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  1. Hey there, get in touch
  2. i'm 33 years old and live in south east london uk and Also into history, Art galleries,Theatre,antiques,wild life,walking,spiritual,zoo,old properties,outdoor,movies,traveling,cooking and i got Speech sound disorders involve difficulty in producing specific speech sounds (looking for abdl friend,daddy,sister,mommy,family,brother )I want friend I can meet up and diapered 
    sad i can't wear here i live with family and share bedroom with bro and no hide place for diaper  but i got money to buy some but can't keep here kik jamesbennett800

  3. Hung around to 20 past, but wasn't sure any one was coming
  4. Count me in. I am down south for the day, but will be back in MK for 7ish. is anyone going to be wearing...?
  5. There is a Harvester in Loughton, MK which is a bit quieter than other places. Could meet there and all being well, we could have a bit to eat - it has a bar and restaurant??
  6. What about mid week - say Wednesday, 30th March?
  7. Hi all i know we had a back and forth last year about a local beds / north bucks meet, but don't think anything came of it. I would certainly be up for meeting folks at a local pub for a quiet beer later this month perhaps? Any takers?
  8. Hey there, I am based near MK if you wanna chat / meet...
  9. Anyone free over the next couple of weekends?
  10. I would be - I am in Bucks, 40 mins by train to London
  11. I would be able to do something then. :-)
  12. Anyone free this week before Christmas or over the festive period?
  13. Sounds good - no one free over Christmas?
  14. So... When we going to make this happen then?
  15. I am in Bucks and would be good to chat / meet sometime