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Luna’s predicament




It all began with a flash,then a boom, and finally an infinity of sensations once forgotten came like a tsunami to Luna after the banishing of nightmare moon.

Things like breathing, coldness and tiredness came crushing to the poor princess, now finally free from that curse born from ancient hate.

Alas she was free, Free, but she didn't have much time to ponder as she succumbed to exhaustion.



“This is it ?” said twilight exhausted from such extraneous activities

“Yes it is” said Celestia in her usual optimistic tone

“But, I don't understand ?” said twilight confused

Were once stood a mighty foe,now was but a little filly

“Magic and alicorn biology are things truly mysterious,I didn't know what her banishment and subsequent exorcism would entail… such a predicament.”She said now stoically

“So what now ?” Said twilight wishing to go to bed, of course not before reading a 50 page essay about Blue eucalyptus lilies.

“Now it is high time me and my little sister go home” Now a bright, brighter than the brightest of suns adorning her mouth.


Now Celestia began her journey to her palace, now with an added package in the form of her little sister.

Whilst for her subjects a restful night was ahead of them, for the princess of the sun, the night had just begun, as she had now to prepare everything for the reintroduction of her sister.

From a room to rest, medical staff to attend to her wounds, tutors to teach her all the things she missed during 1000 years, to a hundred other little things.

Indeed things were going to be quite occupied for the bearer of the sun, but she was genuinely happy over the development of the affair, and whilst she was preoccupied about the predicament of her sister, she could do nothing to change it, indeed it was a good night.


Sooooooo the prologue to my first ever kink story, yay i suppose, just to be clear i don't know how long this whole affair will be but hey, who cares?

Thanks for reading and have a goodnight.

Chapter 1


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When Luna woke up that morning at 4 am she was mainly confused, after waging a military campaign against her sister, getting banished to the nearest celestial body and then renturning to be exorcised by a pink unicorn and her friends, to finally become a smaller and clearly inferior version of herself, a younger one to be precise, she was confused in many levels.

The first being of course her body alterations,the second one the foreign medical equiement littered along the room too advanced and alien to even begin to make assumptions about its purpose, the third one was the weird padding between her legs, perhaps somekind of garment? or maybe it has a functional purpose? either way she was too tired to try to satisfy her curiosity, as such 6 minutes later she went back to sleep.


When she woke up again at 11 am the room was more animated than it was before, mainly from the presence of two ponies, the first one seemed to be somekind of nurse clad in white blouses with a red cross in it, and the second one was rather familiar.

"Celestia" i said rather than in my typical royal voice, but in a more quiet, raspy one, prety pathetic if i must say, but my sister seemed to have picked her name using her attuned alicorn senses.

"Pardon me mr Reeces Puff, could you give us some privacy?" she said in a foreign accent and manner of speech.

"Of course my majesty" And with the same efficiency as a wooden spoon, he soon got out of the room

"What happend" I said in the same voice as before

"It's been a thousand years from your exile and 5 days since you are in this hospital, after your exorcism, due to the immense pressions your body suffered, it has reverted to a more ancient one, due to injuries,stress and magical interference you also lost many of your typical magical, physical and even cognitive abilities, along with many of your memories, but fear not Luna, from what the doctors deduced this predicament is not permanent and all of your capacities shall eventually return" She said now harboring a smile capable of killing diabetic ponies,one of the reasons she leaved out the poor diabetic nurse.

"So the tecnology" I managed to say using all my force of will

"Yes it is really advanced now, i fear to say that most of the knowledge we once held as true is either wrong or outdated, apart from the basics"She said now with a shy smile

"And what about the feeling of dampness in my crotch?" I said now harboring my last inquiry

"Oh, Ooooh that,remeber when i said how i said you lost most of your physica capabilities? Well it also affected your pottytraining, and you'll have to regain your pottytraining once you're out of the hospital, but that wont be till 2 weeks, you're in bad shape and need a diaper, and from the smell of your diaper it is now more than wet, worry not i wil immediatly call the nurse!" She now said a grinn appearing in her face.

To my absolute horror what she said seemed to be right as now a squishy and sitnky lump seemed to have materialized fromnowhere and felt more to come, all the whilst more pee seemed to flow towards my now leaking diaper

The only thing i coud do as the nurse lifted the once pink now yellowish blankets revealing the pitiful state of my diaper was to using all my strenght to put my hooves into my eyes in a vain attempt to hide myself from the current humillation, as a clearly disgusted nurse started his task. 





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Chapter 2

It has been a week since Luna was admitted to the hospital, since then a flurry of emotions ranging from positive to negative were felt.

Happiness,knowing that she once again had control of her own body and didn't have to live in a constant nightmare.

Sadness knowing that all the ponies she once knew had perished and only her sister remains, and her actions against the ponies of equestria both past and future.

But mainly she felt frustration, frustration as to how once the mighty princess capable of wonders and feats deemed impossible was now a filly with barely any physical or magical capabilities, who solely depended on others for task as simple as moving or bathing herself, to a loss of other skills once held as true such as eating by herself or going to the bathroom, that last one being the greatest of them all.

During this week she had borderline no control on herself, whilst during the day she could hold the inevitable for a good 30 seconds before going she still was nowhere near capable to go to the bathroom, she barely could stand and do some steps before tiring herself, much less speeding to the little filly’s room!

Thankfully leaking wasn't as much of an issue as she now was assigned thicker diapers that could hold a tremendous amount of both pee and fecal accidents. 


In general each time she woke up to see her sisters sun, she would feel an horrendous sensations of both wetness and mushy stickiness hailing from her now soiled diaper, and as such had to wait for a nurse to come change her, a process that could either take minutes or hours with her only distraction being counting the 84562 holes that littered the roof of her room symmetrically, watching the blue lilies Celestia gave her each time she went to visit her in the hospital,wich werent even her favourites a she probably forgot which one were as she always does, fortunately being a princess meant she could only be her for 10 minutes max as her duties keep her occupied from her familial duties, at least something didn’t change from before her banishment, and of course reading childish books that Celestia had the decency to bring her, and whilst she knew that those books were meant to be read by ponies 8 years older than her in physical terms, and by itself was a feat that she could read them, it was still frustrating how she had to read children books rather than the newspaper or something else, and she struggled to read the more complicated words, sometime ago she read a book about a foal who got transformed into a rat by an evil sorceress, apparently it was written by a pony named Regal Dhol, but i finished it yesterday, alas things werent as simple during the nights.

The nights were so much, much worse, apparently due to both stress, trauma, fear and nightmare moon magic still affecting her, each night rather than dreaming and having a restful night, she had horrendous nightmares where she either was tormented physically or mentally, this night it was about her being stabbed by a thousand needles constantly perforing her flesh.

And that's where she stood now, after having such an horrible nightmare two hours and a half ago i was in my bed, my diaper relatively clean, it was still damp and a bit poopy but a lesser amount than normal, currently reading an adventure book about a mare who was tricked by an evil entity promising her to be a magical filly and fight the evil of the world, Maredoka magic was the name, and i found the plot really relatable.

That was until a nurse named, if I'm not mistaken Chocolat Vanilla came to my room to check on me.

“Hi Wuna” she said with a smile brighter than my sister’s sun.

“Hi” i said in timid voice, since my return to equestria my confidence on myself never was the same, the once confident and powerful princess replaced by a shy little filly, unfortunately my regression also meant that my once verbose self was replaced by a timid voice who couldn't help but stutter and mispronounce somewords, including my name.

“How are you today ?” she said whilst she approached me to check on my bandages,administer my pills and of course verify the state of my soiled garment.

“I-im f-fine”I struggled to say, only when truly concentrated in talking could I speak without stuttering.

“I see i have to tell you two things Wuna, firstly good job in keeping your diaper mostly dry, it isn't necessary to change it right now it can still hold” She said soothingly

At her words I blushed slightly, once again being reminded of my predicament and the uncomfortableness of my situation, not to mention the smell.

“Secondly i need you to follow me, we need you to be in a special room when we can administer you something very important” She said while helping me get off the bed.

Without a word i followed her to where i was meant to be, it was a lengthy travel, not because it was actually far, no, it was because i was just so slow, nurse Reeces Puff proposed i use a wheelchair to go faster, but Chocolat Vanilla said that overall it would be detrimental to my health, due to the time spent in the moon without moving an inch plus my sudden body regression my muscles became almost non existent and atrophied, the only solution to repair the damage was to constantly take my medication and of course make exercise, after walking for about 50 meters i was exhausted, and could feel my damned soul leaving my poor atrophied and cripled body, the rest of the path was effectuated being carried by Chocolat Vanilla in her mouth, which maked me seem like a kitten being carried by her mother, to the point i could hear some giggles from both the staff and patients, to my great displeasure, the only thing i could do during the rest of the travel was to ponder if they were mocking because of the diaper? Or because of the way I was being carried, either way it was horrible, and sucked!

Once we arrived to the room i saw a room full of foals and chairs with medical equipment i didn’t recognise, during my awe, Chocolat Vanilla gently put me in the ground, unfortunately due to my lack of motor skills and equilibrium i ended falling to my butt causing the poo i had in there to be distributed along the rest of my diaper, that had the unfortunate result in making me do an loud squeak, making the whole room both of foals and adults to focus on me.

And yet again giggles now more audible hailing from the many foals could be heard, clearly directed to the foolish looking filly, in other words me.

“What i-is goi-ng t-o hap-ppen n-now” I asked my oral skills cripled by both my stuttering and the dread i felt towards both the other foals and whatever medical procedure i was to receive.

“Well now you see, we are going to take these needles, and inject their contents into your bloodstream so you can develop an immunity”she said in her usual cheerful and patient self.

But I couldn't really process the true meaning of her words as my heart stopped when I heard the words needle and inject in the same sentence.

No more than a microsecond after my head was filled by dread, panic and fear!

Oh no they want to kill and torture me, the dream i had was not just a nightmare but a prophecy!

I could hear Chocolat Vanilla try to say something but I was too occupied swimming in dread.

This line of thought and other variations of it descended into pure panic as now the priority was to escape.

Whilst all of this happen, my body wasn't faring better, my legs taking the initiative tried to run but ended up tripping over myself, all the whilst, due to the fear my bowels started liberating both inordinate amounts of poop and pee which both leaked to the marble ground, pee clearly being more present as a puddle formed underneath my hooves, which caused me to slip in my own urine when i tried to escape anew, both provoking a thunderous laugh from all the foals in the room, and an exasperated sigh from Chocolat Vanilla and finally in a last ditch effort to try to save myself from perceived certain death, i tried using my magic, for the untrained ponies in the room it may seemed that i tried casting a spell only to fail in a inoffensive rainbow flare of magic, akin to what a newborn unicorn could do, the more savvy in the ways of the arcane would know that i casted an extremely ultra compressed powerful ray of magic which fortunately went to an open window and caused a landslide in an uninhabited mountain 6 kilometers away from Canterlot.

After that last stand, i went limp and began to fall unconscious, not due to magical exhaustion, but to the immense fear and humiliation i felt, my last memories of that day were hearing a collective thunderous laugh of foals and fillies mocking and insulting me for my current predicament, whilst the puddle grew and grew and more poop started stinking and leaking from my now useless diaper, the last action i could do before the embrace of unconsciousness took me away, was to start tearing up.







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Chapter 3

It has now been a week since my… Exaggerated reaction let’s say, since then few things changed in my routine around the hospital.

Firstly I was proud to announce that I was now able to walk 100 meters without assistance whatsoever.

Secondly, all my wounds were now cured and my vaccines were administered while I was sleeping.

Thirdly, and most important news, I was finally going to leave the hospital after two weeks. At any moment my sister would come and pick me up to what I could guess will be my new home.

Which was also a good timing as I was getting tired not only from the white walls of my room or the food but also the mean spirited snickers directed at me. In ages past few ponies would ever dare to mock me in front of me, now, if my past self saw me, she would clearly laugh at my face.


It was now 6 PM and Celestia should appear at any moment to take me away to my new room and life.

Trying to readjust my position to be more comfy whilst reading the ending of Maredoka Magic, whilst doing my best to not squish the poop in my diaper all over my butt,again, which i promptly failed, causing me to emit an exasperated sigh at a now common occurrence.

I was now ready to pick another book as I finished Maredoka Magic, but my subsequent action was cut short as a blur of magic appeared in my line of vision, revealing none other than my sister.

“Hello Luna”she simply said.

“H-hi Celestia” I said in stuttering due to both my surprise and characteristic stuttering mixed with anxiouness.

“You know you can call me Tia, we are sisters after all!” She said optimistically accompanied by a chuckle at the end. 

At that moment I remained in silence, I just didn’t know what to say, and apparently neither celestia, as she was catching up to my silence, as such an awkward silence began in the room.

“Anyway, it's time to go home now, I already checked you out of the hospital, are you ready ?” She said once again in her characteristic self.

“Yes” I managed to mutter without stuttering.

What followed was 186 seconds of me struggling getting out of bed, failing, ending up falling to the ground causing even more of the poop to smudge all over my butt and crotch, rising myself up and finally doing some shaky steps towards her.

During this whole ordeal Celestia at moments seemed to be keen at helping me, but ended up only watching me struggle against gravity and myself.

Without a single word uttered Celsestia casted the teletransportation spell anew, vanishing into the aether to once again reappear in front of a pheonician purple door, with a moon made of silver adorning it, and the name Luna carved and then engraved in gold appearing at the top of the oak door.

“Here we are, wanna do the honors ?” Celestia said, referring to opening the door.

Which I promptly tried, and failed as the oaken door was too heavy for my current strength to buckle.

With a pitying look, celestia opened the door for me revealing the marvelous design.

It was a deep purple color with drawings of stars littered along the walls and roof who seemed to faintly glow in the dark, there also was a bed with bars surrounding it, clearly the purpose was not to imprison the occupant, but to keep them safe from falling, there also is a desk fitted with all the supplies needed for all kinds of academics pursues, a library where books ranging from academic to fiction seemed to be neatly divided, albeit there were many blanks in the shelfs and finally, most curiously there is also a toy box, and whilst it was closed, i could clearly guess its content and purpose and finally a changing table filled to the brim with all kinds of supplies needed to accomplish its function.

Seeing my interest, celestia broke my line of thoughts.

“It seems you like it, I am very pleased by that, if you need anything you can either tell me or tell it to one of my servants” She said, exposing her trademark smile to me.

“Now would you care to join me during my dinner” She said with the tiniest amount of hope in her tone.

Whilst the proposition of food was tempting i was very tired and rather preferred to sleep

“I'm ve-very eepy” I managed to lie whilst somehow yawning at the same time.

“I see” She said genuinely sad, which made me feel slightly bad for my negative, but i shall stand my ground.

“In that case i bid you my goodnights sister” She said whilst levitating me to the bed, to afterward extinguishing the lights and closing the door behind her.

The last thoughts before the embrace of morpheus took me away, was as to what the future awaited me. 


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Chapter 4

I woke up in my new room being welcomed to the waking world by both the soothing lights of the stars present in my roof, but more pressing a stinky smell that i was becoming too familiar with, and a mushy sensation over my crotch, butt, legs and lower back all the while being accompanied by a dampness that expanded all across the bed.

Indeed i leaked while sleeping that night and completely soiled both my diaper and bed.

It probably was due to a combination of going to sleep with an already used diaper and this night nightmare consisting of me running around a dark forest while being given chase by a monster.

Either way it sucked.


Thirty minutes later i was still in my bed trying to escape it, yesterday i thought i could easily trespass the barrier, after all it was meant to prevent me from falling over not imprison me,but it seemed i over estimated my physical capabilities,asi couldn't manage to get out, when i tried to lift myself up, i ended falling once again to my bed, and my wings were not useful either, at best the could lift me some centimeters from the ground before stopping.

As such in my last attempt i ended up failing again,and to make matters worse i needed to use the bathroom, but without any option i couldn't do anything but to stall the inevitable, and after 27 seconds of resisting i started leaking once again from my already used diaper, as both pee and poo exited the soiled garment.

To my absolute horror just as the flood of my bowels opened, so was the door of my room, exposing myself and my unstoppable leaking to my sister Celestia who looked surprised and another bat pony who seemed to be taking pity on me.

“Hi Luna, I see you just woke up, I hope you slept well, we need to talk about your new routine if you don't mind” She said clearly, ignoring what just had happened, and going straight to business seeing my embarrassment.

While I was keen in telling her that I was already awake 30 minutes ago, the embarrassment of my most recent accident plus the explanation as to why I was stuck in my bed made me stay silent, as such I simply nodded at the same moment my body decided to stop leaking.

“But firstly i wanted you to meet your personal caretaker, Milky Way” She said finally presenting the second pony in the room

“Hello my majesty, my name is Milky Way, it’ll be an honor to serve you” She said while doing a slight reverence

“He-hewo” I managed to say, still under copious amounts of embarrassment due to having an accident in plain sight not only in front of my sister but worse, in front of my new caretaker.

She responded with a warm smile that seemed familiar, but couldn't pin it down.

“Tomorrow you will pass some tests to know exactly in which level you are academically speaking, then a physical aptitude test and finally a magical test, as to know what your future tutors shall teach you, are you okay with that” Celestia said plainly.

“Yes” I said, finally without stuttering.

“Good but before that you clearly need a change and a bath, i'll leave you two alone” And yet again she went to continue with her duties.

“Well time to start” Milky Way said, before picking me up and carefully putting me in the changing table, she then proceeded to change my now extremely soiled diaper, leaving me with nothing.

“Are you ready for your bath, my majesty?”She said soothingly as she took me in one of her wings and transported me to the bathroom included in my room which I didn't notice until now.

“You ca-can call m-m-me Wuna” i said in a barely audible voice.

“Of course Wuna'' she said as she started, I was tempted to correct her from the misuse of my name, but gave up knowing well that the most likely outcome would be me mispronouncing my name again and embarrassing myself even more.

What followed was a moment of bliss to which i never had the pleasure to experience since returning to Equestria, as milky way untangle my hair and cleaning my fur stained by my nightly and daily accidents in ways that the hospital never could, at the end of the venture i was cleaner than i ever was since…Ever.

What followed was Milky drying me with a towel, finally going yet again to the changing table to get a new and surprisingly thicker one, with a finesse and precision I wasn't expecting.

The new diaper was double the size of the one’s given to me in the hospital, but rather than the plain white from before,these new one’s seemed to have illustrations of repeating stars randomly printed around the whole diaper, with a big moon the front with a nice light pink background to harmonize the whole, overall i had conflicted thoughts on this diaper, in one hoof it was comfier and more protective, on the other hoof it was also more childish and embarrassing to be seen with.

Finally the time cam to take a simple breakfast consisting of pieces of fruit and orange juice, unfortunately whilst i could with effort eat the fruit without making a mess, the orange juice had to be taken with a sippy cup, not that it mattered as halfway through my drinking i sneezed and ended up wet from juice, at the end Milky had to hold the sippy cup whilst i sucked, which sucked. 

Overall my first day wasn't bad, but I felt myself dreaming of these tests, as i spent the rest of the day sleeping.

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Chapter 5

I woke up in a cold sweat this morning, it took me sometime to calm down enough to fully analyze the situation at hoof.

Tonight I dreamt that whilst doing my test I started messing myself and everypony laughed at me, not as horrorific as some others I had but still painful.

After a bit of internalizing i decided that i needed to care about my physical condition now, and indeed without surprise i pooped and wetted the bed, but rather than last time were my diaper felt that it could lek at any given moment if it hadn't leaked when i woke up,this time my diaper held perfectly fine and don't felt full or damp at all even thought the poo in the diaper still was horribly uncomfortable.

After a littlemore examination I realized the pink background was now mixed with the yellow of my pee and some brown spots, notably in the butt area, furthermore most of the stars were now partially faded and the moon disappeared.  

I thought of trying anew to escape from my bed but gave up before trying knowing it would probably be useless.

Fortunately 15 minutes laters Milky came to my rescue

“Good morning Wuna, how have you slept?” She asked while approaching me.

“Gwood thanks” I said whilst she reached down and took me to the changing table

“I’m happy to hear that,today you have a big day in front of you with all the tests, are you ready?” she asked while wiping down my dirty butt

“Yis” I managed to say whilst she put an enormous quantity of baby powder in my butt.

What followed was Milky putting me into a new, same diaper and going to the private dining room to get me breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of oatmeals with fruits and orange juice, whilst trying to eat the oatmeal i spilled a spoonful, which prompted milky to unfortunately put me in a baba as to not dirty myself,and in the case of the fruit juice i’ve already proven myself incapable of consuming it correctly as such i had to suck it from the same blue-ish with bright pink hearts sippy cup, unfortunately for me during the whole duration of breakfast many servants snickered and made fun of me in whispers.

After more than filling breakfast, it was time for the first test. For the duration of the exam I would be put alone in a room with Milky to supervise me whilst I did the exam.

-4 hours later-

After 4 freaking hours of writing and thinking i was finally done, the calligraphy was incredibly sloppy and would be difficult to read, and the harder questions were left blank, but after 4 hours i was finally done, finally going to give my finished copies, i noticed that i clearly filled my diaper unknowingly during those tests, such was my concentration, due to the sudden realization of my unknowing accidents i tripped over myself and spilled all my papers.

“Princess are you okay!” Milky exclaimed rapidly rushing over me to assist me get up and get me tended.

“I-im fwine” I managed to say whilst tearing slightly.

After helping me get on my hooves and taking all of my exam sheets Milky said

“Well Wuna, it is now time for your second test, the physical one!” She exclaimed

“Now the distance between the dining room and this room is about 200 meters. You'll have to try walking as much as you can, okay?” She stated

Which i promptly nodded, and as such the second test begun, and prematurely ended after only 70 meters of walk,due to the added bulk of the new diaper plus its soiled state plus me tripping over earlier meant that after 70 meters i was already panting heavily and couldn't take a step further.

“Well… 70 meters in 5 minutes,it’s a start” Milky said with a pitying look in her eyes.

After that i felt myself being carried once again to the dinning room to go and take lunch, what followed was some sort of yellow goo/mush wich Milky spoon feed me much to my displeasure, as the horrible savor and texture made me want to vomit, but what followed was arguably worse,as the chosen drink for lunch was warm milk which milky clearly intended to feed me through a baby bottle, i tried to resist even more, but my efforts were not a match for the strength and dexterity of milky, at the end i drank a full liter of warm milk.

After that pose it was timeformy final test, the magical one, this one was to be made in a specifically designed room made for it.

Finally i arrived to the room in front of me was massive Albino unicorn which easily towers over any other pony i’ve ever seen except my sister, without further ado he coldly stated “Levitate one of the feathers towards you”

What followed was me trying to levitate a feather towards me without success. I either used too much and the feather exploded in plasma, or used too little and didn't even bulge. After twenty tries I was out of feathers.

“I-i-” I tried to explain my failure till I felt a sharp pain in one of my main feathers.

“You'll try again till you succeed, if you have to use your own feathers so be it” he said while ripping apart my principal feather from my left wing, now slightly dripping with Blood.

After 5 more attempts each one arguably better than the first twenty, but also more painful. I still had not succeeded, at this point I was already tearing up both from the abuse and the failures.

“Again!” He exclaimed while ripping apart my last main feather

But rather than trying to levitating, wherever it was due to pain,sadness or whatever other emotions, i started concentrating an incredible amount of magic around me, quickly disintegrating the feathers and some chairs near me, the instructor tried to stop but it was in naught, i couldn't control it anymore, that was until a rock hit me and knocked me out, ending the magical maelstrom.


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Chapter 6

I woke up once again in a haze,took some moments before the events of last time came back and started crying, because of the pain, humiliation, inaptitude and much more.

Once i was considered the best magician rivaling star swirl and capable of manipulate the stars themselves, now i was a filly who couldn't even do a simple trick of telekinesis, and from the conditions of my now missing feathers nor could i soar the beautiful stars with my now partially missing wings, nor could i properly walk without stumbling or getting tired, truly i was a mess,and speaking of messes my once pink diaper,was now a disgusting fusion of sickly yellows, and disgusting browns, the stars that once littered around the diaper were completely fade, with only some in the extreme sides persisting their shape, the moon was also completely gone, replaced by a mesh of yellow and browns.

Now completely awake i realized that my diaper who was supposed to be resistant towards leaks, leaked, now my mattress completely yellow and some parts brown from my constants accidents,the white and light blue design of my blanket now ruined, the only thing i could do was to continue to cry, which wasn't that long as almost immediately after came milky.

“Mil-mi-milky” I said whilst still crying profusely,now even more due to her presence.

“Shh,shh now Wuna, calm down, i’m here everything will be fine now, i’m here” she soothingly said whilst putting a a rubbery thing to my mouth, i tried to say something else but the rubber plus my now whimpering made it sound like mumbles, i then spent an indefinite amount of time crying while she cooed me, during the whole venture i accidentally peed myself on her causing me to cry harder, but even then she still comforted me, what followed was her untapping my dirty diaper and then going again to the bathroom to bath me, at contrary to my first experience in the bathtub, this one i couldn't enjoy as i was still whimpering and emotionally conflicted to fully enjoy it.

Afterwards she dried me and put me in a new diaper, this one was double the thickness of the last one with clouds in the background and a striking white all over it,with a big cartoon’ish smiling sun in the front of the diaper, following the same purpose as the moon from my last diaper.

“Now, now Wuna, Princess Celestia requested your presence. She was quite urgent about that so let's go without taking more time” She said now a little nervous.

At the mention of Celestia i started panicking, in general celestia was always mean to me even before my banishment, constantly playing mean spirited pranks on me in public, bashing and insulting me in private and even going to the point of hitting me when i tried to contest her, it is one of the reason i tried my hardest to stay out of her way and ignore her, in fact the only memories i had of her where she being mean and horrible to me, and whilst it may be a trick from nightmare moon to make me miserable, the fact those memories existed meant that she was trouble.

I already did not trust her and didnt wanna go, she probably was just waiting for the moment to strike, and that was it.

My paranoia is only increasing each step milky took, to the point i felt my magic bubbling without my control, till… something in my horn blocked it.

When i tried to ask her about it i realized i was still sucking the rubbery thing, as such i took it off and let it hang it around my neck thanks to its collar to which it hanged, now free of that speech impediment i asked

“Milky wha-what is th-the zing in my h-horn?” I asked inquisitively.

Without losing the momentum she responded “Oh, it is a metal collar used for canceling unicorn magic, whilst it is commonly used for criminals, it can also be used for colts and fillies who don't control their powers well, like you! Right now you have the highest setting, but worry not with enough training I'm sure you wouldn't need it anymore!” She said optimistically as she always does

I had few moments to process as we arrived to Celestia’s office door, It was made of birch wood and had the words “Office of princess Celestia” In a neatly fashion in a brass plaque, without further ado Milky knocked 3 times the door, 7 seconds later i saw the door open via telekinesis revealing none other than princess Celestia.

“Thanks milky for bringing her you may now leave, Luna come here” She said seriously, Without further ado Milky parted ways to attend her other duties, not before doing a quick reverence.

 With shaky steps I began walking towards her office, each shaky step caused by lack of motor skills and fear bringing me closer to damnation.

Celestia was probably going to heavily punish me due to all my failures.

Without any advertisement she rose from her neatly organized to approach me with her massive steps, as she did that my mind was rushing through the worst scenarios she could do to me, akin to my mind, my bowels started rushing pee and poo as my fear grew and grew with each ginormous step, and couldn't prevent myself from falling to the ground still vigorously shaking from fear, then finally she arrived her mighty stature looming through my struggling body, then she did it.

She hugged me.

“I’m sorry Luna, I am so so sorry for everything, since your eyes closed, mine have not stopped crying. In these difficult times, in this brutal war that is my life, my love for you is the only thing that gives me the strength to keep going, waiting for you and now I have ruined it." She said between sobs.

WHAT, is the only thing I could think after that show of raw emotions. 

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Chapter 7


Celestia pov


In hindsight I've never been a good sister, or a good pony towards Luna, I knew that yet I continued on a path that would only cause further pain.

It all started,as most things simple, during that time i was 10 and Luna 5 and we were happy, that is until our parents queen Celestine and king Luan died, since then i was thrust into a world of responsibilities, the day after i was given no time to mourn before i was told that i was to become the herald of the sun whilst Luna the herald of the night.

Since then the rest of my childhood was of me either studying politics for when i finally reach the age a regent, isn't needed anymore and can claim my birthright as princess, and take my duties as the bearer of the sun, and training for that magic intensive task that was raising the sun.

As such to decompress i often mocked and played crude jokes on her, like that one time I replaced her cereal for gravel, or that other time that i transported her into the sewage system whilst sleeping, as i felt that she didn't suffer as much as me, in retrospective she probably was working harder than me, even though she didn't need to do that much magic training, as the task of organizing the stars require large amounts of knowledge in arithmetics and physics rather than sheer brute force, even now i struggle to make the more complex space phenomena like meteor showers or blue moons.

It even become worse when i reached the age where i could execute my powers, i now had to do the titanesque task of raising the sun which seemed more akin to a fight against a chained beast, all the whilst my sister continued studying and training, since then not only my cruel ways continued but also started ignoring her when she seeked me and berated her when insisting going to the point of sometimes conjuring flames to leave me alone, i didn't want her to tell me about some random nebula or her favorite flower, oh how i regret it.

Then it was her time to take her duties, at first all went relatively well she was in charge of the night and the more fine tuning things, i was the one that made the bold exclamations and made most of the public appearances, and whilst i still berated her, i thanfully stopped doing those mean spirited pranks.

10 years later and things started going sour, whilst i had many contacts and everypony loved me Luna still was largely alone, in general i was always the most charismatic of the two whilst she was the smart one, but by the fact that early childhood she had to start training and studying for her duties whilst i had ten years of relative freedom made her social skills inexistent, sure i could’ve helped her, i KNEW how to help her but i decided against, at that time i put the excuse that she was a grown mare even though by Alicorn standard she was barely an adolescent much like me, furthermore during that period i was really narcissistic and maybe because i didn't care or maybe because her suffering bringed me joy in a twisted way i started actively sabotaging her, at first it started low, not mentioning her, speaking when it was her turn but overtime it only worsened i started taking credit in her projects, excluding her of events and alienating her and the few followers she had.

Then it all began when she secluded herself in her room after i ridiculisised her once again in front of a crowd and everyone laughed, tears in her eyes, at that moment i didn't think much just petty Luna once again falling to her tantrums.

Then a day passed, then another and another, three days later and nopony have seen her. At that moment I thought that maybe I should check on her, but alas I didn't.

Three weeks later, Nightmare Moon appeared and war began. At first I thought it was going to be an easy 3 day operation, oh how wrong I was once again.

3 months into the conflict and 80 000 had been lost,i thought that with my superior magical capabilities it was going to be an easy task, but the precision and quality of Nightmare spells were greater destroying mountains with ultra compressed laser or teletransporting thousands of powered up troops by her runes in mere seconds, it all came to an end during our last duel.


“Well, well, well what do we have here, didn't expect you to choose the everfree forest of all places” The nightmare said mockingly

“What do you want, abomination?”I said, filled with righteous fury.

“We’ve been fighting now for 4 hours straight exchanging our more powerful spells all the whilst directing me to this forest were due to the chaotic energy i am the strongest, you are quite confident” She said with a wide smile

“I owe you no response you fool, you absolute buffoon” I said now more annoyed than anything by her words

“Ouch, is this how you treat your little sister” She said with a mocking grin

“Pfft, Luna is nowhere to be found that coward probably escaped by the prospect of fighting” I said dismissively

“Oh but you are in front of her, poor poor Luna nobody wanted her to the point that the only friend she had was her own shadow, at the end she couldn't take it even more and left me in charge in exchange of peace and that everyone will love her” she said in a sing song voice

“Hmpf serve her well that traitor, Luna was always the weak one” I said spitting Luna’s name

“Wow you really are mean towards her, are you sure you aren't the demon ? Even i treat my little brother the Night Haunter better.” She said now genuinely surprised

My response was an lance of fire directed towards her head

-Super cool fight later (just imagine something cool)-

After thirty minutes more i was at the end of the rope, in previous tries i couldn't harmonize myself to the elements of harmony as they wouldn't accept me, but as Nightmare charged i felt something stirring and a flash of light happened, next thing i knew was that Nightmare had been banished to the moon, soon after the elements leaved me once again saying that in a 1000 years she will return and couldn't kill her due to the lack of synergy between me and the artifact.

The months that followed were a mess In one part I was furious by Luna Treason to the point i ordered that luna was to be removed from the records of history and that all her contributions shall either be attributed to me or to Star swirl, on the other i was tired as now the country was in shambles and had to stick everything together.

In the following years everything became harder, without Luna I had to learn how to balance a compatibility sheet and learn more about the bureaucratic system Luna held together, as such I saw my work doubled. 

The decades passed and things only became more bleak, as i grew older and wiser i realized that ponies really saw me only as Princess Celestia and not Tia and that eventually they only really cared because of my status, furthermore some of the few ponies i truly trusted began dying, yet i remained.

As time passed and now became a full adult by Alicorn standards i began missing my sister,i realized that the only reason i hated her was just as an unhealthy coping mechanism and that i should’ve been better and was too proud to admit before, but now alone in the confidence of my room i could say that i missed her, i missed her dorky mannerisms, her interest in the seemingly most boring subjects, I miss the fact that she was the first to truly love me unconditionally, yet the damage was done.

I tried to make her reappear in history lessons, attribute her the praise she deserved, attributing all the inventions and acts I took as my own, but nopony cared, nopony remembered her and as such the name of Luna became forgotten much like she was in life.

As the centuries passed,I became capable once again to feel worthy love and give of my own but that nagging feeling remained, I just couldn't rest till I redeemed myself even though the appeal of just dying after centuries of service appealed to me.

Since her return I tried to be as kind as possible, but I could see that she felt deeply uncomfortable with me around, the slight trembling, the worsening of her stutters and the twitching of her left eye revealed to me that not only was she uncomfortable with me but also feared me.

As such I waited, I waited patiently for centuries. What were some months or years? Or at least that was the plan till her instructor of magic attacked her, whilst Pale Flare was the best teacher in magic in all of equestria, excepting me, he also is a deeply religious man seeing Luna as a demon following the doctrine of the sun church, once again my past mistakes bite me,i should have dismantled that military organization after the war but i was so angry and wanted an organization that burned everything related to Luna, it eventually devolved into religious organization but at that point it gained too much traction, to dismantle it .

As such once i ruined everything, again, now I needed a new plan and called Luna to my office to show her my true colors, and to say what i truly feel.

When she arrived she clearly was incredibly scared, even the most stupid of ponies could tell,and with some steps i began the most stressful endeavor i ever made in the last millenia.


~I'm sorry for the wait i was deeply sick and couldnt post,i know fully healed and can post anew~





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Chapter 8

Since I returned to equestria many things were in my head, literally.

When I returned to my new body, I had so many memories that a small body like mine couldn't hold, as such I blacked out immediately after my return.

But since then I had enough time to actually organize my memories, when I wasn't occupied being a living ball of angst or struggling to do the most simple tasks.

I only remembered the most impactful things from my now distant life, in the positive category i remembered walking and contemplating life in a garden full of blue eucalyptus lilies, organizing the stars for the first time and creating my very first constellations and being told by large ponies who proud they were of me and no matter what they would always love me, those ponies being what i could suppose be my parents even though i couldn't remember what they looked and their last words in their deathbed before passing away.

On the negative side, I could spend days remembering slights and other cruel acts towards my person, which I did during my stay at the hospital.

I remembered that time when i was 8, i showed Celestia a drawing of me and her to cheer her up after her latest test went awry, and once she saw the drawing she turned it into a ball lit it on fire and threw it to my now burnt face all the whilst saying profanities that even though i couldn't remember the exact words, i remembered who it made me feel and how that night i spent crying myself to sleep.

There was also that time when i was 14 i was eating dinner with her and with a sudden movement of telekinesis made me plant my face to my soup and was severely reprimanded and punish by my etiquette masters who wasn't the wiser to Celestia cruelty, that night i remember mainly spending it with two heavy books in my feathers having to balance both of them without making them fall.

Another memory i retain was when i was 24 where I spent half a year organizing and reconstructing the compatibility method permitting greater tax revenue and better organizations to all ponies, and after 7 months of hard works and all nighters how Celestia came and in a single day whilst i was resting after spending 5 days in a row without sleeping due to the project convinced everyone that she was the one that made the reform and all the extra income was her doing, i remember that night who i immediately stomped out of the reunion room whilst everyone laughed at me for my uncouth attitude, once in my room i remember starting to cry in front of my mirror before my reflection changed to a being that started calming me, which in the future would be known as Nightmare Moon but during that period would be my only friend before she betrayed me and started hurting me much like Celestia was but worse.

Afterwards the rest of my life was both a haze and in part not even mine, i remember how that fateful last year i began isolating myself from everyone spending more and more time alone in my room with my only friend, whom rather than insulting me or taking credit for me empathize with my situation and comforted me, it went to a point that in the last months of that year i would spend 3-4 days without leaving my room without anyone caring and of course who would care? I was a pariah and a disgrace, the only reason i was around at that point was because i was useful for controlling the stars ignoring all my other qualities and my noble heritage, till one day my only friend told me that she could take away all my pain and that everyone would love me and the only thing i was to do was to accept.

Afterwards the rest was a haze i remember battles, i remember death, i remember blood, but overall i remember pain, each moment i was with Nightmare Moon was one of pain as my soul, spirit and body eroded, during the 5 months and 1000 years that i was Nightmare moon only pain was known to me.

Now i still remembered all of those things, i knew that the only reason i was kept around was because i was the only pony with the full skillset to fully modify the stars, and whilst Celestia been taking care of the sky it still was an amateur job’s, but that was in the past now that i failed that magical aptitude test i new that i was done for, that Celestia was going to use me as ritual fodder or plain old kill me, so why, WHY is she apologizing?!

























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Chapter 9


So now here i stood flagger blasted by celestia apology, i expected many things from this encounter most of them ending in a gruesome end, but yet here she was the bearer of the sun apologizing to me, unconsciously in a barely audible tone the only thing i could say is “Why?” not before breaking the hug with wathever strenght i could muster.

At that Celestia bit her lower lip, and took a deep breath “Because i was wrong, because i should have been there for you, not be your tormentor,and i am so so sorry” Celestia said with a remorseful grin all over her face.

“B-b-but why now!” I said screaming with now tears pouring down my eyes

“Because you are here now ,and you are my little sister, in retrospect i should’ve done this earlier but i was so busy and it was so early since you came back,but since the pale flare thing, i had to act” She said, determination and a hint of fury in her words.

“B-but why i d-don't deserve anything!” i said and it was true, a thousand years ago i thought that i deserved as much adoration from Celestia, that ponies should love me just for existing and was worthy of love, of course that isn't the case, now since my return i understood that from the moment i was born i was but a tool to be used and discarded, even Milky the only reason she cared about me was because of her work, at the end who would love me in their sound mind,of course due to my regression it meant that most of the time i was prone to emotional outburst, but in the few moments that my body and mind weren't a mess it was a fact clear as crystal that nobody cared about me, yet why?

She seemed so genuine, so warm. What happened to the ragefull and narcissistic celestia I knew? 

Why am I tearing up despite knowing it's a lie, a facade to further increase her social status.

So why did my body buckle under his own weight as I continued crying.

Celestia on her part rather than insulting me, burning me or fling me like a ragdoll to one of the walls, like she used to, she kneeled down to my level and… Hugged me once again despite my previous negative.

At that moment any pretense of strength left my body and started crying loudly and mumbling simple why’s constantly over and over.

During an unknown period of time, Celestia and I spend it hugging each other or rather she comforting me with her warm hug, as a matter of fact Celestia was so hot that if she wasn't her,I would've thought that she had the flu or another illness.

After some time I broke the hug much to Celestia's displeasure.

“Are you feeling better Luna” She said once again with her smile that was so characteristic it was probably trademarked?

“Y-yes” I managed to respond after some tries after being interrupted by my own tears.

“In two weeks there is a carnival in Canterlot, if you wish we could go together” She said with hope in her voice 

To which i went for another hug, that fortunately Celestia took as a positive of her inquiry, afterwards i fell asleep in the arms of Celestia and curiously this night i didn't have any nightmares.



Sorry for the wait, these days have been horrible as i’m struggling with university a lot and life’s been pretty hard.

As always thanks for reading, but please PLEASE if you could leave a comment in my story it would be greatly appreciated as right now i kinda feel i’m screaming into the void and nobody is actually reading my works, now with the rant over once again thanks for reading and have a good night!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 10

I woke up once again to a new familiar sight of stars shining in my room, and of course the dampness that accompanied it, even though the general stickiness of my garment seemed worse than usual as each minute movement I made only worsened the situation.

Furthermore, my once sunny diaper seemed utterly soaked with the front sun completely faded and the background showing a repulsive yellow with some brown in the lower parts, and whilst my previous starry diaper made it so that the accidents weren’t as obvious thanks to its darker pigment, this one did nothing to hide my repulsive inability to control myself, furthermore the added pad and whatever other design feature that made the last one comfortable to use and bearable when used, wasn’t present in this one causing me great discomfort.

But even with my present discomfort, I couldn't stop a joyous smile from appearing in my face at the events that transpired the last day with Celestia.

It seemed that alas the relationship with my sister could improve as i’ve always wanted, yet even though i knew that Celestia wanted to improve, doubts still lingered in my mind, and with doubts came fear about what she could do to me in case of failure to comply with her expectatives, last time was simply an exception, an action driven by emotion, i knew that much, but I also know Celestia, I know how her mood could change in mere seconds depending on the situation, and whilst for now she seemed kin on mending our connection, the best course of action would be to comply with whatever she says, and whilst righteous fury still lingered in my heart due to Celestia previous actions, the thousands of years of solitude and torture on the moon plus all the humillation and abuse during my youth, made it so that i was simply too tired and scared to act upon them, not to mention my current predicament.

20 minutes later, with no option but to ruminate in my bed with a utterly soiled diaper only accompanied by my thoughts, came Milky to check on me.

“How have you slept my little princess?” Milky asked in her usual tone.

“Fin-e” I said whilst Milky too me with her wings and put me in the changing table, but before she put me in a horrible and sunny theme and bulky diaper I managed to take as much courage as i could to say “A-actually, could yo-u please put me in a st-arry one?” I said whilst vigorously closing my eyes due to the now present fear as what Milky response could be.

“It’ll be better if i put you in a thicker one Wuna, you have a tendency to heavily mess yourself and you need proper protection” Milky said this time in a stern voice, that sent shivers down my spine.

“Pwease” I said now, tearing slightly both due to the Milky tone and my aversion to the new diapers.

“°Sigh°, fine but you will still use those during the night as bigger accumulations of pee and poo happen during the night, we don't want a repetition of your previous nightly leak after all”She said with a chuckle at the end.

At that i felt a sudden rush of embarrassment creep through my body as i recalled that night leak, all the while Milky cleaned me and this time put me in a star patterned diaper.

After the deed was done, Milky told me the plan for today. Firstly we were going to get breakfast, then I'll have 6 hours of consecutive classes with different tutors, afterwards we had lunch and finally explored the palace and then went to bed once again.

Overall a pretty complete plan for the day and without further ado I began in earnest.

Firstly the breakfast went well, it was just some fruit with juice. The only remarkable thing was when i accidentally put some fruit in my mane and couldn't get it out, at the end milky had to intervene and help me with my fruity problem. Unfortunately Milky still insisted on using a sippy cup to make me drink my fruit juice, even though much to my eternal embarrassment it was the correct decision as I accidentally tripped the container but nothing spilled thanks to being a sippy cup.

Afterwards I went to class, and to my great surprise it was pretty normal, no humiliation, no embarrassment, no magical shenanigans, nothing.

I had 3 classes each one being 2 hours long, with the theme being mathematics, history and language in that precise order, with each class being separated by a 20 minutes break where i could prepare for the next class, Milky could check on me and change if necessary, plus read some of the books Celestia gave me.

From all of them math was the most boring of them all, just teaching mathematical principle number 47 and doing some exercises about it, nothing too difficult, history was without a doubt the most interesting subject as it touched all what i missed during the last 1000 years and didn’t takes toll on my cognitive abilities as the other two subjects did, it was just hearing and enjoy. But without a shadow of a doubt the worst one was language, due to my time spent in the moon the common lexicon changed as such decaying my otherwise verbose speech into only the most basic of words, furthermore due to my stuttering each time the professor asked to read an excerpt from a book, i had to redo many times the exercise due to a combination of speaking in a low tone due to shyness and my trademarked stuttering, overall it made me feel dumb and incapable, fortunately the teacher was comprehensive and patient enough and didn't berate me for my failures.

But after those 6 hours came one of the best moments of the day, lunch.

Lunch itself wasn’t that special, for first i was given a simple salad with an olive oil dressing, pretty standard stuff but was still nevertheless delicious, fortunately i was able to eat it without much difficulty, which was noted by Milky as she congratulated me by it, afterwards a tomato soup was served as the main dish which unfortunately for me had to ask for Milky assistance to consume it, as my hooves weren't dexterous enough to properly pick the spoon, as such much to my embarrassment and from the giggles of some passing servants their boredom i was spoon fed by Milky as i consumed the soup, spoonful by spoonful. Finally as dessert we had of course, cake, Celestia favorite food, which was actually pretty delicious.

“What are w-we going t-to do now?” I asked now that lunch was over, completly forgeting what Milky previously said.

“Well, it is time for you to finally explore your home, I am going to give you a tour of the palace!” She said those words confidently, unkowngly my anxietylevels began to rise as the prospect of exploring was not the most atractive.

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Chapter 11


After uttering those words I was nonplussed by the initiative that milky wanted to begin, on one hoof I was rather curious for what Celestia den looked like, after all I only visited but a fraction of all the palace, but on the other hoof it meant that every servant and other denizens of the manor would see me in such a ridiculous outfit, after all I was their princess not a clown, even though by this point I was pretty sure that every pony knew about me, as I knew that rumors were faster than even the fastest of pegasus.

Unfortunately, I did not have much time to linger on the question as Milky dragged me to start the tour of the castle.

And what a castle it was, even though I only walked 150 meters before collapsing, the corridor i walked was full of art and luxuries that in the past I was too anxious to truly admire, as geometrical patterns and flowers blended masterfully all within the facade of the wall and roof, but not only that each room of the corridor was separated by statues, each one more beautiful than the other.

Yet there was something more at hand, all of the decorations seemed like a facsimile, a way to convey power and status, it didn't feel heartfelt, how typical of Celesetia, even though she tries to change some things forever stay the same.

After walking the previously mentioned distance, I was tired and fatigued as Milky picked me up and continued our tour.

As we went from corridor to corridor, from section to section things stayed the same, the same dullness to all the decorations, the paintings that seemed to be there for the sake of having something rather than its meaning or the stained glass that portrayed only the uneventful.

As Milky explained what each room was and its utility or the meaning of statue n°47, I've seen countless servants and other ponies that seemed of high status glare at me, and not in the  most positive way.

Some of them snickered and gossiped about me, others saw me with hate and disgust, whilst others simply didn’t care at all about my presence and simply continued with their duties, overall nothing unexpected. I was used to those types of things, it was normal after all, I am worthless as i’ve always been, the difference is that i now knew my place.

But it wasn't until three hours later that the only place that I remotely cared finally showed up.

“And these are the gardens, they are considered one of the most beautiful places on Equestria and it's also the place where Celestia spends most of her free time” She said with the same enthusiasm as she had 3 hours before the start of the tour.

And indeed i could clearly see that being truth, as we entered i saw a string difference between the garden and the rest of the propriety, as Milky guided me through the large gardens, it clearly seemed heartfelt wich was in contrast to the rest of the castle, from the golden apples that i remembered Celestia once threw to me in the head whilst i was out napping, to sunflowers that were her favorite flowers funnily enough.

But as we started reaching the end of the garden, a large blank space that had a sign saying “Reserved” appeared, as such I curiously asked Milky.

“What i-s it?”

“That is a gift from Celestia, she took a spot from another noble and gave it to you so that she could commission the gardeners to plant your favorite flowers” She calmly said. 

Unbeknownst to myself, I started crying towards the kind gesture, the Celestia I once knew would never ever do something like that. Yet she did, and I felt my body warming itself by her act, especially the lower part. It was probably the first time that I could at least remember doing something truly good to me.

Quickly catching my tears, Milky said.

“Are you okay?!” She said borderline hysteric.

“Blue eucalyptus lilies” I said, still in tears but not ones from pain, embarrassment or sadness but happiness.

“I want Blue eucalyptus lilies” I reiterated without stuttering.

“Understood” Milky responded, catching that my tears were issued from happiness rather than anything else.

“May w–we go ba-back to my room” I said tired after such a lengthy day.

“Of course, plus you need a change” She said joyfully.

And i indeed needed a change, the warmth from earlier wasnt from my heart but my leaking bladder, figures.

As such Milky carried me to my room whilst I was already half asleep, and didn't even react when she changed me to my night diaper, which by some twist of fate, showed prints of a sun, 3 minutes later i fell into morpheus domain.


-Bright Lamp-


I was pissed, why some may ask?

Because I as a guard had to endure the pain of seeing a demon of the night in proximity to princess Celestia without doing anything.

If I had the chance I would without a doubt erase that blight from existence.

Fortunately for me, the introduction of nightmare moon to the palace upset many nobles and other politicians who feared losing their power, knowing that it would not be long before they strike. I just had to be patient.


~I just firstly wanted to say thanks for reading my fanfic, but i also wanted to please ask some of my readers if they could please PLEASE reply or at least make your presence known, even a hi would be apreciated, only if to know that there is someone actually reading my works, thanks for reading trough my rant and have a good night!~

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  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 12


I Woke up once again in my room. If my memory recalls correctly, it has already been 2 weeks since I lived in the palace and 4 since I came back.

With that information now in my mind I proceeded to do my morning rituals, which consisted in struggling to get up, use all of my strength and dexterity to climb the bars, and finally unceremoniously fall to my butt towards the ground, which had the unfortunate result of smearing all of the excrements contained in the garment towards my lower body causing me great discomfort that not even after two weeks of wearing the sunny diaper every night could ever erase, it now has been 4 days since I had the ability to do so and couldn't be  more happy ,I suppose Milky’s exercise did pay off after all.

Afterwards I went to my personal library and pick a book, I had many to choose,ranging from academics to fairytales, but at the end choosed a mystery one called “Cryptonomicon”, afterwards I went to my desk and as gently as I could i seated down, still suffering by the horrid sensation and started reading.

An hour later Milky punctual as ever came to my door to either wake me up or inform me of my current obligations.

It took me a while to understand how she could be so punctual, apparently it was because of a clockwork that emitted an alarm at a specific hour, kinda like the evolution of a sundial, perhaps I should ask for one?


“How are you princess?” Milky asked, cheerful as always.

“I’m fine thanks” I asked without stuttering, lately my stuttering was almost non existent, except when Celestia was present.

“Any nightmares?” Milky inquired once again,this time her voice tainted by a hint of preoccupation.

“None that i can recall” I responded whilst putting the book in my desk without magic, it was something that neither I nor anybody else thought I was capable of, nothing new.

Afterwards without a word Milky started the now so common occurrence that happened every morning, changing my night diaper, then bathing me throughly and finally changing me into a diurnal diaper.

But rather than start citing my tasks for that day and then go to take breakfast, she rather started looking in a drawer for an appropriate change of clothes.

“What are you doing ?”

“Well today you are going to the festival with Princess Celestia, you need a proper wardrobe” She simply stated,accompanied by a chuckle in the end.

Oh,oh no, I forgot about that, and whilst I remember agreeing to that, it was mostly during the heat of passion.

But now i couldn't say no, Celestia would never let me live afterwards, I remember so many times were I tried to propose different activities as a way to mend our relationship but always ended in negatives,mostly accompanied by insults and passive aggressive responses, but when I once declined one of her invitations to a gala when she was 21, she threw a fit and a tantrum and defenestrated me using her telekinesis, fortunately i have wings, but the memory of broken glass causing cuts all over my body still remained.

Only thinking about it made me shudder and without me knowing it made me slightly wet the thirsty diaper, accomplishing its function.

As such accepting my fate, I just let Milky braid my hair into dutch style, and put a dress on my person, thankfully it was pretty big and hid the moon themed diaper I was using.

And without further ado, much like a sacrificial lamb brought to the altar, I marched towards a fate worse than death, a day with Celestia.


-Celestia POV-

I woke up every day at 5 am sharp, afterwards I showered myself, brushed my mane,and other minute things.  

At 5:30 I was more than ready to begin my day. I started by organizing some documents, giving some directives, and of course raising the sun.

At 6:30, I was done, in general it would’ve have taken me 14 hours of constant work to be done for the day, but today was not anyday, today was the first day in millenia where I could finally spend some quality time with my little sister, and after spending the last 2 weeks doing extra work to have this day free, I couldn’t be happier.

From the planning I've transmitted to Milky Way, they should be at the main entrance at 7 am, at this point they might even be waiting for me already.

As such with a decisive and optimistic trot I advanced to my destiny, like a lamb who’s been promised a treat.

When I arrived, both Milky and Luna were already there, and Luna with that little dress was so cute!

“Are you ready Luna” I said in my passive tone, using centuries of political acumen to not squeak out of joy.

“Y-es” She dryly said, hiding her face from me.

“Wait before we go, we need to change our appearances, two alicorns going about their lives might warrant unwanted attention” I stated, and with a flick of a horn where once two alicorns stood now stood a white unicorn, and a dark pegasus.

“So, now rather than Celestia you can call me Sunny it's my anonymous identity” I said confidently, I’ve used this secret persona for decades now and nothing ever happened, it shall serve me well anew.

“And you can be Andromeda like your friend..” After uttering those words I immediately retracted, Andromeda was a unicorn that once befriended Luna during her teens, even though they grew separated once she got a job at an observatory, and never tried to communicate with her ever again.

Even though she sent me carts bi-monthly to ask for greater funds for her observatory, and as sad as it was, it was the closest Luna ever had to a friend.

“I-i had a f-friend?” Luna asked surprised by her apparent connection.

It seemed that for now only the most impactful memories can be recalled by Luna, but as she grows up,more and more memories she will eventually regain.

“What do you want to be your false identity name ?” Quickly changing the subject so as to not lie to her about her “friend”. 

“Aurora is fi-fine I sup-pose”She said whilst profusely stuttering.

“Well then,let's go” I said, with a smile brighter than the brightest of suns.

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Chapter 13

And with those words we started marching.


During the first steps I took outside the palace I was immediately surprised by the incredible city that I laid my eyes on.

A city that could without doubt contain millions of ponies with all of their lives and amenities, further than that the buildings seem tall, taller than I could’ve ever imagined, I could only imagine the logistical nightmare that such a construction might pose, I was so surprised that I even peed myself a little and without the possibility of doing anything else, I stood there watching a particularly tall building, as the warmth spread all over my crotch, fortunately it quickly stopped and Celestia didn’t seem to notice the true reason for my lapse.

“Pretty Impressive am I right?” Celestia commented about my fascination.

“Y-es” I responded honestly, surprised by the massive size of the building, and internally thankful for Celestia not discovering the true reason of my lapse

“167 meters tall, the Fillydelphia tower stands as the tallest in the world, a true marvel of engineering” Celestia proudly Informed me.


Without further ado we continued walking through the streets of Canterlot falling into an uncomfortable silence, only increased by my slow pacing.

As we passed a bed of Flowers, perhaps as a way to break the ice Celestia asked me.

“Do you have any new  hobbies”

Once that question was casted, it made me stop in my tracks, did I have any things that I liked to do currently?

Of course reading was always something I enjoyed, but who doesn't?

Furthermore, before my banishment I liked to write poems, but most of them either were burned by Instructors citing they were a waste of time, thrown out as garbage by the people I dedicated them to or simply stored in nameless folders to never be opened again.

The only true thing I enjoyed was stargazing and astronomy in general, something that I couldn’t do, as such with a pained heart I uttered a single word.





I shouldn't have asked that question, now again Luna was sad because of me, and once again I had no one to blame but me.

I thought that bringing a neutral conversation theme would allow us to form a bond, after all that was diplomacy 101, but I was mistaken, I suppose not even a thousand years of diplomatic experience can guarantee an optimal result.

“I personally really like gardening, for example I have a bonsai that is over 600 years old” I stated trying to re-engage a small talk between the two.

“What is a b-bonsai tre-e?” Luna asked, dazing off from her lapse.

“It's a tree that is constantly groomed as to be miniaturized, the technique comes from Nippony, the land of Kirins” I said ending the phrase with a smile, it seems that my efforts were not in vain.

“Oh n–nice” She responded this time more slowly, it seemed as if she was tired of walking.

“Do you want me to teletransport us, you seem tired”

“Yes p-pwease” She said in the cutest way possible, if she and I were in better terms I would’ve immediately hug her, but alas things weren't that way,patience was needed, even though it seemed that I was going through a correct path, I truly hoped so.

As such with a mighty flare of my horn, we were teletransported to the festival entrance.




Colorful, it was the only way I could describe the entrance to the festival, it was so colorful that I felt as if my eyes were melting.

“Are you ready?” 


And with those words we entered the festival without problems.

From what Celestia explained, apparently she ordered some VIP tickets that allowed us to go faster in line and not pay for each individual attraction, which seemed to be a very good deal.


As such we entered the festival, where I was likewise met with a variety of smells and sensations and most importantly food.

After all I was starving as due to Milky rushing things I couldn’t take breakfast, and I was famished.

As we ventured further and further into the festival, Celestia unfortunately or perhaps fortunately noted my hunger.

“Would you fancy something to eat?”

“M-may I?”

“Of course, it's not all days you have the opportunity to go to a festival, have fun, even though the food is pretty unhealthy”

I didn’t really understand the unhealthy part, how could food be unhealthy?

But at the mention of unlimited food, I immediately lit up and went to a food cart that was selling waffles.

“Hewo, may I have 5 Waffles” I asked the vendor who seemed perplexed at my request.

“Are you want so many?” The food vendor tried to dissuade me, but alas no demon or god would convince me to give up my waffles.

“Yis” I said in the most serious voice I could muster but alas it ended up sounding pretty silly.

With a silent look the vendor inquired Celestia, or rather Sunny about my transaction, which she quickly acknowledged and gave her the positive positive.

The vendor not wanting to disagree with willing customers, shrugged it off and began her craft, 9 minutes later, 5 chocolate waffles ready for consumption were laid in front of me, which I quickly consumed at speeds that seemed impossible given my small size, but due to my regression and alicorn body, more food was required,which also explained the magnitude of my accidents.

Perhaps this day was going to be not so bad!

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Chapter 14




Once my Uber-breakfast, was done and my thoughts were not filled by an unending hunger, my mind wandered about the possibilities that laid in front of me, from the map of the festival provided by the clerk at the entry, the festival was divided in three sections one with attractions such as roller coasters and flying chairs, a second section with carnival games such as climb the ladder, darts and many others, finally there was a section with thematic attractions such as haunted houses and mirror labyrinth.


Now the dilemma was to either voice my want directly to Celestia, and most likely incur her wrath, or not say anything and most likely than not, ruin my day.


Perhaps… Perhaps I should try to express my thoughts, for now Celestia has been acting nicely to me, and even stated that she wanted to reconcile, furthermore what is the worst she could do, I was a foal, worst case scenario she gives me a severe punishment.


As such, reuniting all the courage my minuscule body had, I uttered those dreaded words.


“Ce-cele-stia, ma-y we go t-to the car-arnival games f-first?” I said closing my eyes, and tensing my whole body, fully expecting to be struck down like so many other times before.


But rather than being struck down like so many times before, I was met with something I’ve never seen before or never expected.


It was Celestia, harboring a smile, a genuine smile, not like the machiavelic or cruel one’s I was so used to, but a smile transmitting only kindness and warmth.

Furthermore I saw something else, her eyes, her tired eyes, those eyes were not those of the pony I once knew, no those were the eyes of an old crone who’s seen a thousand storms and seen the wheel of time turn countless times, yet projected an aura of honesty i’ve never seen before either in my past or present life, a withered look not befitting the princess of the sun.

And then it finally dawned on me, this was not the same cruel Celestia I knew 365000 nights ago, no this was a different pony, a wise and kind pony who waited all of this time for a single person, me.


“Of course we can, let’s go” She said happily, which had the effect of stopping my stupefaction at my realization.

Then in a flash a memory came, an old stallion facing a storm without fear,protecting me from its ravenous power, it was my father, so similar to my sister

“Ye-s sister, let's go” I said, before starting to go to those games.


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Chapter 15




Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, Luna has finally called me sister, I couldn’t be happier, I felt as if a weight that had been over me for a 1000 years was lifted, which it kinda was.

But alas I had to act with decorum, the fact she recognized me as her sister didn’t mean our relationship was mended, no, it would possibly take months if not years of effort before we arrive at that step,but it all will be worth it, as such with a decisive step, I acted my next move.

“Of course let’s go”

As such we began walking to our destination, I couldn't but fail notice Luna trotting weird, but I quickly noticed that it was due to the fullness of her garment, that at this point went from purple to yellow with many of the drawings having faded, and was now noticeably sagging behind her skirt, fortunately she didn’t seem to notice the fullness other situation, if she were to wet once more her diaper, most likely than not it would leak, as such one option remained, I had to change her.

As such quickly spotting a bank to sit and begin the process, I talked.

“Hey Luna you need a change”

To which, after uttering those words, she seemed mortified and stopped on her tracks, trying my best not to embarrass her further, I gently nudged her into the before mentioned bank to begin the process.

Slowly with shaky steps she began walking to the bank slowly, now being more careful with the state of her diaper, as such with a burst of magic I made an array of the tools needed for the task at hoof.

If you ever told me during my youth that I'll ever be reduced to changing diapers, she would've called you mad, but after so many centuries it was bound to happen, in retrospect it was incredible how many skills one picked up thanks to Immortality.

“I’m going to start”

“But everyone is gonna stare” she responded, her embarrassment palpable through each syllable.

“I’m sure everypony would have more important stuff to do than to watch you getting changed” I responded trying to reason with her, but alas the only response that I had from her was putting her hooves in front of her eyes, as to hide herself from an imaginary crowd.

As such, quickly and swiftly I changed the soiled garment with a clean one, ready to go play some rigged games with my sister.

“It is done Luna, let's go, the games await us” I said, diverting her from the embarrassing experience to a more cheerful one.

“Ye-s let’s go” She responded still clearly shaken

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Chapter 16




Still partially shocked by Celestia Improvised change in the middle of a crowd, I followed the best I could at her pace all the whilst giving furtive looks to anypony that might’ve seen the shameful display that was that!

Fortunately, as Celestia said none had taken particular interest in our messy activity, but looking forward I saw a foal with a pirate costume put a hoove in his nose in form of insult towards me and the particular situation I was, at that I couldn't but feel extremely self conscious about myself, and furthermore also myself, thus i tried sniffing myself and the diaper that I recently used now in a bag held by Celestia, a single sniff confirmed my suspicions I was indeed smellier than I ever could imagine, with a disgusted look I continued walking.


Not long after we arrived at the main games, filled with different activities each one of them more interesting, and with better prizes than the others, I was awestruck by its diversity.


“So what do you think, which do you wish to partake in?” Celestia calmly said, waking me up from my wondering.


“W-Whiche-ver is fine” I responded, in part because I did not want to further enrage my sister and in part because I simply did not know what to choose.


Thus she conducted me to a game which consisted of throwing a ball to some bottles to gain a prize ranging from some biscuits to big plushies.

Thus I took the ball, on my wing, carefully feeling it tolling down, unfortunately I let it go, while trying to catch it I trip revealing my diaper to the vendor and crowd, once again I couldn't but feel like crying after in the ground not even daring to rise in fear of also ruining like everything else, at the end it was Celestia that raised me and gave me the fallen ball to try anew, thus I steeled myself and.




Failure, it could manifest in so many shapes and forms, yet, if you were to ask someone an example of failure, they’ll give you the being in front of me, Luna.


After failing and falling, tearing up and then try again she failed to even come close to the objective, then she tried again, this time approaching closer to the bottles to no avail, the finally once again starting to tear up she threw the third and last ball towards the objective, which she touched, but did not bulge it, I looked towards the vendor, who gave me a negative with a defeated look, at that I decide to retire with the sobering Luna to the more commercial section, once again it was my fault, perhaps a drink would be better.


Hey I'm alive!

Yay I suppose

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