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Found 2 results

  1. Curse of the Crinkle Crate Composed by Horatio Husky Featuring and Commissioned by Kazard the Fox! Chapter 1 The Box I… Want… Couch Time… Now… were the thoughts of a certain blonde-haired fox, as he absentmindedly fumbled with the keys to his small, cozy home. His shoulders were slumped, and his eyelids half open in a vacant stare as he maneuvered his key into the lock of his front door. The day had been absolutely miserable, all of his clients had been in a bad temper when he spoke with them about their problems, and one of them even seemed to believe that the fox didn’t really know what he was doing. Of course, he knew what he was doing! He’d graduated top of his class by no small miracle, the fox was very talented at his work, but the lack of appreciation and frustration that was thrust upon him by his clients was not something studying could have prepared him for. At last, the key turned, and the door swung wide open, shouldering his bag he strode inside and carelessly dropped it in the front hallway, kicking off his shoes and closing the door behind him with a click, locking it once more. Give… Me… That… Couch… thought the fox once more, as he strode into his living room. However, his couch did not seem to be on the agenda just yet, for the fox almost tripped over a wooden box in the center of the room. Kaz was taken aback, how had this gotten in his home? He didn’t remember lugging a rather plain, heavy looking wooden box into his home. Its dimensions were around two feet by two feet, and a foot and a half tall. Kneeling down, his tail now twitching with apparent interest and curiosity he inspected it closer to find that its lid was hinged, with the front opening to the container facing towards him. What on earth… Did somebody break in and leave this here? He thought to himself, as he reached forward with a paw and tentatively opened the strange box. The lid thumped onto his carpet as he gazed into what was held within the strange item, and was even more confused to see that the box only contained two items in it. A thick square of plastic upon closer inspection Kaz found to be a white, adult diaper, and a note next to it, written in fancy cursive. He picked it up, his eyebrows furrowing as he perused through a short poem, a strange feeling of warmth he didn’t recognize bubbling up in his insides as he did so. For a year and a day obedient shall you be, To the rules and whims of the box at your knee, Letters and rules shall be provided from these wooden confines, Giving you instructions, tasks, items, and lines, And lest you not listen to my behest, Shall you not have your day-to-day be the best! For control and independence are no longer yours From now you’ll always be clad in diapers! Diapers? Control? Is this all some sort of prank that got delivered into my house that one of my friends managed to sneak in? He turned the note over and found that more was written on the back of it, this time not in the mysterious cursive font as on the front. The rules are simple, Kazard. For a year and a day you will be completely unable to control your bladder nor your bowel, making it that at any time whatsoever, you will completely and utterly mess and wet yourself anywhere you are. Within this box, you will find your solution to this new conundrum in your life, which you have agreed to participate in by opening this box. Whenever you open this box you will be supplied with plain white diapers perfectly matched to handle whatever punishment you give them. It is recommended that you also invest in other supplies related to padding, such as powder and anti-rash cream, but those are up to your discretion. You may try and not wear your diapers, but you will find that it is wiser to comply with the rules and keep yourself nice and secure; your continence will not return either if you do not obey the rules set before you. If you wish to communicate with the box, you must do so through a bargain written on a note to express your wishes. However, be warned: the box is liable to interpret and balance any request or boon as it wishes if whatever you offer is not of equal value, so it may be wisest to obey as instructed and keep yourself diapered at all times of the day, otherwise, the consequences will be severe. With that, we hope you enjoy your next trip around the sun padded up! This has to be a joke… Boxes that interpret poetry and supply diapers whenever opened? This isn’t even a funny prank, this is pathetic. The fox dropped the diaper and note back into the box with contempt, what a stupid thing to waste his time with. He got up, the couch now forgotten as his stomach rumbled its hunger aloud to the room. He padded over to the kitchen, turning the kettle on and rummaging through his dry food cabinet, retrieving a large bag of chips. He held the bag in his maw as he stretched, reaching up to the higher shelf to grab himself a chocolate bar. It was just out of his reach, and he strained, leaning against the counter to support his weight as he grasped after his sweet. The counter must have been wet, however, for he looked down as he felt something damp against him. The bag of chips dropped out of his mouth and onto the counter below him. The counter hadn’t been wet, no. It was he who had gotten wet.
  2. I’ve been inspired by those abdl roleplay online quizzes recently and always inspired by the diaper dimension world by Princesspottypants. Wanted to share the idea for others to enjoy as well~ - - - - Part One You Belong in Diapers Quiz Shouldn’t it it say ‘Do I belong in diapers’? This could be the chance to show them you were telling the truth, but this ‘quiz’ has no question mark. Was it a typo? Or did it just fit the theme of this ‘dimension’ you’ve found yourself stuck in; like the silencing pacifier stuck suckling in your mouth. That was the price of too many questions you learned, and you were learning fast. These ‘Amazons’ quickly grew annoyed when their ‘Littles’ pretended to know what was best for them. It was true the farther you moved into the compound the quieter it became. At the front was a cacophony of harried explanations, firm commands, disciplinary threats, and the inevitable follow-through. That was all muted now replaced by soft suckling, condescending cooing and the crinkle of diapers. Your bottom still bemoans your naughtiness as the redness stands in sharp relief beyond the white frilly leak guard of your own diaper. You shift buckled to the hard seat and the cool lotion trapped inside at least continues to provide some relief despite the constant reminder of the circumstances surrounding how it was lathered on then dusted with powder. A warning swat jumps you in your seat. The sting lingers between your diaper and thigh from your caretakers wickedly pink gloves. You refocus on the quiz, unknowingly working the pacifier in your mouth more noticeably as you begin. The first questions were harmless enough; matching the quiz better to your information on file, and you interacted with the tablet with no real concern until the next question gave you pause When was the last time you wet in your pants? You glance nervously at the expectant Amazon nurse, an air of smugness by now constantly around her and her clipboard poised in hand. This one has been your ‘caretaker’ during this entire lengthy process and has given you enough ‘personal attention’ to have gotten to know you in a multitude of embarrassing ways yet never seems to tire. Her haughty brow raises knowingly and in warning; any ‘lies’ were to be punished. You consider the choices... A. Not since I have been wearing diapers B. Not since I was ‘potty trained’ What choices. Amazons, ever prepared, had you already put in ‘protection’ as soon as you arrived, so it was simply a prompt trip to the appropriate changing station and an upgrade (or downgrade) to tab-style diapers when it happened. With the ‘witness’ with a penchant for spanking in the room, you placed your finger on the ‘correct’ response and kept your eyes on the test to save yourself from the nurse’s triumphant look. All those protests at the beginning claiming the validity of your potty training level and now look at you moving on to question two. How often do you wet yourself? A. Often B. Sometimes Yet again, two choices and neither were ‘no’ but the lesser of the two ‘confessions’ seemed almost like a gift considering your day. Question three. When you wet, how large is the accident? A. Only a little B. A full accident that requires changing You flushed and the nurse made another delighted tally upon the clipboard against you proving the choice was obvious to all involved. The ordeal of your losses of control had consisted of a quick transition from sudden plastic pitter and warming between your legs to being grabbed by the wrist for a change by your caretaker who didn’t waste time marveling at how such a wet diaper could possibly belong to someone as well potty trained as you before plopping it in the pail and proceeding to further wipe, massage, sprinkle, and diaper you yet again. Shaking the memory, you continue somewhat defeatedly down the list. Your hope of an objective test being wiped away like your changed bottom. When was the last time you messed your pants? This perked you up a little. Messed? Did that mean...soil? No, you hadn’t done that. You look at the choices. A. Today B. Within the last week. Another hard suck made the plastic pacifier tinkle. Again with these two choices. The implication that you had ‘messed your pants’ ‘within the last week’ burned your cheeks as you pressed the screen, but not enough to warrant another burning to the ones on your bottom. The nurse made an ‘ah ha’ noise, and scribbled on her board most likely noting your movements and to soon expect dirty diapers. The quiz followed the predictable pattern giving you the questionable gift of being able to claim you mess your pants ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Only a little.’ The quiz continued. Forcing you to admit to many more things, such as, yes, you currently were wearing ‘A diaper’ and when changed you were changed by ‘Yourself?’ No of course not ‘A caregiver.’ In the end, the results were in, and echoed everything the Amazons had been saying. ‘Littles belong in diapers for both daytime and nighttime wetting accidents, and in your case, with the occasional inability to make it to the potty for messes as well. An Amazon must monitor when it is time for your changes and provide minimal potty training only if your behavior improves.’ The clack of the nurse’s clipboard signaled this stage of the processing was complete and it was on to the next. - - - - Part Two Is Your Little Ready for Potty Training Quiz The Amazon sighed at the tablet screen one eye always on you as you sat with your coloring. No change noted in the state of your diaper since your morning routine. A tingle of happiness floated through her looking at how cute the newest printed diapers she’d bought for your looked on you and how snuggly they fit beneath your cropped tee. In all honesty she really didn’t want to take this quiz but the report was due and it was mandatory so she sipped her tea and began. Does your little tell you right away when their diaper is messy or wet? She nearly spit. Goodness no! What a scandalous question. It was completely against her house rules and her little knows Mommy is the only one who can say when a diaper has been properly wet or dirtied. Still shocked, she scanned the choices for more targets of her ire but instead she relaxed into a bit of a laugh as she read the actual options, especially the second. B. My little one does not notice or hides when they need to go. Oh this was true, she had caught her silly little one on multiple occasions looking for a place to go ‘in private’. What a silly thing when even most efficient changes can still be done on a park bench or the back of an open car. This was the obvious answer. Can your little one follow simple instructions? Certainly not to her caliber. Far too much hesitation in certain simple requests like ‘smile and show them your cute diapers honey’ or ‘I haven’t seen a messy diaper in a while drink your boom boom bottle little one.’ She selected the appropriate response. Does your little one have periods of a few hours during the day that they stay dry? She chewed her lip. How easy it would be to lie. She didn’t track it that closely after all, and Littles needed wet diapers to remind them of their needs. Although it was true her diaper changing times were certainly greater than a few hours. Reluctantly she with conceded with ‘A. I can typically go a few hours during certain times without any changes.’ A huffy sigh left her as she moved on from picking the option that would place her little closer to potty training. Does your little have the language skills to communicate needs? A. My little is able to express wants and needs to myself and other adults. She laughs out loud. Choice A was simply comical! Words as simple as ‘diapie’ ‘pee pee’ and ‘poo poo’ were extremely difficult words to be said by her little. Her little one simply made a pouty face most times when asked to do so by herself ‘and other adults.’ Ha! A few more questions proceeded quite similarly and the results where in Your little one is not quite ready for potty training. Sometimes the best advice is to wait and continue diaper use until they are more behaviorally developed. The Amazon grinned and began browsing social media to chuckle at the other comments at the absurdity of the mandated quiz. She looked to see her little one moving towards the corner and she chuckled under her breath it seemed a new diaper change was going to be needed sooner than she thought.
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