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Found 2 results

  1. "I told you we turned a wrong turn Justin!! This doesn't seem like the right path. It's almost midnight and we still need to hit some houses before Halloween is over!!" Cody yelled. Justin just ignores Cody then sees a path through this cool pumpkin patch. Justin saw a sign that said "do not enter". Justin then said "hey Cody check out this path!! It looks totally sick and I feel like we could probably see more houses if we went this way". Cody then says "it says do not enter but it is halloween and does look pretty awesome. Hmm sure why not it is halloween so why not, I'm sure it won't hurt to take this path, what's the worse that could happen". Cody and Justin then walk down the pumpkin patch. They see lots of small and big pumpkins that looked already carved and kinda spooky. Something seemed a little bit odd. Fogged started to form more around the pumpkin patch and sounds from the ground started to form. There was then a scent of baby powder in the air which seemed very strange. "Hey Justin you hear that, I hear like sounds coming from the ground and idk why but it smells like baby powder all of a sudden, maybe we should turn back" Cody shivered. Justin laughed "come on Cody, it's probably just the wind or something. Don't be such a baby, I think I can see the houses from here". Cody then looks at his phone and the time then hit midnight. All of a sudden the jack-o-lanterns started to glow green. Vines started to come out of the ground from the pumpkins. The jack-o-lanterns rised from the dirt. One big giant one rose up behind Cody and Justin. "Oh my gosh this isn't real what's going on!! We are surrounded by big giant pumpkins. What you want from us!!". Cody shrieked. The big giant pumpkin smiled then Vines started to wrap around Cody and Justin's feet. "Hey get off us!!". The pumpkins did not stop. Vines then wrap around the twos arms. Leaving them fully defenseless and then decending in the air. Cody and Justin out of fear start to wet their pants. Other vines started to rip off their clothing one by one shirts, pants, socks, undies until they were fully naked on display. Both blushed in embarrassment. "No way they just stripped us naked!! Come on please let us go we will do anything and we won't say anything. We are sorry for trespassing!!". Justin pleaded. The pumpkins just ignored their crys of mercy and continued the himulation even further. Wet wipes then appeared from out of the ground. Wiping their bums and crotches from the wetness of pee they made. Both Cody and Justin felt the wipes rub again their dicks and then started to get hard and aroused."This is so embarrassing!! They are actually cleaning us with baby wipes and ugh I'm getting so hard. I can't be enjoying this". Cody blushed. The vines then held the two with their butts in the air. Then two big vines came across their touching them. Then *SMACK SMACK SMACK*. The vines then swatted against Cody and Justin's butt like a whip. "OUCH OUCH PLEASE NO STOPP!!!". The two were spanked till their butts were red roses and and cried with each swat. The vines then stopped spanking the boys. "Please we learned our lessons just let us go!!". The pumpkins still did not listen. Then they saw from a distance vines bringing over some familiar items from when they were super young. When it got closer and closer. Cody yelled out "Wait no, you can't be serious... DIAPERS!! No please we don't need those we arnt babies". The two were laid down across the ground and then all supplies like the baby powder rash cream came by. The two legs were lifted up by the vines, fully exposed red butts from their spanking. The vines slipped the diaper under each of their butts. Then the baby powder was applied to their butts. The boys just blushed and had no words on what was happening. They just wished this nightmare would be over but it was just beginning. The tapes of each diaper were now fastened. And all they could hear was the thick diapers around them crinkle and blush of how they are now big babies. The vines then held them up in the air and the big pumpkin then smiled like it had another plan. "Listen we promise we will never come through here again!!" They both pleaded again. The pumpkin didn't give no response. They then saw really smooth and soft vines slithering up their legs like snakes. Cody and Justin could not do anything from the other vines wrapped around their legs and feet. They just watched in horror as the vines started to slither up and then entered through the leg holes of their diapers. The smooth vines just felt around exploring inside their diapers. Some were going against their butt cracks and some were moving and twisting around their cocks. Cody and Jake started to feel horny and hard. "No we can't be enjoying this, we must resist this. No way am I going to give into this pleasure" Justin pleaded. The pumpkin then smiled even more and then some of the vines from inside the diaper started to ooze out this muddy mushy orange slime that started to fill their diaper up. "Eww what is this stuff !! It's so slimy and and.. oh.. ahh... omg this feels so uhh.. good.." Cody then just couldn't help but smile with pleasure from the ooze and vines and Justin's diaper started to do the same. They then started to feel one of the vines slither toward their butt holes then entered a little just enough to give them pleasure inside. Both Cody and Justin moaned loudly from now being fucked. They couldn't even complain anymore or plead them to stop. It felt so good. Then they felt the slime ooze in their butts from the vines. It felt like they were being cummed inside. The vines then slowly exited their butt holes and then Cody and Justin just filled their diapers by pooping out the orange ooze inside them. The orange slime started to leak out of the leg holes of the diaper. The vines then started to have a nice soft grip on their wieners and started to stroke them. They just moaned in pleasure and enjoyed. The soft vines from the backside of their diapers then went back inside their butts filling more orange ooze but the vines this time went in and out of their butts like dildos. "Ahhh omg fuck yes!! It feels so good. All this slimy ooze in my hole and in the diaper. I can't stop enjoying this. It feels amazing and I think... I think.. I'm about too... AHHH CUMMM!!!". Cody then shoots and full load of cum in his diaper. Then Justin moaned out load and Cody could already tell he was climaxing. The vines still stroked their dicks till all the cum was out. "Wow I can't believe that!! Best orgasm ever but ewww now I can't stand this slime in my diaper. I need out of this". Cody said the vines then put the two down and untapped their diapers. Cody and Justin blushed from how much they cummed and all the mess in their diaper. One vine came over then changed shape and started to suck like a vacuum all the slim off and cum. The baby wipes then came and wiped their bums and crotch area again. "Gosh well at least thats over". Both butt naked they really just wanted to leave. They got up butt naked and tried walking away saying "well hey we are really sorry about walking in here and well did enjoy the pleasure you gave us but we best be goin......". Justin and Cody were cut off with vines then grabbing their legs and make them fall on the dirt ground. They both were being dragged back butt naked and then saw vines holding more diapers and then cried out as they were being dragged "please no I don't want to wear another diaper I'm not a baby!! ". They were then put in both another diaper this time super babyish with little cute Halloween designs on them. High chairs then rised from the ground and then were both picked up then restrained in the high chair. The high chair had shackles and locked their hands in place so they couldn't do anything. The vines then brought over jars of baby food and then a vine then shapped into a spoon and scooped a nice big yucky slimy bit from the jar. "No please we arnt hungry and espically don't eat baby food". The vines just came closer with the food and tried to feed them but both resisted. Two vines then pinned each others noses and they were forced to open up and then fed a big chunk of baby food. It tasted so gross but couldn't do anything at all about it. Then two big giant baby bottles of milk came and the vines held them and this time Cody and Justin resisted and whined really hard. The vines then slipped in the back of their diapers then went up their butt holes again and then Cody and Justin couldn't help but moan then open their mouths from the pleasure. Then the milk enter their mouths. They were defeated and kept drinking the milk. The vines then exited their butts after done drinking. Then both boys tummy started to make noises and farts started to escape their butts. "No please get me out of this!! Slime is one thing but please I don't want to poop my diaper". Both struggled to keep themselves from shitting their diapers but then the vines pushed on their belly. *FURP PFFT*. A big messy load then started to enter their diapers and to make it worse they were still sitting and the mess started to spread to the back and front. "Eww gross!! I can feel it again my butt cracks and privates. I'm still going too!! " Both kept filling till their diapers were nice and brown. Finally was over but then the vines took them out of their seats and had their butts positioned in the air. "Wait no they arnt going to do what I think there going to do!!". The vines then came down hard spanking the dirty diapers and the boys just felt all the mess squish all over and smush up again their butts. The smell even got worse. It stinked so bad. The vines then put them on a old fashioned teeter totter and had them bounce up and down on it. "No please stop this is so embarssing!! And gross. Get us out of these diapers!!". Justin yelled out. The vines then took them and changed their messy diapers as they wished. A big giant crib started to form and then once both were wiped cleaned and change into thick diapers. They were then put in onesies that said "mommy's little pumpkins". Both just blushed and they were both put down in the crib and they tried to get out but then the pumpkins placed two pacifiers in their mouth. It was weird they didn't spit them out. They just sucked on them and slowly fell asleep. Morning then came. "Hey you big stinky babies wake up!!". Both Cody and Justin opened their eyes slowly and saw two pretty girls infront of the crib they were trapped in. The pumpkins were gone and disappeared. "Well well well if it isn't Cody and Justin. You two have always been teasing and pranking us at school. And now it's our lucky day for payback. Looks like we see two big babies with two stinkyfilled up diapers that probably need two mommy's and we been looking for the perfect baby dolls to play house with" the girls laughed and smiled. Cody yelled "no way we arnt going to be your stupid dumb diaper filling babies". *click*. Both girls holding phones up taking pics then giggled "oh really well how about we send these pics of you two in your dirty diapers in a crib dressed up as babies and send them to the whole school or you can come with us and be our babies forever and we will won't show anybody these pics". Both knew they didn't have any other choice. They wanted to keep their dignity at school so they agreed to the terms. "Great now how about you two jump in these strollers that happen to be here and we will go home and get your diapers changed. We got lots of plans in store for you two stinkers and we have friends that are willing to help making the new nursery for you two". Both Cody and Justin blushed and got in the strollers and started the beginning of their new life now. (Art by diaperpailarkham)
  2. Big thanks to @kasarberang for commissioning this story that I wrote for them! Chapter 1 Daniel is a 22-year-old male about 4 feet tall. He's sleeping in bed after a long session last night hanging out with friends. Well, one friend. His only friend really. Her name is Sarah. Unfortunately for Daniel, his downfall was he was short but for Sarah, she was tall, very tall. About 8 feet. She was called a freak and Daniel was called a midget. Being how they became best friends. Even though Daniel was as straight as could be he never felt love for Sarah. Not the love you find between two people that want to live together forever. But unfortunately for Daniel, Sarah didn't feel the same way. But you will find out soon enough. It was very early in the morning when Daniel was jumped awake in his bed. He looked around his very room. His room was kinda messy with clothing on the ground. His walls were a boring white color as he hasn’t had the money to paint. He even had a few ripped-up posters of cute girls that someone ripped up. His closet was pretty empty as it was close to time to do laundry. Nearly everything was dirty and on the floor around his bed. Daniel grabs his pillow and stands up. "Hello? Is someone in my house?" He says shivering. There was no response he steps out of his room and into the hall when he swears he hears giggling. His eyes get bigger and shake more. "If this is a joke it isn't funny!! You better leave now! I-i got a gun! I know how to use it!" He shakes more with each step before rounding the corner of the hall before someone yells and sticks their face in his. "HI DANIEL" Daniel screams the girliest scream and slams the person in the face with this pillow. The pillow falls off her face reviling his best friend Sarah who is laughing her ass off. "You're such a scaredy-cat!! I thought you were a big man, not a scared little baby." Daniel blushes and pushes her face away. He was angry now. "Sarah!! How many times have I told you not to break into my damn house??" This should have been his first clue something was suspicious about her but he was scared of losing his only friend. Even if she was odd or kinda creepy. Who else would he have to talk to? Sarah giggles and hugs him his face going deep into her oversized breasts. Daniel's face was deep red. Trying to pull away from this monster of a woman. "I'm so sorry dani~ I couldn't help myself!" He finally gets pulled away and rubs his face. "Yuck… I feel like I need a bath now…" He shivers. He loved women, hell he loved breasts but it was completely different when you only see a girl as your best friend. Sarah smiles looking down at the small boy. "Whoops sorry. Accident, it's hard to hug someone so small, well hell anyone really and they don't get a face full of them." She adjusts them, moving them around. He blushes. "Stop that! Jesus… anyways I'm going to take a shower. Then uhh how about we head to the store then back to your place for a while." She gets a sly smile and he stomps his foot. "Don't even say 'oh you want to come back to my place’ in that stupid trying-to-be cute voice it's creepy and weird!" He sighs. She laughs. "ok ok sorry. Man, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Maybe you just need someone to help take care of you. Because you clearly don't do it well enough." He glares. "I can take care of myself just fine." He turns back to his room and grabs some clothing and to the bathroom. "Oh! If you even attempt to peek in again I'll call the cops for real this time." He says before slamming the door. Sarah giggles and smiles. "Feisty little guy. I love it when he's in this attitude makes him so cute and attractive~" Sarah pulls out her phone and opens an app called Remote Camera. She clicks the one called bathroom cam. It opens up to Daniel undressing unaware. "Stupid pervy friend…" He says with a sigh he pulls down his boxers and his flaccid cock hanging down now. "Can't we just talk like a normal friend?" He says Turing on the shower letting it warm up. Sarah licks her lips. "Such a cute boy, can't wait to get ahold of that~" She watches him finally get in the shower. She sighs and shakes her head. "No no Sarah, it's still too early. But we are getting very close. Mmm~ very close indeed." She kisses her phone and closes the app and waits for Daniel to get done. He comes out fully dressed and sees Sarah in the kitchen at the table. "You didn't eat all my food, did you? Not like I got much anyways." She looks at him and frowns. "You are so skinny Daniel, you need to eat more than you are." Daniel sighs and shrugs. "Too broke for that. What are you, my mom? Sheesh, I'm only a little underweight." She gets up and begins to go through his pantry and fridge. "Ok, buddy, sit down I'm about to make you a big breakfast!" Daniel looked confused but sat down. She said with so much authority he just had to listen. "Umm well I won't say no, but you don't have to Sarah. But I suppose it's not that far out of your character heh…" Sarah begins to cook. She was quite good at it too. She finished in about a half-hour having made some biscuit and gravy with pancakes and sausage. She put a plate in front of him. With an overly filled plate. There was no way he could eat it all. "W-wow thanks so much Sarah… but I'm not going to be able to eat this all. I'll be full before then." She leans over the table and fills his plate with syrup just smirking. "I expect you to eat it all. Tell you what, you eat it all I'll pay for any one thing you want. Within reason that is." His eyes got big and look back down at the food. "If I lose?" She smiles and grabs a paper and writes down what the losing part is. She folds the paper up and lays it under the plate. "You get to find out after you lose. So what will it be you going to pussy out?" He glares at her then back at the food. All his food is now covered in pancake syrup. She stopped before it overflowed. He grones and grabs a fork. "Deal! But you better be prepared to lose!" He quickly began to shove it down. Sarah just watched with this stare. Sarah didn't mind a win or loss. But if she could win she would be a small amount closer to her goal. Another half-hour passes. Daniel has his head on the table groaning. He still had a single sausage to eat. He was so close to his goal. He leans his head up and grabs it on his fork getting it close to his mouth where he nearly pukes. He quickly lays it back down. Sarah smiles. "You give up yet? As fun as this has been to watch the past 10 minutes you have been trying to eat that single sausage. I think you lost buddy." He wines and holds his stomach leaning back. "I-I was so close too… fine I give up… I don't want to throw up." She goes behind him and rubs his belly. "Aww, poor Dani. When you get the chance you can read my losers note. But take your time. Don't make yourself sick." He blushed at the stomach rubbing it was awkward as hell but it did help him. He let it happen for a while before he was able to move again. He reaches up, lifts the plate, and opens the note. He reads it out loud. "Must go to the store and buy a package of adult diapers then come home and put one on and show me." He blushed and looked at Sarah quickly. "This is a joke right?! I-i can't do that, people will think I'm some kinda weirdo. They already do as is!" Sarah frowns. "Oh, so now that you lose a bet you get to get out of it? I always did what you asked for your bets when I lost." Daniel sighed and whined. "That's just cruel… fine you are right. Not like I have to use them or anything. The worst part will be buying them." Sarah smirks. "Well, I need to see you in the diaper. To make sure you don't lie about it." He blushes but nodded. "That makes a lot of sense… fuck! This is such a good prank, why didn't I think of it!" Sarah giggles and smiles. "Don't know, now come on let's head to the store. I can't wait to see you do this~" He sighs and follows her out of his house. He makes sure to lock up and they go out and get in her car. He wasn't allowed to drive being so small. So he was lucky he had her. But her car was so freaking tall it made him feel like a child just being in it. He buckled his seat belt and Sarah got in the driver’s seat. Then they head off to the closest store that sold adult Diapers. They get out of the car and head inside Sarah sits at a bench by the front to see all the registers. "Well you head on in, I'll be right here. You know what you need to do." He blushed the whole trip inside and headed to the adult diaper section. He nervously looked them over before some lady walks up. "Hiya, can I help you find anything today sir?" He jumped and blushed. "N-not looking for diapers nope!" She giggles and smiles. "Ahh, I see well if you need any help not finding any I’ll gladly help. But hmm…" He still blushing looked confused. "W-what?" She sighs. "Unfortunately I don't believe any of these will fit you." He looked more confused. "What do you mean? Too big? I mean I’m not buying them anyways!" She nods. "Excuse me, if this comes out rude but you are very… small. but do not worry! I know a great place! Follow me." She walks off and Daniel drops his head in shame and follows her. They finally make it to the baby aisle. She grabs a package of Huggies the largest in them and hands them to him. "These would fit your size perfectly! But the cute print might throw you off. But I suppose it's better than an accident." He began to nod and blushed more, shaking his head. These had mickey mouse all over them. It was very humiliating. "A-accident? Woah ok you have the wrong idea…" She tilts her head. "Why else would you need protection?" He thought for a very long time shaking his leg nervously. But she was right he would just have to suck it up and pretend. "O-ok you are right can we just not talk about that…" She nods. "So sorry sir! I wasn't thinking I'm sure it's very embarrassing. But I need to get back to work." She walks off and he hides the diapers the best he can going to the front and paying the guy behind the counter smiles. "Aww, you got a kid?" Daniel blushes and just nods he quickly pays and rushes to Sarah who's laughing. "I can't wait to see your kid Dani~" He's bushing deep red and leaves the store. Sarah follows him and gets in the car with him as they buckle up. "What's with the diapers though? Those are for baby's aren't they?" He grones. "The worker said these would be the only size to fit me… I hate my life. That cute girl probably thinks I'm a diaper-wearing weirdo." Sarah squeezes the wheel tight. "She's probably a bitch anyways…" She says jealousy. "Let's just get you home." They travel back home in silence and head back inside. Daniel heads to his room. "Don't come in! I'll come out when I'm ready." Sarah giggles "oh I can't wait, this is going to be so good~" He goes into his room blushing only more shutting the door and lays the diapers down and rips them open they fly everywhere. He growls and stomps his foot. "Damn it all!" He quickly picks most of them up and throws them off his bed they were like an odd fabric he opens it up shivers. "I hate my life…" He pulls down his pants and boxers and begins to put this diaper on himself. He finally gets it on and lets his shirt drop to hide it. "There's no way I'm walking out like this Sarah!!" Sarah sounds sad. "But Dani you promise…" He frowns and scratches himself but the diaper makes it hard and opens the door. Sarah peeks down the hall curiously and lifts an eyebrow. "Well?" Daniel takes a deep breath and shakes grabbing his shirt and lifting it up exposing his very childish diaper to Sarah. Her breathing goes heavy just staring at Daniel. He had his eyes closed and was embarrassed as hell. Suddenly Sarah bursts out laughing like crazy. "Oh my God Dani that's the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life! Wiggle your hips! Shake that bootie!" She says continuing to laugh. Daniel’s humiliation is so much he doesn’t even want to move. He wanted to die. "Does little Dani need a bottle I'm sure mommy can let you breastfeed if you like~" Then laughs more he turns and slams his door and just screams. He rips off the diaper and throws it in the corner of the room and gets dressed back. He steps back out. "Ok Sarah! Time for you to go home! I did your stupid-" He grones holding his tummy. "Prank… haha you got me in diapers. But you need to-" He grones and his eyes get big and he runs to the bathroom quickly. Sarah smiles. "Good to know the laxatives work for later~" Horrible sounds come from the bathroom, Daniel pooping in the toilet. Sarah giggles. "So close to making him use it too. Next time though he won't be so lucky. If I can get him to use just one diaper. I can begin my plan. But it can't be forced for the first time. It needs to feel like it's 100% his fault that will lower his confidence a lot. Making him less likely to fight anything I do to him. If only a little~" She leaves the house whistling back to her house. She goes inside and into her room. She opens her closet and there she had a bunch of pictures of Daniel naked. From different rooms in his house. She must have had cameras all over the place. She opens up her phone and hits print on something. She pulls out a picture off the printer. It's Daniel holding up his shirt showing off his diaper. She licks her lips. "Soon my baby you will be mine to feed, diaper, and milk just you wait~" Back at Daniel's house, he comes out of the bathroom holding his stomach. "Oh God… anyways Sarah i-" He looks around and tilts his head. Then looks around suspiciously. "You better not be hiding in my house again! I swear if I wake up in bed next to you I'm going… do something probably." He sighs and goes to his bedroom and lays on his bed. All the diapers were still all over his bed and some on the floor. He lets out a yawn. "I'll pick them up later. Why don't I get better friends… oh right because she's the only one who at least listens to me... As much as she annoys me." He closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep. It was only like 4 pm so it was very off for him to be so tired. But he didn't care he just wanted to forget he ever put on a diaper for Sarah. Being the last thing he thought before he drifted off to sleep. He has nightmares waking up to Sarah above him. He's completely naked and she's got a diaper putting it on him. But no matter how much he struggled he couldn't move it was like he was paralyzed. She put him in a diaper and then lifted her shirt as his mouth was slowly moved to her nipple he was trying to fight it before he jumps awake screaming. He breathes heavily holding his chest and looking himself over. He was still in what he was wearing when he went to sleep. He grones and rubs his head. "Damn it… what a nightmare." He says sitting up and looking out the window. It was the dead of night. "Man I fell asleep early huh? First the shits then I get mega sleepy. Did Sarah drug me?" He shakes his head. "No… She’s insane sure but I don't think she would do that. Probably just all the food I ate. I never eat that much." He says yawning. "Might as well go back to sleep till morning." He says closing his eyes and falling right back to sleep. For whatever morning holds for him.
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