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  1. okfineillregister

    The Underjams Are Here. Wow!

    Thanks... yea I see I may need to do some modding.. probably the same as goodnites- a half a panel added to each side- In order to make it look right. But yea I still think it will be worth it.
  2. okfineillregister

    The Underjams Are Here. Wow!

    Can someone please post pictures of them wearing this product? I'm just curious to see how they look on a person[instead of stretched over a flat, black board]
  3. okfineillregister

    Abuniverse Shipping Update

    Yes I second that. Pretty Please with a cherry on top lol.
  4. okfineillregister

    Look New Pampers Size 7!

    Oh that is a very good question.. and I'll answer it. I'm a DL who sometimes has AB tendencies.. I really wouldn't consider myself a full AB.. I don't like half of the items/actions/things that go with it. I would say same for my boyfriend. And sometimes we don't have any AB tendencies so we lean stronger toward DL. But one thing we both appreicate are cute diaper designs and coming as close to the original [baby diapers] as possible. We've tried many adult diapers including Bambino and yes while those fit better and hold more, we still like to play around with Size 7 etc for the novality and just to see how good it can get because we didn't know.
  5. okfineillregister

    Abuniverse Shipping Update

    Hey thanks I appreciate hearing your thoughts. I think I might just place an order now well gotta wait for more money lol but after that I def. will.
  6. okfineillregister

    Abuniverse Shipping Update

    Yea but what I want [and probably what everyone else wants] is a review!!! Some questions: 1.)How are they different from Bambinos.. are they thicker or thinner? 2.)Do they hold less or hold more? 3.) Do they actually fit differently too because from what the picture of the ABuniverse ones look like.. they look cut differently like they don't come up as high on the waist etc. 4.) How is the plastic is it softer or harder or about the same as Bambinos.. 5.) Also, is the plastic tape zone comfier than Bambinos because I find that the tape zone is really annoying sometimes because its too hard/crinkly.... I'm dying to know if I should place an order
  7. okfineillregister

    Look New Pampers Size 7!

    Well I don't know about modding the butt lol but I'm trying to mod the diaper so it fits more of the butt in...I'll post update pics if it works out.
  8. okfineillregister

    Look New Pampers Size 7!

    Ok well kinda... listen up because this might be helpful for you. So... I bought the new Pampers size 7 diapers and I did a little experiment with my boyfriend [He’s a DL with a smaller waist so it’s all good lol] The question is how do they look unmodded and perhaps if you haven’t thought of this how do they look modded? Here I'll show you Then how do they fit unmodded and how do they fit modded? Here I’ll show you. [Keep in mind that my boyfriend’s specs are 33/34 inch waist and 39 inch hips] As you might be able to tell the unmodded pics look more proportionally correct however they did not fasten without the aid of duct tape and repeatedly came undone [Making it impossible to sit down or really enjoy without worry] Now the modded pics And as you might be able to tell the modded pics look out of proportion and the height is much better but they don’t cover the butt in terms of width as well but they fasten better without the aid of duct tape. So which is better? In my opinion, what matters is how big you are. Since it didn’t work all too well for a person with a 33/34 inch waist, I wouldn’t try this on any bigger waist than that… but on the other hand if you do have another technique for modding it might work better although I doubt it. If you have below a 33 inch waist... this technique might just work for you. Oh by the way, I am not posting how to actually mod this here... but if you’d like instructions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] [Crosses fingers to see if this will actually post pics and work correctly lol]