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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there fellow diaper dwellers! Im an open Adult Baby that recently moved to the Peninsula area (near San Francisco). Considering that Im relatively new to this side of the bay, I wanted to establish some new friendships with other ABs, DLs, Furries, and Bronies who share my interest in Infantalism and Age Play Regression. A little about me. Im 32 years young, slender, straight, 5'9, caucasian and Ive been involved in the AB/DL community for over a decade. Just to note, Im not seeking anything sexual. This is a friendly get together for those who wanna engage in harmless escapism. My apartment was recently converted into a nursery, which really captures that nostalgic feel of being young. I have a room full toys, games, cartoons, plushies and baby necessities to accommodate your needs. If you wanna bring your own stuff, its actually encouraged since everyone has that special something to make them feel comfortable. One thing I ask before you contact me, is that you must be over 18. Otherwise, people of all genders and sexual preferences all welcome. In respect to everyones agenda, I feel that it would be convenient to hold these meet ups on the weekends including friday nights. Perhaps we can have sleep overs in the future if things really pan out. Cost: FREE!!! Its about making friends, not money. When: Every Sunday from 12pm - 6pm Feel free to post your questions below! Address will be revealed privately to serious attendees.
  2. (This story is part of an art trade with Patricktricks on DA, so credit to them for the base idea. I don't normally do furry stuff so it was a bit of a challenge. I hope it works well for you anyway)"I don't belong in here, I don't belong in here," the former assistant mayor said as she hugged her legs and rocked back and forth. "They are the savages, not me. I don't belong here..."It was a mantra that had become common to her since she was first put into the small, grey cell that was now her home. "I was in the right, it was the right thing to do, better for all of us..." she continued as she began to suck at the end of her own hoof.It was a train of thought she knew she shouldn't go down. It never ended well when she went there, and she knew soon she'd be sniffling and crying on her bed, looking as pathetic as they all thought she was from the beginning. However, she also told herself it was right, and when her mood was in the wrong place, she couldn't help."I don't belong here, they do. I..."A loud clang came from the door to her cell. She jumped up and looked at a tall feline in a guard's uniform. "Miss Bellwether, talking to ourselves again, are we?"Bellwether snarled. "That's MAYOR Bellwether to you."The guard laughed. "Not anymore. It's prisoner Dawn Bellwether to me, and you don't make much of an impressive mayor crying in your bed like that."The sheep kept glaring at her. "I still got further then you. I was at the top- second in the city! And that was with all the hurdles that comes with being a sheep in a city run by predators." She made a look of disgust. "Unlike you. All the advantages, and here you are, a prison guard! Seems fitting for a savage creature.""Mhmmm," the guard replied. "You know we aren't all just mindlessly violent. We can be kind and caring as well.""As if! No savage predator could take care of anything. They are all just destroy, destroy, destroy. Dumb beasts. That is why I was right to try to take control."She smiled. "Ohhh I think you'd be surprised about that." She cocked her head to the side and hit the bars with her baton again. "Anyway, once again I came to offer to take you out of solitary. You've been in here long enough, and are able to go back into general."Bellwether's look of superiority turned to one of fear. "Out there... with them!? No! Are you insane! You don't know how cruely they would treat me! They just hate anyone like me no matter what I do!"The guard leaned in closer. "Oh do they? You mean all those animals you called violent savages and looked down on? Those are the ones who are mean to you no matter what."Bellwether gulped and nodded.The guard continued. "You know, maybe I should bring you out anyway. We are basically doing you a favor by letting you stay in here. We don't have to, this isn't your assigned cell. We could just put you back in with the rest of them, see what they think of your opinions. Perhaps we could even tell them about all the things you've been saying...""No! No! Please no! I.. AAA!" Bellwether looked down at her prison jumper, and noticed a damp spot. "No no no," she said again for an entirely different reason. She put both hands to her waist as she wet herself out of fear. She looked up pleadingly at the guard. "Please don't do that. Please let me stay here where its safe from those beasts. You have no idea how savage..." she stopped, remembering the person she was speaking to was one of the "predators" as well. "Please don't," she whimpered, and finished.The guard laughed again. "Awww I'm sorry little sheep, didn't mean to scare you that much. Tell you what, I'll go get you a clean jumper, and we will let you stay in here a bit longer, ok? Nice and safe. A poor cute widdle lamb like you can't handle it out there with the mean savages." She turned to walk away."Don't talk to me like...!" She began, then stopped herself. "Alright, thank you."...Bellwether woke up slowly, feeling the family softness of her blanket and footed pajamas."Mph," she said and rolled over to her side, feeling her diaper crinkle as she did. It sloshed a bit, she could feel that she had wet herself overnight, but it didn't feel like it had leaked.There was a stuffed sheep doll beside her. She grabbed a hold of it and pulled it close, then suckled a bit on her pacifier. Though she was awake, her mommy wasn't there yet, so she knew it wasn't time to get up. No issue as she was still relaxing, and there was no way out of the crib anyway."Hi there sweetie! What a good little lamb, sleeping all through the night!" Her mommy said, filling Bellwether's heart with glee.Her mommy turned on her light and came to the crib. Bellwether felt hands grabbing her on either side. "Lets check that diaper of yours sweetie, to see if you had an accident! Then we can have breakfast, ok?""Yes mommy," she said through her pacifier. She nodded enthusiastically, then looked up.She started back. The face staring back at her wasn't what she expected. It didn't look like her mommy. In fact, it wasn't a sheep at all. Instead, it was a giant cat. Was it a lynx? A tiger? Bellwether hadn't learned all the animals yet, but she knew it was a predator, and those were to be feared.Except... she wasn't scared. Not at all. Instead, she felt the same comforting feeling she always wanted to feel with her parents. She tried to think, and couldn't put any other face to the name "mommy," all the kept coming up was this same cat. She knew she recognized the cat, but couldn't think of any other name then that. Of course she told herself, that is my mommy. She smiled, and let herself be lifted."Uh oh, looks like someone wet her diaper! Well, we can get you changed, but I don't think you are quite ready to try pull ups yet anyway, are you?"She shook her head. "No mommy," she said. Of course not, she thought, I'm just a little baby, and this is my mommy, here to take care of me. This cat, my mommy... she is my mommy... she is my mommy... Strange colors swirled at the edge of her vision.
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