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  1. Hey I'd love to chat one day. I live on Vancouver island though.

  2. British Columbia Canada

    I live in south Okanagan. =) Would love to meet up someday.
  3. Do You Have Lg Clothes? Where Do You Get Them?

    I have trouble finding decent and modern LG clothes as well. I suck at sewing too but I might have to learn how to make them if I want them according to my specifications and preferences.
  4. A Call Out To All The Other Tg Dls

    Nice to see others TGs here! I am MtoF and completed my transition in 2009 (at age 26). I need touch ups now and then (such as laser hair removal), that's all. I am 30 years old and I'm DL/LG here (ageplay approximately 3-7... it's a fluid really). =) I wear diapers on and off for over 20 years now.