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  1. Good Morning All: This morning I am writing with an important announcement and a warning! In the past week I have been noticing that a lot of these users that are joining our community are purporting to be "mommy's and daddies" Or caregivers, or whatever it is that they say they are. 90% of the time, they are not who they say they are, and they try to scam you into believing that they are what they are purporting to be. Usually what happens is there someone who will come on as a user. I don't mind people signing on as a member of the community, and I don't mind meeting new friends, or learning about new people, because that's how we'll get to know people and make friends. Making friends is the most important thing that you can do while you are on a particular online service, but you have to also realize that there are tons of people out there that try to take advantage of our community, because we are somehow looking for what they are trying to say that they can provide. I'm going to tell you that most of the time these people are wrong, because they think they can provide something that they cannot, or they say they are somebody that they are not. How can you tell that? that that is easy! the thing that I'd look for is to see what type of a person they are. You can easily tell the people that are trying to make friends real fast, and they're not even making real friends, they're just making message requests within of joining on. You'll end up having someone who will join let's say at I am, And by 10:15 they've already sent 10 messages to a whole bunch of people, And then the next thing you know you end up with either status messages or private messages to individuals on the system. 90% of the time, these people are not legit Mommies or Daddies, and they're just looking for a way to get your attention, and they're trying to play to your emotions, because they know that you or are looking for a particular service. i've been a member here for almost four years, and I've seen a close friend of mine get suckered in by someone who is claiming to be a Mommy or a daddy wannabe, and that individual ended up getting scammed. there's one thing that I can't stand about stuff like this, is that a friend of mine got scammed, so I'm warning everybody: when somebody sends you a message please be careful, please please please be careful! How do they do this:?: The easiest way they do this is to become a member here, And within a matter of minutes, they send out messages to individuals saying that they are Mommy's or Daddy's, and they're looking for babies or individuals that they would like to baby or take care of. Apparently, There are individuals who are looking for services like this, so these people know that there is a way to get people to bite, because people would be would be interested in supposed services. The next thing that they would do is they would take a look at all of our profiles. The diapers: section of our profile or they're looking for that we are an AB/DL, and if they see that in our profile, then they would probably send us a message that asks us a simple question: they want to know do you wear diapers? Most people who are incontinent 24/7, where diapers because of need or because they feel that it is appropriate to do so, but they use that information to try to sucker you into believing that they are who they say they are. Once a message like this is sent and actually responded to, Then there may be a small time when they talk about things and get to know you, and then they usually drop a bombshell by telling you that they need to have you pay them some money, or they want you to go offline to some other type of communication medium off of daily diapers. this is a direct red flag in my opinion, because anybody who wants you to talk to them off of either the chat system or off of the forms usually wants information from you that is more than just talk, And then the next thing you know, a person will be asking you for information, and it will probably culminate in someone asking for your financial information! this is where I give you the warning! under no circumstances should anybody give any information about your financial condition or your financial information to any one online! there are way too many ways that you can be scammed or taken advantage of, and this is not appropriate nor is it legit! I am sure there are many professional mommies and Daddies out there, way that they do things, And if they're legitimate, they would probably be charging you upwards of $1000 a day, And most of them are quite expensive. For what you probably get from these professionals, it would be it would be well worth the money that you spend, but most of the time in my opinion it's the people that can afford to pay thousands of dollars a day to get the type of services that they want, so they try to go and ask somebody else to provide them in the service for less. you can also tell if somebody is not legitimate because of the fact that they make it sound too good to be true, and when you ask them specific questions they do not know the answers, or they seem to be less legit. So everyone: please be careful! There are many individuals around here that are looking for Mommy's or Daddies. I'm sure there's everyone who wants to be babied or taken care of by a mother or father figure that is playing the role, and they want the full immersion, or whatever they're asking for, but 90% of the time this would cost a lot of money,, which is normal, because most times it would not be legit based on what these people do. if they're legitimate, they have rules and regulations, and they have their own information and their own standards, and there are certain things that real mommies and Daddies will do things that they do not do! You have to be you have to be sure that the person that you are contracting with is legit, And if you find the legit Mommy or Daddy, then you probably will be OK, but you have to be careful, because fly by night operations such as users that come on, we'll try to say that their mom is or Daddy's, when most times they are not. I would also like to state that while I understand that there are people that want this type of service, that you still have to be careful: I would hate to have somebody get scammed by someone else, claiming to be something that they are not! So as I said: most of the time, the people that I have noticed that don't sound legit or are pulling a scam, are those type of individuals who will immediately come on as a user on DD, And then within a matter of moments, they will start either following a bunch of individuals, or they'll start looking at profiles. they will then send status messages, or they will go further and private message a whole bunch of people. this is a dead giveaway that there's something not right right off the bat! if someone was legitimate, they wouldn't have to do this, because they would be able to back up whatever they say they are, and there would not be questions such as: do you wear diapers, are you a baby, et cetera! The 2nd way there will get your attention is that they will go to your profile and look at all of your profile and then send you messages. Professional Mommy's know exactly what they're doing, And they've been doing it long enough so they don't have to ask questions like that. The things that I see is based on someone looking at our profile and then and then asking questions based based on what they see! if a person was legit professional Mommy, they wouldn't have to ask if we were diapers, they wouldn't have to ask if we were AB or DL, and they wouldn't have to ask if we're incontinent and that is a comma because it would already be in our profile, but even if all of that information was in our profile, which doesn't bother me, it's just the fact that people will take that information and will ask questions right away, which to me is a dead giveaway that the person is not who they say they claim to be. WARNING: Please DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! There are many individuals who are looking for Mommy's or Daddy's or companions com, and they think that they will find their special somebody or their companion, and that is basically what people are looking for. If someone finds their companion online, it usually happens the way a dating relationship occurs, which means you meet the person or you get to know the person, and then time goes time goes by and you end up learning more and more about the individual, they learn about you when everything else. If you find your soul mate or friend or whatever online, because there's something like this, that's awesome! many people find their companion online, but with all of the stuff that happens, you have to be careful! there are way too many individuals who would try to take advantage of needy individuals who are looking for a Mommy or a daddy, and you have to be able to know the difference between something that is true or believable, or something that is fallacy or false. I really do not want to see any of my friends get suckered in like this! it is one thing to find a professional mommy, and find out how they do things are all about them, and you have a contractual relationship with an individual who is willing to provide certain services, within certain guidelines within their own rule sets, and based on what they are willing to do versus what they are not willing to do! if you have a Professional Mommy, there are standards that are set, and everybody knows exactly what is to be expected, and how things work usually before you even get to a contractual relationship. The good thing about a professional Mommy is that they will tell you exactly what they expect, and you can tell them what you expect, and that's a good thing, because if it's already in writing, people usually understand right off the bat what they will get for whatever money they pay. Professional Mommy's take pride in what they do, and they will usually immerse you fully into what you want them to do within reason, so you get the full idea of how it feels to be treated the way you want to be treated, And when they do it, it is real all the way down the line. People that are playing Mommy or Daddy, in the sense that they want you to be their baby, and they are not legitimate You can usually tell right away. as I said, it's usually a message right off the bat, or Something that is too good to be true! 90 percent of the time what you see is not what you get, and unfortunately there are people out there that want to try to scam you and make you lose your money or give you an experience that you don't want to repeat! if you are dealing with a professional Mommy, usually they will tell you exactly what the heck is going on, they will tell you what they expect, they usually have a website, or they usually tell you information that will check it out Allow you to know whether it's true or false. even if they sound legit, you still have to be careful, but please do not just automatically assume that because someone becomes a Mommy on a system within 5 minutes of signing on that they are a Mommy or a daddy! that is where people end up getting scammed: they make a good play for you, and they'll play the game, making you believe that they are who they say there, then they will end up bringing you off the system, or asking you for money! This is a dead giveaway because if a person can't give you information about how they're going to do things, then it makes it hard for those who think that it's legit, and therefore most of the time it's not legit. If anyone sees any of this type of activity, they should report it to daily diapers administration immediately! the administrators will determine whether something is legit, or whether it is not. They will also make a determination whether they believe that rules have been broken, and therefore they may end up BANNING individuals who play the game, try to, to try to trick us into believing that they are who they say they are. If you have who you believe to be a legitimate Mommy ask, asking the proper questions and knowing what to ask and how to ask it will usually tell you in your mind whether something is legitimate or not. If for some reason you think something is not legitimate, stay the heck away from it, and if you think it is not legit, please report it to Mikey, or his administration team. We want to make sure that daily diapers remains a place where we feel safe comfortable and able to let our hair down, rather than to be a place where somebody can try to scam us, because they want to tug at our heartstrings, because they know what we're looking for, the love and companionship of somebody else, or somebody that will be will be willing to treat us the way we want to be treated! NOTE: Also, I want to let people know that I have had people tell me that they are thankful for my help and advice. I have no problem giving my help, and I have no problem giving my advice, based on information that is given me. my advice is free, And I don't charge for it, nor would I end up trying to scam someone or try to tell them something is not what it is. I call it as I see it! I also want to let people know, that even though I have heard from many individuals that I am very helpful, I have had specific requests from some individuals, who are asking me what do you say to help them find a Mommy or a daddy or a caregiver! I cannot do this! This is simply because I am not in a position to know the difference between someone who is legit and someone who is not! this is not to say that I'm unable to determine whether something is legit or not, but I would rather not try to help someone find appropriate companionship this way. If you meet someone online, then it might be a bit different, but I am not in the habit of helping people find professional Mommy Daddy or caregiver services, nor would I do this, because that is not my cup of tea, and I am not in the know when it comes to this! please understand, I do not want to have someone get scammed simply because of my advice, so I i'm letting everyone know right now, that I will not provide this type of advice, only that they be careful when they're looking for Mommy services or Daddy Services or caregiver services, because there are so many supposed services out there, and I am and I am not able to determine legitimate from non legitimate, unless I am fully aware of a particular profession professional that is a member here! Thank you! we now return to our regularly scheduled program! Brian
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