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  1. I had a friend who broke his body falling down that treacherous mountain, though it didn't end his military career the way it did Raye's. He described it to me in great detail, which is why I used it here. The Raye situation should be quite fun to write about. That's all I can say. It'll be a surprise. Jaye is indeed making headway in terms of acceptance. She is realizing that their love for each other has basically been "mother/baby" for a long while anyway, but considering they'd been having a vanilla relationship, it caused utter turmoil due to expectations for those kinds of relationships. Raye is getting herself into a lot more than she could have bargained for, even if she does seem cool with the gist of the rules.
  2. If you want a better understanding of this story, please go here and read the setting information. I hope you enjoy it. I also have a Tumblr account set up for my stories about Preston, KS. You can check it out here. The Unlikely Couple (Part 1) Brynn and Jaye had been on the road for days, taking breaks only for gas, food and lodging. A tense quiet between them hung in the air as the only sound was from the static arising from radio station’s failing signal. Jaye reached over and turned it off. Finally, Jaye broke the silence. “Jesus, Brynn, are you ever going to fucking talk to me?” There was no reply. Brynn just kept her eyes intently on the road while she drove, completely ignoring Jaye. “Okay, look, I get it. I fucked up and I’m the reason we’re having to move across the country. It’s my fault. I’m sorry.” The defiance in her voice made the otherwise acceptable apology seem less like an apology and more like hostility. Jaye’s problem was her temper as well as her lack of maturity. Despite being twenty-two years of age, she was notorious for being impulsive and short-sighted; the signs of immaturity. Her immaturity wasn’t confined to her brain either. That is to say she was incredibly diminutive, decidedly lacking in the breast department and possessed a cherub-like face that made her look child-like. None of this made her happy in the least and she would invariably lash out if anyone mentioned it. For her part, Brynn was the polar opposite. Two years Jaye’s junior, she was nevertheless more mature, both physically and emotionally. She was capable of holding a job, saving money and showing responsibility in all things. She was also tall and leggy with a curvaceous figure and large breasts, adding to the vast physical differences between the two women. Jaye huffed up at Brynn’s continued silence, looking poutily out her window. She saw a sign that said, “Preston, Kansas: 6 miles”. Those six miles felt more like sixty miles thanks to the tension. When they reached the town, Brynn pulled their large truck into the parking lot of a convenience store before getting out and starting to pump gas. Jaye opened up the door and stepped out, though “stepping out” is perhaps an over-simplification for someone as short as her. She had to spin around so that her legs were dangling over the side of the seat. From there, she had to inch closer to the edge and finally hop down. It was quite a drop, but she usually landed on her feet. Still, she found the whole process oddly humiliating. “I have to piss,” Jaye declared not-so-quietly as she walked toward the store. Brynn watched her as she did so, even smiling slightly. She did love her, in spite of her glaring faults. She was just furious that they had to uproot because of her actions. That was a very good job with great pay, an amazing insurance plan and plenty of upward mobility. Jaye had stuck it out much longer than Brynn expected, which is why she decided to invest in a home of their own. Sure, it was expensive, but with the money they both made, it wouldn’t have been a problem. The ink on the contract had barely dried when her boss assigned a different worker to do a job because Jaye wasn’t big or strong enough to pull it off. He wasn’t being mean, nor was he discriminating against her. He simply wanted his workers to be safe and knew that she would be risking her safety had she done it. It was a construction job, after all, and sometimes strength was critical. True to form, Jaye blew a gasket, calling him names and shoving him. She felt he was telling her that she couldn’t do a “man’s job” because she was short. He had no choice but to fire her on the spot. Knowing that they couldn’t live in the new house on her wage alone, Brynn arranged for them to move in with her Aunt June in California until they could get on their feet. She didn’t want to do it, but felt there was no alternative. Brynn was deep in thought when she heard a voice from behind her. Judging by his accent, she could tell he was from the south. The southern accent was actually fairly hard to notice, but she always had an ear for such things. It was obvious that he was cultured. “You look preoccupied,” he said breezily. She turned to see a good-looking man in his forties putting gas into a blue car. His chestnut-colored hair had an almost feathered look and his eyes were dark and piercing. He wore a brown duster and fairly casual clothes beneath it. “Yeah,” she replied, “I guess I was a little lost in my own thoughts.” The man nodded. “There are worse places to be lost, I suppose.” He paused briefly. “So, you’re from South Carolina, huh?” She looked at him, puzzled as to how he knew that. He recognized the look and pointed to her license plate. “Oh,” she said, feeling silly, “right.” “That’s where I’m from too. What brings you all the way out here to Preston? Just passing through?” Brynn wasn’t really sure how to respond to such questions from a complete stranger. “That’s… kind of a long story. But, yes, we’re just passing through on our way to California.” The man whistled. “That’s a long way to travel, especially with a little one.” “Little one?” she asked, confused. “You know, your daughter. The one that just went into the store.” Brynn suddenly realized what he meant and once again found herself almost speechless, “She’s… not my daughter. She’s my life partner.” “My apologies,” he offered, “I didn’t see her up close and from afar she looked like a child. I hope I didn’t offend you.” Still flustered, she sputtered out, “No. No, I’m not offended.” She looked toward the building to see if Jaye was coming out yet. Halfway under her breath, she mumbled, “Sometimes, I feel like she’s my child.” “What was that?” “Oh, nothing. She’s just not always… the most responsible, you know, and I sometimes feel more like a mother cleaning up a child’s messes than a life partner.” The man projected a lopsided smile. “Do you mind if I ask you a question?” “You just did,” she said with a smile of her own. “Touche.” “Really, I don’t mind.” The man narrowed his eyes and became far more serious. “Do you believe in fate?” Brynn’s eyes narrowed as well, as she wondered where he was going with this. “Fate? In what context?” He liked where this was going. “Like how sometimes a person ends up in exactly the place they were meant to be.” She didn’t respond at first. This man, while disarmingly charming, was moving into “creepy” territory. Being the empathetic type, he could tell he was losing her and quickly sought to rectify that with a slightly different approach. “What would you say if I told you that you could have a nice house, a job that could provide for both of you and assurance that your… life partner’s irresponsibility could do you no further harm?” He could tell she was intrigued, but leary. Jumping right into the pitch was a gamble, but one he was willing to take. “I would simply ask what the catch is.” His smile returned. “I wouldn’t call it a catch at all, to be honest. I’d call it an opportunity to have the life you always dreamed of having. You seem like a very mature young woman who wants some stability in life and I’m telling you that that’s within your reach.” “No offense, mister, but you don’t know anything about me.” His self-assurance came to the forefront. “Don’t I? Sweetheart, I’ve been presiding over this town for five years now and I’ve seen hundreds of women just like you come through here. Women who have known only turbulence and chaos; women who are sick of it all and hope beyond hope that someday--someday--their lives would be stable and free of drama. So let me take a wild guess here. You and your girl had a solid place to stay and a decent cashflow, but she did something that caused it all to crumble before your very eyes. With no other recourse, the two of you packed whatever you could fit under the truck’s tarp and headed out to stay with a loved one until one of you--probably you--could find a job.” The pause was intense, as Brynn felt a swirl of emotions. How could he have possibly known all that? And how dare he make such presumptions! She felt so many things: anger at him for piecing that all together, anger at Jaye for her part in their plight, anger at herself for allowing it all to happen. And then there was the curiosity. Who was this man? What exactly was he proposing? And most importantly, why did she find herself wanting to know more? Seeing the conflict, the man piped up. “So… how did I do?” The smile was back. That damn smile. “I… I… I mean, you may have gotten certain parts right,” she said, putting an emphasis on “certain”. “Fair enough. How about this: you and your little lady can come to my house for a few hours, rest up a tad and my wife will cook us up a nice supper. Hell, you can even grab a shower. We can discuss the opportunity I mentioned and if you aren’t interested, well then, you can be on your way to California as per your original plan.” A break from driving? A homecooked meal? A shower? Even if his proposal was some kind of con-job, at least she would get something out of it. “Sure. That sounds good.” The man looked pleased. “Alright then, once your girl returns, you can just follow me. My place isn’t too far from here.” He started to get back into his car, but realized he hadn’t even introduced himself. Half in and half out of the vehicle, he said, “By the way, the name’s Lucas… Lucas Budd. that’s ‘Budd’ with a ‘B’.” What had she gotten herself into? The Unlikely Couple (Part 2) The truck followed Lucas’ blue car off the highway and through a winding road that passed an old but obviously refurbished stadium used for various local sporting events. After crossing a new-looking little bridge that stretched across a meandering creek, a large house--a mansion--came into view on the left side of the road. The car turned into the long driveway on that property. “Okay,” questioned Jaye, “now WHY are we following this jackass? He could kill and eat us for all we know.” Her protest went unanswered. “Now isn’t the time for the cold shoulder, Brynn. This could seriously be a dangerous situation.” With a sigh, Brynn replied, “About a dozen people saw him talking to me at the store. Why would he risk that if he planned to kill us or whatever? Use your head, Jaye.” “Me?,” Jaye asked incredulously, “I’m the one who needs to use my head? I’m not the one blindly agreeing to go to some stranger’s house! I’d say I’m using my head just fine. It’s you who need to heed your own advice.” “For once in your life, would you please stop bitching? You’re like a damn child.” Brynn knew that was one of Jaye’s sore spots. She was only four feet, seven inches tall and she hated it. Moreover, she loathed being reminded of it in any capacity. Jaye’s anger was palpable and a sideways glance at her confirmed it. Her lips were pursed tightly shut, her left eye was twitching and her body language was unmistakable. She was furious. No words came out of her mouth. Suddenly, Brynn felt bad for what she said. She was supposed to be the mature one, after all. “I’m sorry, Jaye. I shouldn’t have said that.” Her voice was softer and gentler now; softer than it had been since they left South Carolina. “This whole situation just has me so stressed me out and I’m scared that I won’t be able to find a good job when we get to Cali… but I shouldn’t snap at you like that. I’m sorry.” To her surprise, Jaye nodded. “It’s okay. I’m sorry too… for being such an ass. I shouldn’t have gone off on my boss and gotten myself fired.” Jaye wasn’t normally very good at apologizing or at showing any emotion outside of anger, for that matter. She prided herself on being hard and tough, and talking about her feelings went against that mindset. She was raised by her father after her mother passed away when Jaye was only three. He did his best with Jaye and her sister Raye, but he had no idea how to raise girls. As such, he taught them the only things he knew--auto mechanics, carpentry and boxing; guy stuff. Dealing with Jaye wasn’t usually too dissimilar to dealing with a rather childish man. In a way, that suited Brynn, as she was bi-sexual, whereas Jaye was a full-on lesbian. Turning into the driveway revealed the true grandeur of the grounds upon which the mansion sat. It was perfectly manicured with tasteful placement of hedges and statues. The mansion itself was Colonial in architectural style, complete with large columns spanning almost the entirety of the front facing. It was beautiful. By the time they pulled up, Lucas had already gotten out of his car and was leaning against it patiently. He moved to the truck and opened Brynn’s door for her. A true Southern gentleman, she thought. Jaye rolled her eyes at what she perceived was corniness at best, chauvinism at worst. When he started toward the passenger door, Jaye said, “Don’t bother. I got it.” For his part, he looked rather amused by her knee-jerk rejection of gender roles. Just then, a beautiful blonde-haired woman stepped out of the door. She was almost inhumanly elegant and ladylike, clad in a red dress that hugged her substantial curves from the bosom all the way down her impossibly thin waist and further still to about halfway down her shapely calves. How she could walk in such a long, tight dress was beyond even Brynn. The six-inch peep-toed high heels with ankle straps wouldn’t exactly make walking any easier either, that’s for certain. Brynn was mesmerized by her beauty. But she wasn’t alone. Trailing right behind her was what looked like a little girl with dark brown hair that reached well past her shoulders. She wore a pink dress with puffed sleeves, white tights and the bulk beneath the dress made it clear that a diaper was part of her ensemble as well. She was adorable, but Brynn couldn’t help to feel as if there was more to her than meets the eye. Lucas wasted no time with introductions. “This is lovely little creature is my beautiful wife, Shyla.” The child put her hands on her hips in mock frustration for him not introducing her in the same breath. “Daddyyyyyy,” she said, her little brow furrowed. “And this is our adorable daughter, Miracle,” he said with a wry smile. This made the little girl happy. “I’m pleased to make your acquaintance,” she chirped with a curtsey. Even the normally stoic Jaye couldn’t fight off a smile and chuckle at the overt cuteness. Brynn spoke up and said, “I’m Brynn and this is my life partner, Jaye.” Shyla came over and shook their hands and told them how nice it was to meet them before inviting them inside, adding that supper would be done soon. The house’s interior was at least as impressive as its exterior. The decor was undeniably old-fashioned and, for the most part, wouldn’t have been out of place in the late Eighteenth Century. They were led to a sitting room, where they took a seat on what looked like an antique sofa. Lucas lowered himself onto a matching chair directly across from them. Shyla and Miracle disappeared into the kitchen. “So…,” he began, “how long have the two of you been together?” “Almost three years now,” said Brynn with no small amount of pride. That pride made Lucas grin. Three years seems like a long time when you’re young when, in reality, it’s not terribly long at all. To be youthful and naive again. “Good for you,” he earnestly stated with a nod. “How about you and Shyla?” “Twenty-four years and counting,” he said, causing both Brynn and Jaye to have surprised looks on their faces. Neither of them looked old enough to have been together that long, especially Shyla, who looked no older than thirty. “What, was she like four years old when you hooked up,” asked Jaye. Brynn was mortified by her crude remark and she instinctively smacked Jaye’s hand like a misbehaving child. “JAYE!” “What??” Jaye looked at her like she couldn’t believe she just whacked her hand. “It was a legitimate question.” Lucas beamed, though the two women had no idea as to the real reason of that. “No, no, it’s okay. I didn’t take any offense. The truth is that she and I are… rather special.” “Special how?” Brynn didn’t try to stop her from asking, nor did she get on to her for it. She was just as intrigued herself. “I’m afraid that’s a conversation for another day. Suffice it to say, we don’t exactly age like most people. Same for our kids.” Jaye’s fascination turned to disbelief. “Bullshit,” she declared. “There’s no way that you found some kind of fountain of youth.” “Jaye! That’s ENOUGH!” The authoritative tone was unexpected, to say the least. Even Lucas was taken off guard. Maybe what he had planned for them wouldn’t be so difficult after all. Lucas simply looked amused by what was transpiring before his eyes. Jaye retorted, “Come on! Surely you don’t buy into this horse shit, Brynn! Does he really expect us to believe that they don’t age?” Finally, Lucas interjected, “Now I never said anything about never aging. We age… just more slowly than others. It’s a peculiar little genetic quirk with my bloodline. Each of us age differently and we tend to have peculiarities that are beyond the reach of most people. As for Shyla, her father was a scientist who performed really cruel experiments on her. He wanted to create the world’s first enhanced human, but all he did was stunt her aging and allow her to have certain… visions.” Jaye still wasn’t convinced and verbally made that clear. Brynn, on the other hand, started to think that maybe Lucas was on the level. It was the way he said it; the total conviction in his voice. If he was lying, then he was the best actor in the world. “Surely you’re not buying into this hokum,” Jaye blurted out, looking at Brynn. “There are things in this world that defy logic, Jaye. I’m willing to keep an open mind on the matter. I mean, I’ve seen a ghost before, despite science telling everyone that they don’t exist. Maybe this is one of those things.” Jaye turned her head briskly toward Lucas. “Okay, Ponce de León, why don’t you prove that you have superpowers.” “Superpowers,” asked Lucas with an eyebrow raised. “Isn’t that a little overdramatic?” “Fine then. Why don’t you prove that you have these ‘peculiarities’?” The way she emphasized the word ‘peculiarities’ dripped with sarcasm. Lucas took a deep breath and considered whether or not he should make a demonstration just to appease this immature brat of a girl. He saw Brynn was also waiting to hear his response and in order for his machinations to come to fruition, he had to make a believer out of her. He hated being put on the spot like this. His eyes met Jaye’s and he peered deep into the recesses of her mind. It was something that took a decent amount of concentration and energy. While he could read surface thoughts without even trying, delving into long-ago memories was a different matter entirely. After about a minute, he emitted a cocky grin and said, “Do you remember when you were fourteen and your father had to make a trip to Boston but couldn’t take you with him? He had your Uncle Seth stay at the house and watch over you. And Seth? He was a real stickler, wasn’t he? He and his wife thought you should have been raised more like a girl, so she brought some dresses and other girly clothes with him on his visit with the intention of making you wear them. But you threw a fit, kicked him in the cajones and then went into hiding until your dad got back home.” By the time he had finished talking, Jaye was staring at him, mouth agape. Brynn, too, was astounded, even though she had never heard that story before. “H-How…,” stuttered Jaye, “did you know that?” That lopsided smile was back and with a wink, he responded with only a single word. “Superpowers.”
  3. I'm sure you are. That's vague.
  4. Thanks. It's going to be a fun ride. I promise you that.
  5. The Unlikely Couple (Part 16) Jaylene didn’t think the mess in her diaper could feel any more disgusting than it already did, but she was wrong. Very, very wrong. When Brynn picked her up and placed her on her hip, in what was now becoming her customary “getting packed around” position, the poop squished around further. And every step Brynn took bounced Jaylene’s crotch off and back on her hip, which made an already gross feeling even more so. Brynn must have noticed the “eewww” face Jaylene was making because she chuckled a little and gave her a quick peck on the head. “It’s gonna be okay, baby. I promise. You’ll get used to it quickly... and eventually, it won’t even bother you at all.” “I don’t think… I mean, ME don’t think me will evewr get used to dis. It so gwoss.” She almost forgot that the word “I” was now forbidden for her to say, but she caught herself and made the correction. That seemed to be good enough for Brynn, who figured that Jaylene will be making mistakes from time to time anyway. All of this is new to both of them; they’re bound to have follies and she resolved to give her baby some leeway. As long as the mistakes aren’t done in the name of defiance, she would be okay. Brynn just smiled down at her. “I love you.” And she meant it too. She had said it before, but it was empty. The spark in their old relationship had long been stamped out (or at least mostly stamped out) due largely to Jaylene’s immaturity and inability to be responsible. Ironically, it’s those same qualities that have reignited Brynn’s love for her. It was a different love, naturally, but she had never felt it more strongly than she did at that very moment… with Jaylene looking cute as a button, wearing a fully loaded diaper and baby-talking. It occurred to her how odd it was that the mere context of their relationship could turn Jaylene’s qualities that drove them apart into something that would bring them together again. The baby looked up at her mommy with a touch of confusion. That was such a weird response to her comment about never getting used to the messy diapers. She couldn’t fathom why it would prompt an “I love you”. Still she smiled slightly and said, “Me wuvs you too, Mommy.” And SHE meant it as well. They just about made it down the stairs when Brynn heard her cell phone’s ringtone. She sat the baby on the floor and, in a mothering tone, said “Stay put. Mommy has to answer her phone.” Jaylene saw a look of surprise on Brynn’s face as she answered with a timid “Hello?” She wanted so badly to know who was on the other end of the call, but she was quickly learning not to intrude on “grown up” business. The voice on the other line was one she hadn’t heard in quite some time. It was Raye, Jaye’s younger sister. Raye was three years younger than Jaylene, but was always more mature than her. In fact, when their father would be away from the house for a short period of time, he always left Raye in charge, a fact that stuck in Jaylene’s craw. To her credit, Raye wasn’t a tyrant with her when she was watching over her, though she did take her authority seriously. That meant that Jaylene couldn’t just get away with anything. And given that Raye took after their father genetically and was quite tall and brawny, there was little Jaylene could do about it. Though they usually got along, Jaylene did harbor some resentment Raye… not just because she was jealous of her size and authority, but also because she went on to do something with her life. That is, she joined the Marines as soon as she was out of high school. “Brynn?” Raye asked upon hearing her voice. ”Yes, it’s me. How have you been, Raye? We haven’t heard from you in six months.” Little Jaylene now knew who it was and was wondering what was going on. “I’ve been better. I pretty much destroyed my hip and my back is in shambles too,” she confessed somewhat sheepishly, as if she didn’t want Brynn to think of her as some kind of wimp. “Oh my God! Are you alright? I mean, can you move? Or walk?” “Yeah, I’ll make it… but my military career is shot to shit.” Brynn could tell she was fighting off tears. She remembered that all Raye ever wanted in life was to serve her country and she was so thrilled when the government passed the bill allowing women to be utilized in combat roles. “Hey, it’s all good, okay? Just thank God that you can still walk. It could have been much worse. Besides, you’re tough. You’ll get through this.” “Thanks.” It was obvious she didn’t believe her, but Brynn understood why she wouldn’t. Her entire plan for the future just went down in flames. It was natural for someone to take time to see that there can still be a happy life in store from them. “So… what happened?” Brynn asked. “We were climbing Mount Motherfucker and…” Brynn just HAD to interrupt. “Mount… what?” That elicited a slight chuckle from Raye. “Mount Motherfucker. It’s a big-ass hill down here in California that we had to go up. Anyway, we got almost to Recon Ridge and this chauvinist asshole named Joey Binetti tripped me. We all had heavy-ass packs on, so I went tumbling backward and couldn’t stop myself. I fell a long damn way before a huge rock stopped me. I couldn’t feel or move my legs for almost a week and it took another week before I could even stand with assistance. They did surgery, but it still hurts to be on my feet for long. Hell, even sitting for too long is agonizing.” “I’m so sorry, Raye.” Raye, never being one to let things get to her too much, said, “Hey, you win some and you lose some, right?” “Where are you at now?” “I’m at the airport, getting ready to buy a ticket back to South Carolina. I’d be appreciative if I could hole up with you for a week or two before I get a place of my own.” Brynn panicked a bit. “Actually, we’re… not in South Carolina.” “You two finally take that road trip you were always talking about?” There was a pause. “Well… it’s kind of a long story. For reasons I don’t want to go into now, we were going to have to move in with my aunt in Cali, but we ended up in a place called Preston, Kansas.” “Like permanently?” Raye asked. “Yeah, permanently. It’s a… an unusual city. It has rules and laws that you’d absolutely hate.” “What, is it like some kind of city full of manly men who enslave women and make them all girly?” She was clearly just joking, but the silence from Brynn made her raise an eyebrow. “Something like that?” Brynn finally said, making it sound almost like a question. “Whoahhhhh, you’re serious?” “Umm… more or less. Look, it’s pretty complicated and I don’t know every law the city has… but you’re not far off the mark at all. Like I said, you’d hate it here.” “Hey, at this point, I’m willing to try just about anything.” Brynn couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. The Raye she knew would never in a million years consent to being “enslaved” by “manly men”. In fact, she knew Raye was a lesbian, just like Jaylene. And she was anything but a girly-girl. This remark left her insanely confused. “Ummm… are you… serious?” “Yeah. I’m dead serious.” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I thought you were, y’know, a lesbian and a big feminist.” “When you take a tumble down Mount Motherfucker, you start to reevaluate everything. Who you are, what you want in life, what you believe in... everything. At the risk of sounding cliche, my life passed before my eyes. That kind of shit is life changing. Right now, I just want to belong somewhere and figure out what to do with the rest of my life now that I’ll never be a soldier again.” Brynn really wasn’t sure how to respond. That was heavy. “I understand. I’m sure we can make arrangements for you here if you want to hop on a different plane.” “Okay, sure. I can do that. Now that you two aren’t in South Carolina, there’s nothing left there for me, except Uncle Seth and he’s a tool. Hey, is Jaye around? I’d like to talk to her.” The panic returned. How could she explain everything in just a few minutes’ time? Somehow “Sure, but she’s living as my baby now” just didn’t seem to cut it. On the other hand, she didn’t want to lie to her and give some lame excuse about her being asleep or some such. Suddenly, Fate intervened. Raye said, “Shit, my phone battery’s about to croak on me. I’ll have to call back later, okay? Talk to you soon.” Brynn let out a deep breath of relief. Thank goodness for finite battery life. “Is her otay?” asked Jaylene, not forgetting to baby-talk. She picked her back up. “Yes, sweetheart, she’s going to be fine. She took a nasty fall that ruined her back and hip, so she’s out of the Marines and will be on her way here soon. Won’t that be nice to get to see your big sister again?” That was a bit of a sore spot for Jaylene, as her father always referred to Raye as her big sister even though she was, in actuality, her little sister. He meant nothing by it, of course. He just thought it was cute since Raye was always so much larger than Jaylene. But it’s something that rubbed Jaylene the wrong way. Now, though, it was only slightly annoying to her. Given her current state as a baby, it rather made sense. But she still didn’t like it. The two joined the rest of the Budd family in the sitting room, as Brynn explained to Lucas about Raye and her plight. She was sure he would be receptive to Raye relocating to Preston… and she was right. What she didn’t expect, however, was that Lucas had already begun making mental preparations for her arrival and stay. Oh, yes. He had plans for her. Big, erotic and twisted plans.
  6. Please, please, pleeeeeeeaaaaase bring the story back.
  7. Thank you. Yeah, Preston isn't for everyone. But it gives me the framework for all the tales I want to tell, both in this story and all the ones to come later. Many thanks. It makes me happy that you're enjoying the twisted town that my life partner and I concocted. A new chapter will be posted on Friday.
  8. Many thanks, CDfm. Aside from omitting 3-4 incidents/confrontations/escape attempts for the sake of trimming the fat and creating a leaner, less meandering story, I've kept to the original blueprint of the story. I wanted so bad to tell you earlier on that things would eventually come around to something you'd like... but I didn't want to give spoilers.
  9. Agreed. This was the first story in a while that really "grabbed" me and I checked the forums several times a day just to see if an update had been given. I feel like I was partly responsible for this being taken down, since I mentioned that I avoid using minors in my own story. But as long as minors aren't used in a sexual context, I have no problem with them in stories. In the case of this story, Abby and Gail were never used in a sexual light. I posted that I found the fact that Michelle had to call her younger cousin "Aunt Abby" hot, but in my head, I pictured Abby and Gail as being adults and it wasn't THOSE CHARACTERS that I found hot anyway. It was the fact that cousins are generally equals, whereas an aunt is usually considered to hold some authority over a niece. It was the thought of yanking that equality away from Michelle that I found erotic, not the fact that the twins were 15. As I said, for some reason, I kept thinking they were 18 or 19 anyway. Whatever the case is, I would really and truly love it if this story could be reposted and continued, as it is a great piece of fiction with a fun premise. Beautifully said, though no apology to me is necessary. It was just a misunderstanding that was resolved.
  10. Damn! You guessed it. Nah, but you aren't quite as far off as it may seem. Thank you. I know the fecal scenes aren't for everyone, so thanks for hanging in there. Oddly enough, it's not the poop itself that gets my motor going; it's the idea of the humiliation and discomfort of being trapped in one's own filth. I'm odd.
  11. Just raise the ages of the twins to be 18 and Michelle to also be 18. Also, I was never offended.
  12. There's more to the low crime rate, though the real reason is probably more awful than your prediction. As for it all coming crashing down, don't hold your breath. I plan to have Preston around for quite some time and, while I won't say that Lucas will never get his, it'll be the end of the setting when/if it does come to pass. Lucas is very much the villain of the setting. I never intended for anyone to be able to find him to be a good person. He's definitely not. He's a terrible human being, but I think he's a fun villain nonetheless.
  13. The Unlikely Couple (Part 15) “No, no, no, no… this can’t be happening,” thought Jaylene, as the second rumbling noise became audible. Brynn stroked Jaylene’s hair comfortingly. “I think my baby girl’s tummy is full now. Do you need to go poopie?” Jaylene hoped Brynn wouldn’t hear the noises, but there was no doubting that she had. Brynn repositioned her on her lap so that she was facing upward. Jaylene closed her eyes. She couldn’t make herself look her mommy in the eyes. And she was equally averse to the notion of answering her question. Maybe Brynn would let the question slide. No such luck. “Look at Mommy,” she ordered softly. Despite it being soft, it was still very much an order rather than a request. Red-faced with shame, Jaylene un-scrunched her eyes and gazed upon Brynn’s beautiful face. It was angelic, especially in the shallow light given off by the feeble lamp on the nearby table. She saw Brynn differently now; saw her as larger, more imposing and more confident. In a way, she was seeing her with entirely new eyes. Once Brynn was satisfied that she was looking at her, she asked the question again. “Does Baby Jaylene have to make poopies in her baby diaper?” It sounded even more babyish this time and it made her want to hide her face again. She didn’t want to admit that she did indeed feel the urge to have a bowel movement. Now that would have been a reasonable term for Brynn to use. Bowel movement. Clinical, precise and not embarrassing. Why wouldn’t she use that instead? Maybe she could get away with using it herself. “Yeth… me hath to have a… bowel movement.” “It’s precious that you’re trying to use ‘big girl words’, but babies don’t need to do that. Mommy likes to to act and speak your age, okay.” Not knowing what else to do, she just slowly nodded. “Okay, now try again.” She was never going to get out of it, so she decided to just face the music and get it over with. She paused first though, trying to force herself to say what needed to be said. “Me hasth to make poopieth… in my… baby diapewr.” “That’s my good baby girl.” She pulled Jaylene in closer and hugged her again. “I’m so proud of you.” Despite enjoying the adoration, she had every intention of holding it for as long as possible. And if she WAS going to have to mess, she would rather be alone when it happened. “I know you’re scared. I can see it in your eyes. But there’s no reason to be scared, little one. Babies mess in their diapers. It’s the most natural thing in the world. Nobody’s going to think any less of you for it. I promise. Just relax and let it happen. Mommy’s right here for you.” Feeling desperate and realizing that Brynn wasn’t going to let her wait, Jaylene spoke up. “But, Mommy, me would watherw do it when nobody wath awound.” “Oh, honey, I know. But it’s important to get used to just making poopies whenever you have to do it, no matter who’s around. Besides, it’s just us in here. Everyone else is in the other room. There’s nothing you ever need to hide from me.” Damn. There went that idea. Brynn began rubbing Jaylene’s belly in a circular pattern, causing more of the growling noises. “My baby’s tummy is so full,” she observed. She was right. How could breast milk be so filling? The pressure increased tenfold and the massaging wasn’t helping matters any. Jaylene must have been showing signs of holding it in, because Brynn said, “Come on now. No clenching up.” The baby tried to unclench her buttcheeks, but couldn’t find the courage. She had never messed in a diaper since she was a legitimate baby and forcing herself to undo years of potty-training was no walk in the park. The thought of letting it loose terrified her beyond words. The pressure intensified even more. She strategically released a bit of gas, resulting in a loud but measured fart. “Uh oh, Baby is ready to make her poopies, isn’t she?” All this talking was distracting Jaylene from her concentrated effort to prevent messing herself. A part of her wanted to just bite the bullet and do it, while another part of her wanted to preserve her dignity for as long as possible. Another bit of flatulence, this one smaller than the last. Even though it was smaller, it was more painful to let out without causing a fecal mudslide in her diaper. She let out a whimper of sorts. It struck Brynn as cute. “That’s it, just let it come out. Your diaper will keep it from getting everywhere. There’s no need to hold it.” By this time, Jaylene wasn’t listening. It took every bit of her attention to keep the accident from happening. The words weren’t even registering. It was like the whole world was moving in slow motion. Her mind was locked onto its purpose. She was keeping her proverbial eyes on the prize. She gritted her teeth with agonizing effort. She was backed into a corner and she knew it. She wouldn’t be able to relieve the pressure by letting fly another fart. The next fart would be accompanied by poop. That much she was sure of. Clenching her buttcheeks was becoming more daunting by the second. Her eyes were squinted shut and every muscle in her body strained to hold back the tide of feces. Them, the inevitable happened. It started with a small squeaky fart and then a loud gurgling sound from her belly. The battle was lost and she knew it. Jaylene felt a mass parting her butt cheeks, pressing them away from one another. No amount of clenching could force it back in… and once it got that far out of the gate, so to speak, the rest of it rushed out like a crowd of overzealous shoppers being let into the store on Black Friday. Jaylene could feel the mush pushing its way into the waiting diaper, spreading itself out to the sides because there wasn’t enough room between her skin and the crinkly garment to accommodate it. The incoming poop pressed hard on the diaper itself, testing how far it could push before being forced to the sides; the tights and the fact that she was lying on her back across Brynn’s lap made sure the resistance was firm indeed. The rancid ooze quickly started covering her buttcheeks. She wanted it to stop and desperately tried regrouping her own efforts to clench the supply line shut. No go! It was useless. She had to resign herself to allowing the goopy refuse to do as it pleased. She was helpless as to what was going on in her baby diaper; a bystander. It just wouldn’t stop! More came out of her anus with no signs of quitting. She was reasonably sure that both buttcheeks were now completely smeared with poop. Worse, the first wave of sludge was being ejected from its positions by the new arrivals, pushing it outward further. The first realization of this was when she felt some of it creeping across her hips and then up the small of her back. She knew deep down what was next and it only took a few more seconds for her to be proven right. The poop was shoved frontward and made its way to her vaginal area. That was the worst of all; her most intimate bodily location being invaded by smelly, goopy crap! Speaking of the smell, the foul aroma hit the room hard, prompting a “pee-yoo” from Brynn, who had thus far been watching Jaylene’s ordeal with utter fascination. Yet more mess shot into the overburdened diaper, resulting in loud noises as it did so. Her hips were caked in poop, as was the entirety of her ass. She was afraid it would go so far up her back that it would escape the confines of the diaper. Now, most of the mush was sludging its way crotchward, the only place left for it to retreat to. She specifically felt it on her vagina and could tell it was still moving upward, like a stinky, brown glacier. The pressure in her belly was almost gone and the poop had slowed considerably, just as the goop reached where her pubic hair used to be. It crawled slowly before stopping altogether. It was over. There was a long silence. Jaylene sat petrified, unsure how to process what just happened. Almost her entire diaper area was smeared with a massive load of feces and it was, by far, the most disgusting thing she’d ever felt. The previous champion was the time Chester Fielding, an old friend from high school puked in her hair… but this blew that out of the water. Brynn just looked down pridefully at her baby with a genuine smile on her face. The silence was broken by a sniffle from Jaylene, followed by deep, heaving sobs. She was conflicted on the cause of the sobs. She felt a certain pride in putting such a loving smile on Brynn’s face, so there might be some tears of happiness in the mix. At the same time, she felt so gross and helpless lying there in a diaper containing what felt like tons of her own feces. She wasn’t sure which was the case, as crying was such an unfamiliar thing to her as it was. “You did so good, Jaylene. I love you.” For the first time since the poop debacle began, Jaylene looked Brynn in the eyes. Even through the cloudy sheen of tears, she could tell that Brynn truly meant her words. She was genuinely proud of her for messing in her diaper like a baby. What’s more: she really did love her. That somehow took some of the edge off the inner pain she was feeling. Even still, she wanted out of the diaper in the most sincere way… and she wanted out of it as soon as absolutely possible. Yet, Brynn just kept her there, cuddling with her. She didn’t want to stop the snuggling, but her need to be cleaned up trumped her need for affection. Remembering to baby-talk, she asked through her after-sobs, “Mommy, tan I pwease take a showewr now? I feel so icky.” Brynn almost said yes instantly, but remembered some advice Lucas had given her while they tag-teamed the nursery in her new house. His every word came to her in an instant. He said, “One thing you’re going to want to do is make sure that little Jaylene gets used to being in wet and messy diapers right out of the gate. It’ll make the transition much easier in the long term. Besides, she’s immune to diaper rash.” Jaylene looked up at her with hopeful eyes. “Well, sweetie, I’ll change you in the morning. Those diapers can hold a lot of yuck-yucks, okay? So let’s go in there and visit a while.” Jaylene’s eyes practically bugged out of their sockets. She was not expecting that at all. At most, she figured on having to stay like this another 30 minutes. But the rest of the evening and night? This was going to be unbearable. “But Mommy, it’th tho gwoss. I won’t be able to sweep in dis.” Brynn could understand her turmoil over it. She herself would’ve hated to be trapped in a smelly, sticky diaper for twelve hours too. But Lucas knew what he was talking about and she resolved to take his advice in the matter. “Oh, honey, I’ so sorry, but my baby girl needs to spend some time like this. You’ll get used to it.” You’ll get used to it. Jaylene was so sick of hearing those words. But what could she do? She was at her mommy’s mercy now and she very much wanted to keep her word about being a good girl. In the end, she chose not to throw a hissy.... But hoped nonetheless that some whining and sucking up might help change her mind. “Pwwweeeeeease, Mommy! Baby Jaywene will be a vewwy good baby giwrl fwom now on. I pwomise. Pweeeease change my poopy baby diapewr.” She upped the ante by throwing in “Baby Jaylene” and referring to her diaper as a “poopy baby diaper”. A brilliant touch, all told. In fact, it almost worked. Brynn thought about it for a few minutes, before deciding to stick to Lucas’ advice. Plus, she had to show her who was in control and if she let Jaylene sway her so early on, her baby would get the false idea that it would work every time. The decision was to hold her ground. “No, baby girl, you’re going to stay in your poopy baby diaper until morning. You’ll be fine. And if you’re a very good baby for Mommy, I’ll give you something special when you wake up. Sound good?” With tears welling back up out of dread, she simpered. “Otay, Mommy. Me will be good.” Brynn now wondered just how her little one will react to her surprise.
  14. I respect your opinion. You shouldn't get any hate for it. You certainly won't from me. The way I see it is that I'm writing this story and offering it for free to folks. If I make changes along the way, slightly altering the original plans, so be it. I hate that it isn't turning out the way you hoped, but I have to go with what I feel will make for a better story rather than adding bloat to it without any real reason. You completely nailed my own train of thought. Jaylene has internally thought of all her options and looked for solutions to get out of the situation she's in... and came up with nothing. In many ways, Brynn is indeed as much of a prisoner as Jaylene is, just as you indicated. As for Raye... let's just say that I didn't include that detail willy-nilly. But you may be surprised at how it plays out.
  15. I understand your disappointment. That said, I had plans for additional rebelliousness, but it seemed very superfluous to me when I started to write it. I'm not a fan of what I can "story bloat", so I made the decision to keep the story lean. As for it being too easy, I can also understand your stance on that. And had it not been for the abduction and near-rape, she would have put up one hell of a lot more struggle. But that situation (i.e., with the rednecks) shattered many illusions she had about herself, making way for less struggle. This is something I can absolutely relate to. All that said, you're certainly entitled to be disappointed. I knew going in that I couldn't please everyone. Future Preston-based stories will give you glimpses into other citizens' lives. There are so many stories to tell. Thanks for following me on Tumblr. Many aspects of Preston won't be for everyone, that's for sure. As for what it makes you that you like many of them, well, I'd say it makes you human. Many thanks, Diaperpt. Keep reading. There's more to come.
  16. I can understand how it could be considered creepy. I took no offense. I never planned it to be a bouncy, cute story (not that you insinuated that or anything though).
  17. Sorry this one wasn't as long as the others, but I plan on adding another chapter on Friday to make up for it. Two chapters in one week instead of just one chapter. The Unlikely Couple (Part 14) The wait wasn’t long. Brynn settled herself into a very roomy loveseat in the parlor, away from prying eyes. It being their first time, Brynn was too nervous to breastfeed Jaylene in front of others and she was certain that her little one would be equally mortified. The parlor had a calming atmosphere, making it the perfect location for what was to come. While Brynn situated herself, Jaylene stood somewhat awkwardly nearby, not sure how to feel about all this. One thing was certain: she didn’t want to suckle her former life partner’s breast. Granted, her lips had been there many time before, but this was altogether different. This lacked the intimacy and eroticism. Now, it was simply a necessity; a source of sustenance for Jaylene. Now that Lucas gave her the shot a few minutes ago, she would depend solely on this to keep herself from starving to death. They explained that her body wouldn’t be able to handle “grown up food” and that attempting to eat it would result in a very upset stomach. This bothered her greatly; she would never again know the taste of a succulent ribeye steak or the mouth-watering texture of pizza. No, all she would ever taste would be the milk produced by Brynn. She couldn’t believe she agreed to this, but there was no backing out now. The shot was given and it was quite permanent. Besides, she had broken Brynn’s heart enough over the years. She saw that now and she wasn’t about to break it again. “Okay, baby, come on up here with Mommy,” said Brynn with a nervousness in her tone. There was a split second of hesitation. There was nothing in the world she wanted to do less than suck the milk from Brynn’s breasts. She summoned up every ounce of bravery she had and walked toward the loveseat. Brynn leaned forward and helped her climb up; yet another embarrassment she had to suffer. “Why don’t you put your little feet and legs over here and lie down on your side so you’ll have easy access?” Jaylene flung her legs to the side and lowered her upper body so that he face was next to Brynn’s right breast. While she was doing this, Brynn unbuttoned her top and freed her large breast from the confines of her lacy red brassiere. There it was, practically staring Jaylene in the face, no more than six inches away… one of the two nipples that would forevermore be her only means of pabulum. The body part that was once a source of sexual excitement for her took on a more intimidating visage. Its entire complexion was changed by its new function in her life. Brynn sensed her hesitation and placed her hand on the back of her baby’s head, gingerly bringing it closer to her nipple. The nipple was now slightly saturated with a drop or two of milk. Jaylene almost went into panic mode, but Brynn’s soothing voice calmed her down. “It’s okay, Baby Jaylene, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I want this to be beautiful for us both.” Letting her muscles relax, Jaylene stopped resisting the gentle nudge. Her lips met the protruding nipple. Despite the fact that she had had the nipple in her mouth numerous times in the past, it was an altogether foreign feeling, as if she had never done it before. Still, she pressed on and latched onto it, not quite sure what to do next. “Good girl,” said Brynn softly. “Now just start sucking. Everything’s fine, okay?” While Brynn’s nipple was quite large, Jaylene had to use her tongue to assist her in sucking on it. At first, it felt as if nothing was happening, but then she felt liquid squirt into her mouth. She swallowed just as she was supposed to. It took several more squirts before the taste was apparent. It was far more pleasant than she had feared, with a creamy flavor that almost reminded her of vanilla. It was certainly sweeter than regular milk and had a zest that was similar to the taste of nuts. Encouraged by the surprisingly good flavor, Jaylene continued to feed. “I want to hear you suckle nice and loud, baby girl. Can you do that for Mommy?” There was something in her voice that surprised Jaylene even more than the taste of the breast milk. Brynn was getting aroused. Everytime she became turned on, her voice took on a sultry, almost-breathless timbre… and that’s what was happening now. This confused Jaylene, but she obeyed and suckled slightly louder. She didn’t want to humiliate herself by going crazy with it though. “No, little Jaylene. Louder. I want to hear you suckling louder. You’re a baby now and I need to hear it; I need you to accept that you’re my baby now. Louder!” It wasn’t a voice of bossiness; it was almost like desperation, like someone trying to speak while mid-orgasm. Not wanting to disappoint or anger Brynn, she sucked up her own dignity and amped up the volume. She could hear herself making the noisome slurping sounds, which turned her cheeks red with embarrassment. “Louder, baby girl. Louder.” She went all out this time. Jaylene was relatively sure anyone in the next room would be able to hear these noises. At this point, all she cared about was making her Mommy proud of her and doing what she was told. She noisily gulped down mouthful after mouthful of her rich breast milk. She could even hear Brynn panting a little. Was this really getting her off? It became more and more difficult to get milk from the breast until the proverbial well ran dry. Taking a deep breath as if she had been running a marathon, Brynn spoke in an exhausted fashion. “Let’s… switch breasts now, Jaylene.” With a bit of help, Jaylene moved up a little until her mouth was in the right position to clamp onto the nipple of her left breast. Judging by the speed at which she helped situation Jaylene, it was a safe bet that Brynn was indeed in a hurry for the feeding to continue. Her mouth was locked on and she carried on suckling. She hoped she could get away with doing it more quietly this time, but a sharp smack to her thickly diapered butt rained on that parade instantly. Back to the loud noises. Jaylene could hardly believe she had been reduced to this. She was once a proud, strong woman who did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, without concern for anyone else. And here she was now, laying on her former lover’s lap, busily sucking her nipple in order to avoid starvation… all the while wearing a crinkly baby diaper, fluffy dress and tights. Yet at the same time, she was starting to see that the way she treated Brynn during their relationship was selfish, so perhaps this was exactly what she deserved. Maybe by allowing Brynn to be her mommy, she could somehow make up for it and bring her happiness---true happiness---for the first time in a long stretch. Finally, the second breast rand dry. About three-fourths of the way through, she was fairly sure Brynn had an orgasm. Up until that point, she had been panting a little, making little gasping sounds. Then came a very deep breath and some tremoring of her body. Brynn had tried to obfuscate it, but Jaylene wasn’t fooled. After the orgasm, Brynn was quieter but still panting. All Jaylene could think about wa that she was able to bring her pleasure, something she hadn’t been able to do in a while for various reasons (drunkenness being the primary one). This made her happy. After the breast milk was dry, Brynn just wrapped her arms around her baby tightly, not even bothering placing her breast back in the bra. She produced a little pink wash cloth and wiped the corners of Jaylene’s mouth and her chin where milk had dribbled. With that done, she resumed the snuggling. She never wanted to let her little one go. They sat there for at least fifteen minutes in total silence, savoring the moment; savoring their newfound closeness. While it wasn’t exactly the kind of closeness Jaylene wanted, it was still very special. What neither one realized is that both of them had tears trickling down their cheeks. They weren’t tears of despair or sadness or even fear. They were tears of happiness; tears of togetherness. Something happened during the first feeding and it wasn’t just Brynn’s orgasm. Something happened that fundamentally changed their relationship. There was to be no more pretending; no more delusions. They were now mother and daughter. The beautiful silence was broken by a growling sound coming from Jaylene’s stomach. And then another. The little girl’s eyes got big at the sudden realization that the pressure on her bowels could only mean one thing… that she had to poop.
  18. It's funny how someone being manipulated can still manage to manipulate someone else. But, you're right... that's exactly what is happening. To be fair, though, I'm not really sure Brynn sees it as manipulating her. She just wants to make everything work. Thank you... I think. That's high praise. Wow! Thank you so much. I'm thrilled that you get what I'm going for with the realization that she's been the mother the whole time. In an odd and twisted way, it's a story of self discovery of a couple who didn't previously understand their own relationship due to the views of "normal society" and simply their own lack of awareness. Re: Lucas' likeness -- It's good to know that Lucas will have that amount of influence.
  19. That's up to your caregiver. Why thank you kindly.
  20. I feel honored. Thank you for that. When I write stories, I try to draw from all of my kinks and interests, so there should be a little something for everyone, even for those not so much into diapers. I'm happy to see that my story is resonating with non-diaper folks as well.
  21. I'm happy to hear that. Thank you very much.
  22. The Unlikely Couple (Part 13) What a day it had been. So much had happened in such a short amount of time that it almost felt like a dream. What a massive difference 24 hours can make. Brynn and Lucas spent several hours working on the nursery. They painted the walls a soft and delicate shade of pink and all the trim was painted white. The new crib was set up aside and the other bits of furniture were brought in as well, such as the chest of drawers and changing table. Shyla had dug out a beautiful antique rocking chair from their mansion and asked Dante to lug it over to be included in the room’s decor. They planned to decorate the walls once the paint was dry, but that would have to wait until the next day. And she just about couldn’t wait to hang up the adorable curtains with princesses on them. That, too, would have to be a project for the following day. By the time Shyla gave Lucas a call on his cell phone to let him know supper was ready, both he and Brynn had worked up an appetite. “The baby is still asleep,” Shyla informed Brynn as they walked through the door. “I just checked on her a few minutes ago. She must have been completely tuckered out.” “That reminds me,” Brynn exclaimed, “What ARE we going to feed her?” “Well, sweetheart, that’s up to you,” said Lucas casually. “You could let her eat adult food but maybe cut it up into small pieces to reinforce that she’s a baby, or you could have her eat baby food. There’s a company here in town that makes special baby food designed to fill adult-sized babies up and give them all the nutrients they need. The final option is to follow in Samantha’s footsteps and breastfeed her.” “She said your son gave her a shot for that, right?” “That’s correct. Alexander’s formula works beautifully and almost instantly. He can give Jaylene a shot that will allow her to exist solely on breast milk too, if you’d like to go that route.” “Samantha said it helped with bonding. Is that true?” asked Brynn, not sure whether to believe it and hoping for a second opinion. “Without a doubt,” replied Shyla. Brynn looked to be deep in thought for thirty seconds before piping up. “Okay, let’s do that then. As stupid as it sounds, I find it comforting that I’ll be giving her all the sustenance she’ll ever need.” Shyla smiled warmly. “That doesn’t sound the least bit stupid. I think it’s beautiful.” With that decision being made, Lucas fetched Alexander, who was exuberant to be utilizing one of his many inventions. He was a good young man without any of the evil exhibited in his father. Sure, his mind had been warped a little by Lucas’ manipulations and child-rearing techniques, but there was simply nothing vile about him. He loved that his vast intelligence produced tools, serums and other gadgets made an impact on people’s lives. And he equally loved talking about the ins and outs of his creations, despite the fact that it was all very much over everyone else’s heads. Usually, his family just nodded and smiled, pretending as if what he said made any sense to them. Poor Miracle would run out of the room as soon as it looked as if he was going to go into one of his long-winded spiels. If he ever figured out they were placating him, he didn’t show it. For all his brainpower, he could sometimes be oblivious. Alexander gave Brynn the shot, but it was decided to wait until after the meal had concluded to give it to Jaylene. The adults could have their food and then they could deal with the baby, just as it should be. During supper, Brynn gleefully filled the Buck family in on the heart-to-heart she had with Jaylene when she put her down for her nap earlier. They seemed genuinely delighted and happy for them. Brynn had never felt happier in her life than she did at that very minute. Moreover, she felt like a part of the family. Before, she had felt so alone in the world in terms of family. Her own family was the pits, aside from a few members, such as her aunt in California. But now, things were different. So very different. What a massive difference 24 hours can make. After supper, the table was cleared and Brynn went upstairs to wake up Jaylene. A part of her was afraid that Jaylene would wake up with her old attitude back in place; a fear that made her blood run cold. She was tired of the confrontations, the drama and the constant fighting. All she wanted was a peaceful life of taking care of her baby until the end of time. “Wakey-wakey, baby girl,” Brynn said in the most soothing voice imaginable, sitting down on the edge of the bed. She had to gently nudge her, though, to get her to the “waking up” stage. Her little eyes were scrunched shut, even though the light in the room was off, and she emitted a big yawn while stretching her arms out above her head. “What time is it?” Jaylene asked, obviously disoriented. “It’s almost seven o’clock. You’ve been sleeping like a log.” She stroked her baby’s hair gently. The disorientation kicked in full-bore at that point. She lifted the covers and looked at her attire, finding herself in the thick diaper and tights. It looked as if she was going to panic. Perhaps she thought it had all been a really wacky dream or nightmare. But when she saw that it was very much real, she calmed down. It all came back to her; the events of the day, their big, tearful talk… everything. Brynn continued to comfort her, making her feel safe and secure. She could hear her stomach making strained noises. She was either hungry or in need of a bowel movement, but she didn’t draw any attention to it. “Everything’s going to be just fine, sweetie. We just need to get you up so you’ll still be able to sleep through the night.” Jaylene struggled to get out from beneath the blankets, prompting Brynn to help her by pulling her up and onto the floor. She looked so cute standing there in nothing but her diaper and tights. Her pacifier had evidently fallen from her mouth while she slept. Jaylene was visibly embarrassed, yet didn’t make a fuss as the dress, minus all the petticoats, was put back on her. The shoes were buckled back on as well. “Let’s see if we can find your paci, baby,” Brynn said as she searched the blankets. “Tan’t I go wiffout the pacifiewr?” she asked hopefully, remembering to babytalk as instructed. ‘I’m sorry, little one, but I really think it’s best if you got used to it early on, okay? Jaylene cast her eyes to the ground and said, “Otay.” “Ah! There it is!” Brynn announced. “It was hiding under your pillow.” She picked it up, stepped into the bathroom to rinse it off and came toward her baby. For her part, Jaylene opened her little mouth and accepted the large bulb. With that, she scooped Jaylene up into her arms and held her close. The baby buried her face into her shoulder, just like a real baby would. Brynn was so proud of her. Within a minute, they were downstairs. Everyone greeted her warmly when they walked into the living room. The whole family was there, which made Jaylene feel very shy and ashamed of her new state. She kept her head buried. “Can you tell everyone hi, Jaylene?” It was the last thing she wanted to do. Talking and acting like a baby was shockingly easy for her when she was alone with Brynn… but in front of a bunch of almost-strangers? That would be much more difficult. She balked, before being asked again. Knowing that her mommy wasn’t going to stop bugging her, Jaylene raised her head up slightly and, around her pacifier, said, “Hewwo, evewybody.” The humiliation wasn’t lessened by everyone fawning over what she had just said. All she heard was a chorus of things like “Isn’t she just the cutest?” and “She really is the perfect little baby now that she’s behaving.” She didn’t like it, but she chose to endure it nonetheless. She made a promise, after all… and she had broken so many promises to Brynn in the past, so she was determined not to add another time to the list. Brynn sat down and placed Jaylene on her knee, facing her. “Okay, now Jaylene, we need to talk about something very important.” Jaylene didn’t want to engage in yet another big talk. The first one drained her completely and she was certain it would just end with a new method of humiliation for her anyway. Brynn looked a little nervous, which Jaylene rightly assessed that it meant this was going to be a major, major thing. That scared her. “As you know, we have a lot of things to figure out moving forward. This is all new territory for us and it’ll be a while before we develop a routine, you know? But one of the things I had to settle on was your nutritional needs.” Oh, man! Somehow, Jaylene had a pretty good idea where this was headed. Ever since she asked samantha all those questions, she could feel it in her bones that she wanted to breastfeed her. Damn it! “I decided that it would be best if I fed you my breast milk… exclusively.” Yep. There it was. Then it hit her that she said “exclusively”. It was hard to speak clearly with that pacifier in her mouth, but she spoke up anyway, “Excwoothivewy?” Shyla nearly stepped in to give Brynn, who was clearly nervous. Lucas could tell what was going through his wife’s mind and put in hand on hers, shaking her head in the negative. She got the message. He knew this had to be Brynn’s moment. “Yes. Alexander created a formula that makes it so that you can live on breast milk alone. He already gave me the shot that allows me to lactate.” Lucas was impressed that she kept her composure in spite of her nervousness. Jaylene’s dismay was written all over her face and Brynn took immediate action to halt it. In a consoling tone, she explained, “Sweetheart, I want us to be closer than we’ve ever been and in ways we never dreamt possible. This is that way. I want to be your provider in every possible sense of the word. Knowing that I give you the ‘food’ that keeps you alive and healthy will make me the happiest woman on earth. Will you give me that?” Now Lucas was REALLY impressed. He didn’t think she had it in her. Hell, he wasn’t even sure he could have come up with something better. Okay, he finally concluded, he probably could have, but that was masterful. He loved the turmoil it caused within Jaylene. He could feel it washing over his body like a cool ocean wave. It was refreshing, nurturing, orgasmic. He drank it all in. Every drop. Meanwhile, Jylene was stymied. She had no idea how to answer this. Really, it wasn’t a question. It WAS, but it WASN’T. Not really. Brynn had already been given the shot to make her produce milk, so it’s not like she was truly asking her if this was okay with her. Her instinct was to refuse, but she remembered the promise she made. Furthermore, throwing a tantrum about it would only lead to another sore bottom and it was still sore from the last spanking she received. No, there really was only one answer. “Yeth, Mommy. That’th otay wiff me.” Brynn knew that she didn’t want to do it. It was evident in her body language and reluctance to answer. But she was fine with that for now. She just had to show her how beautiful and fulfilling it would be and she’d come around. At that moment, it hit her: within minutes, her new baby girl, the woman who had mistreated her throughout most of their relationship, would be suckling milk from her breasts. She would NEED her just for survival. That thought awakened something in her; something maternal and wondrous; something powerful and alive. Coming to Preston was the best thing that ever happened to her… to both of them.
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