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    From the album More Diapered Sissy Baby Pottypanties

    I have always thought that the first time I wore a full slip petticoat was when my sisters first dressed me up when I was 8 or 9. Recently my elderly mother, gave me some more pictures of me wearing dresses and fluffy petticoats when I was 5 years old.
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    From the album Wearing stent and diaper

    Stent in, diapered in plastic pants, guess I am ready to go to bed
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    From the album Misc. Pics

    Plastic Backed Vintage Toddler Pampers in the Purple Cardboard Box These are the Pampers I wore in the late 60's early 70's. and they are the best. My Pampers were plastic backed, crinkly sounding, and had a great Pampers fresh sent. I only remember a couple times when I wore diapers as a baby. But even then I enjoyed them. I would pat my bottom in my playpen and fall asleep to the crinkly sound of the white plastic like outer cover of every Pampers diaper back in my early childhood. My Pampers didn't have the adhesive tapes either. Two cloth diaper pins word fasten Pampers to the waist for a snug and secure fit. Taped fasteners weren't introduced until 1972. By then I believe I had to say goodbye to my Pampers and only wish I could still wear them. Now most disposable diapers have a cloth like backing. I've always disliked most of all the current diapers available. And there's so many more available now then back then. I believe there were 2 if not 3 brands available back in the early 1970's. One brand I remember were Kimbies that were replaced with Huugies diapers in the late 70's early 80's. Also, there was a smaller brand called Chuxs. Everyone else used cloth diapers and plastic panties if they weren't ready for a relatively new twist on a old diaper. Back in the 60's-70's, cloth diapers were still used more and disposables like Pampers were used on family outings and special occasions. Now, disposables are used much more than cloth. Even today, cloth diapers are not the same as the off white and never absorbent enough old cloth predecessor. I really miss the vintage diapers from my early childhood. Guess I will have to spend some money next time a purple cardboard square box is available. There really is a special appeal to the early style of Pampers from back then
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