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Hello everyone, I've come to you today with a continuation of a story I've been authorized to co-author about Louise's difficult life. 

First a brief summary of the topic and then her new chapter,

⚠️ Triggers warning about: alcoholism


Louise is sixteen years old and has a life that is very complicated by her height, often mistaken for a child, and her mother who was an alcoholic.

Chapter 01 

Louise is a sixteen year old teenager, Louise looks more like a child than a teenager, she has a body of four, she lives at home with her mother but her life is not easy, her father was a lawyer but when Louise was three years old her father was in a car accident and her mother never got over it and drank too much, her mother's name is Monica. 


Monica was a super good mother, she liked to go to her daughter's plays and read bedtime stories, but after her husband's death she drowned her sorrows in drink, she tried to stop drinking, her psychologist told her to find other things to do So Monica started looking on YouTube for things to knit, yôga, and cook but she saw a lot of diaper review videos and she wanted to do as well how she would make her daughter wear, At first Louise thought her mother was playing house with her, but as she grew up it was humiliating how much acting she had to do, and in her room she had everything a child needed, toys, teddy bears, dolls, and several diapers. Louise has already thought of running away from home but the resentment and fear of leaving her mother alone is too great and in a while she will be eighteen and she was going to leave home but until she washes the way and continues to play her mother's game 


Louise came home after a long day and Monica had answered the door and smelled alcohol and Monica spoke up:


" let's shoot a video" that was the sign that she would be wearing diapers and then Monica said " someone wet their pants" she pulled up the front of her pants and threw water on them and now it looked like she had wet herself. Monica already had the camera in her hand and started recording and then he did the intro and said " today we went to the mall and Louise had a great time but when we almost got home she had an accident " he showed her wet pants and continued " she's not ready for potty training but now let's take a shower and go to bed "Louise had to leave wearing a princess bathrobe and her mother resumed the recording " guys I bought a new diaper for my little one let's see how it looks" she was taken to the room where Monica did the unboxing saying " this diaper with animal design, flexible fit and tape and that the child does not take off by itself the ideal consumption for those who have a smart baby". Then Monica laid her daughter down on the changing table, which they got at a fair for small children, she did the whole procedure and Louise was wearing the diaper that had a perfect fit and Monica said "we also have a beautiful pink jumpsuit with a zipper back and let's see how it looks". i

Monica put it on and it also turned out well and she said "and there is one more thing, the formula that you will take today was also a gift" Monica went to the kitchen and brought the bottle Louise tasted strawberry and went to sleep Louise didn't know it but there were doses of diuretic in the formula and it was for children who have problems going to the bathroom.

Chapter 02

Louise's heart sank as she realized that her mother would be going out for the day and a babysitter would be taking care of her. Normally, when a babysitter was around, Louise would hide her baby items and try to pass as a regular child. But this time, things were different.


Louise was already wearing pajamas that required help to take off, and to make matters worse, her mother had given her a bottle of milk the night before, not knowing it contained a diuretic. As a result, she found herself in a wet diaper, adding to her discomfort and unease.


Desperate for a way out of her predicament, Louise cautiously ventured out of her room, hoping to find something that would allow her to remove her pajamas and regain her sense of normalcy. However, as she turned the corner, she collided with a young woman with blonde hair and a warm smile.


To Louise's surprise, the woman scooped her up in her arms and introduced herself as Megan, her nanny for the day. Megan's cheerful demeanor momentarily distracted Louise from her worries, but she couldn't help but wonder what was in store for her now.


Gently cradling Louise, Megan reassured her, saying, "Little one, I'm Megan, your nanny. Haha, let's get you out of those clothes." With a nurturing touch, Megan carried Louise to the living room, where she spotted a pacifier and instinctively placed it in Louise's mouth.


Aware of Louise's fondness for pacifiers from the videos her mother had recorded, Megan sought to make her feel comfortable. "I know you love these in the videos," she said with a playful tone. "Now, let's see if the baby food is ready."


Louise's heart sank even further as she realized that she would have to play the role of a baby for the duration of Megan's presence. The realization weighed heavily on her, leaving her torn between her desire to be treated like a normal child and the reality she couldn't escape.


Megan continued to cradle Louise in her arms, her smile unwavering as she grabbed her cellphone and started recording. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, she began the video by announcing that she was going to take care of a special child that day, focusing the camera on Louise.


In a playful tone, Megan revealed that Louise was famous for her videos, capturing the attention of viewers through her mother's recordings. She highlighted Louise's unique charm and the popularity she had gained in the online world. Although Louise had mixed feelings about being in the spotlight, she couldn't deny the impact her videos had made.


Megan concluded the introduction by stating that she had accepted the babysitting job not because she enjoyed taking care of children, but because she saw it as an opportunity to record content with Louise and potentially boost her own channel's growth. It became apparent to Louise that Megan's motives were driven more by personal gain than genuine care for her well-being.


With a swift touch on her cellphone screen, Megan ended the recording. She then shifted her attention back to Louise, gently placing her in a feeding chair positioned nearby. As she prepared Louise's breakfast, Megan shared her thoughts, admitting that babysitting wasn't her preferred line of work.


Louise couldn't help but feel a sense of unease and confusion. She wondered if Megan truly understood her needs and if she would be able to provide the care and attention she longed for. The sudden realization that she was merely a means to an end for Megan's own ambitions left her feeling even more vulnerable and uncertain about what lay ahead.


As the chapter drew to a close, Louise found herself grappling with a new set of emotions. She pondered the true intentions of those around her and questioned whether she would ever find someone who genuinely cared for her well-being, rather than using her for their own purposes.


With a heavy heart, Louise prepared herself for the day ahead, uncertain of what would unfold and desperately longing for the return of her mother her's love and attention.

These chapters were written by the original author and this is my part and I will continue to comment on them. 

Chapter 03

Louise was sitting in the high chair in the kitchen, eating the horrible porridge that her mother had invented and claimed in the videos to be her favorite. It was a peculiar invention that her mother had once made to attract a company looking for children to advertise. However, Louise had missed her chance, and now she was standing there, forced to eat that unpleasant concoction. She grimaced as she tasted the first piece. Megan, her nanny, sitting next to her, noticed the look on Louise's face and said compassionately: "It's really bad, love. Let's take your milk". In the videos that Monica, Louise's mother, posted online, she claimed that Louise didn't speak very well due to developmental problems. However, for a teenager who was wearing a wet diaper, the situation was even worse. As Megan got up to get the bottle of special formula for Louise, something caught her eye. On the can of formula, there was a discreet description, mentioning "small doses of diuretics". Louise frowned, confused. She pointed to the wet diaper and said: 


"Wet to...". Her voice faltered for a moment, but she wanted to express her need to be changed.


The situation was childish and humiliating for Louise, but she knew that she needed to keep up the appearance of a baby so that her family would continue to receive money from the advertising company. Megan took the bottle and handed it to Louise, trying to ease the situation. Louise started to drink the liquid, but her head was full of dark thoughts. She was afraid of what the morning had in store for her. Gradually, the strange mixture of porridge and formula began to fill Louise's stomach. She felt a sense of unease and anxiety growing inside her. She knew she would have to face another day of pretending, of being treated like a helpless baby, when in fact she was a teenager with dreams and desires of her own. As she finished her bottle, Louise looked at Megan with worried eyes. She didn't know how to deal with this situation any longer. She wanted to be free to be herself, without having to submit to this cruel game. But for now, she had no choice but to resign herself and wait to see what the morning would bring.


Megan picked Louise up in her arms and carried her into the bedroom. As a reluctant nanny, Megan didn't like looking after children at all. She had dreamed of becoming a successful blogger, but all her previous attempts had failed. However, a new opportunity had fallen into her lap. As Megan put Louise in the changing room, Louise knew that this wasn't the first time a nanny had had dark intentions. She had been through this before, and that feeling of vulnerability and fear was beginning to take hold of her again. Megan gently removed Louise's pyjamas, revealing her wet diaper.As Megan began to change Louise's diaper, she opened the door of the cupboard that stored the young girl's diapers. She took out a new packet from the Personality brand, which promised protection for up to 12 hours. A mischievous smile formed on Megan's face:


"Let's do a test with the new diaper," she said, revealing her true intentions.


Louise watched Megan's every move intently. She knew that this new diaper wasn't just an attempt to find the most efficient product. Megan was taking the opportunity to humiliate her and keep her trapped in this increasingly unbearable farce. With a lump in her throat, Louise held back her tears and prepared herself to face another day of pretending, of being treated like a baby when her wish was to be recognized as a teenager with dreams, desires and a voice of her own. Every step she took towards the living room was a painful reminder of her emotional prison.

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