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  1. The start plays in my head how we got here, We had been friends since diapers, growing up I was always the defacto leader of us. As we grew through the years I used anything I could to tease you both in private and public, friends strangers it didnt matter to me. Giving wedgies and panting you were everyday things, the worst though was when ever I brought up your constant bed wetting and the never ending need for diapers. Even after you stopped and grew up bigger than me I used it to put you down, anyone new we would meet would quickly learn of it. I had just turned 19 and we both started college and decided to move in together it didnt take you long to discover my deepest seceret. The first time you had walked into my room early morning and caught me jerking my 3 inch dick. You quickly closed the door and never mentioned it but as the weeks went on a plan formed in your mind, maybe it was time for some revenge and take me down a few pegs. One night after getting super high a bet was made loser had to suck the winner off, an hour later found me naked on my knees, your load fresh on my face, and your phone up having filmed the whole thing with my hard peeppee hard as i passed out you locked a pink chastity on me, you were in control now. So this is kinda the flashback to how this story starts i would like to discuss where this might go and what you are willing to write. I try to write about that much at a time and I try to post daily at least.
  2. πŸŽ‰ Diaper Dance Party Extravaganza πŸŽ‰ Join the AZ ABDL Social Sanctuary group for an unforgettable night of music and dance at our Diaper Dance Party! Get ready to groove to the beats spun by the sensational DJ Pup Iris! πŸ—“ Date: April 6th πŸ•— Time: 8pm till the stars fade πŸ“ Venue: Zrai’s house (address available in the Telegram Chat: https://t.me/+Ew93sehDYoVlNjQz) πŸ‘• Dress Code: Stay wrapped up in your diaper or undies, the rest is optional! There will be Jungle Juice (alcoholic) and a changing room to keep your night rolling right! Note: IDs will be checked at the door, you must have a wristband to drink. Drivers will be checked at the door for sobriety before leaving, you may be asked to stay or arrange alternate transport. So, grab your dancing socks and your favorite diaper, and let’s make this a night to remember! πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί We are asking that you donate what you can at this event, recommended $10. These events are costly and we wish to continue to provide more of them for the ABDL community. Please help support us in this effort! Thank you!! Note: This event is organized by the AZ ABDL Social Sanctuary for the local ABDL community to enjoy. Please ensure to follow all AZ ABDL Social Sanctuary guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience. Check out the event on our website: AZ ABDL Website Event Link (https://azabdl.org/mc-events/%F0%9F%8E%89-diaper-dance-party-extravaganza-%F0%9F%8E%89/) or at our forum here on Telegram: https://t.me/AZABDL_Forum Telegram Channel: (https://t.me/azabdlsocialsanctuary)
  3. Heya all, I started a Telegram for those who want to help support and motivate each other. This is not meant to compete with this forum but is meant to be work along side this forum. It's dedicated to support, motivation and help therefore the focus is on long term methods and not shortcuts like stents and catheters, however we all know people will try these methods and since they are the most risky I to support them being talked about so that it deters those who won't go through the proper sterilization procedures while at the same time educating those who will do this anyways in how to properly go through the sterilization procedures this way we can minimize any potential self harm as subculture together. This group is not for those still in the binge/purge cycle who are looking to "force" themselves out of it. This group is not for those who only see retraining in a sexual way; its ok if retraining/incontinence is sexual to you as long as you can also see it as non-sexual, I am realistic on how people view things, not everything is a either or situation, however we are looking to normalize this to help support one another, not fetishize it. It should also be noted that its ok to be lewd/RP here and there as long is it does not absorb the entire chat and as long as one halts their lewd/RP activities when someone comes for support. If advertising a Telegram is a bad idea please inform me ASAP so i can delete this post ? (sorry if it is) Sorry for being a bad boy and not fixing this earlier. The reason why the invitation link was not working is that I made the group private for security reasons. However you can still join by messaging me on Telegram. To join contact me for an invite my Telegram handle is: @Acer144
  4. The first glint of the sun poked through the curtain to our bedroom. You lay beside me, partially on top of me with your leg across mine and your hand splayed across my groin, having rolled onto your side in your sleep. I gently move your hand from me and get up to grab some water, suddenly realizing in the kitchen that I needed urgently to use the restroom. I barely make it, only happy that I hadn't disturbed you from your sleep. I softly move back into bed and begin to drift off again laying on my back, feeling your hand move from our bed to my groin again and lightly squeeze.I woke up again to you kissing me. This gentle brush of your velvet lips across my face is the like being brought out of a dream and into heaven. I turn upwards to look at you and open my eyes. "Good morning, mommy." You giggle down at me, finding what I call you cute."Good morning, darling." You reply, leaning in to give me a kiss on the lips, sending shivers up my spine from the force and tenderness of kiss from my love. The pressure increases as I move my arms up to stretch and you climb on top of me, grabbing my arms and pinning my legs with your own, you push yourself deep onto me, lips pressing my face into the pillow while you start to hump me. I moan from all of this stimulation and you pick up the pace, bringing me too full attention quickly.Just as I start to push up into your rhythm, you move your hips away from mine. I moan, a little taken aback by this, before you slowly stop our kiss. "Not yet, cutie. I have to get to work. But don't worry, baby. I'll make sure we have some very messy fun tonight." You stand up, gliding your hand over my straining erection as you do. "Just keep that hard as much as you can. Stimulate yourself often, but don't finish. I want you to be extra fun to tease tonight. You get so cute when you squirm so much."You remove your hand from my crotch and slowly kiss me again. I moan in excitement and anticipation, so happy to be here for you and so ready for tonight. You turn and begin to leave before you stop. "Oh, I almost forgot." Walking over to the closet you grab the powder blue bag. Recognizing it, I throw my blankets off and begin to pull my boxer briefs off. You set the bag down on the bed and pull out a diaper and baby powder and lotion.The sensation of your lotioned hands rubbing on my throbbing member is almost more than I can stand and I nearly orgasm, but you manage to stop just before I do. I furiously pant from the excitement, internally groaning from the constant teasing going on. You wait for me to calm down enough and finish by powdering my crotch and butt and taping the diaper around my waist."Now, I want that kept on all day. I'll change it when I get back tonight. I may be a little late, but that's only to pick a few things up for an event. Don't worry, mommy will be back for her little angel as soon as she can." You say to me, holding my face in your hands and kissing my forehead. "Make sure that you are wearing one of your onesies when I get home. You always look so cute in them."With that, you left for work, showing your glorious short dress with tight leggings. I lay down in bed again, still thinking about what you told me to do and, knowing that I would need to get on them soon, I decided I should be getting up soon.I started the day by grabbing a shirt so that I could walk around in a bit more comfort. I liked letting a bit of a breeze go through my legs, but I could be a little sensitive on my upper body. Making myself some breakfast, I get together a list of everything I need to clean before you arrive and what we have that I can make for dinner. I quickly surmise that we have everything that we need for quite a few items and, shortly after finishing my own meal, I start setting up everything to have your favorite ready: steak and potatoes with asparagus.Dinner preparations are finished by ten in the morning and I feel ready to go about cleaning. I start in our bathroom and find you left a surprise for me: a used pair of panties. I picked them up and could smell your juices on them. I put my nose to them and sniffed them deeply. They almost smelled fresh.Relaxing back on the lid of the toilet, I began to rub myself through the diaper. The sensations felt amazing, with my cock wrapped in the pillow-like padding and your smell all around me. I wanted so badly to finish myself, but I knew I would be punished if you found my diaper had been used for that before you got home, so I stopped.I grabbed the laundry lying in our bedroom and brought all of it into the laundry and separated them before starting a load, taking a whiff of any of your panties that I find to catch a small fragment of your fragrance. It takes longer to do and I'm so incredibly horny by the end of it, but it's so enjoyable that I find it to be worth it. After starting the washing machine, I decide to move back to the chores.--------After I have finished cleaning up the apartment, I realized that it was almost three in the afternoon. I thought it would be best to grab a snack to tide myself over until dinner. Upon entering the kitchen, I open the refrigerator has a few bottles of milk and the front bottle has a note under it. "Enjoy only 2 at most -Mommy" I grin happily and begin to drink. The taste of your nectar is heavenly and I am on cloud nine as I sit down at the kitchen table, my butt padded by the diaper. The sweetness is to die for and the texture as it runs across my tongue is superb. I feel like I could lose myself drinking this.After a few minutes, to my surprise, I have emptied the bottle. This makes me sad, but I remember that I have another later if I want it. I stand back up and stretch, deciding that I can probably stand to relax myself for a while. I make my way back to the bedroom to change.Finding the outfit I want, I take off my shirt and put on the cutest snap crotch bunny romper.I giggle at how cute I am with my outfit and diaper bulge in the mirror, before moving over to the computer to check what's going on and play some games. After a few minutes, I start to notice I need to pee. I let go of my muscles and begin wetting my diaper. The warm flooding is immaculate around my crotch and I feel elated with the sensations enveloping my groin. As I feel the padding absorbing my urine, I start rubbing myself again, enamored with the exquisite warmth and pressure. I start to feel myself leaking precum before I realize that I have almost gone too far. I stop, reluctantly, and begin again at perusing the internet.Five o'clock passes and I receive a message from you. "Hey baby. You making sure mommy will come home happy?"I smile and reply, "Of course. I'm even dressed for you. Everything is clean and dinner only needs to be cooked. We'll have leftovers.""Wonderful! I can't wait! I just want to squeeze you and cuddle you until you can't stand it.""That could never happen."" Show me what you are wearing."This surprised me. You had never asked for a picture before. I was shocked. I was hesitant, but I slowly got up and made my way to the mirror, angling it so that you couldn't see my face before taking the picture and sending it to you."Look at that sexy little cutiepie. All embarrassed to show his adorable face. Have dinner ready for us by 6:30. I love you!"I blushed red hot and almost buried my face in my hands, but I knew you were only teasing. You didn't have an ulterior motive. "I love you too!" I sent back.I got back to the desk and almost got back into a video when I got another message. This one had three pictures attached to it. The first showed your blouse, probably in your workplace bathroom. The second was a close up of your nipple, with your color of lipstick around it in the shape of a kiss. The last showed your purse, with your bra strap hanging out.I was rock hard again seeing these. I wanted to orgasm so badly, but I knew that I was being teased, so I had to be careful. I could be patient. I noticed a cramp in my stomach, but I was probably just hungry. Nothing a bottle couldn't fix.---------I was in the kitchen, dinner was almost ready, everything was coming together perfectly and on time. It was six twenty-nine and I'd even found the ingredients to turn the juices from the steak into a wonderful cream sauce. Everything was great when I felt something hit me worse. My cramps had turned into an even greater pain and I could feel myself about to let loose into my diaper soon. I saw everything was done and turned all of the heat off, moving the steak onto a plate, the sauce into a gravy boat, the asparagus into a dish, and the potatoes into a bowl.After setting the table, I was about to walk to the bathroom when I heard the key in the door. I was elated. I couldn't think about myself right now when you were getting here.I turned around and stood still, knowing that I wouldn't be seen from the door as it was down the hallway. I could almost jump right out of my skin I was so happy. The door closed and I heard the telltale signs of your shoes as you walked down the hallway.I couldn't hold back my smile as it spread across my entire face seeing you round the corner. "Hi, Mommy!" I nearly shouted, too excited to care about the noise. That smile and excitement changed quickly as I saw something that stunned me: three more women rounding the corner.I was shocked and couldn't move. My smile faded even as yours grew. The women looked surprised, amused, or interested in me and I couldn't tell which was more apparent on each face. That was when my bowels could not hold anymore.I felt my knees giving way, from the embarrassment and the pressure at my backdoor. I leaned back and grabbed a chair, squatting slightly as I felt everything let loose into my waiting diaper, sending an entire days worth of waste into the waiting plastic.My cheeks were even more red than before and I could barely see as the relief spread through my lower body."Ladies, this is my baby boyfriend." You introduced me. The women in behind you looked at me, not saying a word. I could see what I thought was their judgement plastered across their faces. I almost felt I could cry. I turned my head and felt a single tear stream down my cheek. Then I felt a hand wipe it away and turn me towards a caring face."Hey there, little guy. Aren't you so cute?" She said, rubbing my cheek with her thumb. I was speechless as I stared at her pink color contacts, noting her short hair and lipstick matched. "I could just eat you up!" With that she began to eskimo kiss me, eliciting a small giggle. That caused her to smile so wide, her teeth were showing beautifully. "Awh, there's a cute smile. Hey, Amelia, you sure know how to pick 'em."Mommy walked over to the kitchen, starting to grab plates, silverware and glasses for everyone. "I know, right Heather? He cooks, he cleans, he's so gorgeous, and he loves to be my baby whenever I want."Heather. That was a pretty name. I could feel her doting hand still running slightly on my cheek and felt like I could melt into it. Stepping into my line of sight on Heathers' right, a shorter blonde stepped towards me and looked me up and down more closely as I inspected her back.She was about a foot shorter than me, blonde hair put into a bun on her head in a sophisticated manner, so little makeup that you could see her face had no glisten that normal residue leaves, and her breasts were nearly falling out of her tight top. With the size they were, looking like they could be at least an E-cup, I wasn't surprised. "I can't believe you knew he would do that in front of us. Like, you said he was gonna be filling up his diaper just after he noticed us and now...wow.""Yup." Mommy said, setting the table for the others and portioning the plates. "I know him. He takes a bottle, or a drink if I'm around, around the same time every day, unless we wake up early enough or I need him to empty me on nights or weekends. So all it took was a laxative in the first two bottles and he would be the cutest, messy baby for us." She laughed after she said that, Heather smiled, the blonde girl started to poke at the diaper bulge on my waist while eyeing my onesie.From behind both of them, I heard another laugh as I saw the final girl flank me on Heathers' left. She had a huge grin, almost the same sadistic look Mommy gives when she wants to dominate me. Her burgundy hair whipped in it's pony tail as she ran up to look closer at me and bring a hand down to spank me on my messy butt."Mmhm. Someone's a messy boy." She said as she pressed my waste into my ass, rubbing it like she was trying to give me a butt massage. "I think someone needs a change. And a very thorough cleaning.""There will be plenty of time for that after dinner. The food will get cold ladies." I saw the disappointment in all of their faces, but they separated and sat at the table. Unfortunately, there were only four seats."Um...mommy...where do you want me to sit?" I asked, cautiously, keeping my voice down and looking back down at the ground, hands clasped behind my back. You walked right over to me and picked my head up in your hand, smiling wide as you looked into my eyes again."Oh, sweetie," You began, pulling the chair I was just leaning against away from the table, "you sit right here." You slid your hand to my shoulder and steered me in front of the chair, gently pushing me down until I was sitting down. The warm mush in my diaper spread up and into my groin region, coating my entire waist in my own waste. Then, you turned around, pushing the same perfect butt you were showing off this morning until it rubbed against my chin. Slowly, you sat down onto my lap.I felt your fantastic ass on my dick as you adjusted yourself on me, teasing as you wiggled side to side and all around on me. Moaning in pleasure, I was blushing even harder than before with the added embarrassment of my high pitched moans filling the mostly silent room.The giggles around the room began again, but died down as everyone began dishing themselves their food."Oh, god." I heard the burgundy haired girl say. "He made this? By himself?""Of course, Riley." Mommy said, on my lap, cutting her food into bite sizes."This is soooo good." Riley continued, mouth still with food in it. The others made small noises of agreement as the dominant sounds coming from them were forks and knives frantically cutting into their meals."Hear that, baby? My friends love what you bring to the table." Mommy laughed at her own joke, before bringing a bite of steak to my mouth. I ate it, savoring the flavors and the feeling of being fed. I was so happy, while still so embarrassed."So," the blonde spoke, wiping her face and grabbing more food, "now that we see you weren't making anything up, how long has this been going on? You told us that you two have been together for more than four years, but how long have you been in this part of your relationship?"Mommy looked over at her, one hand on my cheek and the other holding some potatoes in front of my open mouth. She looked back into my eyes and smiled, more gentle and calm. She pushed the fork into my mouth and kissed my forehead. "Well," you say as you look back at the group, "He came out to me about his diaper fetish after about a year. He was so embarrassed about it that it took him about five minutes to tell me. I loved watching him blush like that, so cute. Anyway, I was interested in why he liked it so we bought him some diapers and played in them. We tried a bunch of different positions and he loved them so much. Whether I was jerking him off in them or grinding against him or having him hump me, he would love everything we did, and he wasn't the only one. He even liked wearing them around instead of underwear, which made him look extra cute."Once we had our own place for just the two of us and I started making enough to support us both, he started staying at home to make food, clean and write, and shortly after asking if he could wear diapers more often. I told him to wait, but I wanted to tease him before we made this more of a thing. I set up a P.O. Box and started having packages of clothes and diapers sent there. On one of my days off, I sent him out for somethings the next town over and brought home all of the fun toys and outfits I got for him. He was ecstatic to see it."I have been keeping him in various diapers for a few months now, changing diapers, designs, thickness and even getting him several cloth diapers. I couldn't wait to show him off, but I knew that I would have to gauge if some of you and our other friends and colleagues would like it."Heather spoke up after that. "I'm glad you trusted us with this. I can't believe that a guy like him is so cute and enjoys being your baby.""Trust me, that isn't all he likes. He's plenty good at so much more." You turn and wink at me, pushing your index finger into my mouth for me to suck on. It's relaxing and still bares the flavor of dinner, so I am not at all displeased. I close my eyes, barely registering as the others begin to giggle. "Come on, everyone. Let's move this into the living room. I think that baby needs a change." Those words were on repeat in my head as I sucked on your fingers, eyes closed and in bliss. Suddenly the implication of what you said became clear and my eyes darted wide open. Grinding down on my soiled mess of a diaper one last time, you rose from my lap, guiding me by your finger tapping the top of my mouth. I was not going to disobey and, meekly, I rose to follow behind you as you moved out from in front of the chair.The mess around my waist exerted its weight again and my embarrassment heightened even further. Soft giggling came from behind as your friends saw the sagging covered by my onesie. The heat on my face intensified as I was sure that my entire face had turned redder than a tomato by this point.Gracefully, you stepped through to the living room area of our apartment. The open area between our coffee table and entertainment center was merely a few feet, but from experience I knew that it was plenty of room for you to change me. I realized that you were doing just that as I saw you pull the changing mat from leaning on the wall and place it on the ground. You remove your finger from my mouth and begin to unroll the pad, showing off your perfect behind as you crawl forward and flatten the corners. You turn around, smirking as you catch me staring at you, and pat the mat. "Ok, little guy, lay down for me so we can get that big stinky diapee off you and get you into a fresh, comfy, happy time diaper."I froze again and flushed even harder, but gently laid down on the pad, my legs spread around either side of you. Smiling down, you start to rub my diaper, feeling the bulging phallus underneath and squeezing it, outlining it in its padding. You signal your head over towards our guests an I gaze over to see they are all staring from the table: Riley with her predatory smile stretched from ear to ear, Heather was laying forward with a dreamy look, and the blonde was leaning on the back of her chair, breasts nearly spilling over the back. I moaned as Mommy kept rubbing and squeezing me, feeling my mess and my erection, and I blushed as hard as I could ever remember, closing my eyes tight in embarrassment and covering my face with my hands. This only added to it though as they all cooed at me as I did so."No need to be shy, girls." Mommy said, slowing her rubbing to a snails pace. "Come and take a closer look. Baby is the center of attention, after all."With that, all of the girls walked over to watch. Heather sat on Mommies right, resting against the entertainment center and waived at me. The blonde girl sat on the table, showing the rounded buttocks under her skirt as she walked past me to get into a position she wanted. Riley must have seen me peeking through my hands because she smiled at me as she stood near my head and then knelt, grabbing my hands and holding them on either side of my head and sat on them, legs pushed to cover most of my arms and my head pressed against her crotch.I felt like I was sensitive to every slightest shift in movement, every vibration, every smell around me as I thought I was about to burst at any moment. Mommy then stopped and began undoing the snaps on the onesie. My browned diaper was exposed as the cloth was removed from its sides and hiked up to my hips. Mommy smiled again and bent over me, hands to my sides. "Now, honey, does someone need to go pee pee? Remember, Mommy doesn't want a mess to be made while we're changing and a little boy like you can't always control himself, right darling?"My blushing face couldn't hide that I was desperate and had only managed to hold so much for so long because of the pressure and pleasure being constantly administered by you. I closed my eyes and relaxed as I let myself piss into the waiting padding. The hissing sound of the flow was loudly audible and unmistakable in its source and I couldn't take anymore. A tear shed from my eye and I could feel more forming."Aw, baby," You said leaning over and cupping my right cheek, your face being the only thing in my line of sight, "Don't cry, it'll be OK. Tonight is supposed to be fun for you. I want this night to be the most fun you've ever had, so that we can have even more in the future."On my other cheek, I felt the tear being rubbed off and noticed that Riley had began rubbing my cheek sighed in calm and nuzzled into Mommies hand before she pulled back, smiling again. With that and the gentle stroking of my cheek, I began to press into the other hand still on me and heard a sigh from above me. I could only guess that Riley liked that.The tearing of tape pulled me out of my calm and brought me back into focus. I felt the cool air hit my groin and a sharp intake of air could be heard as I did. I would have felt embarrassed, but instead the calm overtook me and I felt fine if a bit self conscious of the mess I had made. I could tell that you let it hang open for longer than you needed to, but I also saw that it was because of the girls reactions. Riley was licking her lips, Heather had her hands over her mouth, but the blonde girl had your favorite."He is super messy, but he is also such a big boy. I didn't know he had such a fun looking toy in there." While she said this, her eyes were almost glowing with interest and her hands were gripping her knees. She was very excited.Mommy laughed. "My beautiful boy is so wonderful and all of his playthings are very fun. I can't wait to show you how much fun he can be, Brittany. But playtime comes later. For right now, he needs a good cleaning."
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