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  1. When I try to stop peing i don´t have a chance of leaving it there, I have to finish after a few seconds only otherwise I get cramps.
  2. penis chastity devices

    Great to hear, happy journey!
  3. I want erectile dysfunction.

    Sounds where did ou get the belt?
  4. penis chastity devices

    No, not really! I celebrate here tonight, I am finally free of all male underpants in cotton, the last three went up in a fire tonight! I am finally free!
  5. I want erectile dysfunction.

    Great! Do you have to take the tablets all the time or was it a "knock out effect"?
  6. penis chastity devices

    I cross my fingers for you, your"journey" this time will be interesting in a double sence!
  7. I want erectile dysfunction.

    Have you had any other side effects with those tablets? Like heart or so?
  8. penis chastity devices

    How good connections do you have to the officers in security? Are you going to fly on a regular route?
  9. What is everyones diaper wish

    My eternal wish is that I get a job again that would provide me with money to be able to go and buy new diapers.
  10. penis chastity devices

    Mark! Congratulations, I would love to change places with you!
  11. Mark, I cross my fingers for your success!
  12. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    I plan for a barbecue on new years eve when the last four cotton boys underwear will be part of the heating and one of the articial fibres will go in the waste then not to pollute the environment with them, then there will be only one left without fly. It has quite a nice print too.
  13. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    I went down in the basement of my apartment block and got the bag where I´m storing my male underwear, and made a search in the bag all of them in cotton with either fly or bad elastic went in a plasticbag and in the waste so now I only have four cotton ones and two in other materials. Great to have made that step!
  14. Disability Fetish?

    I have a dream as Dr King said but mine is that there somewhere in Europe would be a hotel where you could go and "get handicapped" in different areas for some time.
  15. I haven´t worn diapers for quite a while but suffer from that afterdripping nevertheless.