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  1. zack321123

    newbie looking for RP partner(s)

    I'm new to the whole RP scene, I've done a little but not a lot and was wondering if anyone would want to do a, i guess you could call it a "scene" I was thinking a school run by diaper-critters,where there are magic classes that every time you cast a spell (they will be classes on hyper-mess and regression classes along with core classes too) you loose a bit of potty training. you are also forced to wear diapers and cant change them yourself. I'm still new to RP'ing so i'm looking for a dom/leader of the RP. Message/reply if your interested! This is just an idea, so i'm open to suggestion/edits of the idea and if you need more info just ask, again i'm not tied to the idea.
  2. zack321123

    New to other people

    I'm new to the whole, community/talking with other people that like what I like, scene and have only done very small amounts of RP, before that I was kind of a sidelines kinda guy. I like to wear diapers and i'm open to furry ideas. I'm also a sub in RP. IF you want to RP or talk, please message me or something.