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  1. This is a preview of the new Patreon exclusive story "Violet's House" a 16,000 word Halloween story full of spookiness and diapers! My Patreon page is my sole income and I rely on it to pay the bills, put food on the table and keep my butt in diapers. All equally important things. If you would like to help support my work and allow me to continue focusing on writing please consider checking out my Patreon. I post new story updates twice a week and now have 50 stories EXCLUSIVE on Patreon! To find more information on tiers rewards and everything else please visit the link below. All suport is appreciated ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Tom is about to have the strangest day of his life. After experiencing several strange occurrences he leaves an after-work party to go home... He never arrives. On the way home he encounters a spooky house with a very strange owner. Once inside he finds leaving a lot harder than he hoped and the Mistress of the house has some very worrying plans for him. --- Tom staggered slightly as he stepped out of the bar. He wouldn’t have said he was drunk but he certainly wasn’t sober. The cold air of the night hit him and he shivered a little as he zipped up his jacket. As he turned away from the bar and started to head for home he felt a tremendous sense of pride and joy about his work that day and was ready for a weekend of relaxation before work started in earnest on the new account. Tom’s apartment wasn’t too far from the bar. It was a reasonably short fifteen minute walk but with a spring in his step Tom took a slightly longer route down a street he didn’t frequently use. As he walked along a row of houses surrounded by a white picket fence he quite unexpectedly heard the sound of children’s voices. It was very late for children to be playing, the sun had long set and Tom imagined most children would’ve long been in bed. As Tom continued down the path he saw some movement in one of the front yards. With just the faint light of a nearby lamppost Tom saw a young girl sitting on a swing in front of an old fashioned pram. She was swaying back and forth slightly but not making much progress. Tom couldn’t make out much about her other than her braided pigtails that went down her back. As he looked over the fence he saw the girl turn to look at him, her face still obscured by the darkness the scene felt very eerie. “Hello.” The girl said. Her voice had a softness that made it seem like the words might get lost in the darkness on the way to Tom’s ears. “Um… Hi.” Tom replied. He felt uneasy. He wanted to make sure the kid was alright but at the same time it didn’t look great for a grown man to be talking to a child this late at night, “Is everything alright?” “Uh huh.” The girl replied, “We’re just playing.” “Isn’t it… a bit late?” Tom asked, “Are your parents home?” The girl didn’t reply. In the darkness Tom couldn’t be sure but she didn’t seem to be taking her eyes off of him for even a minute. He wondered what, if anything, he could do. He didn’t want to leave a young child out there alone when any number of creeps might walk past. He was just about to suggest the girl go inside when she spoke up. “Could you help me?” The girl asked. “What do you need help with?” Tom asked. Again the girl didn’t respond. Tom felt a chill run down his spine which wasn’t entirely down to the cooling temperatures of the late evening. He looked around with half of his mind telling him to just go home and forget about this and the other half wanting to do the right thing and making sure this girl was safe. “If I help you will you go inside afterwards?” Tom said. “Sure.” The girl replied. Tom thought about it again before sighing and opening the gate. He walked diagonally off the path to the swing that the girl was still sitting on. As he got closer he passed the pram that was in front of her and could see more details about who he was talking to. She seemed to be around eight-years-old but was taller than expected for that age. He could see she was smiling and hadn’t looked away for a second. “What do you need?” Tom asked. He was anxious to get this over with before someone came along. “A push.” The girl replied. “A push?” Tom repeated. The girl moved back and forwards on the swing without really going anywhere. Tom looked back at the gate before walking over to the girl. He hesitated and then started pushing the swing. The girl started giggling almost immediately. He continued a couple more times before stopping. “Alright, maybe it’s time to go inside” Tom suggested. “No.” The girl replied, “More!” Tom was now sure he had made a mistake as he pushed the swing again. As the girl giggled he looked over to the nearby pram. It was black and in the baby carriage style seen in old films and cartoons. It looked older than most of the houses on the street. As he looked over he suddenly noticed there was some movement from inside the pram. Tom stopped pushing the swing and slowly started walking over towards the pram. As he got closer he saw more movement from inside. As Tom got near he saw a very peculiar sight. There was a baby boy in the pram but he seemed cramped and almost too big for the baby carriage. He was wearing a baby blue bonnet with a matching silky… dress? “What the…” Tom muttered. The little boy was clearly in a dress with a bulging diaper underneath. In his mouth was a blue pacifier and he was staring at Tom with eyes that seemed absent of emotion. Tom stumbled back and as he did so he nearly tripped over the girl who had seemingly silently got off the swing and was standing right behind him. “You kind of look like him.” The girl said with her head tilted to one side. “Huh? W-What?” Tom stuttered as he spun around to where the girl’s voice had been. To Tom’s shock there was no one there. The swing was gently moving backwards and forwards letting out a small creaking sound as the wind pushed it. He heard a child’s laughter and turned around again to see a blanket on the far side of the yard, in the darkness it was only just visible. “You need to go inside.” Tom said as he quickly walked across the yard, “It’s not safe out here alone.” As Tom neared the blanket he could see that the little girl and her baby brother were sitting together with a doll. The girl was making it move across the space in between them towards her brother who was smiling in apparent delight. Tom continued forwards until he was right next to the blanket. “You look like him.” The girl said again. Tom looked at her brother but couldn’t see any resemblance. It was only as he turned back to the girl to say as much that he saw she had turned the doll towards him. He froze with his mouth hanging open. She was unmistakably holding a Tommy Doll. Not only that but it was wearing a dress and, as much as Tom didn’t want to admit it, its face did faintly resemble his own. Tom felt thoroughly creeped out by everything that was going on. He backed away from the kids as his brain tried to rationalise everything that had happened… and failed. He should’ve gone straight home and now he was going to correct that fact. As he hurried towards the gate he briefly looked back over his shoulder to see the girl making the doll wave at him. “I… I have to go.” Tom said as he fumbled with the gate’s latch, “You guys should go inside though, OK?” Tom didn’t hear a response but he wasn’t sticking around regardless. He felt thoroughly unnerved by what he had seen and just wanted to get home as soon as possible. He pulled his collar up and hurried away from the kids without even daring to look back, however he hadn’t even turned the corner at the end of the street when he noticed something else happening. At the end of the street there was a house unlike any of the others he had passed. It looked much, much older than the relatively modern houses nearby and was set back from the street with a winding paved path leading from wrought iron gates to the front door. What had really caught Tom’s attention was a group of teenagers up near the door. He could only see them thanks to the porch light and the darkness all around made them stand out even more, they were laughing and spray painting the wall with all sorts of foul language. After his previous encounter Tom had no desire to hang around and get into trouble. He started to walk by the gate when he noticed something altogether more sinister. He was just to walk out of sight when he saw one of the young men trying to light something on fire. Tom stopped. As much as Tom wanted to continue on home he couldn’t ignore that this group were committing arson and for all he knew someone lived in that housel. He pictured an elderly woman helpless as these kids vandalised her house and worse. He sighed and backtracked to the gate. As Tom stepped off the street and on to the paved path a chilled wind blew around him. “Hey!” Tom shouted with all the authority he could muster, “What are you doing?” Tom didn’t know what he was expecting but he was somewhat surprised when the kids saw him and ran away into the darkness by the side of the house. Tom frowned and wondered if they were trying to lure him in to the shadows or if they were simply hopping fences as they ran away. Regardless they had dropped whatever they were using to try and start the fire and Tom saw it smouldering on the ground. He walked over and stamped on, what turned out to be, just some papers. “Damn kids…” Tom sighed as he looked at the front of the old house. The wall was covered in graffiti and scorch marks. Trash had been thrown everywhere, mostly the remnants of whatever the gang of kids had been eating. Tom shook his head, he decided he should try to see if anyone was in and if they were alright. At the very least he could explain what had happened to the outside of their house. Tom walked up the porch and pressed the doorbell. He heard a loud dong that sounded more like a great church bell coming from inside the dark house. Another chill wind whipped around him. It didn’t seem like anyone was in, he pressed his ear to the door but couldn’t hear any footsteps. Deciding that maybe the house was empty and abandoned after all he turned away. No sooner had he taken a step than the large door swung open with a creak that split the night. Tom turned around. In his mind he had expected to see an old person living in this house, perhaps someone who was infirm and unable to chase the kids off their property alone. What he actually saw was very different indeed. “Hello.” Came the sultry voice. Tom was stunned. The woman before him was tall and slim with a long gothic black dress hanging around her. She was leaning against the doorway with a thin smile on her lips that were as black as the dress and contrasted with her very pale face. Her black hair hung down over her shoulders and looked impossibly straight. “Oh… H-Hello.” Tom finally stuttered when he realised he had been staring, “I was just going to let you know that-…” “Why don’t you come in?” The woman suggested. Her voice carried authority that made Tom stop as soon as he heard it. “I… I really need…” Tom was looking to go home but the woman was very convincing. One long hand raised into the air and from that hand came a finger that beckoned Tom closer. The woman backed away from the door and was slowly swallowed by the darkness inside, there didn’t seem to be a single light on. “I need to go home.” Tom said slightly louder than his normal talking volume. There was no response from the woman. Tom took a step back but didn’t leave. The woman was exceptionally attractive and was inviting him into her home. It had already been the strangest day of Tom’s life but maybe there was a happy ending to it all. He found himself thinking about how happy the woman would be that he helped her out, he found himself wondering about possible rewards… Against his own better judgement Tom started walking forwards. The tall woman stepped aside but smiled down at Tom as he passed the threshold. The house was left shrouded mostly in darkness, in fact aside from a radius a few feet around him Tom couldn’t see much of anything at all. The floorboards creaked underneath him as he moved to stand in the middle of the foyer. A creaking from behind him made Tom turn around. He looked back at the door just in time to see it get closed. The moonlight was snuffed out and a heavy click announced that the door was completely shut. Tom was now left in complete darkness, he couldn’t see anything even a few inches in front of him. There was silence. “H-Hello?” Tom said quietly. He couldn’t hear the woman or anything. There was a sudden clap right behind Tom and candles on either side of the hallway sparked to life. The darkness was replaced by a gloomy kind of lighting that seemed muted. Tom was looking back towards the door but to his surprise the woman wasn’t there. He spun on the spot trying to see where she had gone. “You really are a special one.” The woman’s voice came over Tom’s shoulder. Tom yelped as he turned again and saw the woman standing right behind him with that same ghostly smile. He backed up a couple of paces to give him some distance and looked at the door, he wondered if it was too late to make excuses and leave, the whole situation was giving him the creeps. “My name is Violet.” The woman said. Her voice instantly attracted Tom’s attention again, “And I want to thank you for helping me out.” “Oh… It was really no trouble.” Tom said nervously. He looked around at the candles and cleared his throat, “H-How did you do that trick with the candles?” “Trick?” Violet repeated. Her smile grew revealing her large pristine teeth, “I assure you there are no tricks here.” “O-Oh.” Tom played with his hands and was unsure where to look. Violet was taller than he was, quite a bit so, and she seemed to tower over him right then. Violet started to circle Tom slowly. Her long legs ended in very high heels that clacked noisily on the floor with every step she took. Tom rather got the feeling of someone stranded at sea being circled by a shark. He swallowed nervously. He looked out the corners of his eyes at the foyer he was stood in, it seemed to be a lot bigger than it had any right to be. The house had appeared fairly average front the front yard but it seemed a lot larger now. It had to have been a trick of the candlelight. “I’ve never met one quite like you.” Violet said in a sultry whisper, “I think you’d be perfect.” “Erm, perfect?” Tom repeated with concern. “Definitely.” Violet said as she ran her long fingers across Tom’s shoulders, “Come with me.” Without waiting Violet turned to a corridor and started sauntering down it. Her ample rear swayed under her tight dress in a way that was almost hypnotic to Tom who was more confused than ever. At last the rational part of his brain overpowered the horny side and instead of going after Violet he quietly tip-toed to the front door. He pulled on the knob but it was stuck fast, it didn’t budge even a millimetre, it was as if it was simply a part of the wall. Tom swallowed nervously and turned back towards the hallway that Violet had just disappeared up. He tentatively started creeping up the dark corridor. There were candles at frequent intervals but their light never seemed to shine too far. There were a lot of doors but all of them seemed closed and locked, occasionally there would be old paintings on the wall, mostly portraits of Violet. Towards the end of the corridor there was a door that was slightly ajar and light was coming from within. It was brighter than the candles in the hallway and so Tom started slowly walking that way. The corridor seemed impossibly long for the house it was a part of. “V-Violet?” Tom called out, “Are you in there?” “No.” Violet’s voice came from directly behind Tom again. Tom jumped nearly out of his skin as he spun around and fell against the wall. He was breathing heavily and thought he might have a heart attack as he saw Violet standing right behind where he had been. “How… How did you get there?” Tom asked in confusion. “I would like to invite you to an exclusive club.” Violet completely ignored Tom’s question. “Huh? What club?” Tom asked with a frown. “Club Dark Elite.” Violet replied, “You’d be perfect as my very special guest.” “I mean, I’d love to but… I really need to get home. It’s late and…” Tom started gesturing back down the hallway towards the front door. The problem was that Violet was blocking that way and she didn’t seem to be moving. “I have your room all ready for you.” Violet said as she extended a long arm to gesture at the door that was opened just a crack. Room? Club? Tom was confused. He didn’t know what was going on but every extra second spent in this strange house was only making things even stranger. He looked from Violet to the door and back again. He really just wanted to leave now, he was past the point of being concerned about rudeness. “If I look in that room can I leave afterwards?” Tom asked, “N-No offence. I’m just feeling pretty tired and I’m ready to go to bed.” Violet didn’t reply. She simply smiled down at Tom and waited. After a couple of awkward seconds he sighed and pushed the door open. Like the rest of the house it was very dark inside, initially he couldn’t see anything so he slowly stepped inside. As he looked around the darkness only feeling able to make vague guesses at the hidden shapes in the blackness of the room he felt Violet walk in behind him. The door closed. Any light that had been coming into the room was extinguished. “What is this?” Tom asked. “An introduction to what the Dark Elite is.” Violet replied in her deep sultry tones, “A future you are destined for. The chance for a new start.” “That… doesn’t help.” Tom said. He was squinting as he peered through the darkness. He thought he could see bars, was it a cage? Tom jumped as he heard the sound of a clap behind him. Around the walls torches flared to life lighting the space with a warm yellow tint. In normal circumstances Tom would wonder how that had happened, how the torches had seemingly lit themselves, but these were far from normal circumstances and when he looked around he only became more confused. The room was a nursery. It had all the fixtures and fittings one would expect from a small child’s bedroom but it was bigger. The whole room was dark, not because it was unlit but because everything seemed to be in blacks, purples and dark colours. A crib was on one side of the room, so black it seemed to suck in the light from the surroundings. Above it was hanging a dark blue mobile but instead of smiling animals or airplanes twirling underneath it there were bats, spiders and other things that seemed more apt for a Halloween store than a nursery. Everywhere Tom looked, mouth agape in shock, he saw more strangeness. There was a rocking horse that was black and looked foreboding with red eyes and bat-like wings, not the sort of thing Tom could imagine putting a child on. A changing table that was surprisingly normal, if you ignored the deeply unsettling dark red colour, except that it was stocked with black diapers. It was as if Tom had accidentally walked into a haunted house version of a baby room. Tom’s eyes fell upon a pile of stuffed toys on in a chest at the back of the room. He felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him as he saw a doll sitting on top. It was the same doll he had seen in the commercials, the same doll had been on the side of the truck that morning, he had been seeing it everywhere and now it was in front of him. Tom covered his mouth as he saw it was wearing exactly the same clothes he was. A chill ran down his spine. The Tommy Doll was like a miniature version of himself. “What is this!?” Tom repeated his question but this time there was fear going through every word. “It is everything you’ll ever need.” Violet replied, “We have made space just for you.” Tom backed away. He had been creeped out before but now he was downright terrified. He felt like he had stumbled on something he couldn’t even begin to comprehend, something no one could comprehend. He slowly stumbled backwards past Violet who was smiling but there was no warmth coming from her, it was a hollow smile like one you would expect on an automaton. He hit the door and instantly spun around. Tom wrenched the door open and hurried out into the corridor. He was through being polite or pretending this was even remotely normal, he didn’t care how he looked he just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. He started running down the corridor with adrenaline coursing through him. “Where are you going?” A whisper seemed to push its way into Tom’s head. It didn’t sound like Violet’s voice and seemed to come from nowhere. “You are right where you belong.” Came another voice. It seemed to drift into Tom as if blown in on the breeze that passed him as he ran. The corridor just kept going. Tom couldn’t understand. He felt like he had run at full speed for a full minute but he still hadn’t reached the end, there was no possible way the house could be this big. He slowed to a stop after ascertaining that Violet wasn’t following him. There were doors on either side of the corridor and he reached uncertainly for one. He pulled it open and felt his breath catch in his chest. “Mmmm!” Came the muffled voice of a young man who was naked, gagged and bound to a chair. Tom’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates as the man looked back at him with wild eyes. The most shocking thing to Tom wasn’t the man, as unlikely as that sight was, what really surprised him was the room. It didn’t look anything like the rest of the house, it was modern and shiny, well-lit and there seemed to sunshine coming through the windows which couldn’t be possible. Just as Tom was wondering if he should go in a hulking brute of a man stepped in front of the doorway. He was completely bald and dressed in a suit. He looked out of the door as if he couldn’t see Tom and then slammed it closed. Tom backed away until he hit the door on the other wall. He turned and opened it. “Tom, dear, where do you think you are going?” Violet was stood just inside the doorway. The nursery, the one Tom had just spent a minute running away from was right behind her. “That… That’s impossible!” Tom yelled. Panic was flooding Tom’s body and the only thing he could think to do was rescue the man through the other door. He needed an ally, someone who could help him, he certainly didn’t want to be alone. Tom ran across the hallway and opened the door again. “Wouldn’t it be easier to just come in?” Violet asked from inside. Tom couldn’t comprehend it. His mind couldn’t compute what was happening. Violet and the nursery had taken the place of the man Tom had just seen. His mouth opened and closed dumbly. He turned around to run again only to go straight into Violet who was now, somehow, right behind him. “You really must trust Mommy.” Violet said. Every time she spoke it was like every other sound stopped, as if the very ambient noise of life wouldn’t dare interrupt. Tom turned to run again but before he could take even a single step he felt Violet’s long fingers wrap around his arm. He shivered, her touch was cold but strong, no matter how much he pulled her grip was unrelenting. She was bigger than him for sure but he didn’t expect this kind of strength. “Come to Mommy.” Violet said as she started pulling Tom closer. “Let go of me!” Tom screamed as panic overwhelmed him, “Help! Help me!” Tom was lifted into the air with ease. It seemed as easy for Violet to lift him as she would a piece of paper. He kicked and thrashed but couldn’t loosen the grip that now carried him into the nursery. He kept shouting uselessly as he was taken towards the changing table. The door to the nursery closed on its own effectively sealing Tom inside. “What are you doing!?” Tom demanded to know, “What do you want from me!?” “I only want what’s best for you.” Violet replied, “Now be a good baby and stop struggling.” Obviously that was an instruction Tom was never going to follow. He had no idea why this woman, whoever or whatever she was, kept talking to him like she did. He was no baby. It was only just beginning to sink in for Tom that was he was experiencing must’ve been paranormal. The impossible house, Violet’s otherworldliness and the strange doorways that seemed to lead to other locations entirely were all impossible. Before Tom could really start to wonder what he was faced with his shirt was grabbed and pulled up. He tried to resist being stripped but Violet’s pulling was unrelenting. The shirt was getting caught under his arms and pulling his shoulders up, in the end he was forced to raise his hands in the air and the shirt slid off him. Violet moved quickly and was soon tugging down on Tom’s pants. He tried to hold them up but it was like playing a tug-of-war with a bodybuilder, they were quickly around his ankles. He tried hitting Violet, his distaste at hitting a woman completely subsumed by his fear, but she didn’t seem to notice. “No, no, no!” Tom squealed as Violet’s hand went to his underwear. His last remaining piece of clothing. It was hopeless. Tom’s underpants were pulled down and he quickly had to adjust from fighting back to using his hands to keep a tiny amount of modesty. Violet moved one of her long slender legs forwards and trod on the clothes between Tom’s legs. She then lifted him and the pants, along with everything else was left on the floor leaving Tom completely naked in her arms. Tom was in shock. Things had been weird before all this but everything had gone very quickly from a little strange to completely unreal. He felt frozen by how bizarre the situation had become, his brain was short-circuited and just didn’t know how to process all the bizarre sensations he was experiencing. Violet lifted Tom into the air. Her hands were under his arms and he was unable to keep covering himself up as his arms lifted up. He whined and despite everything that was going on he still found time to feel embarrassed. It didn’t seem like Violet noticed anything, she certainly wasn’t making a big deal about the fact that Tom’s genitals were exposed. Tom was laid down on the changing table. He tried to scramble away but just one of Violet’s large hands placed on his belly was enough to keep him in place. The tall commanding woman reached under the changing table and pulled out the thing that Tom was dreading. A thick rectangle of crinkly black padding. A diaper. “No!” Tom tried to twist away unsuccessfully, “I don’t want it! Stop!” “Don’t be fussy.” Violet said simply, “Mommy knows what her baby needs.” The diaper was placed on the changing table. Tom could only watch on helplessly as Violet unfolded it one-handed in a way that made Tom think she had definitely done this before. The hand on his belly went to his ankles and before he knew what was happening his legs were lifted and rolled back. He yelped as his back bent until his dick was hanging above his face. When Tom was lowered back down he could feel the soft cotton of the diaper underneath his ass. He whined uselessly as baby powder was sprinkled over his crotch. He looked down through desperate eyes to see that, like so much else in this weird place, the powder was black. “P-Please…” Tom said as Violet put the bottle of powder down, “Let me go!” Violet ignored Tom’s pleas. The front of the diaper came up and over the prostrate man’s crotch. He shivered as he felt the padding encase him. He could only briefly look down to see the dark crinkling plastic, it looked even thicker now that it was being taped on. Tom was hoping the diaper would be the end of the humiliation but Violet wasn’t done yet. She went to the closet allowing Tom to sit up, the crinkles echoed around the room causing him to blush. He had the urge to rip the diaper off and run but looking back up at Violet he felt too scared to do anything. “You are going to be the cutest baby at the club.” Violet said. Her voice was impossibly smooth and almost entrancing, “I guarantee it.” Tom was about to reply when he saw the domineering woman turn around. Her black dress twirled around her slightly and her hips swayed mesmerizingly as she walked back to the changing table. It wasn’t Violet’s walk or her outfit that had him struggling for words though, it was what she was carrying in her hands. It was an embarrassing looking sailor outfit. It wasn’t a uniform though, it was exactly like what was often put on babies in older cartoons or television shows. Dark blue with thin white stripes and a small anchor embroidered over the heart, it even came with a pair of small navy blue shorts and a cap. Tom backed up along the changing table until he was pressed into the corner. He hugged his knees closer to his chest and inadvertently gave Violet an even better look at his new underwear. He was shaking his head rapidly as the woman approached him. “You can’t remain naked.” Violet said, “Unless you would like to go to the club in just your diaper…” “I don’t want to go at all!” Tom exclaimed, “I just want to go home!” “Baby…” Violet smiled widely showing far too many teeth, “You are home.” --- You can read the rest of this story here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/violets-house-91742867
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