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  1. This story is a sequel to “First week at my new job.” I highly recommend you check it out first, as it will make reading this story easier! And thank you for all your kind words and encouragement. They really mean a lot to a budding author! ☺️ FIRST MONTH AT MY NEW JOB by LtlGary “The bruising is healing nicely. Go ahead and rotate your ankle for me.” I sat up on the examination table as I rotated my naked foot for Dr. Jessica. The brace rested in the corner of the room, next to my diaper bag. I lifted my foot as she scanned my foot with a digital scanner. The screen showed the bones, tendon and muscle as they moved. I frowned at the slight discomfort. “I’ll recommend a lighter brace. One that you can wear with socks and shoes.” “Thank you so much, Doc.” I had something else on my mind, but had no idea how to bring up the subject. “Something else on your mind?” Dr. Jessica must have noticed my expression. “It’s just that… I’ve been loving my job at River-Bridge. I’ve been testing out their strollers, and… their other products.” “I see.” “But I’m not worried about losing my control.” I added hastily. “I’m…just worried with all the sitting I’m doing in the stroller, and having others take care of me…” “You’re worried that you’re not getting enough exercise. And you’re also worried about your independence.” “Yeah.” I studied her diplomas on the wall. Dr. Jessica Cunningham was more than just a doctor to me. She was my close friend in school. Our parents were close friends, and inevitably she found out about my trouble staying dry at night. I made her promise to never to tell a soul. Ironically, my bedwetting issues were one of the main reasons why she decided to pursue a career in medicine. She glanced over my chart. “You haven’t gained any noticeable weight since your last checkup. I wouldn’t worry about it. Though maybe you could have them switch you out from a stroller to a toddler harness. River-Bridge sells those, right?” “I can’t answer that.” I definitely wasn’t allowed to share that information. However, I was already making plans to use the harness the R & D team gave me. She smiled knowingly. “No matter. Now let’s check to see if you’re wet.” “Excuse me?” “I have to make sure you don’t have a rash. And I wouldn’t mind a trip down memory lane.” I sighed as I laid back. Dr. Jessica expertly unpinned my short-alls and onesie, exposing my diaper. Two fingers made their way between the disposable and my boy bits. I tried really hard not to squirm. “Aww, don’t be so bashful. You’re only a little wet, but enough that you need a fresh diaper.” Mainly because a shot of pee had escaped me when she mentioned that she wanted to change me! She reached over and snatched my diaper bag off the floor. The slightly used diaper was folded up neatly and tossed in the trash. I shivered as I was wiped down. A splash of powder followed, and an extra thick diaper was pulled up around my legs. “Gonna need you to lift up, little man.” I was surprised she remembered my parent’s nickname for me. I dutifully lifted my hips. Dr. Jessica secured the cartoon diaper around my waist and fastened the tapes. Lastly, she buttoned me all up. “There, there. Nothing to be embarrassed about.” She gently patted my diapered bottom as she helped me back into the stroller. She pushed a button on her wrist watch, and a male nurse entered the office. “Gary will need a smaller ankle brace. And another appointment in eight weeks.” *** The nurse was super helpful. I was able to get the smaller brace in the color I wanted, which he fitted to my injured foot. He was kind enough to help me into my van and even made sure that I was securely strapped into my five point harness. I waved good-bye to him just like a little kid would as the automated door closed. “Home.” Two weeks had passed since the car accident, and I still had no desire to drive. I was still keeping up with my workload, despite protests from Hank and Danny. They were insisting that I take it slow and steady. They didn’t want me to get burned out or reinjure myself. I appreciated the concern, but I had to let them know repeatedly that I was not made of glass. I felt a familiar rumble in my bowels. Why did I have Mexican food for lunch? “Call Adina.” I told the van’s AI. “Yes, baby Gary?” She answered immediately. So glad that Nanny Bots were cellular capable! “Can you run the bath? I many arrive home messy.” “Understood. I have also changed the sheets on your crib as you instructed.” “Thank you. See you soon!” Adina hung up. I spent the remainder of the trip home engrossed in trying to solve an oversized Rubik’s Cube. A gift from Danny to keep me occupied as my foot healed. The van pulled up to the abode, parked neatly between two sedans, and the engine shut off automatically. I unbuckled my harness and opened the door. I intended to make it home as soon as possible, as the last thing I wanted was to mess my diaper in public. “Hello, neighbor! Don’t think we’ve met!” A heavily accented voice drew my attention. I turned over and found myself staring at the largest guy I’ve ever seen! The tall black man stood over six feet and easily more than twice my weight. And none of it was fat. “The name’s Nolan.” “Gary.” I responded with more confidence than I felt. “Good to meet you! I take it you work at River-Bridge?” “Yeah. In the Logistics Department.” “I own the 6-10 Mini mart on 7th street. We actually carry your products, since the Senior Center is right next door.” “That’s great.” Sweat was rolling down my back as my stomach gurgled. I had been holding it back for too long, but I didn’t want to let it go in front of Nolan. What would he think of me? The very thought chilled my blood. I closed up the van, locking it with a simple voice command. “Well, I got to get going. I’ve had a busy day.” I started hobbling towards my place with my diaper bag in tow. “Let me give you a hand.” The next thing I know, I’m being swept up into his huge muscular arms. I gave a large fearful yelp as my bowels emptied themselves. The stench was overpowering! A small sob escaped my lips. Nolan gently rubbed my back. “It’s all right.” He kept telling me. I certainly didn’t feel all right! “Are you embarrassed that you used your diaper like a good little boy?” I nodded as I wiped snot onto my arm. “Well you have nothing to worry about.” “I don’t understand.” Nolan booped my nose. “Most people here know that River-Bridge employees don’t wear regular underwear. Hell, I don’t even mind the smell because I helped my older sister run a daycare.” I stared at him in awe. “I wasn’t expecting you to be so nice.” “I get that from a lot of folks. And if you ever need someone to babysit you, let me know.” I thought for a moment. Mom and Dad have always told me to be more sociable. I’d always brush them off, and use my imagination for company instead. Sure, I had my co-workers at work, but I never let them get this close. I never treated them more than acquaintances. What I really needed was a close friend. “I’d be honored. Right now I just want to go home and get this nasty diaper off me.” I paused. “Totally understandable.” Nolan walked me towards my front entrance. I hesitated. “I’m working only half days this week, so maybe we can grab a bite to eat tomorrow?” “Sounds good!” Adina was waiting for both of us. Nolan handed her to me. “See ya tomorrow, Nolan!” I waved. “Can you set me down, Adina? I need to practice walking with my new brace on.” “No problem, baby Gary.” She set me down. I took her hand and together we walked to the bathroom. I was lifted up onto the changing table, and my clothes were peeled off. Adina had to spend a fair amount of time wiping down my backside. I was so glad I didn’t have a blowout! I was deposited in the tub, which was filled with warm water, toys and tons of bubbles. I was too tired to play and let the warmth penetrate my body for half an hour. Adina entered later, holding a large fluffy towel. She reached in and pulled the stopper. Soon I was in her arms, being gently dried down. I struggled to keep my eyes open as a fresh diaper encircled my loins. The last thing I remember is finding myself in my crib next to my blankie and a bottle of formula. *** The next morning was fairly uneventful. I managed to solve my Rubik’s cube on the way to work. I spent the next few hours reading and answering supplier emails. I was in the in the middle of writing a report for Hank when a Nanny Bot plucked me out of my chair. “Lunchtime!” “Can you hand my tablet please?” The Nanny Bot wordlessly grabbed it off my desk and handed it to me. I made sure the draft was saved on my email account. I was carried into the cafeteria after several back rubs and bottom pats. I made sure to hang onto the tablet as I was secured into a high chair. Today’s menu item was pizza, veggies and breadsticks. I quietly worked on my tablet as a tray of food arrived. I managed to type out another two pages as my Nanny Bot busied herself with cutting up the breadsticks and pepperoni pizza into bite sized pieces. She gently patted my head as she set a sippy cup full of juice and put a bib around my neck. “Eat up, sweetheart! You need to be strong and healthy so you can do your best work!” The bot informed me. I reached for the first bite of pizza, blew on it and stuffed it into my mouth. Followed by another. I had been working so hard that I forgot I was hungry! I ignored the grease that was smeared all over my face and hands. “I hope you’re not planning on using that tablet.” I heard Danny chuckle at me. He was busy munching on a breadstick from the next high chair over. I shrugged. “I was smart enough to work before I start eating.” “Speaking of food, this weekend there’s a large potluck planned for the end of summer. We’re planning all kinds of games: tag, sharks and minnows, dodgeball, water balloon fights, the whole nine yards. Are you planning on coming?” “Definitely!” I thought for a moment. “Can I bring a friend?” “Don’t see why not.” “Thanks! Anything else I should know?” “Well, Hank and I are working on forming a small softball team. A few of the other biomedical companies also have teams and we’re thinking of joining in on the fun.” “You mean T-ball league?” I gave him a sly grin. “I’m still working on the details, though the other teams said that would be fine.” “Count me in. I need to get some more exercise.” “Oh?” “My doctor noticed I’ve put on ten pounds. I need less time in the stroller.” I finished my meal, and the Nanny Bot rolled over. My face and hands were wiped down with a damp cloth, and the food splattered bib was removed. My diaper was checked, and I was still dry... for the moment. I held the Bot’s hand as I walked back to my desk. Once I hooked up my tablet to the charging pad, I made my way to the playground. For the next hour I pretended to be on a pirate ship as I turned the big wheel. Next I was a ninja, defending my lord’s home against the invading army. Finally a Viking, as I searched for cities to plunder. I worked up quite a sweat as I ran up and down the slide and monkey bars. I really wanted to continue to play, but I did promise to hang out with Nolan. Reluctantly I made my way towards my van. I was about to open the door when I groaned. I left my cell phone at my desk! I raced back inside, and up the stairs. I managed to snag it, but then my luck ran out. A Nanny Bot cornered me at one of the exits. “Wow, little one! You are quite smelly and sweaty! Someone could use a shower!” “I don’t have time. I’m meeting a new friend and I don’t want to be late.” “But do you want to meet your friend all disheveled? Come on, you’ll feel better!” I found myself in her arms as we walked to the large showers. I wasn’t getting out of this. Ah well, better to be late and presentable! “As long as we make it quick.” “Of course, little one.” The Bot made good on her word. I was stripped, scrubbed, and rinsed in under ten minutes. Powder, deodorant, a thick diaper and fresh clothes followed. It even combed my hair into a nice part. “Thank you.” I said when I was set back down on the ground. “No problem, little one.” It gave me a pat on my bottom, urging me to get going. I made my way back to my van and began the journey back home. I absentmindedly stared out the window, wishing I had brought more toys to play with. As the van parked fifteen moments later, I unbuckled myself and sprang from the van door. I made my way to Nolan’s front porch as fast as I could waddle. I was about to knock when Nolan stepped outside. “Come on in, little one!” He swallowed me up in his arms. I giggled in spite of my nervousness. I hadn’t expected to share my love of acting younger with anyone else. Having my parents, let alone the hospital staff was a lot to take in. But letting my neighbor in on my lifestyle was a whole another level. Nolan’s fingers made their way underneath my short-alls. “You’re soaking wet!” “My diaper bag is in my van.” I handed him the keys. I was a little surprised as I no longer noticed when I needed to wet myself. We walked back out to the parking lot where he grabbed it from the trunk. Once back inside, he laid me down on the floor of his living room. He made short work of my clothes. The diaper was tossed in the trash. His touch only made me giggle more. “Ticklish?” “Not gonna answer that.” Nolan responded by blowing a big raspberry on my stomach. I howled with laughter. He nimbly secured a fresh diaper around my bottom, and rebuttoned my onesie and short-alls. “Can I have my blankie?” I pointed to my diaper bag. “Sure, little one.” I cuddled with my blankie as I was powdered, oiled and diapered. I then found myself on Nolan’s lap. He gently rocked me back and forth. We talked about all kinds of things: favorite movies, food, hobbies, family as the hours ticked by. “Do you have any plans this weekend?” I took a deep breath. “I was just going to take it easy. Did you have something in mind?” “My work is hosting a potluck and…” I hesitated. “I was hoping you’d be my plus one. My parents are too far away, let alone too busy. And you’re the only person that I’ve gotten to know.” A subtle grin tugged at the corners of his mouth. “I’d be honored. Can’t have my little boy be all alone at his party.” “My little boy?” “You don’t mind, do you?” I scrunched my eyebrows in thought. Having Adina was nice and all, but I really enjoyed the company of another person. And being out on my own was so daunting! It was nice to have someone look after me when my parents aren’t able to. “Not at all. Thank you, daddy.” I cuddled up to him. I found myself nodding off due to all the excitement earlier today. Nolan carried me back to my home where Adina was waiting. “May I put him to bed?” Nolan asked the Nanny Bot. She nodded. Once again I was laid in my crib. Nolan secured my blankie under my arm. He also put a pacifier in my mouth, which I immediately started sucking on unconsciously. “He’s so bloody cute.” Nolan whispered to himself as he shut the door to my room. *** The potluck totally consumed my mind for the rest of the week. Adina helped me cook up a storm the day before. The condo smelled heavenly as I made freshly baked bread, a large fruit salad and baked a large batch of cookies. I loved to cook for large groups, as it’s something I don’t do very often. My family was never large and I had leftovers for days whenever I cooked on special occasions. The scheduled day arrived, and early Saturday morning I began loading the van with my baked goods. I put on my best clothes – a sailor suit romper - with Adina’s help. With that large job done, I knocked on Nolan’s front door. “Ready to go?” “Of course, little boy.” He ruffled my hair. He was dressed in a nice golf shirt, shorts and a pair of sandals. There wasn’t a single wrinkle on his clothing. I grabbed the offered hand as we walked to my van. He gently strapped me into my car seat. “I forgot the diaper bag.” I fretted. Nolan went back to my condo where Adina was waiting with a bag in her arms. He thanked her as he took the bag and stowed it in the front seat. Nolan chose to sit next to me for the ride over. We made small talk as my van zipped along the back roads. The conversation kept me calm, as I inwardly worried over the smallest details. Did I follow the recipe correctly? What will my coworkers think of my neighbor? Will I say something awkward and ruin all the goodwill that I’ve painstakingly built up? I saw a concerned look on Nolan’s face, so I took a deep breath. He rubbed my shoulder reassuringly. The van made its way to the employee parking lot and parked in the closest stall. Several of my coworkers greeted me when the door opened. They helped carry all my food, gushing with all kinds of complements on how wonderful it smelled. Nolan managed to grab my diaper bag from the trunk. I took his hand, and we walked towards the playground. Small tables had been set up, full of all kinds of baked dishes, salads. Another small table held numerous baby bottles and sippy cups full of juice, milk or water. Nanny Bots were busy feeding their charges. I spotted Hank and Danny happily playing on the playground, their shrieks of laughter permeating the air. Upon spotting me, both of them slid down the slide and ran over to me. “Why don’t you introduce me to your friends, Gary?” “This is Hank and Danny.” I stared at my shoes, as my cheeks began to turn pink. “And you are?” “Nolan, Gary’s neighbor.” “Good to meet you!” Nolan eyed Danny’s sagging waistline. “You could use a change, young man.” My co-worker glanced down. “Huh. Been too busy having fun.” He sighed. “Would you mind? Most of the Bots are busy at the moment.” “Not a problem, just point me towards the changing area.” Danny raised his arms, and Nolan plucked him off the ground. My neighbor bounced him around as both men walked towards a large blanket full of changing supplies. Hank grabbed my hand. “Come on, you got to try all this great food. Who knew the Customer Service department could cook!” A small smile crept on my face as we filled our paper plates to the brim. We ate with our fingers, with the occasional Bot putting a full fork or spoon into our mouths. I have never tasted food this good! I was lucky enough to sample everything. A few other factory workers struck up a conversation with me, and I managed to shelve my anxiety as we sat at the main table. The Marketing division then got a game of sharks and minnows going. I eagerly joined in on the fun. I was able to even tag several people despite being in an ankle brace. I definitely worked up a sweat as the sun crawled across the cloudless sky. A slight breeze was wafting through the park, but it still wasn’t enough to cool us down. After a few rounds, we switched to kickball. I had a little trouble with my foot but I was still able to get on base a few times. I couldn’t tell if the opposing team was being nice to me or not, but I decided not to worry about it. When the last game had finished, the CEO stood up and announced that the permitting issue had been fixed and now he was able to turn on the fountains. A shout of joy rang from the crowd. I joined in, but only half-heartedly. I didn’t mind getting wet but I didn’t like all the extra sagginess around my waist. Yet I saw all my coworkers taking off their clothes (with the help of others or being assisted by Nanny Bots) and run to the fountains in just their diapers. I really didn’t want to be left out, so I decided to brave a little discomfort. A nearby nanny bot noticed my expression. “Would you like to play in the water with your friends?” “Yeah.” She divested me of my sailor suit romper and left me in just my diaper. Which was a little wet, but the Bot surmised that it would hold up for now. “Arms up.” The Bot gently started spraying sunscreen over my body. I closed my eyes, trying not to let the banana smelling mist near my face. That stuff will sting like no other! The Bot didn’t forget my ears, nose, cheeks and forehead. Liam from the product development team was next. My bottom received another endless pat as she ushered me to play. I giggled as I hobbled over to the fountains where Liam, Danny, Hank and several others were laughing and playing among the granite surface. Water would squirt up from the holes, drenching their bodies. There was even a pole containing three buckets. Spigots would fill them with water, and they would tip every so often. Drenching anyone underneath. Many tried running across, trying not to get wet. I even tried a few times. We didn’t succeed in the slightest. I could hear Nolan’s laughter as he sat watching us from the food tables. The water was ice cold, but felt amazing against our skin. The humidity was low and the day was hot, making for perfect balance. Out of the corner of my eye I find Hank and Danny holding a large plastic laundry basket. Liam and a girl from Marketing are holding another. My suspicions were confirmed when the first water balloons were hurled at unsuspecting targets. War was declared as combatants squared off. Multi colored balloons were soon flying everywhere. Along with giggles and laughs. I quickly joined the melee, reaching for the nearest ammo stockpile. I got in some good hits and took a few mighty blows. I stopped by the food table to grab a cookie for two. My sweet tooth needed to be sated! I happily munched as I found myself being picked up by Nolan. “I found a little boy who desperately needs a dry diaper!” I laughed as he threw me over my shoulder. I found myself on the changing pad, staring up into the crystal clear sky as my saggy diaper was handed to a Nanny Bot for disposal. A dash of power, a dollop of cream and one fresh diaper later, I found myself being gently bounced on Nolan’s knee. I leaned against his large frame as I watched the chaos. I was mostly dry by then, but he had told me he didn’t mind getting wet. My eyes absorbed every feint, every successful hit, and every chase. “You ready to get back into your regular clothes?” Nolan asked me after a while. I nodded tiredly. He carried me back to a changing mat where I was put in fresh diaper. A bottle full of formula kept my attention while Nolan took care of me. My romper was stowed away, and in its place I was wearing a light blue onesie with golden stars all over. I found myself growing more and more tired. I don’t remember Nolan scooping me up into his giant arms, while thanking countless people for the fun we had. Hell, I don’t even remember messing my diaper on the ride home. Nolan apparently did because he said the smell was the foulest thing he’d smelled in a long time. But what surprised me the most was when I found myself in the shower with Nolan. Now I really began to like him as a friend, but not as a lover. I’ve never been gay, but I’ve always wanted a father or an older brother in my life. Nolan filled that void perfectly, and I got the impression that he felt the same way about me. I pondered my feelings as he scrubbed my diaper area. I shyly asked if he needed any help washing himself, but he laughed and said he’d handle it. His shower was much larger than mine, and easily fit both of us. I relished the rain like feeling as it gently poured from the spigot in the ceiling. He toweled me off, put me in a thick nighttime diaper, and carried me back to my crib in my apartment. Adina didn’t mind as he gently laid me down. A pacifier was slipped into my mouth, and my blankie found itself in my sleepy fingers. Soon I was lost in another adventure in dreamland, as Nolan sought his own bed back in his own condo. THE END
  2. The planet earth, home to the species known as humanity. This species has been through so much in the past 66-million years, from wars to famine, to extinction-level events and many other catastrophes that would have ripped other species and planets apart. Nope, not this species, these species, these humans have survived for so long and why, no other race in the galaxy that has been observing them for as long as they have existed could tell you that. The only thing they do know is that this species is new to the space-faring and has only barely started establishing its own foothold in the galaxy. But now the galaxy was about to feel what it was like to have humans roaming about the galaxy in a military vessel no-less, some leaders of other races, just couldn't believe the idea that humanity had managed to get this far and survive long enough to be able to become space-faring, others are happy that the humans have finally reached a league of their own in space-travel, the rest of the leaders try and come together to discourage humanity from continuing its endeavor into space by fighting or denying them access to their planets. They thought that if they could starve out the humans then the humans would not have any reason to continue to be in space, oh how very wrong they would eventually turn out to be. Meanwhile, at spaceport Athena, docking-bay 36-4 the crew of the United Nations Carrier Ship zero-one Invictus was getting the final stragglers of its crew-aboard as they were going to be the first military ship, representing humanity in the stars and the galaxy are preparing to set out on their maiden voyage of the milky-way. All of the crew was excited, some were nervous, others were frightened of what they might find out in the dark reaches of space. But all had a determined mind to see this through and see what life was like on other planets, some were veterans of wars on the planets, others were freshly-trained recruits out of the academy that had never been away from home, let alone their home planet. "Oh god, this is gonna be such an exciting moment. I can't wait to see what we get to see when we get to our first planet." One of the officers excitedly says to the officer next to him and quickly falls silent as he and the rest of the crew is called to Attention and the captain of the ship walks out onto the deck and everyone, immediately salutes him, to which he gives the order to stop saluting, which they do and return to a position of attention, it was then that he spoke to all of them. "I am Captain Rangers, you men, and women of this planet, have all been a great opportunity, to become part of the first-ever military endeavor by humanity, in its history among the stars, to patrol and make our presence to the rest of the galaxy be known, now this isn't gonna be easy for most of you because your all used to the gravity of earth, trust me I was too when I first stepped aboard this ship, but I am happy to report that it will get easier, just remember that you are representing humanity aboard this ship, we are humanity upon the stars, so whatever petty crap you have among each other I do not wanna see it aboard this ship, we're here to do a mission and live and work together without any major diplomatic incidents happening. I do not care about your race, where you came from, etc. None of that will have an impact on this ship's mission, do you all understand this? Good! Now, have a safe tour and let's get back to this planet in one piece Hu'ah?! Good! That is all, you're all dismissed!" (If anyone wants to join in, feel free to post a response and a character starter, thank you)
  3. A brief note before we begin - I pulled many of the following events from my own life to create this story. Some of these things did actually happen to me, however I have embellished them a little. Please let me know what you guys think! ☺️ FIRST WEEK AT MY NEW JOB by LtlGary “Mr. Fairchild?” “Yes?” I asked. “How does Monday at 11:30am sound?” “Perfect! I’ll put it on my calendar!” “See you then!” The HR lady then disconnected the call. I grinned as I set the phone on my desk. As a recent college grad, I struggled to find employment. The economy had taken a downturn and suddenly everywhere I asked they were looking for experience. Experience that I don’t have. Finally, after months of updating resumes, attending workshops, and sending emails, I finally have an interview! I barely had time to review the company itself. I think it was in the medial industry, but every business needs inventory specialists. The weekend rolled around, and I practiced being confident in the mirror. Kind of hard when you’re only five feet eight inches tall and skinny as a rail. The morning arrived. I made sure to change my diaper, brush my fiery red hair from my eyes as I got dressed the nicest clothes I could find. I never actually needed to wear diapers, but I’ve had near accidents in the past. And I didn’t want to risk any embarrassment. My palms were sweaty as I made the half hour drive. I parked in visitor parking, grateful to put on under arm deodorant. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. The large building was at the end of a cul-de-sac that overlooked the ocean. The land out front was beautifully landscaped with palm trees waving in the breeze. Parking proved to be an issue, as multiple construction vehicles occupied multiple parking spots. However I managed to find a tiny spot in between two minivans at the end of the lot. I walked in to find a beautifully decorated hallway. I made small talk with the receptionist as I waited for my interview. My mind was conjuring up all kinds of disastrous scenarios that I was trying to ignore. I perked up when the elevator dinged, depositing two people on the main floor. Both of them were men in their late thirties. Both were wearing T-shirts and short shorts. Their waists looked a little bulky, and I tried not to stare. “Gary Fairchild?” “That’s me.” I said with more confidence then I felt. “My name is Hank Johnson. This is Danny Anderson. Welcome to River-Bridge. Please come right this way.” They led me into a small office. I sat in one of the chairs and tried to look them in the eyes. “Tell us a little about yourself.” Hank prompted. I explained how I grew up moving a lot because my father was in the military. I was an average student in high school and in college. I majored in Supply Logistics mainly because I didn’t want to be the center of attention, but I wanted to work behind the scenes. I had worked multiple retail jobs to help pay for school expenses but I wasn’t a fan of customer service due to my shy nature. I left out the part about me being a chronic bedwetter until the age of 12. And that it put a huge dent in my self-confidence. I had really few friends, and rarely talked to my family. I was an only child after all. “Let us explain the position: We need someone to be in the office to manage the inventory. Our old manager had to quit because he had a family emergency. Most of the system is automated but you’ll need to enter the purchases into the computer system by hand.” “That shouldn’t be an issue. I am quite competent with computers. “ “Excellent! We offer a competitive salary as well as medical, dental, signing bonus and other benefits. Come, let us give you a tour of the facility.” Danny motioned me out of the office and onto the main floor. Workers were busy breaking down pallets of inventory and sorting it by type. Large packages of diapers were storied in nice, orderly stacks. Other areas held adult baby clothing – rompers, onesies, and short-alls. A third section contained all the supplies – wipes, bibs and pacifiers. A forth section contained furniture and car seats. However, I noticed that the workers were wearing rompers themselves. Some even had light up shoes. And it was obvious that they were in diapers! “We get shipment in every Monday from our suppliers. The orders usually cut off in the late afternoon.” Hank informed me as we walked. We climbed the stairs and entered the second floor, which consisted of two dozen cubicles. Many workers were typing away on reports or managing the company website. In just T-shirts and diapers. I was memorized. Why would all the workers be diapered? “I see you have some questions.” Danny noticed the look on my face. “Well, uh… um… why is everyone wearing the merchandise?” Hank laughed. “Many of us either love diapers or actually have medical issues. I had terrible bladder infections when I was younger so I can’t wear regular underwear anymore.” “I was injured at a construction site and the resulting nerve damage put me in diapers as well.” Danny added. “I see.” I took a deep breath to calm myself. “Come, the tour is not over.” They led me back down the stairs, past the storage area and into the restrooms. There was a few traditional restrooms, however the majority of the room consisted of multiple changing tables. One of which was occupied. I watched in fascination as the Nanny Bot tore the tapes off the worker’s soggy disposable diaper and threw it in the nearby trash bin. His groin area was gently wiped down, and a dollop of rash cream was applied to his bottom. Lastly, the Bot lifted his bottom and put a fresh disposable around his waist and gently secured it. His onesie was then buttoned down and he was lifted off the table, and the Bot gave him a pat on the bum, the universal sign to ‘go play.’ From there we walked in to the showers. I saw a handful of men and women in the showers, having their bodies washed by more Nanny Bots. The Bots were paying close attention to their groin areas. Each worker had no pubic hair. Next was the breakroom. Several workers, located in high chairs, were being fed by the Nanny bots. Bibs graced their necks, and their faces were messy. After that came the nap room. A few workers were laying in cribs, staring at mobiles. A few were even snoring. Finally we walked back into the office. “Well, what do you think?” Hank’s eyes never left my face. Now my parents never made me wear them when I was having bedwetting troubles. Instead my father would wake me up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. And Mom would always make sure that I used the restroom before going to bed. In high school, I would walk down the diaper aisle at the local supermarket and wonder what it would be like to wear diapers. Once I saw a child having a small tantrum as his mother picked up a package of large pull ups for him. I never had enough money for them when I was in college, and I didn’t want to freak my roommates out. Once I earned my degree and moved back home, I would browse the internet at the various websites and order a few samples. That’s how I found the job opening. I looked at both Hank and Danny. “I’d be happy to work for you. Where do I sign?” Danny handed me a small stack of forms. “Just so you know, you don’t have to wear diapers if you don’t want to. We don’t make it a condition of employment. But if you do decide to wear them, you have to use them for both intended purposes. It’s a big step, so take as much time as you need.” I started signing and dating them. “I don’t mind wearing diapers. I actually started wearing them recently and they have been a huge confidence booster. I’m even wearing one right now.” Hank grinned. “Are you wet?” “A little. I stain my undies when I get nervous.” “Well, I’m soaked, and I’m sure Danny is as well. Let’s pay a visit to the changing room before you go, shall we?” I shook both their hands. “Thank you so much for this opportunity!” “You’re most welcome.” The three of us entered the restrooms. Bots immediately walked up to us. Their eyes glowed for a moment. The next moment our clothing was stripped off. I noticed both Hank and Danny’s diapers were drooping quite dangerously. One by one the three of us were picked up and deposited onto the very large changing table. Our legs were hoisted into the air as our diapers were removed. The Bot changing me noticed my pubic hair. A plastic razor appeared in its hand as if by magic. I stared at the razor apprehensively. “Just relax.” Hank told me. I took a deep breath as the offending hairs were shaved off. I shivered as the cold wipe cleaned my backside. Powder and cream followed and soon my manhood was incased in a thick fluffy diaper with crayons decorating the front. The Bot then removed my undershirt and then put me in a blue onesie with a dinosaur on the front. I raised my arms, and the Bot picked me up and set me on the ground with a pat on my bum. “You look great!” Danny told me. “Thanks. Do I need to pay for the onesie?” “Don’t worry about it.” “Okay. I’d better be going now. I’ve got a few errands to run. I start next Monday?” “The sooner the better.” “See ya then!” *** I was so happy that I got the job! I didn’t even care that I walked out of the building in my onesie. Fortunately, I always kept a spare change of casual clothing in the trunk of my car in case of emergencies, so I hastily put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt over my onesie. That night I treated my parents to a nice restaurant and broke the news. They were happy for me, and excited that I could now afford a place of my own. My parents had no problems with me staying, but I was desperately wanting a place of my own. No more hiding diapers underneath my bed. No more yelling that I was tying up the bathroom. The next morning I spent the day scouring the town for apartments. Fortunately I found a nice one bedroom condo on the ground floor 10 minutes away from the factory. I fell in love immediately and an hour later I had my own place! My parents helped me pack my things, but they were surprised that I didn’t want to take my bed with me. I placed an order for an adult baby furniture from the River-Bridge website that afternoon. As I was unloading my car, a delivery truck stopped in front of the complex. “Sir, if you would sign here for your package.” I signed the driver’s electronic pad and he then dropped off two large boxes at my front door. I moved them into the living room and opened the top with a simple pull. One box contained the most childish adult diapers that I’ve ever seen. Dinosaurs, Stars, Crayons, Super Heroes, and all kinds of other designs. The second box had rompers, onesies, short-alls, t-shirts, short shorts, bibs, wipes and pacifiers. All in large quantities. A note was included on the top: Welcome aboard! -Hank and Danny The same driver dropped off my bed the next day, and I spent the rest of the time assembling it. Thank goodness for instruction books, otherwise I’d never have a chance! The high chair came the day after. Initially, I had worried about what my parents would think about all the baby things. They knew that I wanted to be a little boy forever, but I could tell they were disappointed in me. And I was too timid to explain everything. However, my parents had other plans. Yet another delivery man had dropped off a large package on Saturday. However, it wasn’t anything that I had ordered. The delivery guy and I were on a first name basis at this point. “Go on, open it up.” My mom urged me. I eagerly tore off the tape and unwrapped a state of the art Nanny Bot! I was speechless. A state of the art, human like android. This must have cost them a fortune! “Since we won’t be around that often, we needed someone to make sure that our little boy gets his diapers changed in a timely manner.” My dad grinned. A large lump appeared in my throat. “But I thought you didn’t approve of my lifestyle.” “Gary, we still love you no matter what kind of life you choose. And you’ll always be our little boy.” My mom assured me. I ran over to give my parents a large hug as I am a terrible crier. “Well, we need to see if it works.” My dad turned on the power switch at the base of the robot’s body. Its eyes lit up as it scanned the room. “My name is B-5221633.” “How about I call you Adina instead, B-5221633?” The Bot’s eyes glowed for a moment. “Name change accepted and owner database updated.” “Adina, can you check on baby Gary?” My mom asked. It walked over to me and picked me up. I felt synthetic fingers unzip my jeans and pull them down. Exposing my diaper. Two of the fingers inserted themselves into my waistband. “Gary is definitely wet and needs his diaper changed. Where are the supplies located?” The voice emanating from the speakers was definitely feminine. “The bedroom closet.” It carried me into the bedroom where it laid me on my newly assembled crib. My mom started handing it the necessary supplies. “Thank you, Mrs. Fairchild.” My waist was lifted up into the air as the changing pad was placed underneath me. The machine gently untapped the sides of the soggy diaper and pulled it off my body. It folded the dirty diaper and tossed it in the pail next to my dresser. I shivered as my privates were wiped down. Powder and cream were then applied, and a fresh diaper was freshly secured to my waistline. I especially enjoyed the large Superhero decorating the front. I was then dressed in a baby blue onesie with a bear on the front. “Looks like our baby is all set.” My parents each gave me a kiss on the cheek. They were heading back home, as it was late. I kissed them back and waved as they left. The Bot deposited me on the couch and turned on the TV to the Cartoon channel. Moments later the Bot sat down on the couch and gathered me into its arms. A warm bottle of milk was in one hand and my baby blanket was in the other. I eagerly drank as the Bot held the bottle. Soon it was gently rocking me. I hadn’t felt this content in years. Soon my eyelids became heavy. The last thing I remember that night is being carried back into my bedroom. *** When Monday rolled around, I showed up to work in just my dinosaur onesie that I’d been gifted. Danny was working in the front office, and he escorted me to my own cubicle. The IT lady, Bethany, was waiting for me at my desk. She shook my hand, and told me to let her know if I had any issues. She then hurriedly left, because she had a really messy diaper. I wrinkled my nose, silently telling myself that I’d get used to the smell. The next few hours were spent with Danny as he tutored me on how the inventory system was supposed to work. I immediately got busy handing new order requests and entering them in the system. Time seemed to blur as I entered in purchase orders and make sure all the inventory numbers were accurate. A tap on my shoulder broke my concentration. “Lunchtime.” A Nanny Bot was behind me. I raised my hands and the Bot carried me to the cafeteria. I already saw Hank and Danny sitting in high chairs. They were just dressed in their diapers and bibs encircled their necks. My onesie was removed and I was placed in a high chair next to them. Both men were trying to eat spaghetti with toddler silverware and were managing to get sauce all over their faces and bibs. “Let me guess, messy food is always on the menu?” I joked. “Yup, and it’s really good!” Hank gave me a wink. A large bowl of spaghetti, meatballs and sauce was placed in front of me and I attacked it with vigor. Moments later, Danny started laughing uproariously. “What’s so funny?” “You managed to get sauce in your hair!” Hank and I joined in on the laughter. Midway through my meal, I felt a familiar pressure on my bowels. Hank saw me shifting uncomfortably in my high chair. “Number one or two?” “Two. And I’ve never done it before in a diaper.” “The first time’s always the hardest.” Bethany chimed in from a few high chairs away. A Nanny Bot noticed my distress. It unlocked the chair and picked me up. The synthetic hand started gently rubbing my tummy. “It’s okay, sweetheart. Just let it go.” It was difficult to override years of potty training, but nature eventually won. I deposited a large load in my diaper and began to whimper. The Bot picked me up and took me to the changing room, its hand gently rubbing my back. It told me that I was a good boy for using my diaper but I didn’t feel like one. I hated the feeling of poop being smeared all over my backside. Soon I was laid down on the changing table. My dirty diaper was removed, and I was then carried to the showers. The Bot made sure the water was nice and warm before putting my naked body under the nozzle. It paid special attention to my backside, making sure that every crevice was cleaned. Ten minutes later I was pulled from heaven and dried with a large fluffy white towel. I was put in a fresh diaper and once again put in a onesie. After lunch was naptime. It was recently implemented over the weekend, and the workers really loved it. Resting for 90 minutes after lunch helped them be more productive. A room next to the cubicles served as a nap room, and the room was full of cribs. I saw many warehouse and office workers blissfully sleeping. Many were sucking their thumbs or pacifiers. I was put in a corner crib and the blanket was pulled up to my shoulders. I stared at the mobile above my head as it twirled, rotating all the spaceships and planets. Life can’t get much better than this. I woke up from the nap absolutely soaked. Fortunately, my diaper didn’t leak. I was surprised as I hadn’t wet myself in my sleep in ten years. Apparently my body was acclimating to my new job! I glanced over and saw Hank sitting up and stretching. A telltale stench emanated from his crib. Bots carried us back to the changing room. I managed to work a few more hours after the Bot deposited me back at my desk. I didn’t even notice that I still had my pacifier in my mouth until I was halfway home. *** My second day in the office was actually the most memorable. Mainly because it was my birthday. During lunchtime, Hank announced to everyone that they had a surprise for me. I don’t know how he knew that my birthday was coming up. I couldn’t remember if I had mentioned it in the interview or not. I knew something was up when my high chair was placed in the center of the cafeteria. One of the Bots brought out a nine inch German chocolate cake. The candles had already been lit and soon everyone was singing happy birthday to me. I blew out the candles to the applause of my co-workers. I was surprised when no silverware or bib was provided to me. I glanced over at Danny and asked him about it. “That’s the point.” Danny grinned. I chuckled as I eagerly dove into the cake. I managed to get it all over my face, chest, arms, and hair. I even got cake on the inside of my diaper! Just like a little toddler would. The Bots also took several pictures, to be prominently displayed on the cafeteria walls. Many of my brand new co-workers made sure to pat my back and wish me a happy birthday. I should have been embarrassed about the whole situation. But I felt right at home because I found others who loved to be babied just like I did. I was also secretly glad the Bot took off my onesie before lunch, as the chocolate would never come out of the wash. As I was carried into the showers, I asked the Bot carrying me if I could have some extra time being bathed. “Five extra minutes. Then you need to get back to work, Gary. You still have a dozen purchase orders to log.” Came the reply. I savored every second. The Bot toweled me down and carried me back to the changing table. Once I was diapered, I was dressed in a cartoon t-shirt and elastic short shorts. I managed to finish work early, so I pulled out my coloring book as well as my colored pencils. Unlike most kids, I never grew out of coloring. I found it a great way to unplug from my stress, and let my imagination flow onto the pages. In fact, I have a full shelf of completed coloring books. I felt another tap on my shoulder. “Gary. It is getting late and you should be heading home.” The Bot gently informed me. Yawning, I put my coloring supplies back in my briefcase. Once I was ready, the Bot took my hand and walked me to the car. I thanked the Bot as I started up the engine and put on my seat belt. That seat belt saved my life. Halfway home, I was struck by a large SUV that ran a red light. The collision spun both our vehicles around. The windows exploded as my car crumpled inward. I roared in agony as I was pinned in my chair. Soon both cars came to a rest. Adrenaline was flowing through my veins as I tried desperately to free myself but I was wedged in tightly. Sirens appeared in the distance, steadily growing louder. I forced myself to take deep breaths and remain calm. The driver behind me had parked her vehicle in front of mine to block traffic. She appeared at my window. “Are you okay?” “I think so, but my foot’s stuck.” A moment later she was joined by firemen and EMS. Time seemed to slow down as they expertly pried me from the remains of my car. It reminded me of using a can opener on a can of black beans. I wasn’t too badly injured but my right foot screamed in pain if I tried to put any weight on it. They helped me into the back of the ambulance. All the tension in my body released as I laid down. EMS workers gave me something for the pain as they monitored my vitals. At that moment in my life, I needed someone to talk to. Fishing out my cell phone from my pocket, I called my parents to let them know what happened. Mom initially thought I was heading into major surgery, but I got her to relax. “My car took the brunt of the impact, though my foot got banged up pretty bad.” “Thank goodness for small miracles. Which hospital are you going to?” “Midtown.” I told her after asking one of the EMS workers. “Your father and I will meet you there.” I hung up the phone. “I’m gonna miss that car.” *** Turns out my foot wasn’t broken, but the bones in my right foot were bruised. Doctors recommended I say off it for six to eight weeks. I was also issued a prescription for some heavy duty pain killers, along with strict instructions to take them only when necessary. My foot ached with every movement, every touch. “I do have one other question, Mr. Fairchild.” The nurse on staff asked me. “Yes?” “I didn’t see anything in your record that indicated any problems with incontinence.” I had messed my diaper before I climbed in, intending to have Adina change me when I got home. And the nurses on staff discovered it when stripped off my clothes. After the X-rays, the nurses changed me and made sure I was comfortable. I was embarrassed through the whole situation, as I hadn’t intended for complete strangers to find out about my love for diapers. “Oh. I actually just got a job at the River-Bridge diaper factory.” “I see. If you do experience any incontinence issues, please let me know.” The nurse helped me into a wheel chair. I avoided contact when my diaper crinkled as I moved. He didn’t say anything, but the warm gaze in his eyes told me that I had nothing to be ashamed of. He wheeled to another department where I was issued a plastic brace. I was glad not to get crutches, as I didn’t want to lug them everywhere I went. Mom and Dad met me a few moments later. We embraced for several minutes, not wanting to be let go. “I spoke with the police. The other guy didn’t survive the accident. Turns out he wasn’t wearing his seat belt and was driving on a suspended license.” I winced as I was laid down in the back of my mom’s old station wagon. I gingerly put on my seat belt as my parents drove me back to my condo. We didn’t speak much, instead we hummed along to the radio. Anything to take my mind off the aching pain in my foot. Once we had parked in my parking spot, my parents opened the car door and helped me from the car to the door. When Adina opened the front door and saw me, she immediately scooped me up. Adina assured my parents that I would be comfortable. “We’d better get going.” My dad said. Night had already fallen, and my parents didn’t like to drive in the dark. Mom made sure to kiss my forehead before they left. I just had one more task. I fished my cellphone from my pocket and dialed Hank. I called him because I knew Danny went to bed early so he could be the first one in the office. Never understood why, but then again I’m not a morning person. He answered on the third ring. “What’s up?” I informed him about the gnarly car accident as well as having trouble walking. “Is there a way I can work from home?” “No can do. The software is proprietary and IT would have a tantrum if they took it outside the building.” “Well, I’m going to need some way to get to work. I can’t drive a rental car and my parents are too busy with other commitments to help me out.” Hank thought for a moment. “I don’t mind picking you up. You can try out my car seat.” “Your what?” “Car seat. I designed it myself.” “Wait a minute. If you’re in a car seat then who’s driving?” “My electric van has a super advanced autopilot. I just buckle in my five point harness and tell the computer to take me to work.” “That sounds awesome! What time tomorrow will you arrive?” “I’ll pick you up on Thursday. You take tomorrow off. You’re already filed your inventory reports so we can manage one day without you.” “Thanks so much.” Relief filled my voice. No way was I going to make it to work on time. “You’re welcome. Now if you don’t mind, you’re interrupting my beauty sleep.” *** Adina turned out to be a godsend. She made sure that my diaper area remained clean, as it was too difficult to get up to use the restroom. When I wanted to take a bath, she got the temperature just right and got me my bath toys. She lovingly scrubbed every inch of my body. When I was done, she lifted me out and dried me with a large fluffy towel. As she laid me on my bed, she handed me a baby bottle full of juice as well as my tablet so I could watch Netflix. She even fed me lunch, which she cooked herself. I was leery at first but Adina had been programmed with tens of thousands of recipes. My insurance company was also very helpful. The adjusters had taken a look at my car and informed me that I would be getting a large check in my bank account in the next few days. My eyebrows lifted when I saw the dollar amount they quoted. Didn’t know that piece of junk was worth so much. In between Netflix episodes, I browsed the River-Bridge website. They only sold one model of car seat, and I placed an expedited order. I didn’t mind driving but the accident had soured my attitude. The sooner humanity gave up the privilege of driving, the better. That night Adina laid out my work clothes (a matched onesie and short-alls) and the stroller at my request. I had two important meetings with the heads of finance and marketing. Maybe I could sit in my stroller and work on my laptop and one of the Nanny Bots could push me around the office? “It’s late, Gary. Time for your nightly bottle.” Adina broke my concentration by picking me up. She walked over to the living room and sat in the rocking chair. An already warmed bottle sat on the coffee table. I rested my head against Adina’s shoulder as she cradled me, her hand patting my diapered bottom. A yawn escaped my lips, and the bottle was inserted into my mouth. I drank slowly, the taste of formula on my tongue. Weariness slowly overcame me, and I fell asleep. The last thing I remember that night is being carried to my crib. *** I awoke the next morning to sunlight streaming through my window. I could smell breakfast. How did Adina know French toast was my favorite? I went to call her but my voice was muffled. Belatedly I realized I had a pacifier in my mouth. I popped it out and called for Adina. I also awoke to a surprise – my diaper was soaking wet. I had been years since I wet myself during the night. The last time I was 12 years old, on a camping trip with the scouts. I was fortunate enough that Dad came along with me and helped clean me up before any of the other boys noticed. “Adina!” I called again. She appeared moments later. I raised my arms so she could lift me up. “I see baby Gary needs a change. And his breakfast.” As she was wiping down my groin, the doorbell rang. Leaving me on the changing table, she walked to the front door to find Hank wearing a onesie and short-alls as well. She ushered him inside and lead him into my bedroom. “You’re early!” I remarked as Adina finished putting me in a fresh diaper. “I thought I could help you out but I didn’t realize you had a state of the art Nanny Bot.” “Her name’s Adina, and she was a birthday gift from my parents.” “Pleasure to meet you. I’m Hank.” He shook her hand. Her eyes glowed for a moment as they drifted towards his waist. “Should I change his diaper as well, baby Gary? He is quite wet.” “I am?” He put a hand to his crotch. I stifled a laugh. “Go ahead Adina. I have plenty of supplies.” Hank tried and failed to not be embarrassed as Adina picked him up and set him next to me on the changing table. She undid the crotch snaps on his short-alls and gently pulled them up, revealing a disposable diaper that was sagging dangerously. She deftly disposed of it, keeping his legs in the air. “Seems you have the beginnings of a rash, baby Hank. Please be sure to use more diaper cream.” “Okay.” Hank sucked his thumb as the cream was applied to his backside. A fresh diaper encircled his loins and the crotch snaps were resealed. “Time for breakfast. Have you eaten, baby Hank?” “Yes. Thanks for asking.” Adina picked me up with one arm and took Hank’s hand in the other. We walked to my kitchen where I was deposited in a high chair. A bib wrapped itself around my neck. Fresh French toast, cut up into bite size pieces was placed in front of me. As I ate, Hank took the opportunity to go over my meeting plans. I managed to answer all his questions with a shake of my sticky head as I didn’t want to talk with my mouth full. Adina wiped my mouth with a wash cloth when I was all done. She laid out several different clothing options for me to choose. I chose a onesie with a monster truck on the front and elastic short shorts. Adina also fitted my brace onto my bad foot. I winced in pain as she made sure it was snug. She carried my diaper bag and my stroller out to Hank’s van. She then came back for me. Hank helped direct her into strapping me into the car seat. He didn’t have an extra seat, so he sat in the seat next to me. The seat itself was extremely comfy. I enjoyed watching the scenery fly by as his van drove itself to the factory. “I already made a purchase for my own seat. It should be arriving late tonight.” “Decided already?” “Yup. I’ve had my fill of driving.” I paused. “You’re an amazing designer. I don’t think I could have come up with anything so sleek and comfy.” “You’re welcome.” As we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the construction vehicles that had been hogging parking spaces had left. “What’s with all the construction? I didn’t see any going on inside the factory.” Hank grinned. “It’s top secret.” “Aw, but I wanna know!” I whined. “All right, but you can’t tell ANYONE. It’s our fifteenth anniversary and the higher ups decided to build a playground behind the factory. It’s going to be bigger than the ones in the city parks but just as awesome.” “Oh.” My face fell. I absolutely loved the idea but my foot injury might keep me from playing. “Don’t worry. There’s still ways you can enjoy yourself even with your foot.” Hank must have seen my expression. “I hope so.” I mumbled to myself as Hank opened the doors. He popped open the trunk and took out my stroller. I had already freed myself from the car seat and hobbled over to the door, careful not to put any pressure on my bad foot. With Hank’s assistance, I was guided into the stroller and buckled in. Hank put my diaper bag in the storage area underneath me and did the honors of pushing me into work. “I know I’ve said it a lot, but thanks. For the signing bonus, for the help, for…” My emotions started getting the better of me. Hank stopped the stroller and put his arms around my shoulder. Why did the water works have to start before 10 am? Hank didn’t need to say anything. But his reassuring grip on my shoulder spoke for him. I managed to rein in my emotions before I was rolled into the office. Many of my coworkers were shocked to hear about my accident. Word had spread like wildfire around the office. Bethany provided a laptop for me to use while I was in my stroller. I reassured them that I was okay, that my car had taken the brunt of the impact. When I finally had a moment to myself, I made sure that all my slides were ready for the big meeting later today. Danny appeared at my desk. “You ready?” “Yeah. Let’s get it over with.” Danny pushed my stroller into a large conference room. I hadn’t expected to see the department heads and corporate officers sitting in large infant bouncy chairs around a large circular table. Many of them were typing on their large laptops. Or discussing figures, processes, and other ideas among one another. I hesitantly cleared my throat, which silenced the room. My bladder chose that moment to empty itself into my diaper. My mild fear of public speaking threatened to overwhelm me. However, I still gave my presentation about updating the supply chain software. At the end, the VP’s put their heads together and decided to go ahead with the plan. There were only a few technical questions at the end, and I had no problems answering them. I sank back into my stroller with relief. I hadn’t realized that I was drenched in sweat. And my foot was throbbing with every heartbeat. Danny wheeled me out as the Nanny Bots came in to retrieve the others. “Um, can you take me to the changing room?” “Sure thing. I could use a change myself.” He replied. A familiar stench assaulted my nostrils. “Was that before or during the meeting?” Danny laughed. “A few minutes in. Stress makes my bowels quiver.” “I hadn’t noticed.” I deadpanned. A Bot inspected both of us as we entered and determined that we both needed showers. Our clothes were peeled off our bodies. Danny had his bottom expertly wiped. Our dirty diapers were thrown into the bin and both of us were herded into the showers. The water felt heavenly against my skin, and the Bots were gentle as they scrubbed our skin down. Danny watched with mild amusement as I had to be held under the shower, as my foot still couldn’t support my weight. Good thing most Nanny Bots are waterproof. As we were being dried off, I asked the Bot holding me if I couldn’t have a painkiller. “Medication will be dispensed once you have been diapered.” Came the response. We were both carried to the changing tables where cream, powder and fresh diapers awaited us. I sighed contentedly as I laid back and allowed the Bot to finish its work. Once I was diapered, I was then offered a choice of onesies to wear. The choice was between pale green and burgundy. I pointed towards the latter. The Bot walked over to a small cabinet. It returned with a large syringe full of a purple liquid. I wasn’t expecting a pill, not a liquid. But at this point I’d take anything to stop the pain. “Open up.” I opened my mouth and let the grape flavored painkiller be squired into my mouth. The taste rolled around my tongue. A baby bottle full of water was handed to me and I drank greedily. The Bot affectionately rubbed my back. My eyelids became heavy all the sudden. The stress of the meeting had thoroughly worn me out. The next thing I know I’m being tucked into one of the cribs. I glance over and see Danny also being put down for a nap. Pacifiers were gently inserted into our mouths and soon both of us were asleep. The next thing I remember is waking up in Hank’s car seat on the ride home. I panicked at first, but Hank assured me that I didn’t miss anything important. He, Danny and my other co-workers agreed to let me sleep in as they handled the rest of my work load. I glanced down and noticed I was wearing a different colored onesie – the pale green one from earlier. I shot a questioning look at Hank and he told me that my diaper leaked during my nap. I didn’t even wake as the Bot changed my diaper and put a new onesie on me. “Um, Hank? Can you go car shopping with me this weekend? I love commuting to work with you but I need a vehicle to go run errands and such.” I could have gotten the car myself. But I always wanted someone to go with me for big purchases because I needed their emotional support. Even if they didn’t say anything. “Sorry, I can’t. My husband and I have a prior engagement. However, Danny would be happy to take you. His wife drives the same model van that I do.” The van rolled up. My front door opened, and Adina walked out once we came to a stop. I clumsily unbuckled my seat belt and waited for her to open the door. I was freed from the car seat and was pulled into Adina’s arms. Her hand gently patted my diapered bottom. Hank handed her my diaper bag, which she carried with her other hand. Hank helped carry in my stroller. “Did you have a good day at work?” She asked me. “My presentation went okay, so I’d say yes.” “Your car seat arrived an hour ago. I have unboxed it and set it by the front door.” “Thank you, Adina.” “My pleasure. Wave good-bye to Hank.” She prompted me. I waved as the van door shut at Hank’s voice command. The van pulled out as Adina carried me inside. Dinner was chicken nuggets, French fries and steamed veggies. The meal brought back memories of my childhood as I ate in my high chair. I managed to get BBQ sauce all over my face and stain my onesie. I was carried to the bathroom where Adina got the water running. She removed my onesie and tossed it into the hamper. My soggy diaper was deposited in the pail, my brace was removed and I was deposited in the tub. Adina handed me a few toys as she gently washed me. I still found it hard for her to wash my privates, but I swallowed my pride as the wash cloth made its way down. As she washed my feet, I suppressed a giggle. “Is someone ticklish on the bottoms of their feet?” “I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.” Once I was cleaned, she let me soak while she gathered my pajamas. Once I had thoroughly wrinkled, I was plucked from the tub and thoroughly dried. Once I was powdered, creamed and diapered I was carried into the living room where another syringe full of pain meds awaited me. I dutifully swallowed the contents, plus another baby bottle full of formula. I didn’t think I was tired. After all, I had a large nap this afternoon! But soon I yawned and closed my eyes. I listened to the steady humming of children’s rhymes as Adina rocked me back and forth. She placed a pacifier in my mouth, replacing my thumb. Moments later I was tucked into my crib and Adina dimmed the lights as she left. *** Friday morning arrived, and I woke up excited to try out my new car seat. Hank was instrumental in helping Adina install it properly. “Is Gary’s diaper bag in the back of the car?” He asked her. “Not yet. I will retrieve it momentarily.” Adina made sure both Hank and I were buckled in, and we were off to work. The two of us spent the time getting to know one another a little more. Hank had been married to Jamison for seven years. His husband didn’t mind the diapers, and enjoyed treating his spouse like a spoiled toddler. “He even takes me over my knee, pulls down my diaper and spanks me if I’ve been especially naughty.” “Really? I’ve never been spanked as a child.” “I never was either, but we experimented and found that we enjoyed it. And spanking helps me stay on my best behavior.” “Remind me to discuss it with Adina later.” Hank shook his head. “Nanny Bots aren’t programmed to harm humans. You’ll have to find an actual human to do that.” “Aww, but I’m terrible at socializing.” “Don’t sell yourself short, Gary. I’m sure you’ll find your special someone.” Hank wheeled me into the office building just like yesterday. Once I reached my desk, he pulled my laptop from my diaper bag and reminded me to call him if I needed anything. I spent the morning working on reports and answering emails. A few hours in, a notification popped up for a company-wide meeting after lunch. All the employees gathered on the factory floor. Being confined to a stroller has its advantages, as I was placed up front. The CEO stood once everyone arrived and the private conversations ceased. In a loud voice, he announced that the playground was finished! He invited all of us to follow him outside. Everyone was surprised, as it was completed ahead of schedule. Danny pushed me out to the area behind the warehouse, where all my co-workers descended on the new equipment. Tears sprang to my eyes. How I wanted to go and play with my new friends! But I hadn’t even tried walking with my brace on. My thoughts were clouded with worry. What if I re-injured myself? Danny came to my rescue. He wheeled me over to the swing set and unbuckled me from my stroller. He and Bethany helped me into the swing, and soon I was flying high. My worries were forgotten as I soared back and forth. My laughter echoed across the park. Danny and I switched fifteen minutes later. He grinned as I pushed him higher and higher in the swing. When he became bored he helped me climb up onto the playground. I could see the worry in his eyes, but my brace ended up not bothering me. I spent the afternoon on the slide, and climbing back up to slide again. I slid down the metal pole, pretending to be a fireman, off to rescue cats stuck in trees. I spun the wheel at the top, pretending to be a pirate – the fiercest rogue of the seven seas. I completely lost track of time as we played. Before I knew it the sun was beginning to set and I was hot, dusty and tired. The Bots carried us back to the showers. The warm water washed over our bodies. “Gary, I wanted to run something by you.” Danny said from across the way. I was still having trouble being bathed in public, but none of my co-workers seemed to mind. I willed myself not to blush as I kept my gaze on Danny’s face. And not the Nanny Bot who was cleaning his diaper area. “I’m listening.” I purred as my back was lathered with soap. “QA wants to do some testing on some products currently in development, and wanted to know if you were interested.” “What kind of products?” “We have some older style outfits. 1950’s era shirt and diaper sets, sailor suits, that sort of thing. I also think we have a toddler harness or two that we need to test out, but I need to double check on that.” “I’d be happy to!” I squeaked as the sponge made its way down to my bum. “Oh, I forgot! Can you go car shopping with me tomorrow, Danny?” “Sure. My schedule is usually open on weekends.” “I’ll need you to pick me up.” “Nine sound good?” I nodded. *** Danny was true to his word. He and his wife Lydia showed up promptly to pick me up. “Come in!” I shouted from the bedroom. He burst out laughing when he saw me being dressed in a sailor suit by Adina. I had gotten the outfit before I left work yesterday and wanted to try it out. “You look great!” “Thanks,” I murmured shyly. Adina grabbed my car seat, which Danny expertly installed. His was right next to mine. Once Adina strapped us both in, and we were off to the car dealer. “Do you have in mind what you are wanting to get?” “Yup.” I stared out the window. I had some questions on my mind, but I didn’t know how to explain them. However, Danny was very good at reading people. “You’re nervous about the salesman seeing you dressed as a toddler, aren’t you?” “It’s not just them. It’s the whole town. Nobody seems to mind that the factory employees wear diapers and infantile clothing. I just don’t understand.” Danny looked at me reassuringly. “I was here when the factory opened up. To say that there were concerns was an understatement. A city council meeting was called between Sally, the CEO of the company and concerned citizens. She patiently answered every question, and there hasn’t been any issues since. She’s always had a way with people.” “I’m sure they were understanding for the workers who had medical issues.” “Indeed. In fact, more businesses started remodeling their bathrooms to accommodate adult sized changing tables. Restaurants expanded their kids’ menus. And several adult daycares opened for business, bringing in much needed revenue given recent economic conditions.” I was astounded. “I’m surprised a community would be so nice. I wasn’t expecting that when I moved here.” “Me neither.” Danny replied as the van rolled up to the car dealership. The next few hours were spent haggling over price, features and accessibility. Danny and Lydia peppered me with good suggestions to help keep the price down. The sales staff was professional throughout the whole exchange, and I even got several compliments on my cute outfit. “I’ll be back. Gotta get changed.” Danny told me. His cheeks looked rosier than normal. Lydia giggled as she pulled her husband towards the restroom. After filling out a mountain of paperwork, the dealership handed me the keys to my new vehicle. I was elated! It was so much more advanced than my old car. So many new safety features. A stereo that worked. Even a better engine! Once the salesman helped me program the autopilot, I encouraged my friends to take the afternoon off. “I plan to go home, soak in the tub, get my diaper changed, and take a large nap.” “Trust me, you’ve earned it. See you next Monday!” Danny told me as Lydia strapped him into his car seat. *** “Well, how was your first week working for River-Bridge?” Hank asked me. He and Danny ambushed me when I returned to work, to see how I was doing. Hank pushed my stroller into one of the small offices on the ground floor. “I love my job!” “Glad to hear it! How’s your foot doing?” “The throbbing has gone way down. I no longer have to take the meds anymore. And I wanted to thank all of you for your support. I wouldn’t change anything if I had to go back in time.” “You’re quite welcome!” Hank shook my hand. Tears welled into my eyes. I had struggled so hard to find a place in this world. To meet so many new friends was liberating. The boost to my self-confidence was noticeable, even to me. I smiled more. I laughed more. And most importantly, I had found a career that I loved. A job where I could work in diapers, eat in a high chair, sleep in a crib, play on a playground, wear kids clothes, and have all my needs taken care of. Man, was I blessed! “Come, Gary. We have much work to do.” Hank smiled as he wheeled me onto the factory floor. THE END
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