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    • I stop reading and close the book putting it away as i lay you down leaving you to nap. I turn the baby monitor on and go watch tv
    • 10.)   There were silver domes over each of the place-settings, with Ister and Anibella at their own, and one in between the two of them, a seat which the woman led the girl to and helped her into before pushing it back in. The three of them all looked so similar, now, childish attire, diapers hidden beneath the lip of the table, but only Luzy wore such color in her cheeks. "Good morning, my princesses. Your favorites, of course." Each of the domes were polished to a mirror, and that meant that Luzy could see the blush of her cheeks looking back at her, up until her food was uncovered. French toast. Izzy had pancakes. Anibella had waffles. All three were pre-cut-up, with dulled , rounded-off forks and no knives.   This was stupid.  I wanted to say it out loud, but it wouldn't do me any good.  Acting like a brat would make me look like a brat.  I needed to be dignified.  Demonstrate none of this was getting to me.  But it sure felt like it was getting to me… so I picked up the little fork and took a bite of french toast.  And Jesus Christ, it was good…    It didn't take long after the woman sat down across from the three of them for the usual pattern to occur — Ister reached her fork to Luzy's plate and took a piece, giggling. "Wan some." Which made Luzy look up in exacerbation, but the woman only smiled, and when she did, Anibella took a piece as well. There was clearly only one way for Luzy to respond to that, and both the other girls plates sat unguarded.   I liked my french toast.  I liked it a lot.  And she took some, and then the other one!  Ugh.  Why was this happening?  This wouldn't happen if they saw me as a babysitter!  So I took a bite of pancake off Izzy's plate and shoved it in my mouth, only a moment before realizing what a childish thing it was to do.  I turned back to my own plate with freshly pink cheeks.   The woman waited for that to occur before she brought order back to the table with a slightly-elevated children. The damage was done, though, so to speak, and Luzy had already responded as a child. That each of them kept to their own plates after that was irrelevant. Before they were finished eating, there were sippy cups placed in front of each of the girls, each with their favorite morning drink — orange juice, pineapple juice, and chocolate milk.   I didn't touch it.  I was thirsty, but not that thirsty.  And I wasn't going to play into this anymore.  I'd made one mistake, one silly mistake, and I was paying for it.  The diaper, the outfit, the swearing, and all this.  This food, and my behavior.  I wouldn't make another mistake…    Ister took her drink. And so did Anibella. Luzy didn't, but the woman wasn't too concerned. Things would take their natural course, and it only took a few moments for one of the other girls — Ister — to reach for the chocolate-milk. Luzy grabbed it. Quickly. Protectively. "Loozy!! You're not even going to drink it!"   "You'll get a stomach ache." …not true.  I mean, juice and milk was pretty much the least exciting combination of drinks, but it wouldn't cause her to feel sick.  I just… it wasn't hers.  She needed to learn manners.  So I held it in my lap, away from the girls, and sat quietly while they both drank.   "Drink your milk, Luzy." Just now, the woman was having her breakfast delivered by Marta — eggs and bacon, with fried tomato and mushrooms. It was the furthest thing from a child's menu option, contrasted starkly to what the girls had all eaten. "You won't grow up big and strong if you don't have your calcium, princess."   "I'm not thirsty.” A lie.  I just wanted this to be over and done with.  But both the others sipped at their cups without a care, and I sat between them, waiting.  I just needed to be excused so I could get changed.  I just needed to be away from everyone.  And more than that, I needed my damn phone back.   "You can have it now, sweetpea, or you can have it when Marta changes your diaper — but milk is important for a growing girl." Her fork slid across the plate as she smiled up at Luzy, and watched as Izzy worked one of the hair-ties free from her pigtails. In about 30 seconds, she was going to start braiding Luzy's hair, which would further deflate the girl.    "I don't-" I sighed, taking a deep breath, and tried to center myself.  I needed to not let her get to me.  I needed to prove I was beyond this. "I appreciate the gesture, but I'm not thirsty.  And as for my attire, I'm fully capable of takin-" The girl's fingers worked through my hair, and I turned to look at her.  She pulled on the strands until I faced forward.  She was braiding my hair…    The protests faded quickly, and the woman smiled, returning her attention to her meal as Anibella got the same idea and started to work on a matching-but-slightly-assymetrical braid on her side of the girl. Children. That's what they were, and by necessity, born of a need to survive. "Drink your milk, honey."   I fingered the top of the sippy cup while the two girls worked my hair into braids.  It wasn't uncommon.  I'd had children braid my hair before.  I'd had a lot of boys learn how to braid hair, too, because of it!  I didn't have long hair, not like Izzy's, but it was long enough for little braids, all in all.  This was normal.  I was still their babysitter…    The process was built upon voluntary surrender. Coercion as required, fading to voluntary surrender. And surrender didn't happen too significantly, early on, but accepting the sippy would be a notable step for Luzy. One that the woman was certain, by now, that she'd take. The sippy was just a vessel. Just a means to an end. That it meant so little to any other person and meant so much to Luzy was only further suggestion that it was inevitable. "Nuh no, Anni, you gots make them tighter, like this, see?"    "Ow, jeeze…." The girls braided my hair and tied them off in little bows at the end.  I sighed, patting the back of my head when they were done.  I was sure I looked like a kid out of an old movie or something.  Luckily for me, when it was done, the woman excused the two girls, who both got up and went into the other room.  I got up to following, but it wasn't quite the same idea. "Luzy.  Stay, please." I sighed and sat back down.   "Your milk." The woman started, setting her silverware down on the plate. “It's your favorite, and you won't even try it. Over the fact it's served in a sippy cup? You're in a onesie, with uneven braids, and a diaper mostly hidden-away from sight. Did the way the girls treat you change, at all?" All in all, it actually hadn't, but maybe that was because they always treated her as a child like them.    "Yes," I said simply. "They're treating me like a kid, like one of them.  And I'm not thirsty, alright?" There was more, though.  Not just the sippy cup… "You have work to do.  I have girls to watch.  So I'm going to change, and we're going to pretend this didn't happen." Again, I got up from the table.   "Luzy. Sit." Twelve hours ago, Luzy would have made a fuss, demanded to be respected and make her own choices. She sat back down, though, and the woman stood instead. "They're treating you as they have since they met you last night, Luzy. You're overly sensitive, paranoid, concerned that what you wear or what you drink from can somehow change who you are."   "I'm an Education major.  I know the proper way to conduct-" "Then you know acting childish is the best way to approach children, to be part of their group." "But they have to respect you enough to listen when you aren't their friend anymore!" "Did they not listen to you?" "…she… tried to take my milk, and…" "And you said not to, and she listened." "…I just want to change.” "Not because of the girls, though?" Fuck her. "I just wanna change.”    "You'll be changed when it's deemed necessary." Stern. Factual. The sun is warm. Indisputable. "If your diaper is tampered with in any way when I check on you, you'll be in trouble. You're to set a good example for my girls, and show them that you can follow the rules — rules are important around here, and I'm sure you understand that."   "I'm not wearing this anymore." "And why not?" "Because!" "We've proven it has nothing to do with the girls, yes?" "…it's the principle…" "It's selfishness.  You're changing out of what they wear because it's what you want.  And in reality, your job comes second to yourself." …that wasn't true, right? "…it's not like that…" My job was one of the only things I was good at.    "It's not, then? So you're happy to continue wearing that, yes? For the sake of your job, for the sake of the girls. Because you're a professional, aren't you? Your portfolio indicated that you were, so prove it. Put your job first, put it above you. Wear what the girls wear, because it puts them at ease with you. Shows them that you trust them, so that they can trust you." The logic was simple, if not twisted. But twisted in a dizzying way, hard to follow, perfect.   "I'm…" She had me cornered.  Cornered with logic!  Ugh!  Who would have thought… "I want my phone back, at least.” "You can have it back later." This was so unfair.  I wasn't a kid… "I'm still not thirsty…" "You will be eventually." …ugh. “Can I be excused?" She nodded and I got up from the chair, following the path of the girls into the next room.
    • Actually those are exactly the type I want, nice and compact, a trim fit, simple pad inside the pants, and completely 100% poly vinyl chloride plastic.

      I imagine easy to wipe clean, as only sweat from the plastic sticking to the skin, and urine.

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    • I was saying that it was likely the Tranquility Slimline Breathable.  
    • Hey mammabug I know i may be a littlw late to the entry, but i hope you enjoy yourself and if you wanna chat bout anything at all, you gots me :3