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  1. My fiancé wants to become bladder incontinent

    I have been told that they combine nappies with "the red week" and because of that refrain from wearing.
  2. My fiancé wants to become bladder incontinent

    Those girls who wish to wear themselves are even rarer.
  3. My fiancé wants to become bladder incontinent

    Just wish to congratulate you to having a girlfriend who is into diaperwearing, they are not that many.
  4. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    Great, thanks a lot!
  5. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    Hi Mark, I don´t know what´s happened but I can´t reach the page you talk about above.
  6. 25 Week Unpotty Training Update

    Great! I am happy for you!
  7. 25 Week Unpotty Training Update

    Might even be so that she could need you as a sissy to cuddle now.
  8. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    If you have that few coworkers the telling them if it gets bad isn´t really the big story and if you tell them the story that something happened and you got into the condition I think they could live with it quite easily. Especially if you have to leave a diaper in the basket at the loo.
  9. When I try to stop peing i don´t have a chance of leaving it there, I have to finish after a few seconds only otherwise I get cramps.
  10. penis chastity devices

    Great to hear, happy journey!
  11. I want erectile dysfunction.

    Sounds where did ou get the belt?
  12. penis chastity devices

    No, not really! I celebrate here tonight, I am finally free of all male underpants in cotton, the last three went up in a fire tonight! I am finally free!
  13. I want erectile dysfunction.

    Great! Do you have to take the tablets all the time or was it a "knock out effect"?
  14. penis chastity devices

    I cross my fingers for you, your"journey" this time will be interesting in a double sence!
  15. I want erectile dysfunction.

    Have you had any other side effects with those tablets? Like heart or so?