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  1. That was a big part of it. The other part was when she realized that she was helpless. It stirred something deep inside her that she never knew was there.
  2. The Unlikely Couple (Part 19) Some effort was required to get the attachments hooked to the crib, but once Brynn figured the first one out, prepping the other two was a piece of cake. All the while, little Jaylene laid there in the crib---which was big enough to practically swallow her whole---watching her mommy nervously. She really found vaginal and anal penetration to be unappealing… and that hasn’t changed. Brynn was right; she HAD tried using a dildo once, a long time ago, and it was repulsive to her. However, she agreed to go along with it because it seemed important to Brynn, for reasons beyond her imagining. Besides, in truth, Brynn could have just made her do it if she wanted; not that she necessarily would have, but it was within her rights in Preston to make it happen, regardless of whether or not Jaylene wanted it to. With the appendages prepared, Brynn leaned over the crib and pulled the hem of Baby Jaylene’s sundress up to her belly, leaving her adorable tights and diaper exposed. With a fair bit of tugging, she managed to pull the diaper to one side and repositioned the crotch of her tights to allow easy access to her vagina and anus. So THAT was why she put tights on her that had the gusset cut out! Brynn quickly and efficiently lubed up the two appendages that connected to the footboard of the crib. She took one in her hand, and positioned the artificial limb so that the slightly large dildo at the end was in the general vicinity of Jaylene’s crotch. “Let’s do the one for your butt first. It’d be a nightmare to get it in after inserting the other one into your cute little pussy.” This remark caused Jaylene to grumble a bit, as she already felt embarrassed enough as it was. Jaylene felt the touch of the dildo against the rim of her anus as Brynn worked to get it into the right position. This was the part Jayene was dreading most, since she’d never had anything aside from a suppository enter her ass. She knew it was going to hurt. She was right. The pain was immediate as the shaft was pushed further and further up her butt. The lube helped, but it still hurt like hell. She let out a yelp that Brynn apparently found to be adorable, judging by the smile on her face. “It’s okay, little one. It gets less painful. I promise.” “Owwwwiieeeeee!” It escaped Jaylene’s mouth and she was immediately in disbelief that she naturally made such a juvenile sound. “It’ll start to feel good soon. Hang in there, sweetie.” The pain subsided slightly after a few minutes, but it still didn’t feel pleasurable. Brynn pulled the second dildo into position and lowered it toward her vagina. She had forgotten what it felt like, but was rapidly reminded as it moved first to her pussy lips and then deeper and deeper into her pussy. At least it didn’t hurt like the one in her butt. She was grateful for that. Once the second one was submersed in her vagina, Brynn turned her attention toward the appendage attached to the headboard of the crib. Jaylene had forgotten about the third dildo and it filled her with great apprehension, as she’d never deep-throated anything in her life. She didn’t have a high gag reflex, though, which sure made her childhood dentist happy, but she wasn’t looking forward to having this huge shaft shoved down her throat. Jaylene didn’t have much time to dwell on it, though, because Brynn brought it to her lips and was ready to jam it down her throat. Despite Jayene dwelling on what was about to happen, she noticed a look of desire on her mommy’s face. This whole thing was turning her on… and they hadn’t even got started yet. “Open wide for Mommy, Baby Jaylene. Come on. Be a good girl for Mommy.” The lust in her voice was as obvious as could be. Jaylene hesitated momentarily before opening her mouth slightly. “No, no. Open wider,” Brynn said. She opened it a little more. “Much wider. As wide as you can. Be Mommy’s good baby.” Jaylene complied and opened as wide as her jaws would allow. Good thing, too, because the shaft of the dildo was gargantuan and required all the space it was given. It slid effortlessly down her throat, causing a short-lived burst of panic. It felt like she couldn’t breath at first, but she regained her composure quickly. It was still almost impossible to breath through her mouth, though breathing via her nose was still easy to accomplish. That’s what calmed her down. “Such a good baby girl,” Brynn purred. Jaylene was unable to see what her mommy was doing, but she could hear what sounded like the clicking of buttons and ascertained that she was using the remote control for the appendages. That possibility was confirmed when the one in her ass started humming and vibrating, followed by the one in her pussy. A few more clicks were heard and the appendages started moving the dildos in and out of all three orifices. The sensations were very distinct and different for each hole. The movement within her ass was unpleasurable and it felt like it was catching on her anal flesh in spite of the lubrication. The one in her mouth nearly caused another moment of panic as it pushed further down her throat… and it was humiliating because she began making an involuntary gurgling sound. The only one that brought her any semblance of pleasure was the dildo that was thrusting in and out of her vagina. The pleasure was minute, but existent nonetheless. There she was, lying on her back in an oversized crib with three dildos filling each of her holes, causing her to squirm with discomfort and embarrassment, all the while making those ridiculous gurgling noises that refused to be halted. In and out the dildos went, moving back and forth relentlessly. The pain and discomfort soon gave way to an internal apathy. That is, the dildos didn’t necessarily feel bad, but they didn’t feel good either (aside from the vaginal one). It was a neutral feeling really. She could feel every inch of the movement from each dildo, but that was about all. No pain, no pleasure. Jaylene’s jaw started feeling sore after about five minutes of having her mouth wide open and at one point, a cramp nearly occurred. Fortunately, it subsided before it could worsen. Over the humming sound, Jaylene made out a creaking noise and then moaning; excited moaning. She surmised that her mommy had made her way to the rocking chair and was masturbating to the sight of her former life partner being helplessly invaded by the dildos. She really was helpless too. The appendages kept her in place and the dildo in her throat forbade communication. She was at the mercy of these robotic arm-like devices with sex toys mounted on them. This fact dawned on her and instead of feeling scared or angry, she felt something different. She felt turned on! This came as a huge, huge surprise and in her head she was denying it. Why would being trapped and helpless while Brynn was gratifying herself make her horny? No, surely that wasn’t it. There had to be another---more rational---explanation for why she found herself getting worked up. There HAD to be! As Jaylene’s nether holes became wet with her own juices, a sloshing sound was heard. Now her mommy would KNOW that this was exciting her. This was getting more humiliating by the second! But she could hear the same sloshing sound coming from across the room as well. Brynn was well on her way to climaxing! The vibrations were now pulsating throughout Jaylene’s entire body. There wasn’t a part of her that couldn’t feel it, from her head to her toes. The longer they were in place, the more intensely she could feel it. Ad the movement… oh GOD, the MOVEMENT! It was all too much. She felt a million sensations all at once. She realized that even her little legs were flailing about in pleasure. Through her frenzied, panting intakes of breath, Brynn said, “That’s it, baby. Let yourself... enjoy it. I want you… to… be… my horny…. little baby girl!” The words were difficult for her to spew out, thanks to the insane pleasure wracking her body. As soon as the last word came out, her body convulsed in the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Her legs clenched together, her muscles contracted and she let out a satisfied, “Yessssssssss! Oh my God, yesssssssssssss!” Jaylene, too, was convulsing, her breaths deep and fast as her chest rose and fell rapidly. Sweat dripped from her every pore. With all the suddenness of a springtime thunder storm, the baby was overcome with an orgasm of her own that sent her bucking and thrashing wildly in her crib! The gurgling noise became something more sexual but no less loud. In fact, it became even louder, escaping what little room the dildo afforded her throat. Then… there was silence; the only sound audible being their labored, heavy breathing in the aftermath of their intense orgasms. Neither one could move; neither one could speak. They were too drained for that. Something happened in the nursery that day… something special and meaningful for both of them. And they both knew it. They had fallen back in love… just in a way neither of them could have ever predicted. And it was magical.
  3. Two Choices (deleted)

    All I know is I miss the story something fierce. I wish he would reconsider and start posting it again.
  4. Thanks on all counts. I'm glad that the story is keeping you on your toes. I'm sorry to hear that your original comments got lost in the ether. That's frustrating. There are no cameras yet, but who knows what the future holds? Raye's arrival will prove to be... intriguing. Or at least I hope so.
  5. Thank you. I'll be posting the next segment on Tuesday. I'm mostly over it, though I started running a fever a couple days ago. I seem to be almost back to normal now, though. I'm happy that you feel bad for Jaylene's messy condition.
  6. The Unlikely Couple (Part 18) Bath time had been an embarrassing ordeal, but not as bad as the first instance. The worst part was that she wasn’t allowed to lift a finger to clean herself in any capacity. She was expected to sit there while her mommy scrubbed her hair and her skin, even in the most intimate of places. Very few of the indignities she’d suffered could compare to that of having to spread her butt cheeks so Brynn could clean it with a wash rag. But the bath was over with and Jaylene was about to find out what her surprise was. She honestly couldn’t imagine any surprise that she would actually want. The whole “baby” thing covered every aspect of her new life. She was never allowed to do anything remotely “adult” in nature and anything she would have wanted would fall into the “adult” category. Simple pleasures like using the remote control to channel surf or getting on the internet were now beyond her grasp… and would be for the rest of her life. Brynn laid the baby on the bed and put a fresh new diaper on her. For that, at least, she was grateful. Spending such a prolonged time in that infernal messy diaper made her appreciate having a new one placed on her. Next up was a pair of pink tights. God, how Jaylene hated pink! A month ago---hell, even a week ago---she’d have attacked anyone trying to put pink clothes on her, especially pink tights. But there she was, dutifully letting Brynn slide the feminine yet babyish tights up her legs and over the bulk of the diaper. Oddly, she noticed the tights were devoid of a crotch. That struck her as unusual. A matching pink sundress with white polka-dots was next. Jaylene was just happy that it wasn’t a fluffy monstrosity like the one she had been forced into the previous day. Her elation came to a halt when she realized the dress was so short that her diaper would be quite visible, especially if she bent over or wasn’t careful about how she walked. She tugged at it in a hopeless attempt to make the hemline go down further. “Stop fidgeting with your pretty dress, baby girl.” “But, Mommy, the thingie will be vithible.” Brynn realized at once what was going on. Her baby didn’t want to use the word “diaper”, even though she’d done it before her bath. Perhaps, Brynn thought, she was trying to save face now. "Sweetheart, it’s a diaper. Now I know you’re just a baby and that’s probably pretty hard for you to say, so you can just call it your ‘baby diapee’ from now on. Understood?” A pained look came over Jaylene’s face, but she knew she was defeated. There would be no alternatives. She was going to have to acquiesce and call them exactly what her mommy told her to call them. “Otay…”, she muttered, looking down at the floor. “Well, say it. You’d better get used to it.” Jaylene’s eyes never left the floor. “It’th my baby diapee.” “And you’re not going to try to call it a big girl word again, now are you?” “No, Mommy. I will always call it my baby diapee.” Brynn was pleased with her progress. “Good girl. Now let’s finish getting you dressed.” She produced an article of clothing that made Jaylene tremble with embarrassment. It was a pink bonnet with white trim. On her head it went and she felt Brynn tying a thin ribbon under her chin. The first thing she noticed was that it severely limited her peripheral vision. That, she could tell, was going to drive her nuts. Jaylene’s hands instinctively went up to feel the absolutely foreign article. “Don’t you try to take that bonnet off, Baby Jaylene. That’s to stay on your head, understand?” Jaylene nodded. “Yeth, Mommy.” Brynn pulled some lacy white ankle socks on over her tights, which seemed pointless to Jaylene. It didn’t matter, though. Brynn had carte blanche to dress her whatever way she desired, no matter how ridiculous the ensemble. The outfit was finished off with pink Mary Janes, which were buckled firmly in place. “You look so darling!” said Brynn, clasping her hands together in genuine pleasure at seeing her former life partner dressed like an oversized toddler. In a weird way, that made Jaylene a little proud. “Lift your arms up, sweetie.” Jaylene did as she was told, noting that it made the hemline of her already short dress rise almost to the waistband of her diaper. She hated that so much. Brynn picked Jaylene up under the arms and positioned her so that she was straddling her left hip. The contrast between how the two were dressed was jarring, to say the least. Whereas Jaylene was clad in childish attire from head to toe, Brynn was the perfect picture of adult femininity. She wore a low-cut white blouse, a severe-looking black pencil skirt, suntan colored pantyhose and peep-toed shoes with five inch heels. To look at them together, one would truly believe that Brynn was an adult and that Jaylene was a toddler. This juxtaposition between their clothes was humiliating for Jaylene. Brynn started across Lucas’s backyard with Jaylene in her arms until they reached their new house. Was this the surprise? If so, Jaylene wasn’t impressed. She really didn’t want to have Brynn settle down here in Preston and having a house to call her own was the first step in that becoming a reality. The house was nice enough, but that wasn’t the point. As Brynn stepped through the front door, she announced, “This is our new house, baby.” It was obvious that she was thrilled to have the house free and clear. Jaylene just couldn’t work up any enthusiasm. The only good thing about it was that she wouldn’t have to be around Lucas as much. She really couldn’t stand that man, with his smugness and ego. Brynn seemed enchanted by him and he was able to somehow convince her to do anything he wanted. That was worrisome. “Is dis the supwise?” “No. Your surprise is upstairs. Come on.” Jaylene thought about how moot telling her to “come on” was, considering she was carrying her. Within a minute, they were standing in front of a doorway on the second floor. “Welcome to your nursery…” Brynn beamed as she threw open the door. What Jaylene saw inside mortified her. There was so much pink, offset only by small amounts of white. And there was all the horrifying baby-ish furniture they had purchased at Simms’ store, set up and ready to be used. “Do you like it?” asked Brynn with hope in her eyes. Jaylene was so taken aback that she didn’t know how to respond. She certainly didn’t like it, but she also didn’t want to hurt her mommy’s feelings. She made up her mind to play along for Brynn’s sake. “It’th vewwy pwetty, Mommy,” she answered, lying through her teeth. Brynn hugged her tightly. “I’m so glad you’re learning to accept the way things are now. I do so love you, my baby girl.” Brynn looked at her baby in the eyes and said, “Since you’ve been so good, I’m going to do something nice for you. I know you have sexual needs despite the fact that you live as my baby. I’ve decided to accommodate you so that you aren’t miserable when you become aroused. That’s why I bought the crib with those attachments on it.” “But, Mommy, you know me don’t wike stuff wike that. Me don’t wike anyfing going into my… holes.” She tried desperately to come up with a babyish word to describe her vagina and anus, but that was the best she could spit out. “Sweetheart, babies don’t know what’s best for them. Not the way grown-ups do. It’s important for you to get relief. Otherwise, you’re going to be a grumpy little baby and we don’t want that, now do we?” “No… but…” “No ‘buts’, little girl. I’ve made my decision and I know you’ve come to enjoy it. You have to trust Mommy. I know you’ve experimented with a dildo once, so it’s not like your virginity is at stake.” Jaylene looked so upset and Brynn realized it, letting out a sigh. “Fine, if you really don’t want to… you don’t have to.” Jaylene wondered why Brynn’s feelings seemed so hurt by her protests. Did it really mean that much to her? She couldn’t understand why. Just as Brynn started to walk back down the stairs, Jaylene blurted out, “Wait.” Brynn stopped about three feet shy of the stairs and looked at her baby. Jaylene explained, “Me will do it… if it will make you happy.” “It would make me very happy to see you get pleasure, sweetie. But if it means that you’ll be that miserable, I don’t want you to do it.” At that very second, Jaylene realized just what was going on. The thought of seeing her get penetrated turned Brynn on! What a revelation. Another way for her to please her mommy! She didn’t like the idea at all and found it repulsive, but she now longed only to please Brynn and loved that she had the power to sexually satisfy her in some small way. “Me wants to make you happy, Mommy.” “Are you sure you’re okay with this, little one?” Jaylene shook her head in the affirmative. With that, Brynn carried her toward the crib, getting ready to fulfill one of her most intense fantasies she’d ever had.
  7. Yay! And I say "yay" because I have been intentionally trying to make the reader feel her discomfort and I think I may have succeeded in that regard. I'll try to post another installment on Tuesday, but it may be Friday. I try to post at least one chapter per week. Thank you so much. I feel better today than I have in a while.
  8. I know this is a little shorter than usual, but I've been down with bronchitis, which triggered my asthma and wreaked havoc in general. The Unlikely Couple (Part 17) The itching had become almost unbearable long before Brynn put Jaylene down into their bed. She had, usually while in a drunken stupor, failed to wipe properly in the past and the resulting itchiness was obnoxious to her. It was bad. This? Well, this was on a whole different level. It was a constant agitation and she kept trying to reach down and scratch it through the diaper to alleviate the discomfort, but every time she did, Brynn made her stop because it “wasn’t polite” or “wasn’t proper”. But now that she was alone in bed, she was free to scratch it all she wanted. But try as she might, it didn’t help. The diaper was simply too thick. The only thing scratching it served to do was smoosh her massive load around even more. The itching wasn’t her only source of discomfort though. The aforementioned mess itself was just flat-out nasty feeling. There was so much poop in there that any movement made it shift around, adding to the awfulness of it all. The excrement was sticky and felt even more disgusting once it had been in there a while and became cold. It was bad enough when it was still warm, but far worse after the warmth dissipated. And then there was the smell. To be fair, it wasn’t THAT bad. The special diapers they purchased from Simms had some manner of odor reduction feature and she figured the stench would have been far more repugnant had she been trapped in a different diaper. Still, it was unpleasant, to say the least. Poor little Jaylene struggled to make herself fall asleep. The nightline her mommy left on for her gave only a dim illumination of the room’s features and she found herself doing what she and Raye used to do with clouds. That is, imagining the shapes to be objects and animals. To her, the distant lamp on the dresser looked like a woman’s leg beneath a skirt. The freestanding grandfather clock became, in her mind’s eye, a towering skyscraper. But even this little game couldn’t make her fall asleep. Plus, there was no position she could get into that would lessen the feeling of the mess stuck to her entire diapered area. Lying on her back was a huge no-no, as most of the mass was located on and around her buttcheeks. Major squishing! Lying on her belly felt almost as bad. Not only was the poop caked fairly thickly onto her vaginal area, but the mass in the seat of her diaper seemed to just lie right down on her butt. It was an odd sensation. She found that lying on either of her sides was preferable, but still not ideal. There was a sizable portion of feces on the sides as well, though not quite as much. It was her best chance at a decent night’s sleep. She laid there for what felt like hours, pondering how she ended up like this; an oversized baby who suckles from the breasts of her former life partner. She replayed almost everything that happened to her the last couple of days, over and over again. Most of all, Jaylene wondered how Raye would react to the whole “babying” situation. Would she put her foot down and make Brynn stop the whole thing or would she accept it and go along with the weird charade? She was nervous about her reaction regardless of what it would be. Raye was an imposing woman and though Jaylene would never admit it, she had always felt intimidated by her. The fact that Raye was left in charge of the older Jaylene when they were growing up certainly didn’t help matters any. She recalled an incident that had long since been buried in the darkest recesses of her brain. Jaylene was seventeen at the time and Raye was fourteen. Their father was going to be gone overnight and planned to hire his brother to watch over the girls in his stead. Jaylene and Raye begged him to let them stay there alone since it was just for one night. He reluctantly agreed, but only if Jaylene agreed to behave for Raye. As much as she loathed the idea of being babysat by someone three years younger than her, she agreed amidst much grumbling. She figured once he was gone, she would just hole up in her room for the rest of the day anyway. Raye insisted on having her Jaylene with her so she could keep an eye on her. She took her responsibility seriously and wasn’t about to let their father down. Jaylene started a confrontation about it, which escalated in the blink of an eye. When Jaylene hurled a vase at her head, missing her by mere inches, Raye reacted by spanking her and making her stand in the corner. She even threatened to make her wear a diaper for the rest of the day, which was a complete bluff because they didn’t have any diapers… but that brought her to the awful realization that Raye most certainly won’t be opposed to her baby treatment. This would add so much humiliation to her new life. Self pity kicked in and her eyes became wet with tears. Eventually, everything went dark and sleep overtook her. --------------------------------------------------- Brynn, who slept in a different guest room to avoid the smell, stepped through the door where her baby was fast asleep in her filthy diaper. She looked so peaceful, having ended up on her belly without realizing it at some point in the night. Her left hand had made its way toward her face and though her thumb wasn’t quite IN her mouth, it was close enough to put a big smile on Brynn’s face. She pulled out her cell phone and snapped a picture. She just couldn’t help it. “Good morning, sleepy-head,” said Brynn as she gently jostled Jaylene. “It’s time to get you fed so we can get your poopy diaper changed.” Jaylene screwed her face up slightly, remembering the state of her diaper and also realizing that Brynn was expecting her to “eat” while still confined in her plastic-backed poop prison. With a sleepy voice, Jaylene asked, “Why can’t you change me fiwrst?” “Well, sweetpea,” Lucas said that oftentimes babies have to poop again right after feeding… and I’d hate to put a clean diaper on you just to have you poo-poo in it immediately. You wouldn’t want to have to sit in a messy diaper all day, would you?” Jaylene shook her head no. It was logic that was hard to disagree with. She wanted nothing in the world more than to be free from poop touching her skin. And if that meant she had to suckle her mommy’s nipples while still in her current diaper, then so be it. “I didn’t think so. Once you’re done eating, Mommy will give you the nice surprise I mentioned last night, okay?” Jaylene nodded. She had forgotten about that and now her curiosity was piqued. She couldn’t even hazard a guess at what it would be; probably some baby-ish thing that wouldn’t be anything she wanted anyway. But she promised to be good, so she would act like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread in order to appease her mommy. The breastfeeding was slightly less soul-rending than it had been the night before, though still plenty embarrassing. One aspect was worse, however. This time, she was suckling while having to lie there in a shit-filled diaper. To make matters even worse, she could feel her bowels giving her warning sounds by the time she had depleted the first breast of its milk. Upon completion of the second breast, it was clear that there was no avoiding it. Could this diaper hold any more?? Whether it could or not, her old mess was about to get some company. The feces pushed its way out, crowding the available space even further than she ever thought was possible. This new load wasn’t as large as the first one, but still big enough to make it feel like the diaper would explode from the strain of holding it all. “Did my wittle baby make more poopies for Mommy?” Brynn cooed. Jaylene knew not to remain silent. She was picking up on the fact that making her say humiliating things was a part of the plan to babify her and she was so tired of resisting. Giving in was so much less stressful… and less painful too. “Yeth, Mommy. Me made mowre poopies just fowr you.” She knew how infantile it made her sound but seeing the joy on Brynn’s face made it worth it. “That’s my good girl,” she said with a happy gleam in her eyes. “It’s bath time and... then comes your surprise. You’re going to love it.”
  9. Thank you. I appreciate the kind words about my writing and my story so much. It means a lot to me. As for the story's title... you are extremely observant. That's all I can say.
  10. I had a friend who broke his body falling down that treacherous mountain, though it didn't end his military career the way it did Raye's. He described it to me in great detail, which is why I used it here. The Raye situation should be quite fun to write about. That's all I can say. It'll be a surprise. Jaye is indeed making headway in terms of acceptance. She is realizing that their love for each other has basically been "mother/baby" for a long while anyway, but considering they'd been having a vanilla relationship, it caused utter turmoil due to expectations for those kinds of relationships. Raye is getting herself into a lot more than she could have bargained for, even if she does seem cool with the gist of the rules.
  11. I'm sure you are. That's vague.
  12. Thanks. It's going to be a fun ride. I promise you that.
  13. The Unlikely Couple (Part 16) Jaylene didn’t think the mess in her diaper could feel any more disgusting than it already did, but she was wrong. Very, very wrong. When Brynn picked her up and placed her on her hip, in what was now becoming her customary “getting packed around” position, the poop squished around further. And every step Brynn took bounced Jaylene’s crotch off and back on her hip, which made an already gross feeling even more so. Brynn must have noticed the “eewww” face Jaylene was making because she chuckled a little and gave her a quick peck on the head. “It’s gonna be okay, baby. I promise. You’ll get used to it quickly... and eventually, it won’t even bother you at all.” “I don’t think… I mean, ME don’t think me will evewr get used to dis. It so gwoss.” She almost forgot that the word “I” was now forbidden for her to say, but she caught herself and made the correction. That seemed to be good enough for Brynn, who figured that Jaylene will be making mistakes from time to time anyway. All of this is new to both of them; they’re bound to have follies and she resolved to give her baby some leeway. As long as the mistakes aren’t done in the name of defiance, she would be okay. Brynn just smiled down at her. “I love you.” And she meant it too. She had said it before, but it was empty. The spark in their old relationship had long been stamped out (or at least mostly stamped out) due largely to Jaylene’s immaturity and inability to be responsible. Ironically, it’s those same qualities that have reignited Brynn’s love for her. It was a different love, naturally, but she had never felt it more strongly than she did at that very moment… with Jaylene looking cute as a button, wearing a fully loaded diaper and baby-talking. It occurred to her how odd it was that the mere context of their relationship could turn Jaylene’s qualities that drove them apart into something that would bring them together again. The baby looked up at her mommy with a touch of confusion. That was such a weird response to her comment about never getting used to the messy diapers. She couldn’t fathom why it would prompt an “I love you”. Still she smiled slightly and said, “Me wuvs you too, Mommy.” And SHE meant it as well. They just about made it down the stairs when Brynn heard her cell phone’s ringtone. She sat the baby on the floor and, in a mothering tone, said “Stay put. Mommy has to answer her phone.” Jaylene saw a look of surprise on Brynn’s face as she answered with a timid “Hello?” She wanted so badly to know who was on the other end of the call, but she was quickly learning not to intrude on “grown up” business. The voice on the other line was one she hadn’t heard in quite some time. It was Raye, Jaye’s younger sister. Raye was three years younger than Jaylene, but was always more mature than her. In fact, when their father would be away from the house for a short period of time, he always left Raye in charge, a fact that stuck in Jaylene’s craw. To her credit, Raye wasn’t a tyrant with her when she was watching over her, though she did take her authority seriously. That meant that Jaylene couldn’t just get away with anything. And given that Raye took after their father genetically and was quite tall and brawny, there was little Jaylene could do about it. Though they usually got along, Jaylene did harbor some resentment Raye… not just because she was jealous of her size and authority, but also because she went on to do something with her life. That is, she joined the Marines as soon as she was out of high school. “Brynn?” Raye asked upon hearing her voice. ”Yes, it’s me. How have you been, Raye? We haven’t heard from you in six months.” Little Jaylene now knew who it was and was wondering what was going on. “I’ve been better. I pretty much destroyed my hip and my back is in shambles too,” she confessed somewhat sheepishly, as if she didn’t want Brynn to think of her as some kind of wimp. “Oh my God! Are you alright? I mean, can you move? Or walk?” “Yeah, I’ll make it… but my military career is shot to shit.” Brynn could tell she was fighting off tears. She remembered that all Raye ever wanted in life was to serve her country and she was so thrilled when the government passed the bill allowing women to be utilized in combat roles. “Hey, it’s all good, okay? Just thank God that you can still walk. It could have been much worse. Besides, you’re tough. You’ll get through this.” “Thanks.” It was obvious she didn’t believe her, but Brynn understood why she wouldn’t. Her entire plan for the future just went down in flames. It was natural for someone to take time to see that there can still be a happy life in store from them. “So… what happened?” Brynn asked. “We were climbing Mount Motherfucker and…” Brynn just HAD to interrupt. “Mount… what?” That elicited a slight chuckle from Raye. “Mount Motherfucker. It’s a big-ass hill down here in California that we had to go up. Anyway, we got almost to Recon Ridge and this chauvinist asshole named Joey Binetti tripped me. We all had heavy-ass packs on, so I went tumbling backward and couldn’t stop myself. I fell a long damn way before a huge rock stopped me. I couldn’t feel or move my legs for almost a week and it took another week before I could even stand with assistance. They did surgery, but it still hurts to be on my feet for long. Hell, even sitting for too long is agonizing.” “I’m so sorry, Raye.” Raye, never being one to let things get to her too much, said, “Hey, you win some and you lose some, right?” “Where are you at now?” “I’m at the airport, getting ready to buy a ticket back to South Carolina. I’d be appreciative if I could hole up with you for a week or two before I get a place of my own.” Brynn panicked a bit. “Actually, we’re… not in South Carolina.” “You two finally take that road trip you were always talking about?” There was a pause. “Well… it’s kind of a long story. For reasons I don’t want to go into now, we were going to have to move in with my aunt in Cali, but we ended up in a place called Preston, Kansas.” “Like permanently?” Raye asked. “Yeah, permanently. It’s a… an unusual city. It has rules and laws that you’d absolutely hate.” “What, is it like some kind of city full of manly men who enslave women and make them all girly?” She was clearly just joking, but the silence from Brynn made her raise an eyebrow. “Something like that?” Brynn finally said, making it sound almost like a question. “Whoahhhhh, you’re serious?” “Umm… more or less. Look, it’s pretty complicated and I don’t know every law the city has… but you’re not far off the mark at all. Like I said, you’d hate it here.” “Hey, at this point, I’m willing to try just about anything.” Brynn couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. The Raye she knew would never in a million years consent to being “enslaved” by “manly men”. In fact, she knew Raye was a lesbian, just like Jaylene. And she was anything but a girly-girl. This remark left her insanely confused. “Ummm… are you… serious?” “Yeah. I’m dead serious.” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I thought you were, y’know, a lesbian and a big feminist.” “When you take a tumble down Mount Motherfucker, you start to reevaluate everything. Who you are, what you want in life, what you believe in... everything. At the risk of sounding cliche, my life passed before my eyes. That kind of shit is life changing. Right now, I just want to belong somewhere and figure out what to do with the rest of my life now that I’ll never be a soldier again.” Brynn really wasn’t sure how to respond. That was heavy. “I understand. I’m sure we can make arrangements for you here if you want to hop on a different plane.” “Okay, sure. I can do that. Now that you two aren’t in South Carolina, there’s nothing left there for me, except Uncle Seth and he’s a tool. Hey, is Jaye around? I’d like to talk to her.” The panic returned. How could she explain everything in just a few minutes’ time? Somehow “Sure, but she’s living as my baby now” just didn’t seem to cut it. On the other hand, she didn’t want to lie to her and give some lame excuse about her being asleep or some such. Suddenly, Fate intervened. Raye said, “Shit, my phone battery’s about to croak on me. I’ll have to call back later, okay? Talk to you soon.” Brynn let out a deep breath of relief. Thank goodness for finite battery life. “Is her otay?” asked Jaylene, not forgetting to baby-talk. She picked her back up. “Yes, sweetheart, she’s going to be fine. She took a nasty fall that ruined her back and hip, so she’s out of the Marines and will be on her way here soon. Won’t that be nice to get to see your big sister again?” That was a bit of a sore spot for Jaylene, as her father always referred to Raye as her big sister even though she was, in actuality, her little sister. He meant nothing by it, of course. He just thought it was cute since Raye was always so much larger than Jaylene. But it’s something that rubbed Jaylene the wrong way. Now, though, it was only slightly annoying to her. Given her current state as a baby, it rather made sense. But she still didn’t like it. The two joined the rest of the Budd family in the sitting room, as Brynn explained to Lucas about Raye and her plight. She was sure he would be receptive to Raye relocating to Preston… and she was right. What she didn’t expect, however, was that Lucas had already begun making mental preparations for her arrival and stay. Oh, yes. He had plans for her. Big, erotic and twisted plans.
  14. Two Choices (deleted)

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