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Alternative to dry nites

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Hey I'm trying to find alternatives to drynites as ive put on a little bit of weight due to my hrt, and no longer fit in them, and other pullups just don't have the same feel, was just wondering if anyone has any that they know of that.

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Huggies markets Goodnites in North America, which go up to size XL, rated for 140 + lbs. I am a tick over 200 lbs, and I can squeeze into them, although they are not of much use to me, in terms of capacity. Above that size, you're primarily limited to white medical products, unfortunately, if pull-ups are your thing. 

There are a ton of great ABDL diapers with prints on them, of course, including cloth-backed products from companies like ABU that can look and feel pretty close to a Drynites, I would imagine, but they're most tabbed products - I don't really know of any ABDL pull-ups. Good luck! 

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