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    • Like you I have never needed to use makeshift diapers. By the time I was born my Mom was totally urinary incontinent. So was her mom Granny V and all of Mom's 4 sisters. My sister Penny is 5 years my senior. Therefore there were always stacks of gauze diapers in our home. My memory starts when I was almost 4. By then I was toilet trained but my bladder was tiny and over-active. Penny and I were nicely asked to wear 'just-in-case' diapers for trips and special events so Mom kept a few vinyl panties in my size. By the time I can remember I had a younger brother and sister, neither toilet trained. I do not remember wearing a diaper to bed unless I was sick, but Mom made it clear all of us were free to play in diapers when we wanted. Penny and several of her gal pals did so until she was 15 at least a couple of times a week.
    • I sometimes fall asleep at the computer.  So yeah naps are great.
    • we will take good care of her and find her a loving home
    • There seems to be an issue this morning in the chat room.  I go to log in, and I just get a blank chat room.  Private and Chat Rooms headings on the left, but no names, nothing at all.

      I don't recall who is usually "on" at this hour of the morning, so I figured I would just post it in here