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Found 5 results

  1. I do not own this however i do want to share the lost Stories of Kenk7us with everyone after having a nice person give me all the files Robby ch1 Robby was pissed no worse than pissed he was mad, mad at the world. What had once been so perfect was now all so bad. He had just turned sixteen and finished tenth grade. He was the starting point guard on the junior varsity basketball team and played second base on the varsity baseball team. He had been one day from getting his driver's license when it happened. He was riding his skateboard hanging on too a pick up truck driven by and old man that did not know he was there. Of course Robby was not prepared for the sudden turn he made whipping Robby into a park car. Robby had a concussion he was not wearing the helmet he knew his Mom considered mandatory. A broken arm a couple of bruised ribs and damage to and internal organ. That organ was his bladder and rendered him incontinent possibly for life. He was in the hospital for three weeks. At five six and one hundred thirty five lbs the good-looking young man despised having the nurses change his diapers. It became even worse when he moved back home with his mom. She had been widowed since Robby was two he did not even remember his father. He knew that his father was a contractor and left them well off. Mom got a steady income from two apartment buildings she owned free and clear. Leaving her free to be a stay at home mom. As far as Robby was concerned his Mom had always been too strict and tended to baby him, now that he was back home it was totally worse. First she insisted on changing his diapers and it was all he was allowed to wear around the house. She said something about knowing when he needed to be changed. Until his arm was out of the cast she insisted on feeding him. She had even put a changing table in his bedroom. Robby spent the summer pretty much as his moms baby boy. He was not allowed out of the yard even to ride his bike. When he mentioned his driver's license she had simply said that his skate boarding accident with out a helmet had simply proven he was not up to the responsibility. Today she had taken him to school to find out about his classes starting Monday, too his dying embarrassment she talked to the school nurse about changing him. Robby lost it on the car on the way home telling his mom he was more than capable of changing his own fucking diapers at school. That brings us up to now Robby laid on his bed sobbing his eyes out. Mom had spanked him good for his comments about the nurse. Then diapered him and told him to take a nap. Before his accident Robby had not been spanked since he was twelve years old. Now he was lucky if he did not get at least one a week. Robby finished crying and went looking for his mom. "Mom I need to talk to you if that's ok please." His Mom smiled and nodded at him "sit down honey what's on your mind I hope you don't want to talk about the nurse anymore?" Robby shook his head "not really Mom it's the way you baby me in general and my fears of going back to school. Mom I am sixteen years old sure I guess you could call what I have now a handicap. But I am not a baby mom and I don't understand why you are treating me like one." "Well let me enlighten you my son. Just about three months ago you almost killed yourself. Hanging on the back of a pickup truck and skateboarding with out a helmet. I thought that young man was responsible. I was wrong and it almost cost me the most important thing in the world to me. So now you are my baby boy again until I say different. I will bathe you watch you and take care of you like any mother would a child not ready for these responsibilities. Now that this about your fearing going back to school?" Half defeated Robby began to speak "well now that things are different I just don't want to go I was thinking maybe you could home school me?" "Just how do you think things are so different sweetheart?" Robby rolled his eyes "Mom I can't play basketball and baseball in diapers the guys would find out. I cant just go do things with my friends anymore you want let me. Besides I don't have any friends anyway. You know not one of them has called me this summer, out of site out of mind I guess. Anyway my high school life is over. If you home school me I promise to do the work and make you proud. I could even probably finish school early. I will go year round if you want Mom please?" "First off lets talk about your friends I called all of there parents and told them you needed some adjustment time when you got out of the hospital. Remember also that you have not asked to call them. I knew that was because you were afraid they would find out about your diapers. Well Hun guess what sooner or later they probably will and if they cant handle it I suppose their not your friends." "As for your playing sports I expect you to continue, as do both your coaches. They also know about your problem we will work it out. Now that we have all that out of the way its time for my babies nap it looks like you need a change anyway." Ten minutes later Robbie lay in his Mom's arms nursing the bottle that she had began giving him at nap and bedtime. Honestly he admitted it helped him sleep when he first got out of the hospital now he was just not sure he could sleep without it. Robby felt his life was over and his argument lost. Robby ch2 Robby sat on the floor in his bedroom playing with his toy trucks sucking furious on his pacifier. Today was D Day the first day of school. He was simply waiting for mom to come change him and get him dressed for school. Another chore he was no longer allowed to do by himself. Just then Mom walked in the room "Ok sweetie time to get you ready for school." First she placed him on the changing table and changed his wet diaper from two glasses of juice and the morning bottle mom insisted on. Then she began dressing him basically in a pair of baggy shorts and a t-shirt. Robby was grateful that mom had already stocked the nurse with diapers for him and he did not have to carry them to school. She put his socks and Nike's on him then brushed his hair. Robby grabbed his book bag and was headed to the car when mom asked "do you want to take your paci with you dear." Robby quickly pulled it out of his mouth and sat in on the dresser. The ride too school was a short one, knowing that mom would insist if he did not he kissed her cheek and promised to be a good boy before exiting the car. Robby's heart was beating like a drum as he headed into the schoolyard. "Robby Robby Peterson hey stop." Robby turned to see his best friend since pre school Tina Barnes running towards him. "Hi Tina nice to see you." Robby said. Tina threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight "I have missed you shit head are you all better now?" Robby wanted to throw some colorful expletive back at her but was afraid to use those words anymore. Mom had heated up his behind one too many times for using them at home he was trying to break the habit. "I think I am close to one hundred percent Tina how was your summer?" Just then Jack Robinson walked up and popped Robby in the arm "owwww " yelled Robby Jack just smiled "Speak of the devil there's his dog how you been you little twerp?' Jack was Robby's other best friend and fellow athlete. He had also been Robby's protector since fourth grade Jack was now about six four and well over two hundred and thirty pounds. Everyone knew not too pick on little Robby unless you want to mess with Jack and know one wanted to mess with Jack. Jack was a three-sport man he was a tackle on the football team forward in basketball and both a pitcher and catcher for the baseball team. The truth was Robby had never known Jack to get in a fight everyone was too afraid of him. "Hi Jack good to see you ya big lug how have you been?" The three of them chatted like the true friends they were until the bell rang. When asked about where he had been all summer. Robby simply said that mom put a leash on him after his infamous skate boarding accident. He also told them the leash was still on. Robby's first two classes went fine, and then he needed a diaper change and headed to the school nurse between classes. She told him to go in a room and remove his shorts and she would be right in. Actually Nurse Sue was very nice she changed his diaper and made normal conversation as she did. She actually made him as comfortable as he could be with his legs in the air. She then gave him a note to give to his teacher for being a couple minutes late. His next class was Mr. Schmitt's Algebra 11 class Robby had the man last year for Geometry. He was like eighty years old and very cranky but actually was a pretty good teacher. Robby showed up about three minutes after the bell and walked in the room. "Robby where the hell have you been young man you know how I feel about tardiness?" Robby walked to the front of the room and handed him the note. Then watched as Mr. Schmitt's read it "oh yeah I forgot about your diaper changes take your seat young man." Robby was mortified it was like a bomb went off. Robby turned and ran from the classroom the sound of his classmates giggling ringing in his ears. Robby ran down the hallway he vaguely heard the Principal yelling at him to stop running as he ran out the front door of the school. Robby ran for at least a half-mile before he stopped tears streaming down his face. In his anger he ran in the opposite direction than his house. Eventually Robby sat down on a park bench and just sobbed. He sat there for two hours then got up and walked home the long way, anything not to have to walk past the school again. In Robby's mind he was never returning there he would rather die. His Mom was just pulling back in the driveway when Robby walked up. She quickly ran to Robby "Please Mommy don't spank me it was not my fault that stupid old man ruined it all I can never go back there." Mommy just held him in her arms and attempted to comfort the once again crying boy in her arms. "There there baby it will be ok Mommy will take care of everything. Now lets get you inside and get you some lunch, and a nice nap we will deal with this later and baby Mommy is not going to spank you she understands why you ran." Robby ch3 Robby barely touched his lunch. Mom attempted to feed him but she did not push it the boy was just too upset to eat. He did nurse his bottle till it was empty and start another one before he fell asleep. Mrs. Peterson went straight to the phone. Robby's Principal said there was nothing he could do about Mr. Schmitt's mistake. "Honestly the man did not understand what all the fuss was about a child needed and got a diaper change." Mrs. Peterson hung up on the principal and called the superintendent of schools. "You hear me and understand if that man is not removed from the school I intend to sue him the school principal and the school board. I am more than prepared to spend what ever it takes." The man on the other end of the phone told her he would see what he could do. "Mrs. Peterson I assure you that lawyers will not be necessary." Just as she hung up the phone there was a knock at the door. She opened the door to find Tina and Jack standing there. "Hi Mrs. Peterson is Robby home we want to talk to him?" Robby's Mom took a deep breath "Oh kids that's sweet but I don't think now is a good time." She then started to close the door Jack stopped the door with his big hand and Tina spoke. "Mrs. Peterson you kept us away from Robby our best friend all summer and looked what happens. We agree he needs his mother's love and nurturing but he needs his friends and the support we can offer him. Now if you will excuse us we want to see Robby." Jack pushed the door open and both kids walked right past her to Robby's bedroom. When they opened the door Robby woke up and sat up in the bed just wearing his very soggy diaper and t-shirt. On his nightstand was a half empty baby bottle of milk. His pacifier was in his mouth until he realized who was there and spit it out. All sorts of little boy toys were scattered on the floor of his bedroom. Robby quickly grabbed for a blanket to cover himself his eyes were swollen and red from crying. Tina and Jack were still a bit stunned but as Robby's mom came to the doorway. Tina found her tongue. "What do you think your doing trying to cover yourself Robby jeez I know we used to take baths together and I am sure you and Jack have seen each others underwear before. After all that's all a diaper is Robby now why are you making a big deal about it were not." Jack then spoke up "and if anyone else in the school does I will squash them each and every last one of them. The one thing you cant do is let this thing get too you." Robby looked up at his two friends "Thanks guys I forgot what good friends you were I should have told you about my problem I mean my diapers myself." Moms mom spoke up " Ok kids let me get our boy changed and you kids can talk some more" Tina turned and pushed Robby's mom gently back out the door, "We will take care of that Mrs. Peterson now please leave us a lone." Once she had Robby's mom out the door she shut it and locked it. Then turned to face Robby "Ok good looking up on the changing table I know you cant be comfortable in that soggy diaper." Robby pushed back the covers and hopped up on the changing table. Then watched as Tina removed his diaper and began cleaning his now shaven pubic area and his butt. He could not help but get and erection when she began rubbing the lotion in. That's when Tina using her best Mae West voice said "What ya glad to see me big boy." Everyone laughed and before he knew it Tina had him changed and helped him sit up. That's when the ever straight to the point Jack spoke up "Hey dude what's with these toys and baby bottles and shit like that?" Tina gave him a very evil look but Rob just smiled. "Mom is punishing me for that stupid stunt I pulled to be honest she pretty much treats me like a baby all the time. If I argue she spanks my ass. I don't think I will be able to hang out with you guys much unless it's over here." Tina nodded "Its ok Robby I showed up late for curfew a few weeks back and found out my mom had not forgotten how to spank me she tore my hinny up." Jack raised his hand "Duh me to dude my Mom took a paddle to my big butt just yesterday for back talking her." Tina and Robby both laughed at the thought of Jack across his Moms lap. Just then Jack looked at his watch "Speaking of that spanking I am still grounded and need to get home. Before Mom gets that paddle after my butt again." Tina stood up too "Yeah I better go too I have to take Becky to her dance class in a little bit. Will see you in school tomorrow Robby it will all work out. You will be in school won't you?" Robby looked at Tina "Yeah I guess I am up for round two see you guys tomorrow." Tina hugged him and Jack punched him in the arm and they left. Tina spotting Mrs. Peterson in the kitchen on her way out the door walked up to her and hugged her. "Sorry about the bum rush before Mrs. Peterson our boys ready to go back to school now." She then turned and headed for the front door. Robby's Mom whispered under her breath "God bless those two kids." Just then she spotted Robby "Mom can I have some cookies I'm hungry." Robby ch 4 Tina and Jack showed up at Robby's house the next morning to walk with him to school. After kissing his mom goodbye Robby said hello to his friends "Its nice to see my celebrity status is finally being recognized and I have the body guards I deserve." Tina laughed and Jack put him in a headlock and gave him a Chinese haircut. "Hey that's enough." Robby yelled. Robby took a deep breath just as they entered the already filling up schoolyard. He was certain these kids were not going to let and opportunity like this pass. Robby told himself to stay cool words could not hurt him, besides he had his two friends with him. "Hey there's baby Robby the diaper boy come on fellows lets give him a googie goggie goo." Robby Tina and Jack turned to see who was yelling. It was AJ Stanton the biggest Hood in the school and about six of his followers. These guys would not be very tough compared to and LA street gang but around these parts they were as tough as they come. '"Well wittle Wobby do you need a didee change?" Robby did not feel tears welling inside him just pure anger. AJ was almost as big as Jack but suddenly Robby just did not care. With out another thought Robby ran right at AJ and speared him to the ground knocking the breath out of him. Robby started letting his fist fly while AJ just wanted his next breath. Jack saw his friends moving to stop Robby and piled into them like a raging bull fist flying. AJ bleeding from his nose and his lip finally shoved Robby off of him and even though Jack was like a bull in a China shop five on one was not working in his favor. Just then a standing AJ punched Robby hard in the chest sending him sprawling to the ground. Just then Tina came running with the about ten of the schools athletic finest members of the basketball, baseball and football teams. They had put up with these punks individually for years today the bill came due and payback was hell. In less than five minutes they beat the hell out of AJ and his gang. The Principal himself pulled Robby off of AJ somehow someway he had kicked AJ's ass all by himself. Robby stood up staring right at AJ when AJ looked away like the cowardly dog he was. Robby knew right then and there he had nothing more to worry about. The Principal had a pretty good idea what had happened and his reaction surprised everyone there. "Ok you kids quit goofing off and get ready to head to class the bells going to ring in about two minutes. AJ with a tear in his eye pointed at Robby "he started it." The Principal just smiled "well its nice to see Robby is back to his old self and leading the games, but you boys got a little carried away with your rough housing I think the six of you need to go see the nurse and be more careful next time.' After that no one really ever mentioned Robby's diapers again. There was a certain Mystique that went along with beating up the school bully Robby was just known as one of those guys you don't mess with. Before he knew it Mom let him have his life back away from home even let him get his license and bought him a car. Of course when he was at home she still babied him Robby had come to expect and accept that. Sometimes to hide from the stress high school life he even looked forward to it. The End
  2. Katie a 16 year old teenager outgoing loves her family does not really get into trouble, like music and computers quite smart but his a secret that even her mum and step mum let along her brother does not know. 5' 5" brunet hair, Hazel colour eyes average build not the prettiest looking but not ugly.
  3. Katie Lynsey age 20, a 5 foot 7 inches tall beautiful young lady with long brown hair the flows down to half way down her back, despite her beauty she has never let that sour her personality she is a kind and considerate and caring girl. She has been friends with a girl across the pond as the Americans say for the last 6 years ever since she was 14, and went over there on a study exchange program and met the little sister of her then friend. Katie thought Jen was cute back then and fell out with her big sister over the way she treated Jen. Over time while being pen pals with Jen Katie had come to develop a sisterly protective bond over Jen, she was so glad when Jen told her that she wanted to come over to study in the United Kingdom. Katie did all the research and filled in all the paperwork on Jen's behave and then sent her the paperwork and documents there was no going back now she was due to come in a few days time.
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