more harm then foul at this point and decided to throw them away. They were smelly and soaked and she had a ton at home. She pulled down several paper towels from the rack and placed them over the messy diaper and plastic pants as an attempt to cover up her shame and put her shoes and socks back on. There was a lot of foot traffic outside and did not plan on braving the chance that some students would get curious and walk in after she left. She waited until the sound of the third bell sounded, announcing the start of the third class. She stepped outside, and went back down to the office. "Hi, kimberly was it? What brings you back down, shouldn't you be in class?" she asked. "Yes, but Sara wasn't able to show me around I think she had to use the restroom, and I never recieved my schedule so I'm not sure about where I need to go." Kim responded, looking puzzled. "Give me one second, let me pull it up for you." the receptionist said, putting her fingers to work and creating an audible sigh of frustration. "You are off to class 205b, chemistry with Coach Bazzle." "Thanks! I appreciate your help. Can I have a pass for class?" Kimberly asked, and immediately recieved a pass and headed on her way. The rest of the day went relatively calm as compared to the excitement she faced at the beginning of the day. The two classes were mainly introductions to the class and pretests to see what the students already knew. Being home-schooled for the last two years, Kimberly knew a lot more information than a lot of the other kids because that was all she really could do for awhile was just read and retain information. A good perk in a bad situation, she thought. Her mind would drift off to Sara towards the end of the day and knew with an attitude like hers it might be a better idea to stay away from her. She just had to know, though, the reason behind her problems as well and imagined that it would start a really good friendship, or so she would hope. With that thought, the final bell rang and she walked out to the front of the school where her mother was there waiting for her in the car with a warm smile.
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