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  1. "The Dumb Baby Maker: Full ABDL Hypnosis and Brainwashing. Causes incontinence, blind obedience, helplessness, and infantile speech patterns. Guaranteed to ensure your little subby's brain is turned to mush and deposited into their diapers. Lowers effective IQ 80%!" Baby looked at the box of CD's and headphones. She held it up and skimmed the warnings. "Only use if 100% certain of blah blah blah, ensure decent supply of diapers and blah blah blah... Are you sure you want to do this? If it works the way it says you'll REALLY need to take care of me. It says it makes the user a completely helpless idiot and totally diaper dependant." Her Daddy smiled. "In that case the real question is "do we really need it?" I think we acheived the goals already." He put a hand on her hip then turned her to the side and examined the back of her diaper. "Hmm. Clean for once. Shocker." She smiled back at him. "I can change that if you want." He shrugged. "Maybe later. Lets try the first one." He opened the box and took out a pair of headphones, player, and disk. "Really old fashioned," Baby said. "Yeah it's to save money. Made by Alex's Cheap Practical Low-cost Objective-Based Technology Devices. They are simple ways to acheive specific results easily so we can just move and not worry about it. Anyway, the first disk is called "Complex Thought: Who Needs it?" And says it will target your advanced problem solving. From there we can move onto "The Toilet is Evil: UnPotty Training" and "Baby Says What?: Bable talk For Dummies." He flipped through the disks. "These really target everything. By the end, you'll be a dumb baby for sure." He looked down at his girfriend. A blond haired woman, thirty years old, she she was nevertheless wearing a simple t shirt and a diaper, with a pacifier hanging around her neck, and knelt on the floor in front of him. She was gawking up at him, and had drolled a bit on to her shirt. From the looks of the slightly darker shade of her diaper, it wasn't the only thing she made wet. "I mean, more so then you already are." She smiled. "OK DADDY! Lets go!" He bent forward and put the headphones on her. ... SNAP SNAP SNAP Baby woke up to Daddy's fingers snapping in front of her. "Whoah wha?" she asked. "Whats going on?" "You just finished the first CD, the one targeting Complex Thought." "Oh... did it work?" "Well, if you have to ask..." She looked up at him, mouth hanging open. "Yes? If you have to ask, what?" He chuckled. "Nevermind babygirl. Lets test it shall we?" "OK!" She said, bouncing up and down on her knees. "Hmmmm..." he put a finger to his chin. "Whats five plus five?" She paused. The question still seemed annoyingly simple. "Ten." He nodded. "That's right, Baby. How about six minus six?" "Zero," the answer came easily. "Maybe it didn't work?" "Hmmm," he seemed to think again. "Maybe it didn't." "Try something harder!" "Alright. Five times five?" "Twenty five," She said, disappointed. "Square root of a hundred?" "Ten," she rolled an eye. "Get a refund?" "One thousand, one hundred and fifty seven times one thousand three hundred and fourty two." She paused and thought. "One million five hundred and fifty two thousand, six hundred and ninty four." He took out his cell phone, and she assumed he was checking. "Smart baby. What is the area of a right angle triangle?" She shook her head. "I don't know. Not enough information to answer." "Very smart baby." "Yeah..." She looked down. "Was kind of hoping I'd be... I don't know, dumber." He laughed and nodded. "Yep, me too." "So refund?" He shrugged. "Let's try the UnToilet Training one tomorow, and see how it goes. I know you're still a smart baby, but maybe the other's will work." "Ok Daddy," She said, though she couldn't hide her disapointment. ... ... The next day, Baby was sitting in a play pen in her kitchen, surrounded by her toys. Bored and frustrated, she made a stuffed elephant "walk" around the pen. She picked it up, looked at it in the face, growled and threw it against the netting, then leaned back on her bottom and folded her arms. The second CD hadn't worked either. It went on her head, played its weird noises, and when it was done, nothing inside her changed. And as a result, nothing outside her needed changing either, least of all her diaper. She looked down at it, and growled again. She bounced up and down on her bottom. "NO NO NO NO NO! HMPH!" She said, and folded her arms. "Now now Baby, I know your frustrated, but Daddy will find a solution." "Hmph," She said again, still folding her arms. Daddy, in fact, had already been working on a solution. He told her that if the CD didn't work, he'd try to acheive the same with a "Special recipe" he found online. He walked around the kitchen grabbing pots and pants and mixing ingredients into a massive pot of baked beans, which he claimed would guarantee a dirty diaper when she ate it. From the smell of it, she wasn't sure if the taste would be worth the effects. She turned away from the bubbling pots and groaned. "I don't know if I'll want to eat that Daddy. It smells awful." He looked at her. "Well if the CD isn't working you'll need some way to get there." "I know but..." She shook her head. "Ew." Was all she could muster. He tapped his spoon against the pot. "Alright, fair enough. It does stink in here. Speaking of..." He walked over to her. "Lets check that diaper agian, just in case." She rolled her eyes. "It's still clean Daddy, the tape didn't work." "Right," he pulled her forward and opened the back of her diaper, ensuring she was right. "Yep, one clean diaper after a full day. Sorry sweetie." "It's just not fair! All that time and money, and my diaper is still clean!" "I know, I know sweetie," He bent down and picked her up in a hug with her legs around his wasit and his hand on her bottom, and she clung tight to him. He patted her bottom. "Sorry you can't be a stinky baby." She put her head into him. "I know Daddy." "Well, come on," he said, and began carrying her out of the kitchen. "Where are we going Daddy?" "To the changing table, Baby." "Why? My diaper is clean." "I know your diaper is clean," he patted her bottom. "That's the problem. You've been sitting in the same clean diaper all day, and if you aren't going to use it, we still need to change it like we would any other clean underwear. Otherwise, since you can keep it clean for so long, it will still get gross with sweat and skin cells and fall apart, which is gross, right? So lets get you into your bedtime diaper then some PJs so you don't get a rash, ok? Sound good?" She nodded. "Yes Daddy." "Good girl," he patted her again. "Changing one totally clean diaper for another." (this story is request/prize for BabyVampers on twitter, who won a competition I found to find the "dumbest baby/subby on twitter" and requested a fitting story as a reward)
  2. An autobiographical story in which a girl recounts her unexpected regression. Thats a one shot story Part 1: Hi! im Silvia If someone asked me how all this started, I wouldn’t know how to answer. I only know that one morning I woke up, and the bed was wet. Obviously, my mother was not happy at all; she spent the morning yelling at me. She couldn’t understand how an 18-year-old girl could wake up in a wet bed and have no idea why. I don’t really remember the feeling of a wet bed; I just know that by the fourth night of lying in my own urine, my mother brought home a pack of pull-ups. The pull-ups were pink and covered in heart-shaped patterns. They weren’t like regular underwear; they were padded but more discreet compared to what I wear now. I cried and yelled at my mom, refusing to wear them, but in the end, she was right: I had become a stupid girl who wet the bed. The first time I wore them, I was surprised by how comfortable they were and how they didn’t show under my pajama pants. The next morning, I woke up dry. I was happy, moving my legs under the sheets, but then my hand reached the new underwear. Pressing it, I felt the imprint of a cold liquid still soaking the cover. I got up with my heart in my throat. My pull-up was soaked. I didn’t even tell my mother; she already expected it. I simply took it off, threw it away, and got dressed for class. And so I quickly went through the first two packs of 10 pull-ups: it had become a routine. In the evening, I brushed my teeth, put on the pull-up, and wore my pajamas. I even stopped changing it immediately; sometimes I went straight to breakfast. The worst part was when I lost control during the day. At first, it was just a more urgent need to pee, then a few drops would come out, and eventually, I ended up wetting myself freely. My mother took me to all the doctors in the world, but none could give me an answer. In the end, she gave up and made me wear pull-ups during the day. Then came the summer holidays, between wet pull-ups and often failed bathroom runs. Summer arrived, and it was time for diapers. I still remember the first time I pooped in my pull-up: I was at lunch and felt a strange sensation in my butt. It was like an itch that disappeared as soon as I pushed. I spread my legs and without realizing it, I pushed everything into my pull-up. The most embarrassing part was that I was in front of my mother, who looked at me in shock. That was the last time I wore pull-ups. I still remember the first diaper I wore. Of course, my mother spanked me heavily to make me wear it. The diaper was childish, white with a parade of bears carrying crayons on the front. The diaper came up over my navel, tightened at the level of my pubis, and then widened at my butt. It was incredibly comfortable, I felt like I was hugged by a cushion. At first, when my mother wasn’t looking, I played by patting my butt, marveling at the fact that I didn’t feel anything. Over time, my continence worsened: I wet myself freely, often without noticing, finding the diaper soaked. For pooping, it was different: I knew when I was doing it but didn’t have much warning. Eventually, I gave up trying to run to the bathroom and simply stopped wherever I was, spread my legs, and filled my diaper. The only thing that consoled me was that I was home for the summer holidays. What changed was my relationship with my mother: at first, I changed myself, not too happily when I smelled, and she commented that I didn’t put the diaper on correctly. Then she started automatically fixing the diaper tabs, ignoring my annoyed face. Then she started coming into my room while I was changing to see if I was doing everything right. Finally, she made me lie down, and she changed me. To be honest, I wasn’t too opposed, after all, it was one less dirty job. The only problem was that she started checking if I needed a change. Eventually, I became dependent on her; I no longer monitored the state of my diaper, and if my mother didn’t change me, I would stay in a dirty one for hours. It must have been the summer heat, but eventually, I started going around the house with just a t-shirt and the diaper in view, my mother cleaning my dirty butt, so who cared. I giggled when I saw myself in the mirror. I liked how my butt would sag and wobble after wetting. I even stopped noticing the smell of a dirty diaper. Then came the changing table. My mom bought it and put it in my bathroom: it was like a cabinet, painted pink, with drawers to keep my supplies. There was a purple ladder I used to climb up, and on top, there was a white mattress. It was very comfortable; I climbed up, lay down, and my mother did everything. I soon learned the difference between day and night diapers: the night ones were thicker, and I could sleep without fear of leaking. I realized I actually needed diapers one day, during a change, when I peed without noticing. My legs were still open, and the clean diaper had just been placed under my butt. Luckily, my mother was quick enough to close the front part, waiting for me to finish. Then I started sucking my thumb; I don’t remember how it happened the first time, I just know it ended up in my mouth automatically when I slept or did homework. After the thumb came the pacifier, “better for your teeth,” my mother said. The first pacifier was white and pink with a bunny drawn on it. I sucked on it often, not because it was really necessary, but because it was a habit, like I needed it to feel good or calm down. Then came the bottle: I started spilling the contents of glasses on myself, and soon my mother placed a bottle in front of me at dinner. I didn’t object; I was too thirsty. Drinking from a bottle was completely different: I could carry it around, drink lying down, drink while playing and studying. But what was strangest was my relationship with the outside world and my friends. Nobody cared that I was in diapers, nobody cared if I messed up in the middle of a store while shopping. The same went for my friends; they treated me like it was all normal, like the pacifier and diapers were my normal. It was different from how a child is treated, no, mine was normal, as if I were a regular 18-year-old girl. None of my friends said anything if my diaper was soaked, none seemed to notice my words distorted by the pacifier in my mouth. When we went out for drinks, I was sure my friends got a glass while I got a bottle. Eventually, I stopped worrying that people would see my diaper, nobody cared anyway, sometimes I even went out with just a t-shirt and the diaper in view. Part 2: Smelly diapers and highchair I forgot almost immediately that diapers were not my classic garment until a few weeks ago, simply as my friend clara wore pink panties, I had a nice padded diaper, white with pink hearts. After the pacifier, after the bottle, came the baby clothes. I discovered that I liked dungarees, especially with shorts; I also liked the bulge that could be glimpsed between my pubes and my bottom: it had become my outfit for evenings. To stay at home I often wore rompers: I had all kinds, one more childish than the other, and then according to my mother it was easier to change if there were buttons on my bottom. Another fact to recount is the sleepover at Clara's house. I showed up about 7 p.m.: I was wearing my favorite dungarees, pacifier in my mouth and hair pulled back in pigtails. I had my diaper bag with the essentials with me. Clara opened the door and let me in, we stood in the living room watching TV series, eating popcorn and drinking lots of coke of course from my bottle Toward the end of the first season my diaper was heavily in danger of leaking. It was at that moment that Clara surprised me by saying: " do you want me to change your diaper?" I turned and looked at her surprised; I had always thought that only my mother knew. " yes, if possible," I said somewhere between a flicker of shame and insecurity. He took me by the hand and walked me to the bathroom where he made me lie down. I didn't know what to say, I was embarrassed at first but then I realized it wasn't that different from when my mother did it so I let go. We finished changing and went to the bedroom where we chatted for a while as if it was normal for my best friend to change my diaper. Then Clara asked a question that amazed me: "How does it feel to poop in a diaper?" I looked at her a little stunned. "Well, I first feel a sensation on my bottom, as if my diaper wanted me to do it, then I feel that I have to push I spread my knees and do. I feel when my body starts to empty. When the poop comes out of me I can feel it flowing inside the diaper, like it's very hot and then it settles there until they change me," I replied with a splash of honesty. "It sounds extra gross," said clara. Eventually the strange questions ended and we went to bed. And so it was that July came between messy diapers and drunk bottles. It was on my birthday that my mother let me find the high chair: it was white, with two wooden dumbbells, one on the right, one on the left, and on one side, the seat was padded, white, like the small table that lowered over my legs. I didn't know what to say, the only thing I did was wet my diaper, strangely enough.... But my mother seemed so enthusiastic, so I indulged her. The feeling of being in a high chair is strange but I will try to describe it : the high chair is a taller chair and my legs are dangling, the padding is great, always to be on a cloud. The coffee table is lowered under my chest is comfortable because it is close and I don't get dirty with food What I learned after settling down is that diapers and high chairs are connected, if I wasn't padded and had to run to the potty I wouldn't get there in time. The only downside is that I have to depend on my mother to pass me the dishes and the baby bottle --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The last part is already out in my ream account, if u like my story pls subscribe to get priority access to my new parts e to others story that i dont publish here. https://reamstories.com/scrittoreanon
  3. Faye strode toward the house with all the confidence she could muster Not a house. A mansion. A PALACE. If it weren't for the size she might have just called it a villa. She passed through a wide open doorway, past a pair of guards and into a wide courtyard, filled with garden paths and decorative fountains. Rows of white columns were on either side of her, and in front, the main section of the villa- a gigantic three story building made of hard white stone. She felt her shoulders hunch, then made herself stand back up to project the confidence she knew she needed for the meeting. There were guards. A LOT of guards. They stood in pairs, armed, watching her. She made herself stare forward, as if she barely even noticed them. She stopped at the front door to the main building. She held up the letter she received to the pair of guards. "I've been summoned by..." The guard rolled his eyes and waved her in. "We know. Just go in, its straight through." "Oh," she was taken aback. She was expecting a lot more of a hassle. Normally, guards like this saw bounty hunters as a potential threat. These one's didn't even seem to care. "Have fun," the guard said, and his friend chuckled. She paused for a moment. Not the normal kind of reaction she got. She shrugged it off, then continued. She entered the building and walked straight forward, as directed. None of the guards followed her, which she found odd again, but ignored. It would be there problem if they didn't do their jobs properly. There was an open door in front of her, with a greying man in a suit sitting with his arms folded behind it. "Ah, Faye, come in," he said, indicating an empty chair with an outstretched palm. Faye approached it and say down. The door slammed behind her, and she forced herself not to jump. She looked over her shoulders to see two more armed guards on either side of the door, though neither approached her. "Hello, I'm..." she began, but was cut off by a waving of his hand. "I know, I already said your name. Let me have a look at you," he said. He put on a pair of glasses and leaned forward. "Hmmm yes, yes very good." "What are..." He waved again. "I'll explain in a moment. Please stand up," he said. Faye paused for a moment, thinking about his request. She considered asking what exactly he'd see from her standing, but instead she just stood up. He looked her up and down. "Yes yes, good. You're a fair bit shorter then her, which is good. About the size of the others so the clothes should fit." "Why would that..." "Shhh," he said. "It will make sense in a moment. Please turn around so I can see the rest." She gapped at him. "Well? The money is on the table Ms. Faye." She looked at the bare table. "Metaphorically. Literally its in a safe. But, as in, on the table for when you want it." She rolled her eyes and decided it was pointless to correct her name. She turned around, put a hand on her hip and pushed it out to the side, trying to pose for what she was sure he was looking at. She knew she was more then attractive and was proud of it, though it wasn't normally a prerequisite for her jobs. "Well? Like what you see?" A moment's pause, then "I do. You'll do nicely. Please sit down." She sat down heavily in the chair and lounged with an arm over the back of it. "So? What's the plan? Am I suppose to lure some man?" He smiled. "Sort of. Actually, its a woman." "Great. So I kill some woman." He shook his head. "Well I'd hope not. The woman is my daughter." "Family trouble?" "No, birthday present." "Like a poisoned birthday cake?" "No. Like an actual present." "Uhhh...?" He smiled. "Let's discuss price first. I understand you are in a great deal of debt. I am willing to cover that, plus an additional ten billion woolongs." Faye tried to mask her expression. That was FAR more then her normal rate. Even paying for her debts was more then her usual rate, but the extra ten billion... she could retire, and live comfortably for the rest of her life. Or, more likely, live extravagantly while still need to work occasionally to keep up her lifestyle. "OK..." she was intrigued, but suspicious. "And what is the job? Who do I kill? Your daughter wants a corpse as a birthday present?" "No one. I want you to become my daughter's dolly." "Dolly?" "Doll," he shrugged. "She calls it that." "I don't make toys." "No no, YOU are her doll." "What?" "She want's a doll. It will be you." "Why can't you just by her an ACTUAL doll? What am I supposed to do for a kid?" He sighed. "Ok, to clarify. My daughter. Matilda. She is 22. It is her birthday. Every year for her birthday, I got her a doll. Since she has become an adult, she's been wanting more... real, to play with. So, I buy stragglers like you to live with her. You play along, let her dress you up, join her game, and we let you go next year with your new fortune." She was stunned. "I AM NOT DOING THAT! WHY WOULD I?" "Because you have a massive debt on your head and people want to collect." She heard a gun cocking behind her, and remembered the small army of guards she had passed. "I... see... Why me?" He smiled. "Come on Faye. You are known all over for your beauty." "Oh, well," she smiled. "And of course my daughter only gets the prettiest of dollies, so my mind went right to you." "I see. Of course!" "So you agree?" She heard the guns cocking behind her back again. "I guess I do."
  4. Kim stood in front of the mirror, examining her own naked body. She was bare except for the collar around her neck, and the cold made her shiver. She knew deep down there was nothing wrong with her, a bit short perhaps, but she could never help but blush when she saw herself. She folded her arms in front of herself and looked down. Roxanne, a taller, broader, blond woman, stepped behind her. She smacked Kim hard on the ass and kissed her forehead. "You look adorable and hot," she said. "Though not as adorable as you are going to be when I'm through with you." "I know mommy, it's just..." Kim began to reply, but was cut off. "Ah ah ah," Roxanne said, waving a finger. "What are you?" Kim blushed. "Adorable and hot." "Good girl," she ruffled Kim's hair. "But...?" Kim smiled. "Not as beautiful as I'm going to be when Mommy is through through with me." "Exactly. And you can be adorable for Mommy?" She nodded. "Yes Mommy." "Good girl. Now you wait there and think about that while Mommy gets your outfit ready. I got a whole set of new clothes for you, and I think you are going to LOVE them. Or, you may hate them, but I'll LOVE seeing you in them," she teased. Outfit. That word, and all its implication, ran through Kim's mind like a slow burning fire. It made her shiver, both with excitement and with nervousness. However, for the moment, she pushed it out of her mind to obey her dominant's orders. I am adorable and hot. She told herself. And I will be more adorable when Mommy is through with me. She heard Roxanne preparing everything behind her. She heard the sound of plastic tearing and being twisted, and of cloth being straightened and lain out. Thoughts of what it could be filled her mind, but she dashed them said to focus on the mantra. I am adorable and hot, and will be more adorable when mommy is through with me. I can be adorable for Mommy." 'Mommy' appeared behind her in the mirror and put her hands around her. She kissed her on the cheek. "Were you thinking about what I told you?" "Yes mommy" she replied. "Good girl. Now turn around and see the outfit I picked out for our little get together." She chuckled. "For my little subby to wear to our little get together." Kim turned around, and immediately blushed. "Oh god mommy!" she said. "All of that?" "Yes sweetie, all of that. It's far from the worse you've worn." "Yes but we are meeting people! And its so... so pink!" And entire outfit was laid out in front of her, in the order she would be putting it on. The center piece of it was the one thing that, though to anyone else might seem the strangest, she had anticipated: A fluffy, plastic adult diaper. It was the one constant part of their games, the reason she invariably called her dominant "Mommy" instead of any other term. This one had four tapes on it, it was pink with pictures of tiny princesses and unicorns on it, she recognized it as a "Princess Pink" from the nearby "Rearz" store. That was expected, though she normally didn't go for the pink. The rest of it was what changed. Beneath the diaper she had laid out knee high stocking striped pink and white- the only thing below the diaper, she noticed. Above it was a pink onesie, dotted with hearts, attached to a tutu-like skirt. To be honest to herself, it wasn't far off what she normally wore. The main difference was the overuse of the one, annoying color, which managed to add an entire new level of embarrassment to her normally already embarrassing outfits. Realistically, wearing a diaper and a blue onesie wasn't much better then a diaper, pink onesie and skirt, but it was still surprising to see the new clothes. "Come on, lets get you dress princess," Roxanne said. Kim buried her head in Roxanne's chest. "Mommy, does it have to be so... girly?" She asked. "Of course sweetie! You are a girl after all." "Yeah but... it's just a lot for meeting new people." Roxanne chuckled again. "Awww poor baby. You know they already expect to see you a diaper and baby clothes, so I don't think this will make much of a difference, you know?" "I know..." "Come on sweetie. As I always told you, it is ABSOLUTLY possible to sissify a girl, and hopefully your blushes today will prove it. Now enough bratting or I'll spank you. Lie down and let mommy diaper you." Kim smiled at her and lay down beside the outfit, lining her hips up roughly with the diaper. Roxanne looked down on her and picked it up. She opened it up, stretched it out slowly, and began ruffling it, letting Kim watch each step. "Come on mommy, we need to get going." Roxanne smiled. "Ok baby girl, you know the drill." Kim lifted her hips and let her lay the diaper under her, then spread powder over it. She lowered herself down, and watched as Roxanne lifted the plastic between her legs and taped it on. "Good girl, behaving for mommy," Roxanne said. "Now, one foot." Kim lifted one leg and let her drag the sock on, then followed with the other. Roxanne helped her to her feet, and pulled the onesie and skirt over her head, then closed the snaps between her legs. Finally she reached into her pockets, to pull out a pink bow and a pacifier. She popped the pacifier into Kim's mouth and tied the the bow into her hair before turning her to face the mirror again. "Well baby girl, how do you like it?" She stared at the reflection. It was a strange sight, a grown woman with an obvious diaper bulge beneath a ridiculously childish costume, and even stranger knowing that grown woman was her. She rolled her eyes and pretended to be upset, but couldn't hide her own smile. "It's awful mommy," she said sarcastically. Roxanne smacked her hard on the diaper. "No whining silly, its what you'll be wearing. She breathed in deep. "I know. Are you sure its going to be ok?" "What do you mean? You've worn far worse for me." "Yeah but not out in public, and not to meet people. We aren't going to far?" Roxanne shook her head. "No, its ok. I know you don't want people noticing your widdle diapies and and baby clothes, so for once Toronto's winter will benefit us because you get to wear your big winter coat over it." "And the people we're meeting? You sure you won't tell?" "They are friends, and they are kinky too. They will be dressed just as badly." "Mutually assured destruction?" Roxanne nodded. "Exactly. If they tell we tell," they both laughed. "Anyway, I'll be there with you. Just hold my hand and keep your coat closed on the way over, and it will be ok. Ok sweetie?" "Ok mommy," she said, and Roxanne kissed her forehead. She decided she was going to follow along, though she was still nervous. She ended up exactly as she had been instructed. She wore a long overcoat that reached down to her feet, which she clutched tightly with one hand. Her other hand held Roxanne's just as tight, and she pulled herself in close. She also wore a woolen toque to hide the bow in her hair, though realistically that was the least of her worries. Each step, if she went to far, risked exposing the long patterned socks under her boots. Each gust of wind, if she didn't hold on tight enough, risked exposing her tutu, and worse, her diaper. Tall skyscrapers loomed in front of them as they passed rows of terraced houses. Kim couldn't pay attention to any of it however, and barely noticed where they were going. Instead, she watched each person they passed, looking for any sign of humor or surprise on their face. Another couple, a man and a woman, passed them. Their eyes met, and she nodded at them. They nodded and smiled back. Part of her mind told her the normal greeting was laughing at her costume. Though she knew it must be otherwise, in her head her diaper bulged out way beyond the coat, and each breeze meant her onesie and the pacifier hanging around her neck was exposed, the smell of powder was constant, and the crinkling of the plastic was as loud as a trumpet. No matter how many times she went out and no one noticed her underwear, the feel of the diaper pressed around her still made it impossible to concentrate on anything else. "Waddle waddle," Roxanne whispered into her ears. Kim jumped up and straightened out. THAT certainly was another thing to worry about. Roxanne, who knew all about the headspace being diapered in public put her into, couldn't but tease. She tried to narrow her gait so it wasn't obvious there was thick plastic and cloth between her legs. Roxanne switched the hand she was holding Kim with and pulled her close. The now free hand reached down and squeezed her diapered rear, then patted it hard. "You know I can still hear your pampers crinkling, little girl. You think they can too?" She released Kim from her grasp and pointed at another group, this one larger and seemingly made up of university students, that was coming toward them. "#&@" Kim said. "Its cute how your swearing gets blocked out but I can say fuck all I want." Kim blushed and held her breath as they went on. The students laughed and chatted, and none of them paid her any mind. "Hmmm you lucked out diaper girl," Roxanne said. She patted her bottom again before taking her hand. Kim groaned. "STOP. I mean please stop mommy," she whispered. Roxanne only chuckled. Kim, desperate to change the topic to anything but her costume and her embarrassment, spoke out loud. "So where is it we are going Mo... Roxane?" "Just some friends of mine. Found them online for a group with similar interests, and met the girl a few times. Her boyfriend just moved in with her to be more like you, and we figured you two could have a playdate." Kim looked down at her feet. "What are they like?" Roxanne smiled. "Its ok sweetie, you'll see when we get there." Kim groaned, but decided to stop pressing it. She still wanted distraction from thoughts of her diaper and outfit being exposed, so she pressed the conversation in other directions, and Roxanne humored her by following along in the conversation. For the walk, Kim followed her dominant around instead, and ended up being pulled into doorway that let them re-appear in another part of the city. "I never get used to that," Kim said. "Yeah I'm still surprised they don't teach it in all schools." The nonsensical explanation was ignored by the readers, most of whom were as inattentive and silly as characters and probably belong in diapers, and the couple continued into another brown brick row house. Roxanne knocked, and her phone dinged. "It says 'come in, we're ready and waiting :)." The couple went in. The home inside was small but cozy. A two story apartment, with a doorway Kim guessed lead to the basements, and decorations a mix of solid wood and video gamed themed models which showed the two personalities that lived there. "So who is this couple?" Kim asked. "You're about to find out," Roxanne smiled. "Now take off your coat," she said, helping her with it. The door in front of them opened up, and back of a head with dyed red and green hair appeared. "Come on sweetie, meet your friends!" The head said in a high, teasing, feminine voice. With two hands she lead another figure. Kim could see the outline of a young man, dressed in a full footed onesie made to look like sonic. She saw a mouth sucking a pacifier, then brown hair, and... "SCOTT!??!" Kim shouted. "Ramona!!?"
  5. Rebecca set her bag down upon the bed. Her bed now. At least, for the next semester. The choice to live on campus for her second year wasn't one easily made. Her parents had offered to let her stay in her old bedroom, and it wasn't that long a commute. But... she needed her freedom. There was a time in everyone's life when they needed to go out into the world to figure out for themselves who they are, and you didn't do that by living forever in your childhood bedroom. She couldn't be act like a kid forever. She sighed. Some might argue that last part for certain things. Despite what she wanted, some things wouldn't change. Other things, however, needed to change right now. She opened the bag and dug to the bottom. She felt around with her eyes closed until she landed on the familiar plastic feel. She pulled out the thick, white diaper and looked around her room. She could try going to the bathroom to change, but then she risked being seen. Changing here, however, meant finding a place to store a soaked diaper until she could take her trash out. She sighed, thanked god she managed to get an individual room and put a bag inside the sealing garbage can she had picked out specifically for this. She took hers off, wrapped it in an extra plastic bag, and shoved it in. She re-diapered herself and pulled her skirt down over it. She looked in the mirror and frowned. It wasn't too obvious but... her bottom definitely stuck out. She sashayed back and forth, and the sound of crinkling plastic came through. She told herself it was more obvious because she knew it was there, and realistically no one would be able to tell unless they were looking for it, but it was hard to convince herself. She opened her bag further and took out the bag of diapers. There were twenty of them, each thick, plastic, and unmistakable for what they were. At least they weren't the printed kind- she still remembered with horror when her parents presented her with a pink bunny covered diaper for a "fun change." She wrapped the bag in a blanket, shoved it in a suitcase, and looked around her room. Finally she hid it in her closet and sighed. The brand was far from what she would have wanted. She had considered just stocking up on the underwear like pull ups she wore at home, but even back then she rarely tried wearing them outside the house, or anywhere she'd be far from a bathroom. The next were a bit thicker but still paper backed and quiet. She'd wear them when she'd be out but knew she could change quickly. That had been harder to give up, but in the end it was also still wishful thinking. With hour long classes and even longer tests, not to mention walking all over the campus without a private bathroom, it was too much of a risk. On top of that, a leaking diaper in public was far worse then plastic underwear. So, here she was. She thought for a moment, then reached back into the bag and took a spare diaper out. She figured she should probably bring a spare around, just in case. The campus was large, and she couldn't always be sure to make it back in time. She then reached into her "regular" underwear drawer, took out a pair of briefs, and pulled them up her legs. It always made her feel more comfortable to have something extra in case her skirt ran up, and it helped keep the crinkle sound down. Someone knocked at the door. Before she could answer, a smoothed skin, perfectly formed face, flanked by long, bleached hair, poked inside. "Eeep!" Rebecca said. Thinking quickly, she let her skirt drop back down and threw her her blanket over her bed. "You a bit of a scaredy cat?" the head asked. It was Matilda, an annoying cheerleader who shared some of Rebecca's classes. "What are you hiding?" "None of your business!" Rebecca said. "I mean, nothing. What do you want?" "Just letting you know there is a party tonight," she said. "Oh, I uhhh..." it was tempting, but it was also a Wednesday night. "I really should study. I have a morning class." Matilda laughed. "Oh, the party is for cheerleaders only, silly. Just letting you know in case it got too loud." She slammed the door behind her as she left. Rebecca grumbled to herself. Of course there was no reason for her to mention it, she was sure the cheerleader just wanted her to know she wasn't invited. She packed and headed to class. The read-headed girl walked through the hallways. She kept telling herself the sound of her diaper crinkling was not as loud as it seemed. It was something she knew was true, but had still been a source of anxiety for years. Now, with the unfortunate choice of the extra thick diapers, and the close call, it was all she could think about. "Hello again Rebby!" Matilda said, coming beside her. Rebecca jumped, startled at her sudden appearance. "My your jumpy today Rebby. Or do you prefer Becca?" "I prefer Rebecca," she said. "Whatever you want Becca. Sorry about our little run in earlier, I hope I didn't sound like I was making fun of you." She was dressed in a tank top and short skirt, in direct contrast to Rebecca's sweater and long, plaid skirt. Rebecca rolled her eyes. "Not at all." "Its just, you know, only for cheerleaders. And their boyfriends. And some of their friends. And a few other people. But its ok, you got your own thing going. Love your long skirts and frumpy clothes! Its cute, like a schoolgirl, and I suppose you have to dress according to your build." "Wow, thanks. Yes, your tiny skirts just shout "maturity." A girl they were passing giggled. She had long black hair and short black dress, and hit her smile behind her hand. She winked at Rebecca as they passed. Matilda made a face as she was laughed at, then put on a fake smile and wrapped an arm around Rebecca stomach and pulled her in close. Rebecca kept walking but froze from the waist up. Where she was, Matilda's hand was dangerously close to her... She reached down and moved Matilda's arm away. "Sorry would you mind not doing that?" "Awww. I would mind not doing that, actually. I'm just trying to get close with my new friend." She put a hand around her waist again, this time lower. Rebecca looked at the arm nervously. She considered pushing it away again, but that would probably only encourage Matilda, and she didn't want to risk her trying again and ending up right smack in the wrong place. "I think that's close enough!" Rebecca said, wiping her hand away. Matilde smiled. "Wow! Feisty! You go girl!" she said, and smacked Rebecca on the bottom. There was a moment after the thud where neither spoke. Rebecca stared straight forward, and Matilda looked at her. "What was that?" Matilda asked. "What was what?" Rebecca said. "That sound." "Probably a bird." "No the thud." "Hit a tree." "Then there was a crinkling sound." "A plastic tree." "Awww that's a cute joke sweetie. Such a clever girl!" Rebecca pointed a finger at her. "Hey! Don't talk to me that..." She stopped as Matilda hooked a finger under her skirt and lifted. "HEY! Don't... Errr!" She said, pushing her skirt down. "Sorry, what was that little girl?" Matilda asked. She stepped a bit closer and put her hand back on Rebecca's skirt. She looked straight into her eyes and gave a mocking smile. "I gave you a compliment. What do you say, little girl?" "Ah..." Rebecca paused. It was only a second of contact, she wouldn't necessarily have seen anything. Then again, she might have already seen something from when she barged into her door and been suspicious. Rebecca shook her head. She was trying to think of a way out of it, but realistically she was beaten. Matilda had been teasing her before, but in an entirely different way. She must know. "Thank you for the compliment." "Good girl. Well have a good day! I'll see you in the afternoon class!" Matilda said, and ruffled Rebecca's hair, then hopped away in the other direction.
  6. Hi. I'm a 19 year old dl from Milton Ontario and I want to find someone to meet up with. I want to know I'm not the only one in my town who's an abdl. I'd prefer if you're female and around my age because I'm also looking for a girlfriend/mommy, but at this point, I just want to meet any other abdl in person.
  7. Chapter 1: The Realm of Methrella Regina opened her window, watching the waves crash on the beach and people mill around her small town. A warm breeze entered the room and filled it with the distinctive smell of the ocean. Regina took a deep breath in... and out. "I should text Abby and the others soon. Today seems like a nice day to play outside", she thought. As she was turning on her phone to call her best friend, the young woman heard a soft knock on her door. She stepped away from the window. "Come in", she called. In stepped a small boy in blue jeans and a black shirt with a knight's helmet print in the middle. He smiled softly at his sister, flicking his dark brown-blonde hair out of his face. It was her 8-year-old brother. "Hi, Regina", he said in a soft voice. "Hey, Riley. What's up?", she asked curiously, watching as her little brother sat on her bed and laid back, staring at the ceiling. "Well, mom said you bought a game yesterday?", he asked hopefully. "I want to know if I can play it too." "Umm... yeah, I did", she said. Regina glanced at her phone and considered her options. She knew that her mom would be bugging her later on if she didn't let Riley play for a little while. Even though the siblings didn't have a bad relationship at all, their parents always pushed Regina to socialize more with her little brother. "So... can I?", Riley asked again. "Y-yeah, sure. Why not?", Regina sighed and put her phone back on the table. "I can send the guys a message in a few hours. I just hope that this doesn't take too long", she thought. The 18-year-old booted up her computer and started the game. "Sandbox Kingdoms...", Riley read, excited. "What is it about?" "It's a game where you can create your own civilizations and stuff", Regina answered. "You can make empires, kingdoms, and even small towns in different parts of the world and give them their own cultures." As a passionate fan of fantasy stories, Regina had gotten into worldbuilding since she was 14. She knew no one else who shared that hobby in her town, but through her years on the internet, she had managed to meet many online friends and writers that only made her love of worldbuilding grow bigger. And when a friend of hers showed her the game for the first time, she knew she had to buy it immediately. As the game finished loading, Riley got up from the bed and sat on her lap. Regina created a new world for Riley, and the boy started scrolling through the many options that the game offered. "This is hard to read!", he complained. "Too many big words!" As Regina had said, it seemed to be a very customizable game, having settings for the number of days in a year, the number of seasons, the world map, and so on. "So, what should I do now that the world is created?", Riley asked. "Well, you can start making civilizations for it", Regina said. "Look, this seems like a good place to start." She clicked over some plains between a range of mountains and a long river. A small flag icon appeared on top of the place. A new civilization had been founded! "Now, these different settings alter the reality of your world and its people", she said after a new window appeared on the screen. Her brother grinned and watched as his world unfolded. Regina helped and guided him, telling him where it would be good to place houses, castles, farms, and much more. Eventually, after modifying almost everything in the 'create civilization' window and creating the perfect town in Riley's eyes, the game showed them a timelapse animation of the history of the place, which Riley had decided to name "the Town of Thieves". "Town of Thieves?", Regina questioned, looking at the name. "Why did you decide to call it that way?" "It sounds cool and mysterious!", he answered happily. "It sounds kinda copycat-ish to me...", Regina teased, even though she knew her little brother wouldn't understand what she was referring to. "Shhh, it's perfect!", Riley said. After a few hours of playing and comprehending the game, Riley stretched and slid off Regina's lap. "I gotta go do my homework, sis", he smiled and headed towards the door. "But thank you, it was really fun." Riley closed the door behind him, leaving Regina alone with her computer. She looked at her phone and sent a message to her friend's group chat. "I hope they answer soon. I guess I can keep playing on my own world while they do", she thought. She saved Riley's world and opened hers. She had been playing on it since the afternoon the day before and until late at night. Her parents didn't usually check on her after 11, so she invested a few hours of her precious sleep in order to make her world perfect. She had created many civilizations of various sizes and alignments all around the world, but she had left her 'homeland' for the very end. This would be the place where she would create her main character, who would travel and set on daring quests in that world full of adventures and dangers. Once again, after completing the design of the place, the game asked her to name it. "The Realm of Methrella", she typed. She came up on the spot with that name. It didn't have a concrete meaning for now, but she'd eventually give it one that fit with the narrative of the world as a whole. Once the realm had been finished, she clicked on the long-awaited 'character creation' tab and started creating her avatar. She somewhat resembled her real-life self, nothing too fancy. "Huh?" As she was going through the final details, she noticed that the height settings were apparently jammed. Her character seemed to be as tall as a 10-year-old, and it didn't change at all even if she modified the settings. "Well, we might as well stick with that" A notification sound came out of her phone. It was Abby. "Great! They are free", Regina thought. She saved the game and logged off her computer. She got dressed into her sport clothes and went downstairs. "Mom! Dad! I'm going out to play volleyball with my friends!", she said in a loud voice. "Sure, Reg. Take care!", her mom answered from the kitchen. Almost half an hour passed after Regina had left her home when little Riley sneaked into her sister's room. He had left one of his action figures there a few days ago, but had forgotten to ask Regina for it. As he began looking for it, the computer suddenly turned on, revealing Regina's personal world in the game. He giggled slightly and got on her seat, tampering with her world mischievously, before pausing and undoing it all. "Let's try something from here", he decided, going into the 'daily life' tab, and changing a small but significant detail of the world. Riley quickly saved his progress and turned off Regina's computer. He stayed a few minutes there looking for his figure. Once he had found it, he ran off to his room. "I'm home!" Regina arrived an hour before the sunset. Tired because of all the time she had played, she went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. At dinner she noticed that her brother kept looking away from her, giggling occasionally. She shrugged it off, finishing her food quickly and going upstairs to her room. The young woman fell asleep, staring at the white ceiling. A soft flicker of blue light appeared on her computer and her world turned on at the 'character creation' tab. It was empty. As the screen changed to green for a second, Regina vanished from her bed.
  8. ( (above image by Buckarooblaster on Deviantart, used with permission) "Are we there yet?" "We've barely left yet, and we still need to pick up your big sister," the large, graying middle age man in the front seat replied without taking his eyes off the road. "She's not my sister!" "Well she is now, Erica." this time he glanced into the mirror to see her, and spoke with an edge of warning in his voice. "And she's not my "big" sister," Erica muttered. "Hey!" he growled. "That's enough whining. Settle down and watch your cartoons or I'll pull over and spank your bottom!" The woman sitting beside him, herself a bit older but with her hair still blond, turned back and pointed a finger at her. "You know your new position now. Complaining won't change it. We've given all you should need to be happy, you have your cartoons and your stuffy if your bored and that paci should keep you from complaining. We shouldn't hear a peep out of you until we get there. Accept your new place or we'll give you something to whine about." Erica sighed and rested her head on her hand. The cartoon flickered in front of her, but she was bored of it already. It didn't have any real plot she could see, just flickering lights and cutesy animals. She turned to look out the window, hearing her diaper crinkle as she shifted positions. The car seat she sat in, though comfortable, came with tight straps didn't allow for much movement, making any shift an effort. Trees ran by the car at top speed, and she imagined a figure running over their tops, jumping from branch to branch. As it was, her "position" didn't give her much other options. From their perspective, those cartoons were a perfect match for her- as was the diaper she was wearing, the stuffed cat in her arms, the pacifier in her mouth, and the baby bottle and diaper bag packed on either side of her car seat. The fact that her diaper was both printed and plainly visible under her yellow t shirt drove the point home. In this country, there was no point in even trying to hide her status. A skirt, shorts, or even a onesie might have implied- god forbid- that there was a reason to hide her underwear while out in public. She remembered how excited she had been when the laws changed. It had only been about a year (she wasn't certain as no one bothered to tell her times or dates) but felt like a life time ago. She had a 'normal' life before, at least from the outside. She went to university, worked her way though and even got a job. Anyone who knew her would think she was a perfectly functioning adult, if a bit secretive. However, it was just a show. Each night when she got home to her apartment, she'd live her 'other' life, the one she kept hidden in a plastic box at the back of her closet. She remembered the thrill of taking out her hidden diapers, the onesies she had bought online, and her stuffed animals. She'd tape her diapers on, snuggle her stuffed rabbit, and feel another day's worth of anxiety fade out of her stomach. She'd turn on the television to the cartoon station, then open her laptop log onto the few online sites where she could act the way she really wanted, and read the adoring, childish messages that made her feel warm inside. For years, it was the only time she felt safe, and she dreamed of one day being able to live it all for real, not having to hide it. Then, the opportunity arose. News came of legal changes in a small European state. They began creating different types of identification, built from research into fetishists and kinks. It was more then just claiming to be interested, there were detailed personality tests which showed long term compatibility with different roles, and those who were found fitting would have "submissive", or "pet", or "sissy," added to their ID's and matched with their dominants, creating an entirely new legal classes. There was online debate as to what it would mean and why- was this actual science? Was it some confused attempt at progressiveness and accepting alternative lifestyles, or perhaps a marketing gimmick for tourists to come gawk and at people in their new roles? (since then she had encountered many of that last group) She hadn't cared, instead, she remembered eagerly pouring over the lists until she found it- "Adult Baby." Clicking links lead to success stories. Most of the actual information was in a language she didn't understand, but the photos of people dressed in onesies and diapers, living as legally declared "Adult babies", was more then enough for her. She remembered breathlessly looking at the requirements while at work. It was all She laughed, telling herself if they were fair the box hidden in her closet and the years of online search history should qualify her. However, she wanted to make sure. She found lists of how to 'cheat' the test. After some searching, someone in broken English gave an answer key he promised would lead to the right identification, along with a warning she couldn't read. She downloaded it and spent the rest of her day committing it to memory and booking plane tickets, her heart swelling with excitement. This was her chance, she thought, she'd finally live her dream! Now, her she was, wearing just a diaper and a t-shirt, sucking a pacifier, and strapped into an oversized car seat, completely at the whim of the "mommy" and "daddy" who saw her only as a baby who had become literally to big for her britches, and as a society that both accepted her as such and legally enforced it. In a way, it was all she had wanted. However, in another it was everything she didn't, as there was one aspect she had not considered. Her thought was interrupted as the car stopped. She looked out the other window to see the gigantic letters she recognized as marking a university in a language which, fittingly, she couldn't read. She rolled her eyes and sighed. The door opened, and in bounced a bubbly, blond haired and blue eyed girl. "Girl," Erica thought, barely out of her teens. Erica had graduated long ago and had moved onto a job, and was both older and by rights more accomplished, but in this society her 'sister' was the only adult in the back seat. "Hi mom and dad!" she said. "Hi dear! How was class?" her mother replied. "Oh you know, same old same old. Glad to be on vacation." She then turned to Erica. "Hi baby sis!" she said, and pecked Erica on the cheek. "Have you been a good girl today?" "Actually, she's been grumpy the entire ride," "Daddy" replied. "Oh, that's too bad. You know my psychology proof said it sometimes takes time for them to adjust to their new positions. They've been fed misinformation their entire lives telling them they are something they aren't, and its hard to undo that." She patted Erica's leg. "It's ok baby sis, you'll get there." "Oh, Samantha," Erica's "Daddy" said to her "big sister" "before we start driving would you mind checking Erica's diaper? Its a long way and I don't want to be stuck driving for hours smelling her again before we can change her." Erica shuddered. She remembered the time he was talking about. It was shortly after she had been adopted and was still overwhelmed with excitement. The idea of having to use her diapers in different situations thrilled her, and she had messed herself while they were driving on the highway, knowing it would be passed off as an accident. It had been a hot day, and it was an hour before the next rest stop. "It doesn't smell like it from here," Samantha replied. "Yes but sometimes you don't notice at first. Just check." Samantha grumbled. "What?" "Its just... If she is in a dirty diaper, I won't have to change her this time, will I?" she made a disgusted face. "I changed her last time, and normally when you ask me to check her its a lead in to change me." "You didn't change her last time! I did!" "Mommy" replied. "Well, its not my turn! I just don't like changing her out in these parking lots because I have to carry her gross diapers to the garbage can, and I just had my nails done!" "Then change her in the school bathroom." "I don't want to take her all smelly through the halls! Its crowded in there and people will notice!" She made another face. "Plus I just had lunch and I'd feel sick." "Would you rather change her after she's been sitting in it an hour?" "Well..." "Mommy" turned toward her. "You agreed to help take care of the baby this vacation, remember? That was part of the deal. That means taking care of her diapers." Samantha rolled her eyes, then turned a smile toward Erica. "Ok baby! Time to check your pampies!" Now Erica looked down at the girl beside her who patted the front of her diaper, ensuring the same thing wouldn't happen. Erica could have told them it was clean, but to them her word meant nothing on the matter. "ALl dry! Good baby!" she said. "Now lean over so I can check you for stinkies." Erica glared at her. "Now now, I don't want to have to spank you!" she said. Erica rolled her eyes. There was no point in arguing. It was a valid threat. In this country she was well within her rights to spank Erica. The law acknowledge that strict punishment might be needed to control people in their new positions, and that despite her role her adult body could handle the pain. It was a threat she would once have been thrilled to hear, and she had deliberately tried to receive when she first arrived. That, however, was before she learned of the one thing she missed. She leaned forward and to the side as far as the straps of her car seat would allow. "There's a good baby," her "big sister" spoke in a tone that was supposed to sound loving but was horribly condescending, especially coming from someone years younger then she was. Erica felt a hand reach down her back and open her diaper, then pat it before announcing what she already knew. "All clean! Well done baby girl!" Erica forced a smile, pretending to love the condescending compliment. The car began moving toward a location Erica didn't know. They generally didn't bother telling her where they were going. They began a conversation on politics which which she was not invited to share in. Despite having majored in it years ago, any addition she had would be replied with "Shh now, the grown ups are talking," followed by a tap on the pacifier. "Oh, Erica!" Samantha said. Erica looked at her, hoping to be involved somehow. Instead, she saw Samantha bend down to pick up her stuffed cat from the ground. "You dropped him! No wonder you are so grumpy." She handed her the cat. Erica grumbled and yanked the cat with a frustration she hoped would be confused with excitement. The 'adults' went back to the conversation, and Erica tried to follow but gave up as they switched back and forth from English and their countries language she didn't understand, knowing that even if she could they wouldn't consider anything she had to say intelligent or mature enough to really listen to. Erica leaned back into her car seat. Again, it was soft and comfortable, but the backward angle and tight straps were meant for someone to fall asleep and barely move, and she felt restless. She looked at the cartoon, but couldn't stand any more of it. Instead, she struggled forward, put her foot on the seat beside her, rested an elbow on it, and leaned into her hand to stare out the window. This was the part she hadn't considered- the boredom. Her treatment was NON STOP. Back home, the brief periods of babying she experienced were always thrilling. However, after days, weeks, and months of it, it was just boring. Once the thrill wore off, spankings she used to look forward to were just painful, outfits she once felt adorable in were humiliating, talks that used to give her butterflies were condescending, and messy diapers that pushed her immediately into "sub space" were just smelly and itchy. Meanwhile, her favorite adult television shows were replaced with plot less cartoons, books she used to read were replaced with 'story time,' and conversations she would love to add to were replaced with... well, replaced with a pacifier and an order to be quiet. Worse yet was the 'other thing,'- once the most exciting part of being babied and tied up, now just a big tease, drawing her to actions that immediately earned her punishment. The closest thing she had to a boyfriend was the stuffed cat, and he didn't do much to fill in when they were finally alone together. The wake up call had been that one day driving on the highway when she had messed herself. Her head space wore off long before they could stop, and she was left squirming uncomfortably and gagging as her "family" noticeably breathed through their noses and rolled windows down. They began arguing over whose turn it was to change her diaper as she tried to sink into her chair and disappear, while simultaneously lift out of the mess. What seemed like over an hour later (She wasn't told the time), she lived out yet another exciting daydream turned horrifying nightmare in reality. She was lead by the hand through a crowded store, passed people who blocked their noses and teased her as she passed, then into a gas station bathroom for a very public diaper change. The last of her dignity was stripped away along with her oversize romper and the tapes of her diaper, and she was lain down to be cleaned with no input of her own. She covered her face with her hands as people passed, telling herself that at least they were female. This, pattern, she found, applied to a lot of things. A very public spanking, which she had deliberately 'bratted' to receive, went from being a fun idea in her mind to a painful one when the smacks didn't stop and she realized she no longer had a safety word. The first few times she was babysat by Samantha or other college students younger then her she had broken down into fits of ecstatic giggling, now it was annoying. Being spoon fed baby food in high chairs and bottles in laps went from being silly fun to boring and slow. Worse, she couldn't help the feeling that somehow, in this country, it fit. She had barely known about it before hand, but if she had researched it she would have found it was one of the most educated and healthy countries in the world. Walking through the air port surrounded by people head and shoulders taller then her made her feel little as it was. She looked at her family with their gym toned bodies, advanced degrees, muli-lingual skills and high paying jobs with her jaw open, seeing people who could both physically overpower her and talk circles around her. Her 'family' looked at her thin, doughy and fast food fed body, community college courses picked based on ease and 'fun,' and series of low paying internships while living in an apartment and saw someone who couldn't take care of herself. She hated to admit it, but even Samantha and her friends who regularly babysat Erica could speak well over her head, and, in a few particularly embarrassing moments, even correct her casual English grammer. She could tell herself that she was more accomplished as she had already worked and earned her own place, but she knew that as soon as Samantha graduated with her complex double major, beyond Erica's understanding, she'd have an earning power beyond Erica as well. There was a strong argument she was already more responsible. Any attempt to join in adult conversation, sound intelligent, or otherwise defend her adult life was met with chuckles, 'awwws' and condescending heat pats, and she imagined any attempt to explain that she had cheated the test would be met with the same and people talking about her 'silly stories' as if she wasn't there. From their perspective, there was now doubt she was exactly where she belonged: in diapers, cribs, high chairs, and confining car seats, with a babysitter looking after her. It all hammered in the one, clear fact: this was no longer a game, this was her life. She heard her name, followed by instructions in the other language. Samantha leaned in and tightened her straps, and Erica was pulled back into the chair. Bondage was also something she had experimented with, but was now less fun when it was a consistent rule. Play pens were confining and didn't leave much room for movement, high chairs were worse still, and early bedtimes in cribs left her awake for hours. Now, she was stuck in the car seat, unable to look out the window, and stuck facing the cartoons. She sat her cat on her laps and wrapped her arms around it. She closed her eyes and tried to drift off to sleep. At least that would pass the time, and she couldn't do much else in a seat clearly designed specifically to lull her. It was still fun to be a 'baby', but she wished there was a break. It was months before she could retake the test, and she considered whether she would deliberately twist it again or try to pass it as 'normal'- that is, if she could pass it as normal if she tried. Until then, she supposed she only had one complaint- she was getting exactly, exactly what she wanted.
  9. The rays of the morning sun poured in through the window and into the eyes of the two girls. One, a thin brown haired girl named Zoey, had once been called a boy. However, few could make that mistake now with her effeminate features and hourglass shape. The other, Meg, was biologically a girl but almost wouldn’t seem that way next to Zoey. Her strait black hair complimented her darker complexion and emphasized her height. Anyone looking at the two could tell she wore the pants in the relationship.Zoey winced slightly at the sun and turned her head. Why hadn’t they closed the blinds? And why did her head hurt so much?Slowly the memories came back. A night of drinking… an embarrassingly handsy night at the club… where perhaps they were a little too vocal about their interests in a too public place… then… ? Presumably they made it home and collapsed into their bed. For all she knew, they were abducted by aliens and transported.She opened her eyes slightly and looked around. That god damn sun insisted it was morning, but she disagreed. She predicted it wouldn’t be morning for AT LEAST another few hours. As far as she was concerned it was night until she couldn’t feel power drills digging into her head. Before that happened, it was bedtime. Then maybe a shower, some water, and something to ease her stomach….It seemed another part of her was insisting it was time to get up. Her bladder, saturated with the fruity drinks of the night before, demanded her attention. However, her body hadn’t thought this strategy through. She reached down and felt they already wet diaper between her legs. “HA!” she thought “I WIN THIS ROUND!” She filled it even more, happy in her triumph over the world’s plan to get her out of bed. Feeling particularly childish now, she idly wished her bed was actually a crib, and rolled over.“OW!” she shouted, having just landed on the floor. Alright, now she REALLY wished her bed was actually a crib. She hadn’t realized how close to the edge she was. The fall hadn’t really hurt, but it certainly startled her awake. She rubbed a spot on her head which had hit the bedside table.“Good morning diaper girl!” Meg said, looking at her and sticking her tongue out. “Looks like someone needs a change!”“Yeah, well…” Zoey looked down at her padding, still rubbing her head. It really was soaked. In reality, it would have leaked if she had stayed in bed much longer. “Well so are you!” she said, pointing at Meg.“Hmmm yes, no one is denying that,” Meg said, examining her own padding. “Come on, let’s go get changed and shower. I have plans for the day!” She got out of the bed and dragged her girlfriend by the hand toward the bathroom.“Plans!? What plans!?” Zoey called as she was dragged. It seemed HER plans of a morning in bed and a day relaxing while nursing her aching head were forgotten. “Slow down! My head is killing me!”“Aww, does da poow widdle baby ha a hangover? Da poo widdle baby is a wightweight!” Meg said teasingly as she held Zoey’s head close to hers. “Don’t worry baby, Mommy knows how to help with baby’s hangovers.”With that, she shoved Zoey backwards into the shower and turned the water on cold. Zoey shrieked and tried to block the water, but Meg grabbed the shower head and kept spraying her. Zoey looked at her and whimpered.“There, feel better?” Meg asked.Zoey nodded slowly.“Good. Well then, you know what to do. Off comes the padding!” she reached towards a surprised Zoey and untapped her diaper, letting it fall down.“HEY! A little warning first Meg!” Zoey shouted.“Huh it does seem that the little girl has more energy now. A bit feisty even. Maybe she’ll need a spanking to calm her down… No?” she said as Zoey’s eyes went open and she shook her head. “Then you’ll be a good baby as mommy cleans you?”Zoey nodded, and let Meg clean her. It wasn’t too bad, and she did need it after a night in a well-used diaper. Anyway, she knew it would be her turn next.As predicted, Meg entered the shower next. Zoey happily removed her padding and cleaned her head to toe.Once they were both clean, they left the shower and dried each other off. Afterwards, Meg got out a thick white diaper and baby powder. She sat down and let Zoey happily powder and diaper her.She returned to the closet where their diapers were stored.“Awww,” she said teasingly “It looks like this is the only diaper left for poor little Zoey.” She held up an extra thick diaper decorated with pink teddy bears. It was the kind made specifically for infantalists, and one they normally kept for special occasions when they knew no one would be around.Zoey blushed. “What!? I don’t want to wear that! I’m certainly not wearing it in public… please?”“Well it’s all that’s left, and I’m CERTAINLY NOT letting you go undiapered in public. Could you imagine the mess?” Meg said, imitating Zoey’s voice.“That’s not… That’s not…” Zoey was at a loss for words.“Uh huh. Tell me you don’t love it.”“I… I…” Zoey couldn’t bring herself to say she didn’t love it. The truth was, it was her favourite brand.“Alright baby girl. Let’s get your pampers on. You belong in baby diapers anyway.”Zoey sat down and let herself get diapered, blushing the entire time. Once they were done, Meg got dressed in a long shirt and baggy pants that easily hid her padding. Zoey, however, wasn’t quite as lucky.“You want me to dress like this!? In PUBLIC!?” Zoey said, blushing at the outfit Meg had pulled over her head. It consisted of a short spaghetti strap shirt and even shorter skirt. The shirt left her midriff exposed, and she had to pull her skirt up extra high to hide her diaper. However, that left the bottom of her pattern dangerously close to becoming visible every time she moved. Worse still, it was tight enough to make the bulge of her padding obvious. Anyone who saw her would either assume she had an unnaturally large and round bottom, or guess the nature of her embarrassing underwear.“Yes, why not? You look cute! And oh so pretty,” Meg said, winking. She dragged the fidgeting little girl behind her. They both had breakfast in the kitchen, taking turns feeding each other and laughing. Finally Meg told Zoey her plans for the day.“That’s it!? That’s all you wanted!?” Zoey asked, surprised.“Yes, why? What did you expect?” Meg responded, smiling mischievously.“Well… I guess I expected something more… embarrassing.” Zoey blushed remembering some of the previous ‘plans’ Meg had made. Most involved extremely public places where her diapers were constantly inches away from being the center of attention. Trampoline land, the water park, slide world, the zip line and rope swing park… Countless opportunities for one well timed glance to expose their padding. The short skirts she wore to all except the water park made it even more dangerous, especially when Meg insisted she was the first to climb every ladder, get bounced on every trampoline, or go down every slide. The completely exposed swim diaper she had worn to the water park was another level all together, no matter how much Meg insisted it looked like a regular swim suit.And that wasn’t even the half of it. There was a particularly embarrassing dance class where she ended up shaking her diapered rear in pink tights to the amusement of all around her. The same got repeated in a tutu at a ballet class, and at rhumba, and at tango in a short dress, and at punk dancing in short shorts, and at cardio kick boxing in booty shorts. There were also many occasions where she had realized the drink Meg had given her ‘helped’ her use her diapers in unfortunate places. Like a three hour train ride where Meg had ‘accidently’ forgot to bring spare padding. It was thrilling, she admitted, and usually resulted in VERY fun nights. However, it was also painfully embarrassing. They way Meg had been acting, insisting she wear the printed diapers and short skirt while Meg had the baggy pants, Zoey was convinced that would be it again.This, however, was nothing like that. It was suspiciously innocent. They were going for a walk in the park. Nothing too public, nothing too embarrassing. DEFINITLY suspicious.But, that was the plan, and they left right after breakfast. The couple held hands as they walked through their neighborhood. Meg walked confidently, smiling and waving at as many people as she could. Zoey was somewhat less confident, following sheepishly a half step behind Meg, waving quickly while trying to keep her huggies well hidden. They stopped for ice cream on the way, and ate it happily as they walked, taking turns feeding each other spoonfuls.They arrived at the park, and began walking along the trails. Zoey loved it here. The countless green trees, the fresh air, the little critters running around… and best of all, only a few people who may see her childish undergarments. She often wondered how Meg was always so confident, even cocky while wearing the same embarrassing garments. Of course, Meg wasn’t also wearing a ridiculously short skirt and top.“Here, this is where I wanted to go,” Meg said, and pulled Zoey onto a side path. The trail turned from a well trodden and broad gravel lane to a narrow dirt footpath. Leaves and branches brushed against Zoey as she was dragged between the ever close trees.“Wh.. OW! What are we doing here?” a desperate Zoey asked as a branch hit her face.“Ill show you” Meg said. She took her a bit further into the woods then stopped. She turned around and put her face inches from Zoey’s.“Now, my little diaper girl, we are alone.” Meg said. Zoey looked around. It certainly was true, to a degree. There was no one on the same path, but the wider trail was within eye sight.“So… we can have a bit more fun,” Meg continued. She put a hand on Zoey’s diapered bottom and began rubbing it. At the same time, she took Zoey’s hand and placed it on her behind, encouraging the smaller girl to rub her padding. Both girls smiled as they patted each other.“And…” Meg said, bringing her face even closer to Zoey’s face. “We can do naughty things, things that we both know we want, but we don’t want others to see.” Zoey could feel Meg’s breath on her flushed face and in her gaping mouth. “Things that we always wanted to do whenever we felt like, even in public, but couldn’t…” Her lips were almost brushing Zoey’s. “Things like… this.”With that, she pulled off Zoey’s skirt and backed away. Zoey was so shocked it took her a second to realize what had happened. While Meg was teasing her and distracting her, she had undone the buttons on her skirt. Now she held It in her hands, and Meg’s teddy bear pampers were clearly exposed.“Come on, let’s go” Meg said, grabbing Zoey’s hand again and pulling her along the path. The path ran parallel to the main trail, keeping them far enough to be somewhat hidden but close enough for peering eyes.“Wha… what did you do!? Give me that back!!!” Zoey said, reaching for her skirt.Meg held the skirt aloft as high as she could. Since she was taller than Zoey, this made it essentially inaccessible despite Zoey’s hopping. “Haha keep your voice up diaper butt, that will keep people away.” Meg said teasingly.Zoey blushed and lowered herself, looking along the path to see if anyone noticed. Finally she looked back at Meg. “Alright,” she said “what do I have to do to get my skirt back?”“Well, as far as I can tell, you are just a little diaper girl. Its perfectly natural for a baby like you to be walking along in cute widdle teddy bear diapies. There is no reason to cover them at all. However, if there was something IN your diaper that might make it embarrassing, or give my a reason to cover them, I might reconsider.”“So… you want me to mess my diapers? Here?” Zoey said in a quite voice.“Let me put it this way, baby girl. You aren’t getting your skirt back if your diapers are clean.”“But… but that’s not fair!!!” Zoey complained.“Whining little girl? Is that supposed to convince me you don’t belong in diapers? Or is it you want me to spank you, because somehow that will make sure no one notices us? Look, this path turns around and runs right back into our neighbourhood. You have until then to make the decision.” With that, she began walking along the path again, pulling Zoey with her.Zoey walked as best she could, constantly glancing around to make sure no one was watching. She had to admit, she had never been so excited. Actually walking along, practically in public, with her diapers exposed? And the printed teddy bear diapers at that!? It was like a dream come true and a nightmare at the same time. She loved it, and hated it, and loved that she hated it, and hated that she loved it.Playfully, she reached over and spanked Meg’s own diapered butt.“OOO naughty girl” Meg laughed, and returned the spank. Zoey responded by grabbing Meg’s diaper and rubbing it against her.Soon they were both laughing, playfully patting and grabbing each other as they walked along. The stopped for a moment, almost wrestling as they grappled for a good grasp on the other’s bottom. They shared a kiss and hugged each other tightly. Finally they began walking again, each resting a hand on the other’s padding.“Hmmm…. Looks like we are almost home. Seems like SOMEONE was a decision to make,” Meg said teasingly.Zoey gasped. She hadn’t realized how long they had been walking for! The end of the path was in sight, and beyond that she’d be back in suburbia. At this rate, she would be walking by those houses with her diaper completely visible to all her neighbors.She looked down at her stomach. She really did need to go, and had since breakfast. She wondered if Meg had put something in her drink, though the eggs and coffee they ate would probably have been enough.She closed her eyes and pushed. It came easily enough, she had done this many times before and was used to the feeling of filling her pampers. A line of mush came out of her, caking her bottom and inflating the padding behind her. She shifted uncomfortably as she walked, feeling the slime slide around in the diaper. Meg was smiling knowingly, having felt the girl mess with her hand still resting on her bottom.“Well then stinky pants, I’m sure glad we put you in those diapers, aren’t you! Especially glad we used the extra thick ones.” Meg pressed Zoey’s diaper, mushing the mess against her and rubbing it in.She whimpered, humiliated, and leaned close to Meg.“Meg?” she said. My… my skirt?”“Yes? What about your skirt?”“You said I’d get it back if I messed.”“Did I? I don’t remember saying that. I remember saying you WOULDN’T get it back if you DIDN’t mess, but that doesn’t mean you just stop being a baby if you fill your diapers. That doesn’t make sense at all, does it?”Zoey was practically in tears. “Bu… but Meg!!! You can’t do that!!!’“Shhhh… “ Meg said, lightly kissing Zoey’s lips then resting her finger on them. “Don’t worry about it. Here.”She stopped walking. She turned to face the whimpering girl, took both of her hands, and placed them on her own bottom. She kissed Zoey again, then let out a grunt. Zoey felt Meg fill her own diapers, just like she had a moment again. Zoey watched as Meg took off her own pants and handed them to Zoey.“There, now we are even. Well, almost,” Zoey said, noticing the lack of teddy bear prints on her own diaper and the long shirt which almost covered it. “Anyway, that’s all just details. Let’s get home.”Meg dragged a bewildered and reluctant Zoey right out of the forest and into the neighborhood. She walked down the same familiar streets, with houses on either side. They walked through streets where everyone they knew lived, both with no pants and messy diapers wiggling behind them. Zoey covered her face and squeezed her eyes the entire time, waiting for a laugh, or a comment, or even a whistle.Surprisingly, none came. Meg took Zoey inside their own house, and collapsed laughing against the wall. Zoey looked at her, completely pale and eyes in tears.“Wha… What happened? How come no one said anything?!” Zoey asked.Zoey stood up, held her in both arms and kissed her. “Silly baby. There was a town meeting today. Everyone was gone when we came back. Didn’t you read the newspaper?” She backed away again, overcome with laughter at Zoey’s expression.“You… YOU MEANIE!!! That wasn’t nice at all! I almost cried!” Zoey said, hammering her hand into Meg’s back. At the same time, she was smiling wildly, both from relief and the thrill of the entire situation.“Alright, calm down their stinky girl” Meg said teasingly, grabbing both Zoey’s hands and pulling her close. “How about this. We both go upstairs, you give me a little dance as an apology for trying to hit me, then we both get changed and have a little more fun. Sound good Little Miss Potty Pants?”Zoey smiled and nodded.Both the girls ran up the stairs into their bedroom. Once there, Meg sat down in a chair with a squish, folded her legs and faced Zoey. Zoey took her shirt off. She began dancing slowly, wiggling her bum towards Meg. She got faster and faster, sticking the brown padding out further and further behind her. She backed up towards Meg, rubbing her diaper against her as Meg smiled contently and patted her bottom. Finally, she settled in Meg’s lap and kissed her.“How was that?” she asked.“Hmmm I think I fell in love with you all over again. Next time keep your messy bottom further from my face, ok stinky pants?” Meg responded teasingly.Zoey laughed and rubbed her bottom against Meg’s lap, then brought her diaper up again and briefly shook it in Meg’s face. Meg laughed and turned away, landing a swat on Zoey’s bottom. Zoey let out a yelp and settled again into her lap, still wiggling her diapered butt. They kissed deeply.“So, did I earn a change?” Zoey asked.“Hmmm… yes, I think you did. And I think I know someone who wants to change you, and may need oneof her own.” Meg replied.Zoey giggled and took her hand. They both ran off toward the bathroom to be changed.
  10. Bill walked happily down the side walk. He loved walking this way home- the woods lining his path on the left, and across the street, the big, beautiful houses, all of which reminded him of home. He had to get off the bus a few stops early to do it, but it was worth it. He glanced at his watch, 5:30- later then usual, but that shouldn't be a problem.There was a rustling in the forest beside him. He stopped and glanced into it, but couldn't make anything out.He kept walking. Somehow, though he had walked this path a thousand times, that small sound made him nervous.There was another. He stopped and looked again, and so nothing.Suddenly a shaped popped out of the forest. Bill gasped as it flew toward him.It landed a few feet in front of him, turned right, and bounded down the street. Bill sighed as the small white rabbit went along, barely noticing him. He knew he should stop reading horror novels on the bus.He stopped and turned to see the massive stone and wood house he called him. He smiled, it always made him feel good to get back. The tree out front, the long grass yard, the stone pathway up it- after a hard days work, filled with stress and anxiety, nothing made him feel better.He walked up the path and unlocked the door. He want inside. The inside of the house was large and spacious. It was built open concept, and where he stood he could see the living room, kitchen and dining room, as well as the giant windows that opened onto a creek and the woods behind the house. To his right was a twisted wooden stairwell that ran to the second floor, then doubled back to the third, smaller one above."You're late," a deep but feminine voice said from inside the house."Hi honey! I told you I had a meeting, remember?" He began walking up the stairs toward the voice, which was coming from their bedroom."I don't remember you saying that!""I did!""Are you hiding something from me Bill? Are you lying to me again?" her voice got angrier."Samantha, no, I promise you." He knew why she was upset, he had told her he'd be home at four that morning, and only sent the email later. If he hadn't, it would have been the third time that week he got home later then he said he would. She worked closer to home and got back earlier, and sometimes got annoyed if he was late."So if I check my emails now, there will be one saying you have a meeting, and I can contact your boss and he'll say the same?" she said."Yes, do it."A few moments passed as she checked. "Oh, ok, fair enough," she finally said.He finished the walk up the stairs and entered the bedroom where she was lying down, under the plaid, king sized blankets. Tall, with long brown hair and dark skin, she was beautiful. He walked up and kissed her. He noticed the open book and half drunk glass of water on the nightstand beside her. "Taking a nap sweetie?""Mhmm," she said. "I got tiered of waiting for you and fell asleep."He kissed her again, working his way down her head and her neck. He put a hand under the blankets. He stopped."Sweetie, what is so wet?"Her eyes went wide and she gasped. "What? It couldn't...""The bed feels wet!" He thew back the covers to reveal a wet spot."Oh," she laughed. "I spilled some water before I fell asleep, see?"Bill looked at it again. The spot was small, and clearly water. "Oh, ok."She sat up. "You know, you've been so stressed lately, always working hard and coming home late, I wanted to do something to help you relax.""Oh?" he said.SHe smiled. "Yes, I wanted to try something new. You might have issues at first, but I think you'll enjoy it.""What is it?" he asked, smiling.She taped him on the forehead. "You wait here and see."She walked over to their clsoet door, which she opened slowly. She reached in and took out what looked like a folded, white cloth.Bill's throat caught. "Honey, whats that?"She smiled. "Oh, you can't tell?""What is it!" he said, staring at the rectangular white object.She let it unfold, revealing a white towel. "Its a hand towel! I learned a new type of massage. First I need to soak this in warm water, want to try it?""Oh, that sounds wonderful! Thank you sweetie!"...A few hours later they were sitting in the kitchen eating supper. Bill's plate was piled high with hot, spicy chunks of beef and vegetables."This is very good honey," he said. "What is it?""Its a new spicy beef vindiloo recipe I found. I made it specifically for you," she smiled, a mischievous twink going in her eye. "I hope you enjoy it."Bill put his fork down. "Wha... what do you mean?" His stomach began turning.She shrugged. "Oh, I know you like spicy food, and Jessy told me they ordered some of this to work last week and you really enjoyed it, so I figured I'd try it." Jessy was a friend from Bill's work they both knew.He smiled. "Oh I remember that! Yes, I did like it, and I love this now. Thanks Sam!" His stomach was now grumbling. "It is turning my stomach though, give me a minute.""Ok sweetie!" she said.Bill walked over to the bathroom. He turned the knob.He gasped. The knob wouldn't turn.He tried again. His stomach was getting worse, and he was getting desperate. "Sam! Why won't the bathroom door open?" He called."We got the knobs replaced, remember? You have to turn it the other way.""Oh, right," he laughed. He opened the door and went inside.A few minutes later he returned to the table and sat down. Samantha had cleared the plates and set out bowls of ice cream and bananas for dessert.He stopped and thought for a moment. "Honey, why were there a stack of diapers and pacifiers in the bathroom? And why was there a leash and beside it?""Oh, we were going to babysit and dogsit for my sister next week, remember? For what other possible reason would we have them?""Oh, right. And I can't think of any other reasons to have diapers, pacifiers and a leash and collar either." He legitimately couldn't, and neither could she."What, what day is it?"
  11. Phillip sighed as he stood facing the front steps. He was in front of a large house, with a dozen iron barred windows and made almost entirely out of stone. It was the kind of place he would never hope to afford.The next part was a bit like ripping off a band aid, he supposed. It was better to get it over with quickly. However, he still stood at the stone steps, not moving. He was still on time, but he knew being late would probably make things worse, and he didn't know how strict they were going to be. He laughed to himself. The fact that he would stand still here while knowing he was better off going forward was probably part off the reason he was here in the first place.It was far from the first time he had been here. He had known the owner for years through his sister, and felt lucky that he had. However, the house, and the implication of wealth, seemed far more opposing now then ever before. Of course, there were a lot of reasons he was here. Not studying for his university courses and letting himself get distracted was part of it. Showing up late, or not at all, to his work until he was fired and couldn't pay for the courses he was failing anyway was another. Trying to cheat and hack the system to get his marks raised and his charges lowered was probably the biggest. Now, someone he only slightly knew had a blank check on his future, and he had know idea how she was going to cash it."Oh well," he thought, and walked forward. There was nothing he could do to change it now. He had agreed to it, if somewhat under duress, he better get it over with.He rang the doorbell.The large wooden door opened, and a cheery, blond haired woman poked her head out."Hello Phillip," she said, smiling. "Glad you could finally make it.""I'm still on time! See!?" He said, panicking and showing her his watch.She giggled. Phillip realized she had been teasing him and glared. "Its alright. Come inside, and we will get started.""Yes Ms. Smith," he said."Oh please, don't give me that. Its Rebecca..."Phillip smiled, thinking that perhaps it won't be that bad."For now," she said, and his heart sank.Rebecca was almost ten years his senior. She had come from a well to do family, studied business in university, then used her knowledge to build up the fortune she possessed now. She had known Phillip's older sister in university, and the times he had met her she seemed to be his polar opposite- always on the run, always working, always seeming to be on the exact level of stress that let her stay calm while making her rush to get things done.Phillip gulped in fear. Gingerly he walked into the house, and instantly yelped as he felt something hit the side of his leg."First thing first, lets get you out of those silly clothes.""What? Rebecca, what is that.... OW!"He yelped again as hit him, this time square on the bottom, with a thick leather rod.'I said STRIP. You are to please and serve me as I want. You know the rules. So do it!" "What? Is this some kind of sexual thing? I don't know what... OW!""You're going to strip because I'm going to tell you what to wear. You agreed to do what I said when you signed the contract, so do what I say or I'll send you to jail or worse.""Ye.. yes Rebecca."He quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt and tore it off. He reached down to his belt buckle and looked at Rebecca pleadingly. She raised an eyebrow, and he undid his belt.Really, he had known this was coming. This part was essentially the same for everyone in his situation, and he knew it could be much worse. However, no amount of mental preparation prepared him for the embarrassment as he pulled his pants down and stripped bear in front of his new mistress for her inspection.Once he was naked, Rebecca stood in front of him, looking him up and down and thinking."Hmmm... I have to say you're in fairly good shape. I suppose that was one thing you were competent enough to think of.He squirmed under her gaze. "Yes Rebecca."She walked around him, examining him and teasing him with the rod. She hit him hard across the bottom and he yelped again."Now, it seems SOMEONE's been naughty, haven't they.""Yes, Rebecca."Another hit, another yelp. Phillip felt the lines glowing on his cheeks. "It seems someone wasted their time at university. Looking at naughty pictures when we should have been working, were we?"Phillip blushed and didn't answer. She chuckled and continued."And it seems then, instead of working or dealing with their problems, SOMEONE decided to try to cheat their way out, didn't they?"Another hit. "YES REBECCA!" he shouted."Then, that someone COULD have been lined up to go to jail, or even a subby school, weren't they? Wouldn't that have been fun? Ending up having to choose between months in a cell and a massive fine or having to wonder who your new trainer would be? Would that be fun?"Another hit. "NO REBECCA!""And it seems that SOMEONE was LUCKY that their big sister knew someone who was willing to pay their way out of it, make a deal with the university, get lawyers to drop the charges, and all they had to do was show up a few times a month to help that person out. Isn't that lucky?"Another hit. "YES REBECCA!""And THEN, that SOMEONE was LATE! ON HIS FIRST DAY!""I WASN"T LATE I WAS... OW!" That hit was harder then the others."And who was that someone?""Me, Rebecca.""Exactly right. Can you imagine my surprise when the lazy, unmotivated younger brother of my friend Sarah ended up being the one who did all this? Can you imagine when I found out the guy who spent all his time playing games while his sister was working was the one who did this and got caught? Can you?" She was spanking him continuously now, emphasizing each word with a smack."OW! OW! Yes Rebecca!" He shouted, whinning."Exactly right." She stopped spanking him and walked back to his front and rested the rod on his face, pushing into his cheek. "Now. As far as I can tell I am getting you out of a heck of a lot of trouble and not asking for much in return. So, you are going to do everything here. You're not just going to clean and cook, I'm going to put my feet up and relax as you take care of every little thing, understood?""Yes, Rebecca.""This," she moved the rod around his cheeks. "Is my riding crop. It will let you know when you displease me, and I expect you to willingly bend over for it, understood?""Yes, Rebecca.""And, since I paid you out of it when I could have paid much less for a maid service, I expect you to remember I'm doing you a favor. You are here for my pleasure and to serve me. If at any point you don't like it, you can go back, find a way to pay back the money and take your chances in court, along with the additional charges off breaking your contract with me. Understood?""Yes Rebecca.""Good. Then come along." She led him through the massive open foyer and up a wide, twisting flight of wooden stairs toward the second floor. The floors were thickly carpeted, and the walls were a golden color, as if to emphasize the wealth. She lead him down a hallway, and he glanced inside various doors they passed and at the large paintings she had hung in every open space. Was he going to have to clean this all?It occurred to him that he still had know idea what was happening. He was still blushing, one hand in front trying to hide his nudity as the other rubbed his sore bottom. Was he going to be spanked like that every day? Would he have to clean naked? The thought made him shudder, but was still better then the alternative.Finally he asked. "Rebecca, what am I going to be doing here? Am I... do you really want me naked all day? Do I have to be?"She chuckled. "You'll see in a second. Ah! Here we are!" She opened a sliding door to what he realized was a closet. "Don't worry, I won't expect you to be naked."He let out a sigh of relief, then suddenly caught it as he saw her reaching for a dress. Even worse, it was a french maids dress, complete with long silk stockings and a ridiculously short skirt."Wha... wha..." he tried to ask, but the words wouldn't form.She laughed again and pushed it into his hands. "YOU, my little sissy, are going to be my french maid. I had this made for your size and I can't WAIT to see you in it.""But.. but... can't I just be naked all day?"She spanked him again with the riding crop. "No. I told you, you are here to serve me. You wear what I want, do what I want, act the way I want..." She grabbed at her hair in frustration. Phillip stared at her, he never expected her to show such an open display of emotion. She had always come off as cool and collected to him. Finally, she breathed deeply, lowered her hands and continued.. "This isn't going to work unless you listen. I'm sure neither of wants you to go to jail Phillip. Just do as I say, and we'll get through, ok? Now put the dress on."He got dressed slowly, first pulling on the silken panities. He blushed as he saw them covering him, it was almost more embaressing then being naked. The smooth silkiness was something he never felt before, and something he was ashamed to admit he enjoyed. He pulled on the stockings next, then finally dropped the dress over his head.He blushed. Sissy play was far from rare in these situations, and something he knew might happen, but the fact others had suffered in his place didn't lessen the embaressment.'Good sissy," she said. "Now, for the next part."She reached down to the bottom shelf of the closet and took something out. It was wide and square, and shone with plastic.She handed it to him. It took him a moment to realize what it was- a pink diaper, decorated with rabbits and lambs."A d-diaper..." he stumbled. Sissy play was one thing, diapering was another. He had heared stories about it, dreading but never believing that he might end up as one of the poor, pathetic abdls, condemed to crawl around in full diapers for their master's and mistress's ammusment."Please don't do this to me. Please don't make me wear this. I'll do anything, I'lll..." he stopped as he saw her laughing."Oh silly sissy, I'm not going to make you wear it.""You're not?""No. You think I want to change your stinky diapers? I want the extra responsibility, as you get to play? I told you, I'm not going to do a single thing, and you are going to take care of me.""What?" he asked.In repose, she opened the door beside the closet and flicked a switch. Inside was a giant nursery, painted in bright pastel colors with animals and cartoons all over the walls, and piled high with stuffed animals and toys. There was babyish furniture and clothing everywhere- a high chair, a play pen, even a changing table, all sized for an adult. Not just any adult he realized, but Rebecca. She giggled and skipped toward the centerpiece of the room- a massive gilded crib, piled high with pink sheets and stuffed animals. She picked up a stuffed doll and cuddled it closely."Don't get it yet? Are you slow?" she laughed. "The diaper isn't for you, its for me, Daddy."
  12. Rosie stood nervously in front of a strange door in a strange hallway. There was nothing outwardly strange about them. It could have been any other apartment door in any other hallway, but the reason she was here was certainly strange.She had taken it up on a whim. A single offer, coming to her from someone she had spoken too online but had never met in person. After years visiting a... strange... community online, speaking to people without seeing them, even making art for it, she had been offered a chance to actually try living it. The person's name was Samantha, and they certainly had a lot of similar interests, but it was still frightening. She didn't really know this person, did she? How well can you know someone you've never seen before? Do online meetings and relationships count the same as in person?On top of that, she was here to play the sub. It was a role she she was always interested it but didn't even discuss as much. Almost every discussion she had and every drawing she made had her playing dom. She knew this would be difficult, having to let someone take control of her for a change. Not only that, but the plan was meant to be a surprise. She had no idea what was in store for her, it was all Samantha's decision. That was all part of it, and they had similar interests, but it was still frightening. She closed her eye and psyched herself. She could do this. Just turn off the dominant side, and let someone else take control. At least if it turned bad she could always ask for it to start.Holding her breath, she knocked. The door was almost immediately answered by a tall, athletically built blond haired woman. Rosie, herself almost 6 feet tall, wasn't used to having to look up at another woman. Rosie stared at the woman's arms, hoping whatever the plan was didn't involve a lot of spanking. This was definitely a woman who could make that hurt, and definitely one who would have no problem dominating over someone."Rosie?" the woman asked, and Rosie nodded. The woman dragged her in by the arm, closed the door and locked it. She looked Rosie over, examining her wavy brown hair and shorter, broad hipped build. She smiled and tapped her nose. "Hehe your just as cute as I expected," she smacked Rosie on the butt, making her yelp. "Perfect for what I have planned."Rosie blushed over the treatment. It was... sudden, she thought. She tried to back up a bit, then mentally checked herself. She was here to play sub, she told herself. This was the sort of treatment she could expect. "Ummm... thanks. Are you Samantha?""Yes, that's right dear. Good girl!" Samantha patted her head."Uhhh... thanks. So what are we going to do? Are we going to just start, or talk a bit first?" Rosie was trying still play the role of submissive while making sure the boundaries were kept."Oh, don't worry, you'll see soon enough." Samantha began dragging her further into the apartment. Rosie's instinct was to pull away, but she let herself be lead. They passed a well stocked kitchen, a cozy living room with several couches and a television, and went down a white walled hallway into a bedroom. The bedroom was large and spacious, with a queen sized bed, bookshelves, and paintings on all walls. Once they were there, Samantha turned Rosie to face her and examined her again. She looked at Rosie's black jeans and button up shirt. "Hmmm... we will have to do something about those clothes. Far to mature, and the want-to-be rebellious look isn't good for you." Rosie gaped at her and couldn't respond. Instead, she was pushed onto the bed. "Now, wait here a moment little one. I need to get some things ready.""Alright," Rosie said. Samantha's tone gave no room for argument, and the anticipation of what could come, along with her clear control was exciting, she was sat nervously, a pit forming in her stomach. What did Samantha have planned? Samantha left and closed the door.After a moment she haired footsteps in the hallway. Wait, she thought, how many are there? Suddenly her nervousness turned to pure anxiety, even fear. How many people where there? She didn't know there was more then one, she hadn't agreed to that. She opened her mouth to argue, but was interrupted as the door burst open, and Samantha stood in followed by two other girls, each holding articles of clothing.Rosie didn't have time to fully process what was happening before they had grabbed her. "Hey... what are.... no!" She said as her shirt was forcibly removed. She had agreed to be submissive, but this sudden invasion of her privacy was still shocking. She struggled, but was held tight, and felt her arms being pulled into a pair of sleeves. She barely had a chance to comprehend what was happening before she realized she was being tied into a strait jacket. Her arms were pulled behind her and secured."Hey, I said.. MPHH...!" she was silenced as something was shoved into her mouth. She gagged at the bitter taste, and realized it was a bar of soap. Samantha was moving it back and forth as the other girls strapped her arms behind her back. Her mouth filled with creamy white foam as she shoved the bar into her mouth again and again."There, that will wash out any more naughty words," Samantha said. She then took the bar out. Rosie gasped, and the foam dribbled down her face. She tried to speak, but found her mouth was filled again. This time it was a pacifier that was tied into place behind her head. It filled her mouth completely to her throat, forcing her to swallow the rest of the soap, and turning her protests into incomprehensible mumbles. "What was that?" Samantha said. "Something you don't like? Well just tell me, and I'll be sure to stop," she laughed, and Rosie glared.Now that she was tied and silenced, the Samantha's two friends lifted Rosie's feet into the air, forcing her to her back on the couch. Rosie tried to kick and pull herself away. "MPHHH!" she shouted at a sudden, sharp pain on her backside. She looked to see Samantha standing over her with a long black paddle. She wondered what she had gotten herself into. Playing sub had seemed so exciting in theory. Even now, part of her was eager to keep going. But this much pain and control was so foreign and coming on so quickly. She was overwhelmed with emotions, and struggled not even knowing if she wanted to leave or stay.She was spanked again. "Now now, that's enough of that," Samantha said. It was pointless anyway, Rosie found the two girl's grasp was unbreakable, and Samantha simply moved on.The next thing Samantha grabbed was the one thing Rosie had expected from the start, but now stared at nervously. It was what she wanted for months, but by far the most embarrassing part yet.Seeing the frightened, humiliated but excited look in Rosie's eyes, Samantha smiled. "Yes, I'm sure this is what my baby wants, isn't it? She's just been lying to us, to everyone, with her naughty big girl clothes, posing as an adult, posing as a professional, pretending to be mature... we all know it is a lie, don't we?" Rosie stared, and Samantha smiled and lifted the object into the air. It was a large, thick diaper. It was white but with a pink, flowery panel on the front, with letters proclaiming the wearer "Princess," and a design that let everyone know that the wearer wasn't a real adult, but simply an overgrown, adult baby. It didn't look like an adult diaper, but a baby's Pampers made in a larger size. More then that, it was a sign that her last shred of adulthood was gone, that even the most basic levels of control and maturity were forcibly stripped from her. It meant she couldn't even be trusted to use the toilet, and if that was true, what could she be trusted with?Rosie cringed, helpless as Samantha powdered her and placed the thick pamper underneath her. She felt the thick padding go up between her legs and close on her, then get tapped securely on. Samantha then pulled the strap of the strait jacked underneath the diaper and attached it on either side, leaving her locked inside her humiliating, childish garment. The other two girls put pink baby booties on her feet, then stood her up. She was made to face herself in a mirror, and sulked. Even the straight jacket seemed to have been made on the similar theme, with a pink and white design consisting of flowers, babyish drawings and "Princess" written on her chest, along with a skirt of fabric around her waist that made it look like a tutu while leaving her diaper fully exposed. She thought of her own image of herself- serene, powerful, in control- and tried to compare it to the baby she saw staring at her in the mirror. This is what she wanted, she reminded herself, though part of her wondered why. She closed her eyes and told herself to just listen to what Samantha wanted, as she had agreed to.Samantha came up to her smiling, and seemed to smile even broader when she saw the defeated look on Rosie's face. She attached a collar to her neck, then a leash, and brandished the paddle in her other hand."Now, come along my little princess, and be a good girl. Its time to meet some more friends."Friends?! Rosie thought. There were MORE people!? She tried to pull away, but was forced forward by the leash, and the pacifier turned any argument into mumbles."Whats that? Remember, if you don't like something, just tell me!" Samantha said, then laughed.Rosie simply followed. The abnormal bulk of her diaper felt odd between her legs, and made her waddle. Rosie had tried the thickest adult diapers she could find, but this was still a surprise. The only thing she could think of was Snuggies waddles made with a custom design, but that still didn't seem to cut it. Perhaps Waddlers with a thickening pad, she thought. Whatever it was, it was clearly designed to be intrusive, and it worked. The strap of the straight jacket added to the feeling, making it feel thicker and stiffer and pressing it against her. The diaper crinkled loudly, and was hot and heavy, but at the same time soft and, in a way, comfortable.Rosie was pulled into the living room, which was now full of people. They all cheered and laughed at once as she entered, blushing. Some were people she had seen before, acquaintances from work or people she had run into, but most were strangers. There even seemed to be other fetishists there- a woman in a black leather full body suit held on a leash by a man in a suit, a blond haired boy who sat whimpering on a woman's lap while wearing a diaper and dress and suckling a pacifier, a girl in a bunny outfit with ears, and others. The attention, however, was all directed at Rosie."Awwww she's so cute!" a stranger proclaimed."Yes, I agree. She was an excellent choice.""Just look at her blush! She is sooo embarrassed haha. I wonder if she's wet already?""Oooo imagine her look during her first diaper change."Samantha quieted them with a have of her hands. "Now now, we will get to that. First, we need to prepare our baby. Now, Rosie, you may be wondering what this is." Rosie nodded, humiliated and terrified. "Most of them are my friends. We've been looking for someone just like you to be our new baby girl. We already have a baby boy and others, so we needed you for a new playmate. We meet from time to time for... fun." She smiled at the word, leaving it open to whatever Rosie could think of. "The others are people you knew who were open to the idea. We like to have a few people our subs recognize on the first night. It adds to the... fun... and ensures people will know about your new lifestyle."She continued. "Tonight, Rosie, is all about you. This is your initiation, then you'll be part of our group. Remember, if you don't like it, just say so," she laughed.With that, Samantha grabbed the leash right by her collar and gently pulled her down. Rosie shook her head violently, making as much noise as the pacifier would allow. This was too far, she thought. She'd agreed to play sub, and would have, but did not agree to have other people. She wanted out.Samantha, however, ignored her pleas. She made Rosie crawl, much to the delight of the audience, and sat her on a plank in front of the wall facing outward. "This here is something that is going to help you be a good baby. In a little while, all your naughty arguing will end," she said. She threaded leash through a hoop on the blank Rosie was sitting on. Next, she felt it pulled down underneath her and between her legs, then upwards. It was attached to the wall above her, forcing her into a kneeling, head down position from which she couldn't move.Rosie glanced around, struggling even to keep her head up, and tried to figure out what was going on. The people were smiling at her, though some of the obvious subs stared at her nervously and with pity.Soon Samantha was in front of her, holding a pair of headphones. "Now now little one, don't worry at all," she said soothingly. "Mommy will take care of everything. Just listen to this, and everything will soon be better." With that, she placed the headphones on Rosie's head, and hit a button.
  13. Phil glanced nervously at his watch. His appointment was at 7:30, it was now 7:25. Really, he could go in at any point. There was no problem with arriving early, and he had booked the whole night anyway. Also, he was already standing outside the building.That building was a tall steel and glass structure right downtown where he lived. There were shops in the lower floors, as well as offices and apartments. Phil, a tall, well-built man in his twenties with dark brown hair, had taken the bus down to spend the night. It was a loose appointment, as long as he arrived at some point before midnight he was fine. That wasn’t the reason he was nervous.The reason he was nervous was the he had never done anything like this before. He had found an add online, which said it was a sure fire way to reduce stress, but gave very little information. Apparently, it was part of a growing ‘cuddle for hire’ business, where people had special trained workers to cuddle with while you slept. Phil, a business intern hoping to someday become a manager, had plenty of stress in his life. He knew others in the same situation had been doing the same thing. This one, however, seemed a bit strange. Their business’s website has described itself as a ‘Cuddle Club… With a Difference!’ but didn’t specify what that difference was. When he asked over the phone, the woman on the other end only giggled and said “oh… you’ll see!” Also, it didn’t have any pictures of the people who were there to cuddle, and the business’s page was strangely childish, with pictures of stuffed animals and descriptions written in very simple English. However, the reviews on it were excellent. Eventually he had decided to book a night.He swallowed nervously. Finally, he picked up his duffle bag and headed into the building. He could always leave if he didn’t like it, he told himself. He walked across multi coloured tiles and past small stores towards a pair of steel elevator doors. He pushed the button, and waited. He looked again at a piece of paper in his pocket, which read “room 11-57, 530 pm.” He hit the button for floor 11, and waited. He got off, and wandered through carpeted hallways until he found the right room. He paused and breathed deeply. Why was this so hard? He supposed it was because, in a way, he was admitting he needed help. Long work hours, little rest, and countless pages of work to get through had gotten to him. He tried to forget that he still was only competing for a position, and wasn’t even guaranteed a job after all this. Trying to get a good job in this economy would wear down anyone. He always had had problems dealing with stress, and at this point he just needed a break. He knew other people who had gone to similar places, but somehow he felt that if someone saw him he wouldn’t be able to face them again. Was he admitting defeat by getting help in such a strange way? He shook the idea out of his head, and knocked on the door.“Come in,” a female voice said.He opened the door, and found he was facing a desk in a large reception area. The walls were a deep red, decorated with a few pictures and two hall ways ran off to the sides. There were a few chairs along the walls, a coat rack and a small table covered with toys and colouring books. He looked at those questioningly. Who would bring their children here?“Ahem,” the same voice said again, more sternly. He turned to face the woman at the desk, who was in her late 40s and small glasses and dark hair pulled back into a tight bun. She looked up from the paperwork on her desk and stared at him impatiently.“Oh! Hi… uhhh sorry, I am here for a 5:30 appointment. If I am at the right place.”“What is ‘the right place?” she said, looking at him over the tops of her glasses.“I… well, I think it’s here, I should have an appointment.” Phil didn’t want to admit where he was going if he was at the wrong place.“You want the Carlesontown Cuddle Club?” she asked.Phil blushed. “Yes.”“You are Phil then?”“Yes I am. Are you the receptionist?” Phil asked, hoping the stern looking woman wasn’t who he was going to cuddle with.“I am the MANAGER, actually,” she said.“Oh. Sorry.”The woman looked at her watch. “It is no 5:37. You are late.”“I know, I’m sorry,” he said.The woman sighed. “I suppose that is fine. Alright. You are in room 3A, with Marie. Its right down the hallway to the left. You can leave your coat on that rack.” She pointed to the wall.“Alright, thanks.” Phil took off his long overcoat, revealing a dark grey suit underneath, and hung it on the wall.“That’s not what you are planning on wearing, is it?” she asked.“No, I brought my pyjamas in my bag.” He held it up to show here. “Is there a place I can get changed?”She paused a moment, then sighed again, more exasperated this time. “Yes, fine, just get changed in that room. Marie will show you where.” She turned back to the paperwork on her desk, indicating the discussion was over.Phil headed down the hall. “3A… 3A…” he repeated to himself. He eventually found the room, and knocked.The door opened slightly and a head popped out. He was relieved to see it was girl closer to his own age, perhaps mid-twenties, with a short bob of blond hair.“Hello?” Phil said.“Hi!” a voice answered excitedly. “Are you Phil?”“Yes,” he replied.“Yayyy! Come in come in come in!” she grabbed his hand and pulled him in. “Ummm… that’s not what you are going to wear, is it?” She pointed at his outfit.“No I… what?” Phil had held out his bag to show her, but stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth hung agape. This was NOT what he had been expecting.In sharp contrast to the bare hallway outside, the next room was an inviting purple bed room. Except that he couldn’t see an actual bed. Instead, there was a massive oversized crib at the far end of the room, with the mat sitting on the floor and wooden bars on its sides. It was stuffed full of plush toys, more of which were scattered on the ground, and had a mobile hanging above it. Along with it was a high chair and a long padded table with shelves underneath he soon realized were full of diapers. There was a second door which lead into a bathroom, a window, and a wardrobe.That realization brought his attention back to the girl in front of him. She was dressed in a long footed sleeper made to look like a cat, complete with a tail and a now hanging hood with ears on it. As if that wasn’t enough, at her waist there was a flap attached with snaps, underneath which he could see the thick bulge of what he assumed was a diaper. She turned to face him when he stopped, and he could see a pacifier attached with a strap to her front. He looked at the hand he was holding to find it as encased in a fingerless mitten.“If you wanna get dressed, just go in there,” she said, pointing to the bathroom. “Or do it here, I don’t mind,” she giggled.“Wh.. what is going on?!” Phil asked in shock.“Oh! Well you can’t sleep in a suit silly! You need to get comfy! Didn’t you bring pjs?”“Yes, but I mean, why are you dressed like that!?”“These are my favourite jammies. If you don’t like ‘em you can pick out another pair from there.” She pointed to the large wooden wardrobe.“That’s not what I meant! Why are you dressed like a baby?!” he almost shouted.“Hehe uhhh because I am...? You really are silly…?” she giggled and stuck out her toung.“What?”The girl giggled and grabbed Phil’s other hand comfortingly. “Ok, you seem confused. Silly boy, you should have asked first.” She waggled a finger in front of him teasingly. “This is the Carelsontown Cuddle Club, the club “with a difference””. She said, quoting the webpage. “The difference is, you get to cuddle, and take care of, with a cute widdle baby like me. Doesn’t that sound fun?”“A little baby?” Phil asked.Well, not really little… I guess I’m bigger than most babies, but that’s not the point.”“You’re not a baby! You’re at least in your 20s!”She glared at him. “I’m 24. So? I can still be a baby. Everyone here is the same, we dress like this, people come in, take care of us, and cuddle. That’s the point.”“I don’t know,” Phil said, turning away. “I wasn’t expecting this.”“Uggg you gotta make it SOOOO hard,” she said, and Phil turned back to her. “I know it seems weird, but it works. We got a ton of happy people. You wanna calm down? Lose all your stress and anxiety? Just try it. We’ll have fun, I promise.”Phil stared at her. He did want to stop feeling stressed. Looking at her, he could already feel himself calming down, his anxiety slipping away he imagined her in his arms. A night spent with a cute girl, dressed so adorably… Phil was surprised to be thinking of it as adorable. But something about it was, and he felt himself drawn into the idea. He never would have imagined it before, but nothing right now seemed more perfectly calming then taking care of this strange grown woman dressed as a baby.“Alright,” he said.“Yayy!” she jumped up and down and giggled. “Alright, you go get dressed. I’ll be playing.” She let go of him, and Phil walked into the bathroom and closed the door.He paused a moment, thinking. This entire situation was so strange. Since when was this something he’d ever want? He thought about it again. The image of him taking care of her came back, along with the irresistible feeling of calm. He needed it, he realized.He got undressed and put on his pyjamas; a long grey shirt and pants. He then went back into the bedroom to see Marie sitting on the ground, sucking her pacifier and playing with a pile of stuffed animals. He walked over to her, and she looked up at him.He hesitated, then asked “Hello there Marie, what are you playing?” She drooped the pacifier and smiled at him. “I’m playing with my pets! See, here is my kitty. She’s my favourite. You can the puppy!” She gave him a brown stuffed dog.For a few minutes he played around with her. The stuffed animals were surprisingly fun. He was amused, but still not really certain of what was going on. “Ummm… Marie?”“Yeeeeess?” she said.“What exactly are we going to do? I mean, it’s still a few hours until we need to sleep. Are we just going play with stuffed animals? They did tell me to come early.”“Well, its supper soon for one.”“That’s alright, I already ate.”“Not for you silly, for me,” she pointed at the high chair.“Ok… so what should I do?”She giggled. “Well I’m a baby! It’s your job to take care of me. What do you think you gotsta do with hungry babies?”Phil was a bit perplexed, but laughed. The idea of feeding this overgrown baby was heartwarming in a way. Once again, he was surprised to find himself thinking that.“Haha, ok. I’ll feed the baby.” Reaching toward her, he scooped her up in his arms. She giggled and leaned into him, and he carried her to the high chair and sat her down.“Now, what does the baby eat?”“There’s food under the changing table. I usually have three jars and a bottle,” she pointed at the drawers under the table.Phil walked over and opened the drawers to find lines of baby food. He took three out along with a warm bottle of milk and a spoon, and took them back.“You don’t keep these in a fridge?” he asked.“No, babies don’t like them too cold. The milk is in a fridge until you get here though.”He opened one of the jars, spooned some out and began feeding here. “Open up for the choo choo train!”She giggled, and opened her mouth. She ate it happily, spilling some as she did, and he kept feeding her.“You really like this stuff?” he asked.“Uh huh! Its nummy!” she replied.Soon he had finished all three jars. He then picked her up out of the high chair, sat on the ground, and put her in his lap. He began feeding her from the bottle.She snuggled into him as she suckled. She closed her eyes and smiled. Staring down at her, he realized he felt more peaceful then he had in years. Everything about the situation, from the cozy, inviting environment to the sweet girl in his lap, made him feel at home. Even knowing he could take care of the girl helped calm him.Soon she was finished the bottle. She turned into him and rested in his lap. He took the pacifier and put it in her mouth, and she sucked contently.He looked at the clock. It was only 7:30, but she seemed to be falling asleep.“I guess its bedtime for the little baby, eh?”She opened her eyes and spoke around her pacifier, causing her to lisp. “Nuuuu. I don wanna sweep.”“You’re falling asleep right now in my lap honey.”“No. Not tiered,” she said stubbornly. As if to prove it, she tried to sit up in his lap, but fell back down.“Uh huh. Suuuuree you aren’t. Come on, I’ll even cuddle with you.”“Buh I wanna pwaaayyy!” she whined.“Don’t be silly. Just suckle your paci and go to sleep. I’ll get your teddies for you in a minute.“Hmph. Meanie.” She said, still cuddling against him and closing her eyes. He laughed.He picked her up and carried her toward the crib. As he lay her down, he noticed something.“Marie, what is that smell?” She sniffed the air without opening her eyes. "Diapie," she said, and wiggled down into his arms.
  14. (Another old story being reposted) Crabula pulled at her hair, gritting her teeth in frustration. The little brat just wasn’t listening.“I don’t wanna!” her twelve year old charge screamed. “Well you have to! I’m the babysitter, and I said so! Now turn the tv off!” Crabula replied. He wards mother had demanded tv be turned off by 8:00.“I don’t care if you’re the babysitter! I’m twelve years old! I don’t need a babysitter!”“Well maybe, but you’re certainly not acting like a twelve year old! Clearly your mother hired me because you weren’t mature enough to be left on your own all night, and now you are proving her right! You are acting like a baby!” just as she said it, she knew it was the wrong thing to say. Her ward, Jessica, a small blond haired girl wearing jeans and a blue shirt, had been acting up all night. Crabula herself, a medium built brunet in jean shorts and a t-shirt, hadn’t wanted to be cruel to the young girl, no matter how spoiled she acted. However, there was no going back now.“A baby! I’ll show you!” Jessica tried to grab at Crabula, but Crabula just held onto her wrists.“That’s it,” Crabula said, “I’ve had enough. Go to bed now!”“WHAT!? Its only 8:00! Mom said I could stay up until ten.”“Yes but she also said I should send you to be earlier if you are acting up. Do you want me to have to tell your mother you weren’t listening?”The girl pouted. “No….”“Then off to bed,” she said sternly, pointing toward the stairs.“Fine. But you’ll regret this.”“Oh I’m SOOO scared…” Crabula said sarcastically.She watched as the girl walked up the stairs, went into her room, and shut the door. She had to admit, she was a little surprised the girl responded so quickly.Now finally having time alone, Crabula returned to the living room. There was a large flat screen tv, a black leather couch, and several book shelves. She sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. That rule had been made for Jessica, and since she was in bed, she saw no reason to enforce it for herself. As she watched, she turned on her laptop and ran through her school files, checking if her grades had come in. For the most part, she had done well, and a list of Bs with a few As came up.A few hours later there was a knock on the door. She got up to answer it, and saw Jessica’s parents standing there. They were a fairly young couple, mid or late thirties, and both tall. The father was brown haired and wore a suit, while the mother was the same blond as her daughter and wore a long green dress.“Oh! Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith. How was your night out?”“It was amazing. Thanks so much for coming in on such short notice for Jessica. I hope she wasn’t too much trouble…?” Mrs. Smith asked.“Oh it wasn’t a problem to come in” Crabula tried not to sound sarcastic. Getting a call with less than an hours notice was bad enough, and even worse on a Friday night, even if it was summer. “As for Jessica…” she knew she shouldn’t be trying to get revenge on a twelve year old girl, but couldn’t help herself. “To be honest, Mrs. Smith, she was a perfect little brat. She complained about everything, refused to turn off the tv, and generally acted like she was half her age. She even tried to push me! I had to send her to bed early.” She left out the part that Jessica had, in the end, gone to her bed without much of a fight and had been quite all night. She told herself it simply wasn’t important.“Oh really!? Well, I’m sure we will have to do something about that tomorrow. Thanks again, Crabula Mrs. Smith sounded generally surprised, though this was fairly common with Jessica. Crabula took the money for the night, said goodbye, and left.As soon as she was out the door, Crabula let out a huge sigh of relief. She got on her bike, a large red Airbourne mountain bike, put on her helmet, switched on the lights and began riding. These nights were getting more and more stressful. Not many of her babysitting charges exactly liked her, and to be honest, the feeling was mutual. Crabula was constantly shocked at how rude and immature they could be. Was she really that bad at their age? She couldn’t have been. Perhaps she was a bit stricter then the other babysitters, and more willing to give punishments, but they needed it, it was how she was raised, and frankly she just couldn’t deal with it all. She only kept going because she REALLY needed the money to save for college. But between babysitting, school work, household chores, and the million other things she needed to do, she was more than worn out. She just wished she could have a break from it all, no responsibilities, no work…Suddenly her bike jammed and she felt herself flip over her handlebar. She landed with a thud on the ground, and felt her bike land on top of her.“OOPH!” she said. She began rubbing her shoulder and head where she had landed. Thank god for her helmet.She looked back at her bike. What had caused her to crash? She saw something on the path, half buried. Her tire must have hit it.She bent down for a closer look. To her surprise, what she found was metallic. She picked it up, and realized she was looking at a very old lamp.She almost laughed out loud. It was just like the ones she had seen in old stories and the “Aladdin” movie. It was made of bronze, with a handle, a wide body, and a long, thin neck. Almost as a joke, she began to rub it…And was surprised to see something come out. A long stream of red and gold smoke poured out of the neck, collecting into a massive cloud. She watched, stunned, as the cloud condensed into a being with red skin a broad gold bars wrapping around it. The world around him seemed to change, with colors flowing randomly, things bending and twisting, and everything feeling as if it was a dream.“I am Yasafar, the red genie. I am here to grant you your wishes three, whatever they may be,” the being spoke in a deep, powerful voice that shook the ground.Crabula, still sitting on the ground, was to shocked to speak.“Well?” it said."Wha...."It sighed. "I"M A GENIE! What will your pleasure be? I'll jot your order down... from looks of it you've never had a friend as good as me, probably never will... I can make you friends?"“Is… is this real? Did I hit my head in the fall?” Crabula began rubbing her scalp, feeling for any bruises.“Yes, this is real, and no, you didn’t. If it is your wish, however, I can give you a head injury.” The being began to raise its massive, muscular hand.“No no, that’s ok. Please don’t.” Crabula sunk down to the ground and raised her hands to protect herself.“Well then I must insist you come up with something. I have places to be you know,” the genie said.“What? Aren’t I supposed to be your master or something? What do you mean places to be?”“He listen lady, I have a life outside of work, ok? Not everything revolves around you.”“What? What things? What kind of genie are you?” she couldn’t believe it. Even having wishes granted was turning out to be stressful.“Look, I have a job to do like everyone else, and frankly, you aren’t exactly helping me do it. I happen to be a VERY GOOD Genie. I have many satisfied customers to prove it, so I don’t need your sass. Check my reviews online. So why don’t we just move this along, ok? What do you want?”“Well… I uh….” Crabula had never really thought about it. Frankly, the idea of a Genie having ratings online had confused her too much to think.“Oh do hurry up,” the genie said, creating a watch on his wrists so he could glance at it and emphasise his point. “Perhaps thinking is a bit rough for you. Want more brain cells?” He began to raise his hand again.“Hey, NO! That’s not what I want. Jackass!”“Hmm. Seems strange that you wouldn’t care about being smart. Says a lot about you.” Crabula’s jaw dropped. “But if you want a Jackass, then I can definitely do that.”“NO! Jackass is an insult, you dumbass!”“Oh it is, is it? Well call me a dumbass if you want, at least I could come up with a wish. Now, what do you want?”“Uhhhh…”“Uhhh… uhhh. Sorry! All out of “uhhh”. I don’t know what “uhhh” is. Anything you want other than “uhhh?”“OH MY GOD, YOU ARE SUCH AN A-HOLE!”“Oh an a-hole am I? Not a nice thing to say to someone offering you free stuff.”Crabula moaned in frustration. Why was everything in her life so stressful?“Weeelll?” the Genie said.“Alright alright.” Crabula thought back to all the work she had to do, babysitting spoiled kids, having o pay for things, buying books and clothes for college, studying… “I want to be free from responsibilities. I want everything to be taken care of for me, clothes, food, everything. And I want my babysitting charges, especially the ones who always seem to hate me, to know how it feels to go through what they put me through.“Alright. To be quite honest, those where pretty lousy wishes. Like, a four out of ten AT BEST. 2 stars. Anything else, maybe a bit smarter, you’d want? Try thinking this time. Reconsider WITHOUT using the stupid part of your brain.”“WHAT!? THOSE WERE EXCELLENT WISHES!! THEY ARE LIKE A 9 OUT OF TEN AT LEAST! I DID THINK ABOUT THEM, AND I’M PLENTY SMART! YOU”RE JUST A DUMBASS!” at this point, Crabula was willing to leave with or without her wishes just to get rid of him. She had put up with FAR too much to deal with this right now, so she definitely wasn’t taking time to reconsider her wishes.The genie looked a little irritated, but sighed. “Alright, if that’s what you want, your wishes are granted.” He waved his hand.There was a flash of light followed by a swirling of colors. All of her senses went wild.... all the sights, smells, sounds she had ever experienced hitting her at once. They spun around her, forming a kaleidoscope of every sense. Finally they began to turn fuzzy, and she felt like she would pass out.Crabula heard a doorbell ring. She looked around. It was day time, and she was standing on someone's porch, holding someone else's hand. Upon looking up, she saw the hand she was holding belonged to her mother, and the porch was the Smith's. She noticed a bicycle much like hers, a Airbourne mountain bike, except that it was bright pink with tassels on the handles and beads on the wheels, and came equipped with training wheels. She eyed it suspiciously. What was going on?The door opened. Mrs. Smith greeted them at the door. "Oh hello there! Glad to see you. We were just about ready to go.""Good, we are all packed," her mother replied.Crabula looked back and forth in confusion. She wanted to know what was going on, but was worried asking would seems suspicious. Instead, she kept her mouth closed and walked in.Something else was different. She looked down to see her clothes had changed. She still wore the jean shorts, but instead of ending at the belt line, they continued up into a set of overalls decorated with a kitten. Underneath she had on the same cut of t-shirt, except in pink. Why would she be dressed so oddly?These questions had to wait as she saw someone coming. It took her a moment to recognize Jessica, wearing the same thing she had been the night before. She looked the same but at the same time, somehow different. She seemed larger, for one, and, though Crabula couldn't really explain why, more mature. Or was she just shorter? She looked around, but couldn't tell. Everything seemed strange. It was the same as before, but different. She couldn't really put her finger on what was different, though. What was going on? Where was that Genie? She tried to mentally summon him, but nothing happened. Crabula's mother leaned in towards her. "Now, you play nice for Jessica, ok? I don't want to hear horror stories about your misbehaviour." She waggled a finger in Crabula's face.Crabula's eyes went wide. Did that mean that Jessica was babysitting her? Surely it couldn't be true. However, she did her best to hide it, and nodded."Alright then! Goodbye Crabula! Have fun, and remember to behave!"she kissed Crabula on the cheek, and walked out the door.Crabula watched as they left, still confused."Well well, look who we have here. I can't say I'm surprised." She heard Jessica say. She turned to face her, and saw the girl smiling sadistically while walking toward her.“Wh… what do you mean? What is going on?†Crabula stuttered. There was something going on with here. Now that Jessica was right in front of her, she could see for certain that she was still taller then Jessica. The same was true when she compared herself to anything else, she was the same height as before. But somehow, she still felt smaller, and appeared that way. It was as if the world was full of optical illusions making her seem small."Awww does the widdle girl really not know? Let me remind you. You, the strictest, meanest babysitter ever, tried to be a big girl, went to university, failed, and got declared a never-grow-up. From what I understood you failed at almost every aspect of growing up. Now the girl you used to babysit is your babysitter. Does that help?"“What are...” Crabula’s jaw dropped. Though she knew it was impossible, she did in fact remember. Memories of a completely separate life came flooding in, of her in college, of her stumbling around failing at all the things she tried, throwing tantrums, forgetting to dress properly, forgetting to pay bills, followed by the humiliating process of having her age determined at trial and set to far younger then it should be, having herself dressed as a pre-schooler and sent home. As far as she remembered, they hadn’t yet determined exactly how young she was, and she could still go lower. Even pre-school now was only a possibility, if she behaved.It all seemed impossible, yet true at the same time. In order to check, she reached down to the waist of her own clothes. She was afraid to do it, but she knew she had to check something. She grabbed at the overalls and pulled, and both saw and felt the Disney princess pull up she wore underneath, all sized perfectly for her.This wasn’t possible. She knew it couldn’t be. “Alright,” she said, “I don’t care how I’m dressed or what they said, you are still the younger one. You’re almost a decade younger then me! I’m not doing anything you say!”Jessica only laughed. “Awww is the little girl throwing a tantrum? Maybe you need your pull up checked. Is that why you were looking down there?” She reached out to grab her wrist.Crabula tried to pull away. However, when just the night before it had been the easiest thing in the world to restrain the little brat, she found herself being overpowered easily. How was this possible? Jessica effortlessly overpowered her. She pulled the embarrassed girl into the living room, undid the buckles on her overalls, and pulled them down. She then sat down on a coach and pulled a still struggling Crabula over her lap, with her bum in the air. “Wow! What a naughty girl! So much trouble over a pull-up check. Given the things you would do to me when I was "naughty," that can't be good for you” She gave her a single smack on the bottom, then patted and checked her pull up. Crabula blushed bright red. She couldn’t believe she was being babysat by a twelve year old, not to mention getting spanked by one and having her pull up checked by a twelve year old. Or, at least, someone she remembered as a twelve year old.“Oh Wow! Still dry and clean! What a good little girl!” she patted Crabula’s head, and Crabula had to stifle a bit of pride and the praise. “Maybe you are thirsty then. That’s fine, I expected it, and came prepared.”Ignoring Crabula’s complaints and resistance, she sat the girl on her lap. She took grabbed a sippy cup filled with apple juice Crabula just noticed was on the shelves beside the couch, and began to feed her.At first, Crabula refused to drink. However, Jessica simply spoke quietly in her ear. “You better drink up and behave little girl, I don’t want to give you a REAL spanking, or tell your mommy you were misbehaving. I can remember you doing the to me more then once, and I have to say, it isn’t fun.”At these words, Crabula began to drink. She really didn’t want to test it and find out what happened if she misbehaved in this world. However, the memories came back to answer her. She did, in fact, remember plenty of spankings when she complained about her new position. In the end, any complaint she made only served to make them think of her as even smaller. Now, here she was, in the hands of a power tripping spoiled brat who had every reason to want revenge. She shuddered, dreading to think what Jessica could think of. Finally she finished the sippy cup. “Good girl!” Jessica said mockingly. “Now, come with me. I have some people I want you to meet again.”“What?! Who…?”“Tsk tsk, no questions now little girl. You will see.”Jessica lead her by the hand, still only in the shirt and pull up, through the house, up the stairs, and into Jessica’s bedroom. It was still the same bedroom, with pink walls and, bookshelves, a desk with a computer, and a large white bed. It occurred to Crabula that, despite Jessica seeming to be older here, she was still the same person and behaved the same way. This made it all the worse, not only was she being babysat by someone almost a decade younger then herself, but someone who acted like she was a decade younger then herself.Two things, however, were different in the room. The first, clearly a new addition, was a large, white crib, complete with a mobile hanging over it, and a high chair.The second, and the reason Crabula knew that the crib was a new addition, was that the room was already full of half a dozen people. Specifically, it was full of the kids Crabula babysat. Even more specifically, it was full of the ones who really, really resented Crabula’s particular style of babysitting, and acted up for it. Some were putting the finishing touches on the high chair, including My Little Pony bedsheets and stuffed animals. It took Crabula a second to realize this was what she had asked for, for the kids who didn’t like her to go through what she put them through. This, of course, was not what she meant at all. Once again, she tried, and failed, to summon the Genie.The group of young boys and girls looked up and grinned sadistically as Crabula entered. At once they began giggling and pointing at her.“Nice pull ups, Crabula.”“Hey there BABYSITTER. Doesn’t seem you were quite as big as you thought you were?” Crabula squeezed her eyes shut. This could NOT be happening. All of them, all barely teenagers, but somehow still seemed older then herself, when she was an adult… IT DIDN”T MAKE SENSE! Briefly she wished she had in fact hit her head on falling, and this was all a dream.“Now, little one,” Jessica said mockingly. “As you can see, we have a bit of a different lifestyle for you in the works. She pointed toward the crib.“What!? You can’t do that! Even with the court I’m not that immature,” Crabula tried to argue within the confines of this new world.“Ahh yes, but that was still debatable, wasn’t it? You could still go lower, and from what I heard you were bordering on it already. These were even left here in case we needed it this weekend. Got that? In case I decide that YOU need to be a baby instead. They trust my opinion over yourse that much. We all agreed that would be for the best. And with the way you treated us, you don't really deserve more.” Crabula replied, and the others nodded.“But… but… theres no way they will let you do this.”“Oh they will. Are you arguing with your babysitter, little girl? Do you want to be punished?” Crabula shook her head as Jessica spoke. “Then you better do as I say. And the first thing you are going to do is wet that pull up.” She pointed to the childish garment Crabula was wearing.“WHAT!? NO! I’m not going to!”“Oh no?” Jessica said, grinning. She looked back at the group of kids. “Grab her!”“Wai… What!?” Crabula barely got out before she felt all of her limbs grabbed. She was picked up and held on the ground by the kids. Jessica climbed on top of her and began tickling her. She shrieked out in laughter, and struggled pointlessly to get away. The others began to get in too, tickling her ribs, her stomach, her armpits, and worse of all her feet.Crabula knew what they were doing. By tickling her, they were trying to make her lose control and wet herself, so they would have an excuse to make her even younger. She did everything she could to fight against it, but felt her resolved weaken. The pressure inside her built, and her mussels were harder and harder to control. Finally she felt a warm wetness spread into her pull up.All at once the tickling stopped. Crabula stopped laughing, but her laughter was replaced by that of the kids pointing at her now soaked pull ups. The picture, which had formally been pink, changed to a dark purple to indicate it was wet. Crabula was on the verge of tears.“Now then little one, no more arguing?” Jessica asked. Crabula shook her head.“Good. Then lets get you dressed, and properly this time.” Crabula shuddered at these words, dreading what they could mean.
  15. Elise struggled not to cry. She squirmed and screamed as each blow smacked loudly on her behind, but the indignity of her childish position over the stranger's lap would only be made worse if she gave in and cried."OW! OW! STOP! You can't do this to me!" she cried out."Are you going to be a good girl?" the man she only knew as "Daddy" said."Let me go! You can't spank me!" She tried to struggle, but he held her firmly over his lap with his left hand on her twisted arm as he spanked her already red bottom with his right. She couldn't manage to budge him."It seems I can little girl. And after this you are going to your room for a time out.""NO! I'm not a little girl! For god's sake I went to college!"He reached for her belt buckled. She squealed as he undid it and pulled her pants down, followed by her underwear."Silly girl won't need these anyway. We'll get you dressed properly.""No," she said. What could THAT mean?He took the belt out of her pants, folded it, and swung it at her behind hard. It hit with a loud CLAP, and she screamed out."You've been a very bad girl," he said, and spanked her again. "You are going to obey me whether you like it or not, and you will learn to be good." He hit her again."OW!" she screamed. She began to cry. "Alright," she said, "I'll be good.""Good girl," he stood her up. She tried to lift up her pants to cover her sore read bottom, but he swatted her hands away and spanked her with the belt. "No," he said, "good girls don't do that." He stood up beside her. Tall, thick, and broad shouldered, he loomed over her easily, and she cowered in front of him.Without letting her pull up her pants, he began to drag her by the wrist through the strange building she had just arrived at. It was a sprawling complex, and they passed through several halls and flights of stairs. Every room she passed has its own odd theme, and the people around them were dressed to match. There were people dressed in leather next to rooms full of bondage equipment, people dressed in collars next to rooms with dog beds and dog bowls, men in bright pink skirts, more still in maids going from room to room cleaning, and all through out them stern looking men and woman directing them. What had she gotten herself into?She began to wonder where she would end up. The bright skirts didn't seem that bad, but she never was one for cleaning, so she hoped she wouldn't become a maid. The bondage equipment frightened her, so she hoped to avoid it too. The dog beds just seemed embarrassing."Here we are," he said, pointing at a closed door. There were four other people around it in black clothing, and she stared at them nervously. "Oh, don't worry about them," he said, "they are just here to help." He reached over to her and ruffled her hair, then reached into his pocket and took out a ring of keys and began going through them."What is in there?" she said, sniffling. He smiled. "You'll see." He pushed the door open, dragged her in, and turned on the light. She gasped at the sight.This was worse then the dog beds. This was worse then the MAIDS clothes."No, no no," she said, and tried to back away."Are you arguing with me AGAIN, girl?" he said. It had taken her a moment to understand what she saw. The room inside was a gigantic nursery. It was painted a sickening pink color, and filled with infantile furniture sized for an adult. A full sized crib dominated the room, flanked by a high chair, changing table, and clothing shelves covered with diapers and onesies.Worse still, laid out on the crib for her to see, was what she realized would be her new out fit. It consisted of a pink dress decorated pastel pinks and blues, a bonnet, mittens, long stockings, and to top everything off, a thick diaper printed with rabbits. Worse still, there was a series of ropes and locks arrayed in front of them."You can't do this to me!" Elise said.A split second later her world was upside down again as he flipped her over his lap. "NO!" she screamed, and tried to kick her way out."BAD BABY!" he shouted, and began spanking her with her belt. She started crying with the first blow, and each smack after that brought out more and more tears until all she could do was lay helplessly on his lap and sob.Satisfied that the fight was out of her, he turned her back until she was sitting on his lap, then lifted her cradled in his arms. "Now, lets get you dressed.""Nooo," she pouted. This time, however, she didn't fight him as he lay her down in the crib. To her surprise, there was a mirror on the ceiling above it, and she saw herself, the crib and the outfight clearly. She tried to separate herself from it- another red headed girl about to be put in diapers, another blond haired man doing it, but she realized she'd have no choice but to watch her own humiliation occur. It was a clever, if cruel, touch.The four helpers in dark clothing were around her. They held her limbs down as he pulled her pants the rest of the way off, then took her shirt off. Finally, he lifted the diaper up in front of her and opened it up slowly, smiling as he saw her expression changed from moping to fear and embarrassment."No, please. I don't want to be a diaper girl. Maid, pet, anything but that," she said."Don't worry," he said, "you'll get used to it." He lay it underneath her and spread powder liberally over her. "No," she moaned one last time, half hardheartedly trying to move her bottom out of the way and give some kind of resistance, but she was stopped by another spank from his hand. She watched in dread as he folded the diaper up and taped it on. He followed it with plastic panties, which he locked in place. With the help of the other four, he dressed her fully in the dress, bonnet, stockings and mittens. They tied the ropes to her limbs, and left her with her arms stretched to the top corners of the crib and her legs folded on top of her, unfortunately lifting her skirt to leave her diaper visible. He dismissed the others before presenting the coup de grace of her humiliation- a big pink pacifier with straps dangling to each side. He shoved it in her mouth, and she felt the bulb fill it up and gag her. He tied it behind her head."There. No way to move or complain, no way to get in trouble. A silent baby is a good baby. We will need the straps until you learn to keep pacis in your mouth without them." She groaned inwardly. How long would it take to 'learn' that? How long would she be diapered for?"Now, we are going to play a game. I'll be asking you questions, and you can shake your head yes or no. If you're a good baby, you'll get treats. If you're a bad baby, you'll get spanked. We'll see if we can work our way up to letting you talk, then maybe moving around a bit before bed time. Ready?"She groaned, this time out loud. That resulted in a hard smack on her diapered bottom and her getting scolded as a 'bad baby." She tried to look away from her tormentor, but just ended up looking at her own reflection- locked in a crib, clearly visible diaper under her skirt, and sucking a pacifier as a stranger spanked her. She tried to look around, but everywhere was more evidence of her new status- piles of diapers, childish toys, the high chair, a playpen- it was unavoidable. She pushed the thoughts out of her head and tried to listen to his questions, hoping she could somehow make it better by pretending to play along. What had she gotten herself into?...She tucked her head down and tried to hide as she was lead by her leash into the shopping center. The leash wasn't attached to a collar- oh no, even though she wore one complete with tags that gave her name, "Diapered ABDL" status and the address and name of her owner (though she was told she only needed to know him as "Daddy,") having the leash attach to her collar like most submissive would have been to easy, and given the wrong idea. Instead, she wore a harness like the ones normally intended for toddlers, and which gave her no choice but to follow. More ropes dangled from it, and attached to the cuffs at on her hands, followed by another rope between her legs that would have kept her from running if the leash wasn't already doing the same thing. To top it all off, she had her hands in baby mittens, leaving them useless anyway, and she had a pacifier securely strapped to her mouth.'At least I'm not in a stroller this time," she thought to herself. THAT had been humiliating. However, at least then she could pretend she could hide in the seat. Now, walking among the staring and giggle crowds, there was no way to hide her state. Her stomach groaned, and she tried to hide it. THAT was something she didn't want anyone to notice.She still liked to pretend she could. Though her dress, stockings, and pigtails were childish enough, the harness added insult to injury by announcing "Baby Girl," across her chest and back. However, she kept kept her head down, imagining it hid the pacifier along with her face, and she reached her hands down to smooth the annoyingly short skirt, doing her best to hide the thick diaper underneath it. It was futile, she knew- the loud, crinkling plastic filled her ears as the smell of baby powder filled her nose, and the forced waddle was easy enough to recognize if anyone knew what to look for. However, she tried to do her best without her Daddy noticing.Elise saw him looking at her hands, and she snapped them back up. Getting caught trying to hide her diapers was something she had been warned against. He chuckled, and smacked her hard on the bottom. "Bad baby," he said. "If that skirt is too tempting for you, I might just help you out by taking it away and letting you waddle around the mall with your diapers showing."She shook her head, eyes going wide. Much as she hated to admit it, he was good at what he did. Very little got passed him, and he seemed to know what she was going to do before she did it.He nodded. "Good baby. Now, keep your eyes up, I want people to see my baby's pretty face."He began walking again and led her onward. Instinct and shame still made her want to keep her face down, but she fought against both. The fear of her punishment was worse then a few snickers and laughter, and she endured it as best she could. The mall was huge, with stores she had never seen before lining both sides of the hall in a massive enclave that rose several stores. Some were typical- clothing stores, a few name brands, books, music- while others were designed for the exact type of lifestyle she was now in, ranging from broad ranges of kinks to more specific ones. "Pet" stores, 'punishment' centers, 'work cloths' stores- she dreaded to see what was in store for her. For now, she simply had to walk in the center of the most visible, crowded hall, something she was sure her 'Daddy" had planned. It seemed he planned most things ahead."One day you'll see this is all for your own good," he told her. "See that? That is where we are going, and you are going to happily pick out a little baby toy for yourself, beg daddy for it, and show it off to everyone we meet." He pointed to the end of a long hallway, and she could have cried at what she realized was the final destination of her humiliating journey. A massive store, set up to look like a toy store, but instead filled adult sized toys, furniture, and garments, its banner in brightly colored block letters calling it "The Big Baby Store." It had everything needed to embarrass an abdl girl. "Or please one", she thought, as she saw another woman skipping along, flouncing skirt revealing the pull up underneath.- wait... did she know that girl? She was gone to fast to be sure- She saw far too many of them, and worried over how many had begun resisting and fell into it.She had another problem coming. Her stomach groaned again, and she almost doubled over from a cramp. She had been cramping since breakfast, but tried to hold it in. It was silly, she knew, as she would never be afforded the right to use the bathroom. She had gotten used to wetting herself, but part of her still wanted to resist using her diaper for... that. She saw her Daddy glancing her way and chuckling to himself.Her stomach groaned again, and this time she farted loudly into her diaper."What was that sweetie? You say something?" her Daddy said in a teasing voice. She looked at him sadly. "No, I think your little bum bum did. Her, let daddy check your diaper."She squealed loudly from behind her pacifier as her turned her around and lifted her skirt, exposing her diaper to the entire mall. More people started laughing behind her, and she squirmed in embarrassment. It would have been bad enough had it been a plain white one, but the one she wore today was designed to look like a true pamper, covered all over with cutesy pictures of pacifiers, bottles and teddy bears, and with thick purple stripes along the sides. Added to that were clear plastic pants that locked in the top, just in case she could find a way to open a diaper with her hands in the ridiculous mittens."Hmmm I don't know baby girl. You certainly are a smelly butt, and definitely damp," he reaches his hand between her legs to the front of her diaper, and she squirmed again, eliciting more laughter from her growing crowd.'Why is he taking so LONG!" she thought. He kept prodding and patting her as people laughed and she grew redder and redder, commenting on her personal hygiene. "Such a silly little girl. Still in diapers at your age! Do you need daddy to give you a change?" Finally, he lifted her entire skirt, front and back, clasped it in one hand and pulled open the back of her diaper with the other. At the same time, another cramp hit, and she heard herself fart loudly again as he was checking her, getting the loudest laughter yet. She couldn't bear it any longer, and reached down to pull her skirt in front of her diaper.She instantly regretted it. Her Daddy stood up from the crotched position he had taken while checking her, and she backed away as he leaned over her.He undid the strap of her pacifier and took it out. Despite the newfound freedom from it, she knew better then to speak now."Sweetie, what did I tell you about holding your skirt?""I..." she was afraid to answer."Good babies don't try to hide their diapers. Bad babies do that. Good babies aren't afraid to show off how cute they are.""Yes, Daddy.""And what did you do?""I held down my skirt to hide my diapers."She felt a sharp smack on the back of her diaper and yelped."Bad baby!" he said. "What did I say would happen?""No Daddy please! Its embarrassing!""Well, I bet its embarrassing to be a naughty adult woman walking around in diapers. It should be. A little baby, however, is fine. If its embarrassing to walk around with your diaper showing, then you clearly need more practice doing it. We'll have to give you more opportunities to show off."He took out a remote and hit a button on it. She felt her hands being pulled upward by the rope toward her chest. Once they were folded in front of her, he reached down to grab the hem of her skirt. As always, he was doing it as slowly as possible, letting her dread grow."Please daddy. I promise I'll be a good baby," she said. Unlike other times she had said it, she meant it. Fighting him was turning out to be much worse then going along with what he said."You better be," he replied. He undid the buttons on her skirt and tossed it into a bag. "Now, about you being a gassy baby. Do you know what that means?""Uhhh... nooo.." she tried to reply but felt another cramp. She was shocked by how hard they were coming, and how quickly they were getting worse. "What, Daddy?""What did I tell you to do when you needed to go potty?""I uhhh...""Tell me unless you want a spanking."She blushed and looked down. "Good babies don't hold back their messes. Good babies go the second they need to and fill their diapers for their daddy's to change. They like making presents for their daddy's because it proves they are babies."He nodded. "Exactly right. Good baby." She tried to hide the embarrassing pride of finally getting something right."But Daddy, do I..." she glanced over to where she saw a public bathroom, but knew what the answer would be. "How long..."He shook his head. "Don't worry about how long we'll be in the mall for, I promise you'll be good and stinky before we are gone, and your bare pampers will be visible to all.""Daddy!" she whined."Now, if you had listned to what Daddy told you and filled your pampers when you first started feeling the cramps this morning at home, what would have happened?""I..." how did he know when she first felt them? How much could he figure out?"Sweetie, be a good baby. I know its difficult for a little diaper girl like you, but see if you can figure it out. Daddy changes you whenever you need it. If you had filled your pampers at home, what would have happened then, and what wouldn't be happening now? Can you figure it out sweetie?"She blushed at such a simple question worded so condescendingly. "I would have been changed at home, Daddy, and wouldn't need to mess now."He smiled and ruffled her hair. "Good baby! Such a smart baby!" To her embarrassment, Elise giggled as he said it. "So if you were a good baby and listened to Daddy, you wouldn't have this problem now. Since you were a bad baby and didn't, you're going to end up messing your diapers in front of all these people, then walk around the mall with your stinky pampers. Sound like fun?""No Daddy!" she whined."And since Daddy locked you in those plastic pants and your spare diapers are at home, it means you'll spend a lot of time in your mess before you get changed. Sound like fun?""No Daddy," she said. She knew exactly where this was going, but couldn't argue. There was nothing TO argue this time. She hated to admit to herself he was right."So, what was the better option- listening to Daddy, filling your diapers like a good baby, and getting changed immediately at home, or not listening, being a bad baby, and walking around a mall in smelly?"She sighed and looked down in shame. "Listening to Daddy, being a good baby, and filling my diapers when I needed to." She felt the cramps come again- it would be coming out soon whether she liked it or not, and she knew he was right about the last time she held it in."Do you think its fair to make people have to smell your stinky diapers?""No Daddy.""So what should you have done, and what should you always, always do? Who should you listen to, even if you don't know why?""I should always, always be a good baby and listen to Daddy. I should always listen to Daddy because Daddy always knows best." She hated hearing the words from her mouth."Good baby," he said, ruffling her hair. "Since you were good since then, if your lucky, I might pick up some cute new diapers at the Big Baby store and change you in the bathrooms here. If you are good. Now, I think there is something you were going to do for Daddy? What was that?""I... I was going to make a present for Daddy in my diapers, because I want to be a good baby." She said. 'Change in the bathrooms? In PUBLIC? Could he do that?' she thought. It seemed he could effectively do what he wanted to her."Well?" he raised an eyebrow.She sighed, closed her eyes and pushed. She farted far more loudly then she had hoped, and felt the hot mess come out of her and into her diaper. "Ohh," she said, and she doubled over and squatted as the cramps hit again and she kept messing herself for the audience. She hoped their laughter at least drowned out the sound of her messing, but to her each release sounded like thunder. The smell stung her nostrils, and she almost gagged. There was another advantage of messing the second she got the urge, she realized- there would have been far less of it, and her messes would be far less... messy. She shuddered at the feeling as she finally finished.She opened her eyes and stared at her Daddy, eyes seeking pity. She tried to concentrate on him and ignore the other's around her, most of whom were laughing at her."Good baby," he said, rubbing her head again. He leaned forward and checked the back of her diaper. "You're a very good baby, stinky butt." He patted the back of her diaper, and she cringed at the slimy feeling but was glad to at least be in his good books again.A group of young women came running up to her. One of them held a camera. "Excuse me, can we take a picture with you? We just LOVE the outfit! SO adorable!""No I..." she began to speak, but was cut off by her Daddy's hand on her nose."Silly baby, they weren't asking you." He put the pacifier back in her mouth, this time leaving the strap off. She didn't dare spit it out. "She'd love to have her picture taken, and she promises to give you her prettiest smile."She tried her best to smile for the camera. And for her Daddy, she knew- if he was going to change her diaper after all that, the least she could do was smile. She thought about what he had said earlier. At this point, a doll or teddy bear to call her own would make her feel better, and she probably would beg for it...."Now now sweetie, put Jeremy down," Daddy said.She pouted and squealed behind her pacifier. She cuddled the teddy bear close and shook her head no. Her pigtails twirled, adding emphasis in her mind, making the protest all the more adorable to her Daddy."You know the rules. You don't get to have teddies or dollies for comfort during punishments. You're going into the naughty corner after this, and you need to be able to think about what you did without distraction. You can have him back after. You want to be a good baby, don't you?"She nodded. She did know the rules, and she did want to be a good baby. Good babies avoided punishment and got more toys. Also, she knew it would be easier to think about what she did without Jeremy distracting her. He was just too cuddly to think when he was around.She shook her head. Where had THAT thought come from? She held onto them because it was expected of her in her role, and she wanted to avoid punishment. It did make her feel better to hold one after a spanking, but... she shook her head and ended the train of thought."Then go put him with the others and crawl back here," Daddy said.She waddled over to her toy pile and lay him on top. This was the pile of things she had picked out. She was allowed to have them all out to play during the day, but was only allowed to in her crib at night. Picking those two and putting the rest back into the box at night was one of her chores, and as the first she picked out Jeremy made the cut more often then the others. She always kissed the others before putting them back in- Daddy told her too, as they might feel bad otherwise. Silly, she knew. She kissed Jeremy before putting him down, hoping Daddy would excuse her removing her pacifier for an important reason. She put it back in and suckled it. She would at least have that for comfort during her punishment, and she was glad Daddy was kind enough to let her have it.She crawled back as commanded. Crawling wasn't always necessary, but she would do it when told to. In the end, it was no more embarrassing then anything else she went through, and not worth the punishment if she argued. This time, however, it had the added impact of putting her lower then someone she'd normally be taller then.She glanced up at that person, her babysitter, and the reason she was being punished.Officially, she was being punished for arguing over a change in bed time. When the new baby sitter came in to help Daddy, she told her she'd be going to bed at 7:30 tonight instead of the usually 8:00 so the babysitter would have time for her college homework. It was then condescendingly explained that homework was something people did to learn at home, sort of like her learning to color in lines, and college was where big people went to learn things, sort of the way Daddy had taught her to use her diapers properly. She had thrown what her Daddy called a 'tantrum' while he was still there, so he ordered this punishment.The reality of the matter was deeper then that. The babysitter- named Sarah- had almost been perfectly chosen to upset her. Her Daddy had been giving Elise lessons lately about her status. As an adult baby, her former age and accomplishments didn't matter, and she was now to consider herself as younger then people she used to think she was older then as long as they were adults, and beneath submissive with a higher role. The speech she got explaining what college was when Elise herself had graduated years before, was just the cherry on top of a long list of annoying traits. First of all, as shown by the fact she was still in college, Sarah was several years younger then she was. Making matters worse, she KNEW her. Or, as her Daddy told her, had known her in her old life back when she had baby sat her. She had been taught that her past accomplishments didn't matter, but finding out her former ward was now her babysitter was too much. There was more too- her Daddy wanted her to know it wasn't just age that was lower but her status. Sarah was a submissive and had been one earlier, and a little at that. She was the girl who had been skipping along in the mall. She had watched in awe as the girl lifted up her skirt to proudly show off her pull up and explain that "even a toddler in pull ups is mature enough to be in charge of a little baby in diapers." When Sarah had announced the new bedtime, Elise had had enough, and started shouting.Now, she paid the price. She reached her Daddy's legs and remained on all fours beneath where he was seated."Good girl. Now keep crawling! Up up up!" he patted his knees, and she obediently crawled over his lap, lap down, and braced herself.This time, there was no struggling. Daddy didn't even hold her down as undid her onesie, revealed her soaked diaper and began spanking her. She yelped as the first blow squelched against her damp padding, the itch from the wetness making the pain from the spanks all the worse. H spanked her again and again. She winced, moaned, and cried out as the pain got worse, and by the end, she was in tears, but she was proud that she didn't struggle. It had become embarrassing to constantly fight back only to end up in the same position."Good girl, Daddy's proud of you for not struggling. Now, go to the babysitter.""Come here little one!" Sarah said, patting her legs. She crawled over and climbed over her knees, then lay patiently for the first smacks. Her blows were softer, but more embarrassing. She was used to being spanked by her Daddy, this was something new. Each one drove home the fact that she was not only a submissive who could be punished and taken control of by almost anyone, but a baby whom even Sarah was considered more responsible then. She would have liked to pretend only her Daddy was in charge of her, but the truth was anyone could be, and her Daddy just kept her safe from them all and determined who was right.Despite her weaker arm, the pain still added up, and soon she was bawling over Sarah's lap. She kept spanking her, and the baby kept crying louder and louder.Finally she stopped. The diaper clad girl lay over her lap, sniffling but not moving."Learn your lesson?" Sarah said."Mhmm," she nodded."Good Baby. Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did."She got up and waddled over, rubbing her bottom as she did. When she reached the corner, however, she kept her hands by her side as she had been taught. She heard Daddy and Sarah get up behind her and leave with the door wide open, and not a bone in her body wanted to run out of it or even leave the corner. She knew it would be hopeless, and had no reason to want to try.The punishment was as much about humiliation as it was boredom. The corner was angled to be visible from the hallway, and her onesie still hung open, leaving her wet diaper visible. More importantly, anyone coming by would see her completely unrestrained and willing standing there in a soaking wet diaper and sucking a pacifier. However, there was nothing she could do about it, and she told herself not to worry. She suckled her pacifier for comfort and took her mind elsewhere.It really was her fault, she knew. Daddy had told her the lessons over and over, and she shouldn't have reacted that way. It was wrong to blame the babysitter, she shouldn't have been a Bad Baby. She shuddered at the words.Being a Good Baby really did have advantages. She thought of all the hard work Daddy had put into her, taking care of her, changing her, feeding her. She thought of all the toys she had got as rewards for being good, and all the fun play times she was finding she enjoyed more and more. Despite what she once would have thought, once she got over the embarrassment of admitting it, a lot of what happened was fun. Really, the problem was she was still thinking of the before time, and tricking herself into being embarrassed when she could just be having fun.She thought of her Daddy. She wondered how much of this had planned. The entire thing really had seemed perfectly planned to get her to react, and the resulting punishment really had taught her the lesson. They often did- as he said, she was punished for her own good. Her Daddy must have thought of everything.What was that thing her big girl baby sitter was doing? College? She wondered what that was like, and why a big girl would need to learn about diapers. She giggled. She was happy she'd never have to worry about it. Daddy had told her that since she was a baby, all she had to worry about was playing with toys and filling diapers, and she liked knowing she wouldn't have more stress then that. However, maybe she could help with 'homework', whatever it was, since she was so good at coloring inside lines now....The Baby skipped along gleefully beside her Daddy. She held his hand losely, and was glad not to be on a leash. She was proud of the fact she no longer needed a leash to stay beside Daddy, though sometimes she asked for one if she got scared in crowds. Likewise, she was glad she didn't need the gloves anymore because she wouldn't do naughty things, glad her paci wasn't strapped in because she sucked it freely, and glad she didn't have locking plastic pants because she had learned better then to take off her diaper. Each freedom was a sign she had learned to be a Good Baby in another way, and she was proud of it.Today was another triumph in her mind. Daddy told her they were going into the mall to meet someone because she was 'such a Good Baby now." She didn't know who or what that was, Daddy had told her she didn't need to, she just needed to know it was a good thing. She accepted it. Daddy had always been right before after all, and could tell when she did or did not need to know something.She paused in front of the glass door. She saw her reflection, and smiled. She always liked to see how cute she looked in her outfits. One of her favorite times of day was when she was lying in bed right after waking up and before bedtime, and would see her reflection in the mirror, emphasizing what she was from the first moment and the last moment of her day. She'd role over, stick her bum in the air and examine all the parts of her pajamas. Sometimes she'd try to guess from the reflection of her diaper if she had had an accident in her crib over night. Sometimes she'd be able to see damp or brown spots, but she knew only Daddy could tell her that for certain. Daddy had told her a baby like her couldn't ever know.Today's outfit was extra special. Since today was a special day to celebrate her being a Good Baby, she'd been allowed to pick her own outfit. It was all matching in bright pink. It was her favorite color, since Daddy said she looked cute in it. She had chosen her favorite onesie- one of the cutest with pink frills along arm and leg cuffs and a duck on the chest. Importantly, the diaper cover was narrow, so it left the edges of her diaper clear. She looked down in the mirror and moved the cloth inward slightly. Daddy said it was good luck if her diaper tapes were visible, so she always did her best to make sure they were. She made sure not to touch the tapes though, as bad things happened when she did.She examined the rest of it- her knee high socks were always fun, and the big pink ribbons that tied her hair into pigtails were perfect. Her paci was in her mouth of course, and attached to her chest in case she dropped it. Jeremey accompanied her on this trip (she had begged Daddy for to let her take him and kissed him when he said yes) and since he was going out, he too was dressed up in a small suit and diaper. Diapers for stuffies was another thing she had begged Daddy for. She liked to dress her toys up, and couldn't conceived of dressing anything without a diaper. She wasn't certain how Daddy went without them. He explained he used the potty instead, which she assumed was like a diaper but for grown ups. He said she didn't need to worry about it. However, Jeremy came on trips out sometimes, and she didn't want to risk him having an accident somewhere important. Daddy had agreed and said seeing them all diapered would be a good, constant reminder of what she was.They both entered the mall. People stared at her as usual, and some laughed. She laughed back and waved, she was proud people were noticing how cute she looked.Daddy met with a few other grown ups and shook their hands. She heard him mention the "Baby" and realized they were talking about her, but it sounded like boring grown up talk, so she ignored it. Probably too complicated for her anyway, maybe that college stuff again. Instead, she let her mind wander and looked around the mall.There were people everywhere. It was more crowded then usual. Also, there were more submissives then usual. Some were even on display, standing in cages on stages or tied up in stocks. She wondered what was going on."Bad Baby," she heard the words come out from the conversation. Instantly, all the guilt, all the punishments, and all the anger from the times she had misbehaved came up at once. She could feel the spanks from every time she had been bad. Desperately, she searched her mind for what she had done wrong. Had she walked in wrong? Had she been holding in her messes again? SHe reached for her pacifier, it was still there. She looked at her Daddy pleadingly. He noticed her staring. "Ohh sweetie," he said, cupping her cheek. "I'm sorry, I didn't think you were listening. That wasn't meant for you to hear. You're not a bad baby. You're a Good B. A very Good Baby." He leaned forward and kissed her forhead, and she giggled. Being called a Good Baby and being kissed on the forehead were both pleasures, getting them both at once made her ecstatic. She started humming happily and bouncing back and forth from her heel to her toe.She went back to looking around the room as the grown up talks. She held Daddy's hand tightly and cuddled Jeremy in her other arm, making sure they were both always there.She felt something come in her diaper and heard a loud noise. Paying it no mind, she continued watching people, humming, and rocking on her heels. Whatever it was, Daddy would take care of it. She didn't need to pay it any mind.She noticed the grown ups Daddy had been talking to were staring at her. They didn't seem to be talking anymore, and one was had his mouth hanging wide. She wondered why. Was he trying to catch flies? She felt something behind her and looked to see Daddy opening her onesie. He patted her diaper, and she felt a rotting smell come up."Whew stinky butt! That's quite a mess!" Daddy said teasingly and ruffled her hair. She giggled.Daddy normally called her stinky butt instead of Good or Bad Baby after she did the same thing. However, she couldn't be sure until Daddy said so.SHe pointed at her pacifier, indicating she wanted to speak. Daddy nodded, and she let it drop. It bounced on the cord attaching it to her onesie- Daddy had been smart to encourage her to include that part."What is it, my Good little Baby?" Daddy asked."Daddy, I think I have a poopy diaper."He laughed out loud, and she noticed the others did too. What did THAT mean?"And why is that sweetie?" he asked, smiling."Well, first I noticed something in my diaper but I couldn't tell what, and there was a noise. Then they were staring at me, and people do that a lot when I'm messy. Then I noticed a funny smell and Daddy called me a stinky butt, so I think the smell was coming from me.""Oh? And what else might have made a loud sound and a stinky smell?""Ummmm" she thought. She remembered Jeremy, who was also diapered. She held him up, back bent toward Daddy, so he could check Jeremy too. "Maybe he did?" Daddy tapped the bear's diaper, checking it. "No, its not him silly. You were right the first time. Very good sweetie! You did make a messy. Such a smart baby! Good Baby!" he said, and she filled with glee at her accomplishment. "Now, Daddy needs to talk with these judges, but you've done very well, ok poopy butt? You're a Good Baby. I'll change your pampers later." She nodded, and he put the pacifier back in her mouth.She went back to humming as Daddy talked with them. She didn't know why, but she thought she had done well. They seemed very happy about something. She looked around and wondered where she might get changed. There were rooms in a corner with changing tables, but sometimes Daddy just did her on the ground or on a bench. She didn't mind. She used to complain, and sometimes it was fun to have an audience. Daddy had told her 'babies don't have modesty,' but she wasn't sure what that meant anymore anyway.She began to get bored, and tired of standing. Maybe she should have asked for a stroller. She sat down on the ground. She felt something squish underneath her, and remembered she had messed herself. It was fine though- Daddy had said Good Babies didn't try to hide their messes or hide from them, the just kept going, sat in it, and played, and that was what she was going to do. She held Jeremey out in front of her. First she checked his diaper. Since she was messy, she figured he might be too. Daddy had, but that was a while ago. She thought she might ask him to check again later, since only grown ups could really tell. Satisfied she was sure he was clean to the best of her ability, she began to make him dance in front of her to the sound of her humming.She felt a hand on her head and looked up. Daddy was looking down at her smiling, and she smiled back. She hugged his leg and went back to playing.A while later she felt herself being picked up into the air. She looked up and saw Daddy carrying her, and she cuddled into his chest. He reached a a bench and stood her on the ground, then sat down.Without thinking, she bounced up and landed on his lap with a loud squish. The smell she had noticed earlier suddenly got worse.Daddy laughed. "Silly baby. You're going to make a big mess for Daddy to clean if you keep bouncing like that.""Is this another lesson?" she thought. She began squirming and bouncing as best she could to make a bigger mess for Daddy, since he said he liked it when she made big presents for him. He seemed understand what she was doing, laughed, and began bouncing her on his knee. Each squish would once have made her stomach turn, but now she was happy she was doing something for Daddy. She felt her bottom begin to itch, but paid it no mind. If it was a problem, Daddy would tell her.She pointed at her pacifier, and he took it out for her. "Daddy, who were those men?" she asked."Oh, don't worry. Its all grown up stuff. They wanted to see how much of a Good Baby you were, and you were even better then they expected."Here eyes went wide. "Really?" she asked gleefully. "Uh huh. That's right poopy butt. You are a VERY Good Baby."She laughed out loud. "Whats that mean Daddy? Do we get something?""Yes sweetie. We get an award for training babies, and you get to live with me as long as you want.""As long as I want, Daddy?""Yes. Do you want to be a Good Baby? How long do you want to be Daddy's little diaper girl for?"She thought. She remembered her past life, and all the things she had gone through. She remembered all the work she had done before, all the stress and and trials. She remembered the punishments, the toys, the changes and the spankings. She didn't even need to question it. "Forever, Daddy."He kissed her. "Good Baby."She laughed, and couldn't imagine anywhere she'd rather be.
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