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  1. TimsRitins

    Is there a way to make huggies pullups L bigger?

    Does convert ups apply to pull ups? Cause i thought that they are only for tape diapers.
  2. Guys i dont know where i should put my diapers and i dont know when i need to go buy them. My mum works till 4
  3. TimsRitins

    How to make bladder weak at night?

    I guess i will just drink before sleep and try to pee while sleeping.
  4. TimsRitins

    Which baby diapers?

    I guess i will just buy the huggies pullups 6 and hope that i will fit in them. BTW im buying baby diapers because people will steer at me because buying like drynites or adult diapers.
  5. TimsRitins

    Which baby diapers?

    Pampers cruisers and bambo diapers are not available where i live. I dont know some say that huggies are smaller then pampers, will i fit into huggies pants 6 or huggies pullups 6, which one is bigger from them?
  6. Hey AB/DL'S my question is how to start wetting at night, because this morning i woke up and i noticed i had peed a bit in my underwear without even
  7. TimsRitins

    Which baby diapers?

    Like goodnites, drynites? I would actually prefer huggies pullups
  8. TimsRitins

    Which baby diapers?

    1 hour ago, Spiderman said: I am going to have to with alvin on this one because squeezing into a baby diaper is just not comfortable at all and it looks like your wearing a diaper thong.
  9. TimsRitins

    Which baby diapers?

    1 hour ago, Alvin Spacemunk said: If you really want to get baby diapers then I
  10. TimsRitins

    Which baby diapers?

    Hey guys i need help with my first baby diapers, i weight 100 pounds and im 5" 6. My options are Pampers pants 6, pampers baby dry 6, huggies pull-ups. Also planning only to pee in them and will i fit in them?