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  1. Hi everybody! As a long time lurker and even longer writer for my own enjoyment, I finally got the push to actually share something. It couldn't have been done without the help of some writer friends, /u/Sissybecky (r/abdlstories) who beta read and Clairanette (aka Clairacuddles on A03), talking to both of them for hours about writing. Check them out too! Scarlet is a young woman down on her luck. She has a broken heart, bank account, and sex life. Her luck finally seems to be changing when she is offered a job on the outher side of the country, and really has no option but to take it. But what she doesn't know about the city of Caulfield Valley may get her in trouble, like what her new boss, Emilia Kane, secretly does as a side hussle. a slowburn, long form lesbian fic that is very kinky and ABDL oriented. 1- so it feels real There is both terror and freedom in restarting your life. Not in a cosmic sense, but in the moving-across-the-country-and-leaving-everyone-you-knew-on-the-opposite-coast sense. That is where Scarlet found herself this morning. Eyes red from her jetlag, hair a mess from the uncomfortable seats, and a puffy-eyed death stare meeting her from the scratched bathroom mirror. Even with her fresh start, the fresh apartment, she was not ready for her first day at a new job in this new, unfamiliar city. She wanted to sleep. She wanted to forget. She wanted to go back to her home with—a pang of heartbreak through her chest interrupted the thought. That home was no longer there, and no one was waiting for her to come home. Instead, Scarlet let out a dejected sigh, opened the cardboard moving box that contained the toiletries that were not in her carry-on, and got in the shower. She was up far earlier than she realistically needed to be, to make sure she could wash her hair, shave her legs, and still have plenty of time for makeup and a relaxed cab ride to work. The pipes whined and hot water splashed her face as the new-ish utilities sprung to life. She focused on getting the sleep out of her eyes. She resented her own anxious, over-prepare-until-exhausted tendencies. Yet Scarlet knew that on mornings where she didn’t do this, she was late. It was part of why she’d lost her last position as a Library clerk. God, that feels like a lifetime ago. If I started taking those then…what if... Scarlet let the thought drift up with the steam, and focused on the rigorous maintenance that her curly, shoulder-length bob required. The rest of the shower went likewise. She would move on to some other form of self-grooming, only for another intrusive thought to appear, and she would do her best to let it roll off of her. By the time she was done, dripping into a towel and stepping out, she had gotten most of the self loathing scrubbed off. Scarlet turned to face the same mirror. She wiped the fogged glass with one pale hand, and the same dead-eyed look greeted her. Scarlet forced a smile, hollow but just enough to come across as courteous and eager, rather than like a retail worker who was dead inside. She had plenty of practice masking in this way. Her breakfast was a microwaved cup of coffee and protein bar, the leftovers from her flight. She’d have to go to the grocery after work. She ate just enough to then turn to her prescriptions, the small, resentful white triangles tasting bitter and frustrating, her knowing that it was a 50/50 on whether she would be vomiting before lunch. The three small blue estrogen pills had to melt sublingually, and wouldn’t upset her stomach. They did, however, taste like minty asshole as they dissolved under her tongue while she started her makeup routine. It went quickly, Scarlet’s old “professional” looks still in her head after years of rushed mornings where her mediocre nutrition and makeup routine battled for time. Her hands danced; brushing, patting, dabbing, blending, and setting at a quick but deliberate pace. This wasn’t Scarlet’s first time working places that made her tone down her looks and cover her smattering of artsy tattoos that criss crossed her arms. Her new boss had assured her however, that so long as she wore at least business casual and none of the tattoos visible were profane, no one would care. Simple enough to cover the guillotine on her shoulder blade or the shoddy stick and poke of her highschool bff’s band “The Fart Coffins” on the opposite blade. She only sometimes regretted that one out of any of the designs on her body. She finished with a modest amount of very neutral blush, and got up to dress in the outfit she had laid out the night before. A simple white blouse and black skirt, black tie, black flats. Should show a good first impression for a secretary of a legal office. She couldn’t help but roll the sleeves partially, however, showing hints and edges of her ink. Scarlet made sure her hair was dry, shook her head as a jolt of the last taste of estrogen left her mouth, and called for her cab. Just before leaving, she packed her purse, and heard an unfamiliar jingling at the bottom. Fishing through the myriad receipts, dust bunnies and half finished chapsticks, she finally found the culprit, and her heart dropped. A simple gold ring, with an inscription inside; Futile – the winds –/ To a Heart in port –The singular band was heavy in her hand, and Scarlet felt the heartbreak all over again. She wanted nothing more than to scream. She wanted to sob until her throat was hoarse, to wail in pain. She wanted to call her. Instead, she tenderly wiped the welling tear in one eye to preserve her mascara, roughly threw open the drawer to toss the precious bomb in with a clatter. The front door slammed and locked behind her. The cab hummed quietly as it rode down the dense city streets, and Scarlet focused on taking in the sites of tree leaves slowly changing color through the cab window. She was headed further downtown from her new apartment, and even still there were beautiful trees she wasn’t familiar with. This is exactly what I thought the East Coast to look like, and yet it’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined, she mused to herself. She was used to her hometown in the Bay, the palms and pines of the San Francisco and Oakland areas all she had made friends with until now. The trees were dotted in front of the tall downtown shops, looking like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. She took a picture every now and again, killing time until her quiet cab driver pulled over to a sidewalk. Scarlet smoothed her skirt, handed the man his fare and a tip, and stepped out in front of a small office building. Her flats echoed against the shiny, reflective tile as she followed signs and elevator directories to Kane Arbitration & Mediation Legal Services. The interior of the elevator shined, polished enough that Scarlet could see her own reflection. She took a moment as she rode to the fourth floor, using the reflection to adjust her skirt. She was so tall that no matter what she wore, it always eventually turned into a skirt shorter than intended, and that was the last thing she wanted to project on her first day. Once the soft fabric was in place, better resting on her hips and covering much of her long thighs, she noticed she had arrived. Scarlet swallowed, her nerves making it louder than she had wanted, and exited as the doors parted. Kane Legal was one of the only offices on this floor, and it didn’t take her long to find, but she paused outside the door anyway. She took solace in the fact her new employer wouldn’t be able to see her through the doors frosted glass. Scarlet had a moment to steady the shaking in her hands. There’s nothing left for you back there. This has to work. You have no other option. The thought was supposed to be comforting. She opened the door and recalled all the times that thought would light a fire in her—to ignite the contrarian and spiteful nature she had to anyone that doubted her. A year ago, this would have made her unstoppable…but the last year was harder than she could have ever predicted. The reception area of the office was nicely decorated, looking like the kind you’d see on a mid-budget daytime law drama. No one was at the desk that she assumed would be hers, so she tried to peer around a corner leading to what she assumed would be Miss Kane’s proper office. Sure enough, a door at the end of the hall was open and revealed a head of deep black hair peaking just over the top of a large computer monitor. Scarlet took a moment for them to notice her. In another life, Scarlet would have confidently marched into the office, head held high, with enough swagger to convince anyone that she owned this office. Now the poor girl stood there, shivering as her future awaited. The Scarlet of a year ago would have left this newer Scarlet behind, just like the one she cared about the most. She prayed this wasn’t some kind of test. “Excuse me?” She called out, causing the head to twitch, “I’m looking for Miss Kane?” The top of the head rose for a pair of eyes to see just over the top, and then a hand brusquely slid the monitor on a pivoting stand out of the way. Scarlet recognized her now, the telltale hazel, almost golden eyes and a striking streak of platinum blonde to one side having stuck with her since their video interview. “And you have found her.” Her voice merrily sang, reverberating down the tiled hall. She stood. “You must be Ms. Finch. I am so glad to finally get you out here. May I be the first to properly welcome you to Caulfield Valley, I hope your flight was smooth?” Scarlet was immediately put off balance, having to look up at someone for once. Even if Emilia Kane hadn’t been in imposing black heels, she would easily have three inches on the six feet even Scarlet. She effortlessly glided down the hall towards Scarlet, her hand outstretched. Scarlet met her, returning her’s for a handshake. The taller woman’s hands were so soft. “Ah, t-thank you, Ma’am.” She politely smiled, and decided to rest her hands on the strap of her purse so as to not fidget. “I appreciate that, it was a long flight.” She wanted to divulge how exhausted and sore she was, but held back. “That is such a shame.” Emilia twisted her mouth into a concerned frown for a moment, a hand grabbing her chin in thought. “If you ever need to fly for me again, I can make sure you have better accommodations. Thankfully, your first day probably will not be too demanding. I am hoping to simply get you familiar with the way I organize best and have you operating at full speed before my next big meeting in…,” She checked the date on her phone, pulling it from the breast pocket of her dark green suit, “-three days. Does all that sound good?” Scarlet sighed in relief. “More than good, Ma’am, I’m sure I can be up to snuff by the end of the day.” She was a tiny bit surprised by how confident she sounded. “Oh please, Ma’am makes me feel old.” She waved a hand as if shooing the notion away, “I know to most it is respectful, but I prefer ‘Miss’ or just Emilia if it is all the same to you.” She rested the same hand now on her hips, which Scarlet noted were surprisingly accented in this type of suit. She nodded in response, and Emilia gestured for her to sit in the chair behind the receptionist desk. The woman looked like she was off a runway, the two piece suit and platinum jewelry complimenting her intense eyes and the vibrant streak of silver- no, platinum blonde in her hair. The hazel of her eyes became almost amber-gold as the light from the windows caught them. When her new employer wasn’t looking, she shook her head to erase the thoughts. Scarlet couldn’t exactly be thinking about how attractive her boss was if she didn’t want to risk her new living situation. “—and your last employer said you were familiar with all of these programs, is that right?” The question snapped Scarlet back to reality as Emilia motioned to the open windows of the computer. “That’s right. All of this is right in my wheelhouse.” Scarlet affirmed, grateful that the job didn’t seem to have any sudden surprises. “And this looks like a pretty standard inter-office set up on the phones as well. Would you prefer a call or a ping on your computer when you have a call or a client?” She hoped the question would help make her seem competent and ‘a go-getter,’ something her father had told her once upon a time about starting a new job. “A call is fine unless I am already with a client. If I do not respond, you may call regardless.” Emilia said, a small smile of approval spreading across her red lips. “On the topic of clients, occasionally you are to sit in for meetings and you will be taking notes. These are legal matters and meet the standard of attorney-client-privilege. So it is vitally important you understand that anything you hear or write down in those meetings are confidential, but could end up under scrutiny if we were ever to be sued or subpoenaed. Are you comfortable with that?” “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” Scarlet nodded, “To be clear, any notes I take are private between you and I unless that happens right? Like—” she kicked herself for her valleygirl filler word, and tried to recover, “a doctor? For example, I wouldn’t talk about this with anyone except you or the client, even during off hours?” Scarlet couldn’t lie to herself and say that didn’t make her anxious. Her understanding of the legal system told her there were a million and one ways to mess up proceedings if everyone didn’t know them ahead of time. The clarity would help alleviate that anxiety. “Exactly. We can talk about it informally outside of the office but we must use discretion. God forbid you run into a client at a bar, make sure neither of you are shouting without realizing. However you got the most important part. Good job.” Something inside Scarlet warmed at her new boss’s approval. Emilia’s phone lit up and began ringing in her hand. She rolled her eyes. “I have to take this,” she explained, grabbing a small packet from the top drawer of the desk, “Just answer the phone if any calls come in and start filling this out with your info so I can make payments and records and such. It will only take a moment!” Emilia walked back up the hall, closing the door of her office. Scarlet could hear her talking in a tone that sounded professional and even, but couldn’t make out anything specific. When Scarlet realized she could not eavesdrop, no matter how hard she tried to focus, she instead grabbed a pen from the desk and focused on the forms. They were typical of starting with any new employer: tax info, new address, signing agreements. Scarlet was sorely missing the over-designed packets she would receive on her first day at each of the oversized chain stores she had grown up working at. The kind that tries to convince the reader that “we’re a family here,” isn’t the same as “your boss will not give a single shit about you if you think for yourself.” They were always a riot to laugh at with her fellow cashiers, clerks, and baristas. Everything was astonishingly professional, and felt tailored to the tiny law office. The forms were of course up to every standard Scarlet was aware of, but everything appeared handwritten and then copied from a master document. The young woman marveled at the curves and loops that seemed so practiced, so official. Calligraphy as a hobby? Scarlet’s daydream was broken as the phone rang. Her arm sprung to life, grabbing the phone and bringing it to her ear. “Hello, Legal Offices of Miss Kane, how can I help you?” Her mind auto piloted the greeting, a tactic she’d learned as a young adult to perform before any social anxiety made her hesitate to answer. There was a silent beat, broken only by soft background hum from the receiver. A deeper voice finally spoke. “Oh, is Miss Kane not in?” “I’m sorry, she’s stepped away for another call. I’m the new secretary.” The professional mask came back to her like a second skin, despite over a year of disuse. “Can I take a message for you?” Scarlet offered. “Er,” The voice stammered for a moment, then clarified, “Yeah. Actually, you can tell her that I have to back out of Friday’s meeting, I won’t be rescheduling. She can keep the deposit. Goodbye.” Scarlet busied herself scribbling the note down. “Wait, I’ll need to tell her your name.” She tried to catch the man before he disconnected. It was too late, the line went dead. Scarlet took a confused look at the receiver before returning it to the cradle. She tried to imagine what would have someone behaving this way, but even her previous customer support and retail work did not track here. Scarlet merely blinked in confusion and returned to filling her new employment forms. She could hear the muffled speech of her new boss, not able to pick distinct words, only cadence. The forms were dull and simple enough, and before too long Emilia’s office door clicked open. Scarlet was finishing the bottom lines of the last page, hoping quietly to impress the imposing woman, as childish as that want may be. Emilia’s heels marked her approach down the hall, and Scarlet spun gracefully in her swivel chair to face her. “Did I hear a call come in while I was gone?” “You did, and I've got a message,” Scarlet tried her best to sound professional yet nonchalant, “your Friday meeting canceled, said to keep his deposit.” She looked up to Emilia to gauge her superior’s reaction. Emilia gave nothing but a solitary eyebrow twitch. “He didn’t leave a name and hung up…is that normal?” “Whether it’s normal or not, we get to keep the deposit for my time, and that’s what matters to me.” Emilia said, too hurried to be as casual. Scarlet decided to just let that slip.There was something going on here, but she would catch the intricacies of the client relationships soon enough. Emilia very pointedly avoided her gaze to check the time, and excused herself again. The rest of the day moved slowly, save for asking Scarlet for a coffee run in the afternoon, which turned into buying a cafe scone for Scarlet’s lunch as well. She busied herself with memorizing the upcoming schedule, the program, and the routine expected of her. She tried not to fidget as the caffeine had its way with her later in the day. The bouncing of her leg coincided with an increase in worry. Would she have another reaction to this medication like her last, and be unable to sleep? Would Emilia be angry that she wasn’t being proactive in some way? How was she supposed to know? She paused, trying to stop ruminating. She lifted her hands away from the keyboard. They were shaking, and she squeezed her eyes closed. When Scarlet opened them, they focused through her fingers, at the sticky note she had written down the message, and the smaller coffee order beneath it. Sighing, she wrote down the coffee order on her phone and on her desktop notepad. If she could do nothing, she would be constructive and prepared for the future. Her hands kept shaking for the remainder of the shift. Scarlet wasn’t sure if it was the anxiety, the caffeine, or her meds. She’d been so isolated until moving she hadn’t noticed if the shaking started then. Just past five, Emilia’s heels clicked down the hall, a smart designer purse over one shoulder. “Now, is there anything I can clarify before we leave?” Her voice sang again and the hall reverberated in tune with her voice like Brian Eno was behind it. Scarlet shook her head, smiling with her mask back on as she spun to face Emilia again. “Thank you so much, but I don’t think I’ve got any questions yet.” Scarlet wanted to be sincere in thanking her, drop the facade and business-casual tone. Speaking without rehearsal tended to bite her in the ass lately. She squeezed her hands between her thighs to try and avoid any probing questions. Scarlet could only imagine suspicious and overbearing concern at best if her new boss thought there was something wrong with her medically. “Is there anything else I can help with? I’ve just been organizing your schedule and getting used to the layout in here all day.” She desperately wanted to get her groceries before it was too dark. “No thank you, Scarlet. You’ve already helped me enormously, you have no idea.” Emilia ushered Scarlet out the door, and locked it behind her. * * If one thing in the world could be counted on, it was chain stores being identical on the inside. Scarlet pushed an identically squeaky cart up identically packed aisles among indistinguishable brands. The only difference really seemed to be the accents. She approached bulk rice bags, hesitated, and drew out her phone with dread. Her meager bank account balance confirmed her fears, and she begrudgingly went for the generic. Other staples like cheap instant ramen and pasta followed suit. The sole splurge was the cheapest, sweetest, garbage brand of red wine she could find. Her cab ride was identical, save for the setting sun behind her. Purples and oranges and cotton-candy-clouds danced behind her, out of view, as she slowly sank her head against the cool glass of the window. At least the trees are still pretty. She raised her phone again to try and take a picture, but the camera went grainy in the growing dark. Her new apartment greeted her with the same lonely tone as when she first received the keys. It was cold, it was empty, the furnishings were bland and picked by the property management company. Nothing here was hers yet, save the stacked boxes of cardboard. Her tired arms carried the groceries to their appropriate resting places, and she cracked open the wine before settingling on the couch. Out of habit she reached for her remote, only to remember she didn’t have a TV yet. Sold for the moving expenses. Scarlet was so tired of sighing. She took a swig of wine, an old comfort that was basically a juicebox and rubbing alcohol that reminded her of being broke in college. She opened her phone, wishing for any stimulation. Her friends, (rather former friends) were still posting stories, still sharing their bad takes and inane jokes. She considered getting off the couch to do the same. It was all performative anyway, right? But the energy wouldn’t come when she called out for it. Another sip, and she swapped apps. Scarlet noticed the singular blink of darkness on her phone’s screen. “Please, you piece of shit. I really can’t afford you to die right now.” Her worries seemed unfounded, as the brilliant screen returned and the malfunction wasn’t replicated for the rest of the night. What was strange, however, were the kinds of new accounts she was being recommended as she scrolled her timeline. Now, Scarlet was no prude. She enjoyed fucking and her alone time as much as anyone. Estrogen and Progesterone even maybe had her hornier than the average. But her timeline wasn’t full of this much smut. She had friends in the sex work game, but she didn’t exactly like, share, favorite, reblog, or any other influencer verb their content. Another website breaking their algorithm again? Even if Dani did porn, she didn’t do this kind of porn. Morbid curiosity, and a slight increase in her pulse, beckoned Scarlet onward. Drawings, videos, and staged photos of women in things she’d only seen in racy HBO content. She didn’t even know what to call the more intricate…props…but felt herself linger on a clip of a woman riding a…pleasure machine plugged into the wall behind her. Scarlet’s face matched her namesake and she scrolled on. A woman sitting at a home office, the quintessential framing of every vlog you’ve ever watched. Finally somebody is fucking sane in this world. She clicked the video without even reading the caption, and the perky eyed labrador retriever of a woman began to speak. “Hi everybody! This is the Channel of O. SO!” The blonde clapped for emphasis. “You’re trying to learn about BDSM, and you have no idea where to start.” Scarlet’s eyes went wide, she took another sip, and watched the woman jumpcut and explain through terrible jokes. It was a trainwreck, steam engines exploding in her mind. It made her hot in the crotch. Scarlet finished her glass, finished the video, and poured herself another while going deeper to the woman’s personal channel. More videos, more introductory guides. Scarlet polished the second glass, and was too engrossed despite the initial impulse to cringe to even pour another. Her alarm rang to remind her to take the rest of her medication, pulling her out of her trance.How long had she been zoned out? It was eight thirty. Losing track of time like that wasn’t uncommon for her and this diversion was welcome. She resigned herself and went to go take another dose of bitter antidepressants and her dose of Progesterone. Once the poison was administered, she looked across her kitchen to the counter where she left her phone. It lay there, like a metal megalith, imposing despite being a little plastic rectangle. Scarlet had to gather her nerve just to walk across the room and lift the damn thing. Once it was back in her hand, she used shaking hands to unlock it. The Channel of O was still smiling up at her, and she felt her cheeks getting redder. Her glass of wine was forgotten as she brought her phone to her bedroom. She unboxed her duvet, and sat on the soft material as the video resumed. Scarlet was enthralled, soaking in every bit of knowledge she could. “There’s all kinds of different dynamics! You’re probably familiar with a ‘master/slave’ dynamic,” The blonde woman began, “but there’s also pets and owners, and even daddies, mommies,—” Scarlet’s pulse quickened,”—or more generically caregivers and littles! Sometimes that’s called ABDL if it involves diapers.” Scarlet felt her breath catch in her throat. Her fingers flew into a flurry, and a private internet search later, her phone was filled with images that made her heartbeat accelerate. Videos, drawings, and many, many depictions of adult women, with all their curves and freckles and other parts that excited Scarlet, in thick diapers. They ranged across all body types, and the infantile garb varied from plain white plastic to over the top patterns to evoke baby diapers. Scarlet continued to scroll, eyes wide in wonder and excitement. She finally stopped, a thumbnail capturing her attention like a punch to the gut and clicked the video. Scarlet’s mouth went wide, and felt herself starting to leak into her panties. A gorgeous, curvaceous woman was lying on her back, supple lips wrapped around the nipples of another woman, in nothing but a pastel colored diaper and delicate, lacy lingerie top. The tender moment evoked breastfeeding, save for the “mother” holding a massive vibrator against the woman’s…diaper. The “baby” of the couple was moaning, growing louder, and Scarlet felt a tent form under her skirt. Eventually, the “baby” was screaming, thrusting her hips into the massive sex toy, in time with cries of “Mommy!” Mommy’s smile was intoxicating. She was very clearly getting off just as much as her baby, her face painted a combination of maternal nurturing, hedonistic pleasure, ecstatic elation, and sadistic control as she began thrusting the enormous vibrator in time with her partner’s thrusts. It was obviously acting on the merit of pornography, but Scarlet couldn’t tear herself away. She allowed her hand to snake up to a nipple poking through her top. Scarlet realized her own arousal, and in embarrassment, closed the tab, flinging her phone to the edge of the bed like it was a dangerous spider. She flung the covers off, racing to the bathroom for a cold shower.
  2. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This will be a fairly short story, only a couple of parts and it will be TONS lighter than my other stories...at least I think so, I suppose you guys will be the ones to decide that. The concept is VERY loosely based on actual events and the title is straight up from this gif: In case anyone was wondering. Anyway, we have so much time and so little to do...strike that, reverse it. On with the story! One “Ending And Beginning” The music played softly in the background as she sat on her bed, hands folded on her lap as she looked down at them. She’d been trying to get the words to come out for the better part of five minutes now, and she knew that if she looked at him she’d be completely unable to say them altogether, so she focused on her hands, her slender fingers fidgeting and flitting over and between one another as her heart thumped in her chest. “Look, I know that whatever you have to tell me is bad, so just rip the band-aid and tell me already.” he said, his voice heavy with worry and concern for her. She breathed in deeply and exhaled sharply. “I cheated on you.” she blurted out. A song change accompanied the creak of the chair he was sitting on as he leaned back against it, his teeth running over his tongue as he started to speak but stopped as the gravity of the situation hit him. “When?” he asked numbly. She shook her head. “When I was on vacation with my family over the Summer.” she confessed. “My sister and I met some guys on the beach and-” she stopped, realizing that thinking about the event was exciting her and this wasn’t the time for that. “Why?” he asked, his voice quavering as though he were struggling not to cry. She wanted to look at him, to see if he were really about to cry, but kept looking at her hands as she shrugged. “I was away from you and someone else paid me attention the way you do.” she told him. He scoffed. “Attention?” he asked. “You fucked another guy behind my back because you weren’t getting attention from me while you were half a country away?!” his voice rose, the sadness from before abandoning his tone for outright anger. She wondered if he’d hit her, if maybe his anger would turn into forcefulness and dominance that would possibly give way to a bit of the roughness she’d found on the beach that night, her neck lightly bruised from the stranger choking her as he fucked her beneath the stars. “I’m not saying this is your fault or anything.” she told him. “You’re goddamned right this isn’t my fault!” he shouted, standing from his seat abruptly, the chair shooting backward into the wall behind with a loud thud. “We’re done.” he said. “I’m done with you.” he added as he went to the bedroom door and threw it open and stormed out of her house and out of her life. *****Several Years Later***** She scrolled through the photos and rolled her eyes. “Ooh, look at us, so happy.” she mockingly thought as she stopped on a picture of her ex and his new girlfriend at Disney World sharing a Mickey Mouse pretzel in front of the castle at the entrance of the park. Since they’d broken up she’d obsessed about him, her guilt over cheating on him making her believe that she could win him back in time if she could just show him what a mistake it was for them to be apart. She’d stalked his social media profiles and hated his new girlfriend from the moment she’d seen her. Maggie, the new girlfriend was, in her opinion, a stupid little girl that didn’t deserve to have such a wonderful boyfriend. She couldn’t see what the attraction was, Maggie was so short and slight where she was buxom and curvy, Maggie wore cute outfits that screamed “I’m a cute girl!” in bright colors where she was more subdued in her attire, leaning toward dark colors and things that painted her as an adult woman rather than a perpetual child. Even her hair was trying to represent her as a little girl, often in pigtails, the fiery red of it done up that way making her look like a little clown, where she would sometimes have her black hair in a loose ponytail but more often than not just let it drape over her shoulders in classic elegance. More pictures of the trip loaded as she scrolled, Maggie waving to him and the camera from her seat inside a Dumbo shaped ride cart, looking like an absolute idiot as she smiled widely. “Little bitch probably isn’t even tall enough to ride real rides.” she thought with a sadistic smirk. The next picture was Maggie with Winnie the Pooh, her happy smile and her denim shortalls making her look all the more like the overgrown child she appeared to desperately want to be. The last picture was him and Maggie on the tram, him taking a selfie of the two of them as she lay sleeping with his arm around her, hugging her to him. She stared at the picture, at the sleeping girl and his smile as he held her to him and she scoffed as her mind created a story to go along with the photo, one where Maggie had fallen asleep on the tram because she truly was nothing more than a little girl and had had such a big day in the park that she could barely keep her little eyes open for long enough to get on the tram back to the hotel. She imagined that he’d tried to wake her up when they’d arrived back at the hotel, but when she wouldn’t get up he’d simply picked her up and carried her, the mental image of her legs dangling sleepily behind him as she slept with her head on his shoulder, his strong hands supporting her denim clad bottom as they moved through the hotel. Her hand slipped down between her thighs as she imagined “bumping” into them as they got off the elevator, commenting to him how sweet he was to spend his vacation babysitting, hiding her smirk as little Maggie wet herself in her sleep, drenching his shirt with her accident. Her fantasy self had offered to help him clean up, leading him back to her room, which was right near the elevator, and he’d put aside his annoyance at Maggie’s accident to agree, following her into her room and dumping the brat onto the bed as she helped him strip his shirt off, kissing his neck softly and moving downward as she worked his belt and dropped his pants and boxers for him, smiling up at him from her new position in front of his growing hardness. The fantasy ended with him taking her from behind on the bed next to the pathetic little Maggie who had taken to sucking her thumb while she slept next to the adults. She pulled her wet fingers from between her thighs and slumped back in her chair with a contented sigh. “That was a weird little fantasy.” she thought absently as she wiped her hand clean with a nearby towel, looking at the picture of him and the sleeping Maggie on the tram. “But what if it wasn’t just a fantasy.” she wondered. Working for hours on her computer, she set up a rather ingenious trap for little Maggie, a message sent to her social media from a dummy account made to look authentic that, when opened, would give her a backdoor into the girl’s device, whether that was a computer or her phone, it didn’t really matter, she could do what she needed to with either. The account was made to look like a friend from school that wanted to reconnect, the kind of thing a little fool like Maggie wouldn’t think twice about opening up the moment she saw it, and by then her fate would be sealed. Later in the evening she got a notification that the message had been opened, first on the girl’s laptop and then on her phone, for some reason, giving her access to both without any issue. Waiting until the middle of the night, when she was sure Maggie would be asleep, she tapped into the girl’s computer and began setting everything up. She created a subfolder named “Nothing” within the “Program Files” folder inside the Windows folder to keep Maggie from accidentally stumbling on it and filled it with things she’d found when she searched for “Adult little girl”, finding it hard not to laugh when she saw pictures of grown women wearing little outfits not too dissimilar from Maggie’s chosen attire, some playing with toys on the floor, others sucking on pacifiers as they colored, but most with either visible diapers on beneath their clothes or naked save for a diaper or training panties. Further digging had sent her down a rabbit hole of stories about women being reduced to second infancy by their significant others, photos of grown women in highchairs and cribs drinking bottles with their thick diapers on full display. She made a bookmark folder on the girl’s browser with a chain of folders inside to make it look like it had been purposefully hidden by Maggie herself, and loaded it with the story and photo sites she’d found as well as several video sites that had shown her how not at all weird her earlier fantasy had been. With things set up, she turned off her computer and slipped into bed to fantasize about Maggie being discovered as the secret pervert she was by her boyfriend and, being the caring and compassionate man he was, he would devote himself to indulging the girl’s desires, turning her into a helpless baby and leaving him to be snatched up by his suddenly reappeared ex who would show him what a grown up woman could do for him. With a smile on her face and the milky afterglow of climax washing over her, she went to sleep eager to continue with her plan the following day. ********** The new day dawned with her sipping her coffee as she went to various sites related to Maggie’s newfound interests and began to build an online persona for the girl, who went by Baby Maggie, of course. She posted on a forum about how she wished her boyfriend would baby her, that she really wanted to wear thick diapers and have him take care of her like a good Daddy should. The onslaught of responses made her laugh, the sheer number of men offering to be her Daddy was actually surprising to her, and she took things a little further and did some roleplaying with a few of them just to make sure the evidence was good and damning. She tapped into the girl’s phone and set up a tracker so she could see where she was and made sure that there were videos saved in a hidden folder to illustrate that Baby Maggie wanted to be able to see these naughty things wherever she happened to be. With the groundwork laid, she stalked the girl’s social media and waited for an opening, like a romantic dinner with her boyfriend a few days later that she used the tracker to see the location of and arranged for a little run in with the happy couple to put herself back into his mind so that when everything started to fall into place she’d be fresh in his thoughts. She dressed up in her nicest dress, a lovely black number that made her ample cleavage impossible to ignore, and her heels that would leave her towering over the diminutive Maggie when they bumped into one another. She arranged for a date with some random guy she’d seen a few times, someone she could abandon without fear of argument, and waited for him to pick her up, linking her own phone with Maggie’s so she could mess with the girl while she was out. The restaurant was a classy place, too fancy for Maggie, she thought as she waited at the hostess station with her date, his hand groping her ass as he stood beside her. She remembered the last time she’d been with him, the secret trip to the restroom of the bar they were at, the way he’d forced her to her knees to service him as he gripped her throat, the smell of the restroom filling her nostrils as she took him into her mouth. She brushed the less than pleasant memory aside as the hostess grabbed their menus and led them through the restaurant, her phone showing that they were not far from the other couple, her looking around as they were seated bringing a smile to her face as she saw little Maggie in a sweet floral printed dress across the dining area, laughing at something her boyfriend had said and covering her mouth to be respectful to the other diners. When she saw him her heart skipped a beat. He was wearing a gray dress shirt with a deep purple tie, his beard trimmed short and his short afro perfectly formed to make him look so dapper and sexy, even more so when looking at his date. Maggie’s red hair was in a ponytail rather than her trademark pigtails, but her floral printed dress made her look like she was dressed for Easter egg hunting rather than a romantic meal with her boyfriend. She could see the girl’s legs swinging lazily beneath her chair, her chunky sandals abandoned on the floor bringing a smirk to her face. “What are you staring at?” her date asked as he turned to look where she was looking. She sighed and focused her attention on him. “Look, if you do something for me, I’ll make it well worth your while.” she told him, her own shoe slipping off as she stretched out her leg and touched her toes to the head of his manhood through his pants, feeling it stir and stiffen instantly. He swallowed hard. “What do you want?” he asked. ********** “I thought that was you!” she declared happily as she neared the other couple’s table with her date in tow. He looked up from his meal, his eyes going wide in surprise when he saw her. “Hey, Melanie!” he said in forced politeness. He cleared his throat, “Maggie, this is Melanie, we were friends in high school.” he told Maggie. “Melanie, this is my girlfriend, Maggie.” he said, finishing the introduction. Maggie smiled up at Melanie from her seat. “Nice to meet you, Melanie.” she chirped politely as she extended her arm to shake the girl’s hand. Melanie took the smaller girl’s hand in hers and shook it, marveling at just how petite the girl was in person. “It’s lovely to meet you too, Maggie!” she cooed in syrupy sweet mock sincerity. Her date cleared his throat. “Oh, where are my manners, this is Gabe, my boyfriend.” Melanie said as she released Maggie’s hand and gestured to her date. “Gabe, this is Derrick and Maggie.” she said. “Derrick and I dated in high school.” she added. Maggie looked to her boyfriend. “Dated, huh?” she asked. Derrick nodded. “That’s right, I’d forgotten that we’d actually dated.” he said. Melanie hid her anger at his attitude toward their relationship and turned back to Maggie. “We won’t take up anymore of your time, I just wanted to pop by and say hi to a familiar face.” she explained. They all said their polite goodbyes and Melanie and Gabe departed, her feeling good about the encounter and him looking forward to collecting on his reward for going along with whatever had just happened. ********** Using her access to Maggie’s computer, Melanie tapped into the girl’s bank account and checked out her spending and savings habits over the year, figuring out where she could set aside money to allow her to do some shopping for Baby Maggie. Creating a program that would siphon untraceable amounts of money into a holding space every time Maggie money was added to the girl’s account, she went to work creating wish lists on various sites for adorable diapers and baby clothes, using the girl’s shopping histories on clothing websites to ensure that she got the right sizes for everything. With her plans regarding Maggie up and running, she set her sights on Derrick, reaching out to him on his social media with a simple message, “Hey, Derrick, I wanted to just say that I hope I wasn’t intruding the other day when I ran into you, it just isn’t often that I bump into old friends at random and I guess I just wasn’t thinking. Maggie is really cute and I’m happy that you’re happy.”. She sent the message off and decided to take a break from her computer to think more about her eventual takeover of Derrick’s heart. She imagined Derrick coming home to find all the packages she’d ordered in Maggie’s name, setting them aside for her until she got home and then when she opened them up and found perfectly sized baby clothes and diapers, that she would swear up and down she hadn’t ordered despite all evidence to the contrary, Derrick would assume she was playing a game and insist that she put the items to good use. She imagined him messaging her and confiding in her everything that was going on with Maggie, inviting her over when she pretended not to believe him and then she’d arrive and see Baby Maggie on the floor in her bulky diaper and precious baby clothes and seduce him in front of her, the poor thing crying as she watched the last vestige of her adult life choose a real woman instead of a helpless little baby. The fantasy made her wonder absently if she herself wasn’t secretly into girls in diapers, at least from a domination and humiliation standpoint, but she banished the thought away as her phone alerted her that she’d received a message. “Mel, no worries, you weren’t intruding, it was good to see you again and with someone that makes you happy.” he’d written. She sent him a friend request after a few hours had gone by, just so she didn’t look too eager, and smiled when she got the notification that he’d accepted. “We’ll be together soon, my love.” she thought as she plugged in her phone for the night and slipped off to sleep thinking about all the fun she was going to have with poor, defenseless Maggie in the very near future. To Be Continued...
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