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Found 2 results

  1. So here it goes. The absolute love of my life has had this fetish since he himself was in diapers. I'm completely new to the scene and I need help with tips, advice, anything helps! We as a couple have just opened discussion into exploring this together. He's bought his preferred type and we've been through 3 nights of him being super comfy! I'm happy for him, now that he's comfortable with himself he's so much happier. But my dumb ass normie brain keeps getting her feeling hurt! How can I try learning about the desire for this when the community is so obscure!? I need a guru. I need links. I need friends who are going through this or wish to help me understand how my love feels and how to better make him comfortable. Also ya girl is a XXL and needs a site for cute sizable diapers to try this thing out!! Wish me luck, even if I get no responses airing this has kinda been therapeutic in a sense. Anyways, peace and love. Thank you for the time.
  2. THE PERFECT WIFE INTRODUCTION I JESS Jess was a kindergarten teacher. She was the physical embodiment of Grace. Her poise was only ever bested by the mercy of her own divine beauty, and angelic stature. She was shapely, and refined. Standing a hair over six foot. Legs for days - as they say. Beside curves in all the right places. Busty, and blonde. She wore piercing blue eyes. And skin as delicate, and smooth as porcelain. It wasn’t all handed to her by the Gods, though. She stayed, very, active outside of the classroom. Protein shakes, and a balanced breakfast every morning. Superseded by a cascade of various workouts. CHRIS Chris was a Doctor. He was the physical embodiment of Ego. His blundering pride was only ever bested, by the lenity of his incontestable charm, and magnetism. He was, ironically, a man of small stature. Even so, retaining a strapping physique. Abs of steel - as they say. Cheek by jowl to a brilliant beard. One that would put, the great, Chuck Norris to shame. They were his gifts from the Gods. He had to do very little to maintain his debonair ambiance. He fancied a few fingers fine cognac, and a cigar after a long day. Over and above that - he enjoyed to cook. INTRODUCTION II They met during college. Jess was graduating from community college, and Chris was enrolling in grad school. She was a few years older than him. And. by societies standards, she was light years out of his league. Though - even then, Chris had a charisma score of over twenty. She succumbed to his boyish charm, and chivalrous nature - right away… beside the prospect of an affluent doctor, as a husband. She was his queen. Shortly after Chris Graduated, the two of them eloped, in Holy Matrimony. It was a fairy-tale wedding. Befit to royalty. He spared no expense. Money was never a presentiment Chris had to think about. He came from it. Him and his mother lived a lavish life. Behind the several remunerative investments Chris’s father made before he passed. His mother spoiled, and encouraged him his whole life. He was destined for greatness. No matter what path he chose to walk. Jess was not as fortunate… Her father ran off to New Orleans with some tramp, when she was young. He left her mother, and her with nothing. Nothing, but a pile of debt - that is. Jess’s mom turned to drugs, and started stripping to make ends meet. Jess was often left to fend for herself. For days. She worked tirelessly to care for her mother, and eventually put herself through school. CHAPTER ONE I It was a slow day at the office. With little to do to occupy his time, Chris indulged a Pharmaceutics Representative, that had been hounding him for a meeting. He hated meetings like this. But had a quota to fill, VIA Hospital protocols. This one was especially painful. The man could talk. and talk, and talk. And, he did. “I tell you what. I don’t even know how some of these pills make it human trials…” he admitted, at one point. “The last batch got it real bad.” he continued, shaking his head disdainfully. “Oh yeah. How so?” Chris questioned. Uninterested, and obviously just going through the the motions. For conversations sake. “It was a new birth control. Everything was going fine. Then one week. BAM! Totally incontinent.” He slapped his hands together as he said it. “The whole lot of them. Something like fifty or sixty college girls. Pissing, and shitting in diapers. STILL! - to this day. And that was months ago.” He continued, “It’s a damn shame, too. A lot of them were real pretty. Cheerleaders, and Volleyball players from the University.” Chris was intrigued now. But, didn’t want to seem so. “Any other symptoms?” he nonchalantly questioned. “Oh yeah! That’s just the tip of the ice burg… It was all from nerve damage. Let me just say this… Those girls aren’t gonna be playing sports anytime soon.” the rep was shaking his head. “Some of them will be lucky if they walk right, ever again. It really jumbled up their motor skills. Poor girls just didn’t want to have babies. Now they ,pretty much, are babies. Ain’t that a bitch.” “Sure is.” Chris said agreeably. “I’ve never heard about this, though. What was the pill again?” Probing the validity of the man’s story. While maintaining aloofness. “Oh, the company payed out the ass to keep this one under raps.” he rebutted. “I probably shouldn't have even said what I did.” “Bullshit, man. Come on.” Chris pressed. “I don’t want my wife ever taking something like that.” he pleaded - in opposition of the truth. Chris would in fact, want his wife to take a pill like that. Very much. Not that he wanted her to suffer. He loved her dearly. It was just… He found it erotically stimulating when women had accidents. He had a diaper fetish. That he, desperately, hid from the world. If Jess were to become incontinent, then he could live out his wildest dreams. All day, every day. He had fantasized - time, and time again - about Jess wearing diapers, and acting like a baby. But, never had the gumption to act. ”I can’t. I could loose my job.” the man replied, apologetically. “Tell you what. I will order a few dozen cases of that allergy bull shit your pawning off… If you tell me what trial it was. How’s that for a deal?” “Hot damn!” he shouted. “You got yourself a deal, Doc!… But, I never told you. Right?” “My lips are sealed.” It took Chris most of that afternoon, and several big favors to track down an existing case of the pills. Most of them were destroyed after the trials. A few labs were granted access to them, though. strictly for research, and development. By chance, one of those labs was local. Only thirty minutes from his Hospital. And, not far out of the way, from his commute home. By the end of the day, he was heading to pick a case up. It was, honestly, easier than he thought it would be. At the lab It was quick exchange of etiquette, and academisms. Rather informal. On the drive home, Chris questioned if he could really go through with it. To his beautiful, loving wife. “Pfft…Loving…” he scoffed. In all honesty the marriage wasn’t doing well. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t love. Not anymore. As the years went by, Jess became more and more comfortable with her plush life. Forgetting where she came from. Chris recommend her to the most esteemed private school in the Tri-State Area. Which only fueled her la-di-da lifestyle. Chris, worked so much. They drifted apart. By the time he noticed there was a rift, he didn’t know how to fix it. At this point, there wasn’t much Chris had to offer, that she couldn’t get on her own. She was already dazzlingly beautiful, and educated. She would still get half his money, if she left him. And, now thanks to the boujee teaching job, she had the social standing, and networks to make it on her own. It was only a matter of time. “If she is going to leave me. She’s going to do it in a diaper.” Chris said allowed, to himself, as he pulled up the drive. He stashed the pills in the garage. Among a sea of similar boxes. Making sure to grab a few, for dinner…
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