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  1. Hi! My brother has bought me tickets to a performance at the Gothenburg Opera House in Sweden about the Hunchback of Notre Dame. We will be part of the set and be seated on the stage so now I try the best combo of chastity-cage and pads for the panty for the evening to protect the trousers if something happens.
  2. Missy, your question is also mine, the risk of leakages is what keeps me from starting the progress towards getting a 24/7 wearer. You other here could answer me the same as you answer Missy
  3. John64

    One Year Unpotty Training Update

    Mark, I hear that you are among the most happy men in the world!
  4. Have you been able to get out and try new trousers?
  5. John64

    One Year Unpotty Training Update

    Just a question, how have you managed to keep away from having to do "number two" in the diapers too?
  6. John64


    Sorry Teodoro, my Spanish is almost unexisting.
  7. John64


    Wish to know what you dream of.
  8. John64


    For those wishing to loose control over the bladder I guess a procedure like this is what they most wish for, I could just guess how it would feel just before getting put to sleap and knowing that one of the big wishes in life will be true in an hour or so when waking up again. Or is it even made with the patient awake and just partly sedated?
  9. John64


    Is the meaning that botox should put the muscle controlling the bladder out of use?
  10. John64

    When Did You Start To Wet And Not Realize

    That´s still fantastic, then you are on the right road here!
  11. My thinking in the direction of handicaps is more in the physical area, getting hooks for hands or having to use a wheel-chair and then somebody who put me in diapers not to have the troubles of going to the loo every now and then...
  12. What kind of handicap do you fancy?
  13. John64

    When Did You Start To Wet And Not Realize

    Those two times I tried catheter I found that the diapers got full far quicker than I thought they would, I never got to try a superthick padding and do a night at the pub to see how long I dared to stay as I got UVI-problems. I have some 30 minutes of travelling both ways so one hour enroute would have had to be added to the timing.
  14. In case just ask to get about half a kilo of clothes-weight deducted.
  15. John64

    The Psychology Behind Incontinence Desire

    I am so curious about how you who are into catheters manage to stay out of UVI? I tried catheters twice and siple don´t dare doing it again as I ended up at the doctor´s both times.