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Found 2 results

  1. Trapped in Diaper Dreams: Prologue I yawned, despite the three cups of coffee I'd already downed this evening. The subject of my testing, a Mr. Franklin Jones, snored next to me at a decibel level high enough that I wondered if I should be wearing ear plugs to prevent any long-term damage. Well, I'd have to remember that for next time. Mr. Jones was had volunteered for a special sleep study in which I, Dr. Hannah Lynton, tested my ingenious invention on him. It was an apparatus designed to allow a conscious person to control the dreams of someone who was asleep by measuring the activity of the awake person and projecting it as theta waves into the brain of the sleeper. On the surface, not many people see the utility of such a device. Why would you want to control someone's dreams? But they don't see the bigger picture. This could be used to allow people to speak to comatose loved ones. Or perhaps it could be used as a rehabilitation method on the criminally insane? The possibilities are as limitless as… Well, as dreams! Unfortunately, I haven't had much success. The test involved myself and the patient wearing special headgear attached to the machine between us. Then once he was asleep, I was to read a novel–in this case Moby Dick–and then when the patient awakes we ask him what he dreamt about and see if it matches the events of the book. This was our 5th time repeating this test and we've seen few positive results. On the 2nd night he did dream about being on a boat, but that's where the similarities ended. If tonight didn't yield any workable results, I'd be back to the drawing board. The door opened to my right and I managed to glance up from my book to see my colleague, Dr. Bethany Avery bringing me another cup of coffee. "Having fun yet?" she whispered. I gave her a quick smile and turned my attention back to my book. Protocol dictated that I keep distractions to a minimum. Although I had to admit, I could find myself very easily distracted by Dr. Avery… She placed the coffee cup on the tray next to me and took my empty one. "I don't know how you manage to drink so much coffee during these tests knowing you can't get up to use the bathroom until morning. Unless you're wearing an adult diaper or something?” I cringed at the thought. A diaper? Me? ”As if I would ever do something so…” Humiliating? Childish? ”Unprofessional.” She shrugged “Is it really all that less-professional than pissing in a bottle?” She glanced under my chair and I felt heat rise up to my cheeks. I know she couldn't see the bottle I'd hidden inside my purse, but I suppose she must have surmised that I was finding some way to relieve myself during these overnight tests. I think she sensed my discomfort with the topic and backed off a bit “Sorry, I'm being weird. Do whatever you think is best, doctor.” The sudden use of an honorific somehow made me feel like I'd messed up. Pushing Bethany away was the last thing I wanted. “N-no, it's fine! I umm… I guess I just… Never thought of it that way?” Perhaps I was just projecting my own desires, but I could've sworn I caught a hint of a smirk in her eyes. Was she… Enjoying watching me get all flustered? “Well, if you decide you wanna try it, I can probably sneak a diaper from the supply closet for you.” she winked, heading out of the room. My gaze lingered on the doorway after she was gone. Damn. She sure does have a way of getting under my skin… And her idea was… Not without merit. Using my “piss bottle” as she called it, was among my least favorite parts of this whole experiment. I'd never considered that there might be an alternative solution. But diapers? Really? How could I, a grown woman, stoop so low as to wear a diaper and pee myself like some kind of… Baby? And why are my cheeks burning so badly at the thought? *ZZZZZZTTT!* The lights overhead suddenly flickered as something on the machine burst and sparks spewed out. But none of that registered to my mind as my body went completely rigid and my head felt like it was on fire! I don't know if it lasted a second or several minutes, but when the Surge of electricity finally subsided I slumped in my seat, my vision darkening as I fell into unconsciousness… \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (And now, a message from Wannatripbaby): Hi all! So this is the Prologue for a sort of Anthology series Princessdiapergirl and myself have decided to start for any sort of random, crazy story idea we get that isn't quite big or bold enough for a multi-chapter story. This way we can get straight into the good stuff without all the set-up. So far, we have one (1) fully written story for this series which we will likely post sometime within the next few days. After that? Well, that's where you come in! If you can think of any crazy or kinky scenarios you'd like to see us inflict upon our poor Dr. Hannah Lynton, leave a Comment down below and tell us! We might just make it a reality! 😁
  2. Authors note This just a story that came to me this morning. It takes place in PrincessPottyPants's Diaper Dimension setting. All characters are in their 20's or older. It's probably just going to be a short story, I don't have any plans for it and I can't promise that I'll be inspired to write more. But I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate any critiques and responses. Fair warning, my writing is pretty rusty so there's bound to be some mistakes (especially if I don't go over it before posting). Also I have anxiety so I'll do my best to respond, just know I tend to be awkward ?. Prelude Marietta shut her eyes and wished she could cover her ears. The sharp laughter was deafening and pierced her deeply. How had she gotten here you ask? She had thought she was safe. Not only had she thought she was safe but she believed it and acted accordingly. One of the biggest mistakes a Little could make, and she had done it so confidently. Her mind kept replaying the events of the day in little bursts she couldn't control. Not being in control is something she will have to get used to, because she will never know it's freedom again. Chapter 1: Winter's Lament The morning had started off better then it had for a while. Spring was finally starting to show itself. Winter was still clutching on to the weather, not quite ready to go into hibernation. But, Winter's time was coming to an end regardless of it's desperate attempts to live on. This duel of the seasons left the mornings chilly and the afternoons warm, the perfect amounts of cold and hot. Marietta had come to hate Winter and it's bitter cold that left her miserable and desperate for warmth. So, while she didn't care for the rainy and allergy ridden Spring, she was ready to embrace it like a long lost friend. Marietta yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as the shrill sound of her alarm clock dutifully made sure she was awake. "Hey Hewie, stop alarm." She told her AI Assistant as she got out of bed and stretched. "Okay, stopping the alarm." The little pink cube on her desk responded. Looking out her open window she felt an inner peace, today would be a good day she decided. Or at least far better then yesterday had been. The warmer weather seemed to chase away her negative thoughts and depressed mood. She knew it was only temporary, but it was still refreshing to have them at bay for now. "Hey Hewie, what's the weather today?" She asked while brushing her long curly black hair. "Right now the weather in Poptonia is 56 degrees, but it feels like 53 due to wind chill. The low for the day is 56 while the high is 73. There's a low chance of rain today." The promise of good weather brought a smile to the little woman's face. Today would be a good day to revitalize her garden. While it had snowed very sparsely this Winter, she had neglected to take any steps to protect her garden during the cold months. This meant she would have to put in extra effort to get it up and ready as quick as possible. Gardening was much more than a hobby for the little greenhorn, it was her lifeblood. Grocery stores are notorious for being a dangerous place for littles, especially if they go alone. Her garden helped her get all the fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs that she would need for the year. Everything else she ordered online, but fresh food was something you couldn't trust to an online delivery service. If an Amazon or Tweener delivery driver found out they were delivering to a Little, they could tamper with the food and the Little would be none the wiser. That is, until they ended up having a massive 'accident' from the laxative that was injected into the food. Of course it would only be a few moments before the delivery driver, or someone sent on their behest, came to 'help' the poor Little. Helping them out of their soiled underwear and right into a nice thick diaper. Marietta shook her head to stop herself from ruminating on the unfairness and dangers of the life she lived. She was determined to use the nice weather as a springboard for positive thinking and a happier mood. Spring was for the right and now, it was for admiring the roses and enjoying life. Winter was for the past, nursing old pricks, and surviving. To cement her determination to a brighter day, she decided to wear some brighter colors then usual. The jeans she slid up over her bright pink panties were a nice deep blue. They would've looked better if they hugged her curves and showed off her long legs, but she couldn't take that risk. With them being baggy no one could tell what she was wearing underneath. She knew it was safer, and smarter, to wear a Pull-Up, but she couldn't bring herself to do it today. That would certainly tank her mood, and it would be a constant reminder of her place in this cruel world. Which, she was certain, was the whole point of the Amazons wanting her to wear them. To an Amazon a 'mature' Little didn't need diapers, and while their undergarments weren't policed like those of 'immature' Littles, a Pull-Up was a true sign of a Little's 'maturity'. Without one she was making herself vulnerable to Pull-Up Preachers and accusations surrendering her maturity. If the price of being happy for the day is a few minutes of being uncomfortable, that's a price she's willing to pay. In theory the baggy jeans are supposed to protect her from such experiences, but in practice Amazons were free to 'check' her if they wanted to. Even though there weren't any laws, or rules at her college, that demanded she wear protection, her Amazon teachers were still allowed to feel her up and openly embarrass her. After all, it would be their classroom she would 'ruin' or interrupt if she had an 'accident' due to not being properly 'protected'. And of course, 'Amazons Know Best', meaning they're always right and can get away with practically anything. After spending a few minutes perusing her closet, Marietta finally finds a suitable top. She slides the deep red blouse over her lacey pink bra. The short sleeved blouse was loose enough that it doesn't show off her breasts, and 'mature' enough that you can tell she's an adult. If she wore something that hugged her curves or showed off her breasts it would only be used against her by an Amazon hoping to adopt her. They would say she was trying so hard to look like an adult that she didn't care how 'risque' she looked. The cherry on top would be a comment along the lines of how she doesn't have very much to display anyway. She finishes off her look with a dark green cardigan, black sneakers, silver stud earrings, and a simple silver sun necklace. If she wears colors that are too bright it will invite an Amazon to imagine her in colorful baby clothes. If she wears too much jewelry, or if it's too loud in color or design, it would bring comments of how she's trying to hard or how cute she is. The life of a Little is one of meticulous planning and preparing. Grabbing her bookbag and a premade breakfast shake, Marietta steps out of the safety of her home, prepared for the beauty and potential dangers of the day. A hard slap on her bottom drags her back to the present, where she should be. After all, Winter is for the past, and despite all the mourning, Spring is here and it's time for the here and now. An involuntary whimper escapes from the little woman, drawing more of the deafening laughter. Opening her eyes Marietta's attention is greeted by hungry eyes and toothy grins. Awaiting her are dozens of grasping and wandering hands as their owners are desperate to take part in her torment. "Stop squirming!" The booming voice shouted at her. She couldn't think of who the voice belongs to, but she was sure it sounded familiar. In fact, she can't think of anything. Time feels excruciatingly slow and everything has a blur to it, not a single thought bubbles to the surface of her mind. A numbness seeps through her entire body, and her head feels weightless. Staring into the distance, Marietta is once again swept up into her memories, and away from the nightmare that is the here and now. *authors note* Okay so I'll definitely write another chapter because I have more ideas for this. Also while I do love a good cliffhanger, I hate unresolved ones and unanswered questions. But i have no idea when I'll write/post more, so I'll see you when I see you! ❤️ I don't have any experience posting in online forms/rooms like this so any advice relating to format and suggested tags would be appreciated as well!
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