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    • I don't think this story needs to continue. It is complete as it is.  I think it is a wonderful story of redemption and relaxation for someone who didn't know what he was looking for . Kudos to the author.
    • I remember mommy overseeing my bath time as a child.  Trusting me to wash all over, but always checking if I did an acceptable job.  Many baths ended in a scolding and good wash by mom.  Playing was just way more fun than washing. i wonder if Charles was a baby boy doll in diapers like you or a boy doll dressed as a big boy as a reminder of what you should hope to become?  My teddy Bosco was a naked bear that I sometimes pinned daddy's handkerchief on as a diaper.
    • He seems to be regressing at a good pace. Mommy will soon have her little boy back. I am enjoying this story. Please update it as your muse allows.
    • "oh, my diaper, I can change myself, thanks, do you mind if I use your bathroom to change?"
    • Mike best friend has set him on blind date when he meet her he saw that she wears diapers.