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Part 1:

“Hey, sis! Do you really want to accept mom’s treatment? This is a clear restriction of human rights.”

The 9 years old Audrey scolded her older sister Hannah. It was about 9PM and their mom just left their bedroom to say goodnight. A week ago, they would have gotten up silently, grabbed their phones and started chatting. However, their condition changed three days ago.

Both Audrey and Hannah liked the social networks, and they spent a lot of time hanging on them and chatting with friends. Fortunately, that activity didn’t affect their grades, but their mom Susan wasn’t enthusiastic about it. Both girls tried to trick her, and they logged on at nights. Of course, most of their friends were asleep, but Audrey and Hannah talked with some of them at school, and they found soulmates that were willing to chat late in the evening or even at nights.

Their idea almost worked, and they could spend several pleasant evenings at chatting until Susan caught them red handed. She wanted to check their clothes and entered their room; she expected them to be asleep.

“What are you doing? I believed you took my objections to heart, but you have tricked me. Well, it’s time change my attitude. I can’t trust you and I have to assure you won’t hang on the social networks at night,” She took their phones and left.

Audrey and Hannah startled; they didn’t know what their mom planned. She took their phones, but the grin on her lips revealed other plans.

The next evening, mom and dad entered the bedroom. They were carrying a bunch of rope.

“Here you are your phones,” mom put the phones onto the table, “however you won’t use them,” she grinned. Dad stepped forward and grabbed Hannah, wrestled her arms behind her back and mom tied her wrists.

Audrey stared at the scene wide-eyed; before she could react, her wrists were tied behind her back, too.

“You will spend every night like this. This will prevent you from using your phones.”

“Are you serious, mommy?” Audrey was shocked.

“Yeah, I am. I also want to sleep without being disturbed,” she left the room and returned with six large cloth diapers and two pair of rubber pants. She pulled down their pajama pants and put three folded diapers on their crotches. The diaper packages kept their legs apart.

“Lie down and I will cover you. I‘ll come in the morning and untie you,” she covered them, switched off the light and left.

The first night was terrible. The girls couldn’t fall asleep with their arms tied behind their backs and couldn’t cover themselves when the covers slipped down. The phones were sitting on the table, but it was impossible to use them.

Hannah managed to doze off and Audrey also fell asleep about half an hour later. However, she woke up in the middle of the night; she had to pee. She stood up and sneaked out of the room and walked over to the toilet. To her utter terror she realized she couldn’t pull down her pajama pants and reach the buttons of the rubber pants. Her wrists were trapped behind her back and the ropes were unyielding.

“Oh no,” she sighed silently when the cramp of her bladder sent a stream of pee into the garment between her legs. The diapers got wet and warm. She silently returned to the bedroom and lay down on her bed.

“Good morning, it’s time to get up,” mom switched on the light and entered the room. She pulled down Hannah’s pajama pants and checked the diaper.

“Good girl, you are dry,” she patted Hannah’s head and removed the diaper and untied Hannah’s wrists. Hannah literally jumped from the bed and ran away to the bathroom.

“What about you?” she pulled down Audrey’s pajama pants, “oh, poor girl; you have had an accident.”

“Mommy, I’m not a toddler,” Audrey protested and squeezed her legs, “you have tied me up and I couldn’t go to the toilet. Untie me now; I’ll pee in the diapers again otherwise.

“Hey, watch your mouth! You and Hannah broke my rules, and you have to face the consequences. I’ll untie you when you behave.”

Audrey got angry, stood up and wanted to run towards the toilet; however, her legs were trapped by the pajama pants. She stumbled, dropped to her knees, and peed in her diaper. Tears appeared in her eyes. She was humiliated and decided to fight.

“Okay, let’s remove this soaked diapees,” mommy lifted her, removed the diaper, and untied her wrists.

The next evening, they were tied up and diapered again, and Audrey peed in her diaper while Hannah was able to hold her pee.

Audrea couldn’t understand Hannah; why was her older sister that submissive and obedient? At school, they didn’t meet, and she didn’t have any opportunity to speak with Hannah in private.

The third evening, Audrey knew she had to convince her sister somehow, and she started the discussion immediately after mom and dad had left.

Hannah was a bit amused by the comment on human rights and smiled.

“Audrey, we have broken the rules. If you commit a crime, you can expect a punishment.”

“What crime? I know that mom doesn’t like the social networks, but chatting isn’t a crime though.”

“Well, she wants us to sleep and not chat. This isn’t that bad.”

“Not bad? It is hard to sleep with your hands behind your back, and I peed myself every night and feel like an overgrown toddler. It is an embarrassing feeling to pee in your diaper. I spent several hours in a wet diaper. You could hold your pee every time.”

“What do you want to do? We are tied up though.”

“What if we tried to get free? We would sleep comfortably and go to the toilet whenever we needed to.”

“I don’t know. Mommy would get angry and punish us even more. Try to have some sleep now.”

“Okay, okay,” Audrey sighed heavily. She couldn’t get free on her own and Hannah didn’t want to help. She tried to fall asleep and half an hour later her eyes closed.

In the middle of the night, Hannah suddenly woke up and she was surprised; her bladder was overfilled. What happened? She had peed before going to bed though.

Hannah didn’t have any idea about s few drops of diuretics her mom had put into her juice after dinner. It was a part of their lesson. Audrey didn’t need any diuretics; her bladder was smaller, and she had to go to the toilet every night.

The pressure in Hannah’s bladder grew every moment, and she tried to squeeze her legs. Unfortunately, the package held her legs apart. Hannah pulled on the rope in a vain effort to get free. Suddenly a cramp in her bladder made her muscles fail and a stream of pee soaked her diaper. Her bladder was quite big, and she couldn’t stop the flow until the very last drop. Her crotch was uncomfortably wet.

She almost talked to Audrey, but she realized Audrey had been right. The wet diapers were really terrible.

Audrey woke up a little later and she peed in her diaper without even opening her eyes; she didn’t have any other option left.

“Audrey, are you awake?” Hannah asked her quietly when she noticed her stirring.

“Yeah, I’ve just peed in my diaper. What is going on?”

“My bladder was overfilled, and I had to pee in my diaper. I don’t understand it.”

“Something is wrong, sis. We have to find it out,” Audrey replied.

“The diaper is uncomfortably wet. I wish I could get rid of it. Can you help me?”

“Hey, remember what you said in the evening. Did you change your opinion?”

“Sorry, Audrey; it is really uncomfortable.”

“I had to endure in the wet diapers for two nights. Now it’s your turn to enjoy.”

“Okay,” Hannah realized Audrey was right. She sighed and fell asleep. However, she had to face another nightmare that night. Her bladder filled up again and the diapers weren’t able to hold all her pee. Her diapers leaked, and her pajama pants were wet.

“Morning,” Susan entered the bedroom and noticed the wet pajama pants. Hannah’s bed also was a little wet.

“Oh, my poor soaked girl,” she stroked Hannah’s hair, “let’s remove your wet garments now.”

Hannah bit her lip; she didn’t want to show her attitude change. Susan removed her pajama pants and untied her wrists.

Audrey waited patiently until Susan moved to her and asked her a seemingly innocent question.

“Mommy, I feel sorry for my sister. It has to be hard for her. Is she ill?”

“No, sweetheart, I don’t think so,” Susan replied but a slight sign of grin appeared on her face, “it plainly happened.”

“How so? She never has to go to the toilet at nights.”

“No idea, sweetheart; maybe something changed; don’t worry about it,” Susan removed her soaked diaper and untied her wrists.

Audrey noticed that her mom was hiding something and decided to tell it Hannah as soon as possible. However, she had to wait until evening to be alone with her.

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Part 2

At school, Audrey couldn’t stop thinking of mom’s mysterious grin. She even got distracted during her lessons. As she returned home, she kept watching mom closely.

“Sweetheart; is something wrong?” mom noticed her gaze.

“Oh, sorry, mommy,” Audrey turned away; she was careless. Hopefully mommy didn’t get suspicious.

Audrey didn’t stop watching her, but she got more careful. Her effort was rewarded after dinner. Susan put several drops from a small vial to Hannah’s juice.

At the bedtime, the parents arrived at the bedroom and tied up both girls like before. Susan brought eight diapers, put three of them on Audrey’s crotch and five on Hannah’s.

“Sweetheart, you don’t want to leak again, do you?” she asked Hannah, but her there was something odd in her voice.

Hannah sighed when she felt the thick package between her legs. She hardly could walk; her legs were kept wide apart.

Susan covered the girls and left. Audrey waited only a few seconds until she told Hannah what she had spotted.

“Sis, I’ve seen mom when she put something into your juice. Maybe it will make you pee in the night.”

“Oh, damn; you are right. She knew I’d pee more. It was a medicine called diuretics,” Hannah was quite curious, and she had found some medicine book by chance.

“Well, it’s time for our rebellion. I wouldn’t like to pee in my diaper every night. We should try to get free,” Audrey exclaimed courageously.

“Okay, but how?” Hannah shook her head, “the rope is tight. I tried to pull on it, but it didn’t budge at all.”

“I don’t think it’s the right way. You will tighten it only,” Audrey objected, “we should try to untie each other.”

“Okay, let’s get up and try,” Hannah kicked away the blanket and stood up, “the package between my legs! I can’t walk properly.”

“Okay, I’ll walk over to you,” Audrey stood up and walked over to Hannah, “turn your back to me.”

Hannah obeyed and turned back; Audrey could reach the rope on her wrists. However, her task was hard. The knot was quite tight, and her little fingers couldn’t undo it. Her hands were crossed, and she could use only one hand.

“Hannah, I can’t untie your wrists. Try to untie mine,” Audrey sighed, and she was getting a bad feeling.

Hannah tried to reach the knot, but her hands were crossed as well. She couldn’t turn her wrists into a better position, and her fingers didn’t reach the knot either.

“Sorry, Audrey, I can’t untie you either. What will we do?”

“I’m afraid we can’t do anything tonight. We should try to find something on the internet or in some books. There has to be some way to untie knots. What about some scout books?”

“Oh, no! I don’t want to pee in my diapers again,” Hannah almost cried.

“Sorry, sis. We have to be patient. Don’t worry; we will find a way,” Audrey tried to calm Hannah down, “we can’t do anything but go sleep now. Don’t worry about wet diapers.”

“Okay,” Hannah sighed heavily and returned to her bed; Audrey did the same.

About an hour later, Hannah felt her bladder filling up. She panicked and pulled on the rope violently. Of course, she failed and peed in her diapers. Tears appeared in her eyes, and she fell asleep out of exhaustion. Later, she had to pee again; however, she didn’t leak at least.

The next day, Audrey went to the school library before going home. She found a book about knots, but it was not the right one. On the other hand, while doing her homework, she found an escapology site on the internet. There were several tricks described there, and Audrey wanted to try them out.

In the evening, she put her hands behind her back palm to palm and pulled the wrists apart slightly. Dad didn’t notice the difference and tied her wrists together by multiple loops. When she relaxed her muscles, the rope loosened.

“Hannah, we can get free now,” Audrey turned to her sister when the parents left, “I put my hands palm to palm and clenched my muscles when dad was tying the rope. Now the rope has loosened. Let’s wait a little and start the escape attempt then.”

“Okay, sis. Hopefully it will work,” Hannah nodded. About half an hour later they stood up and Audrey walked over to Hannah.

“I will push my wrists together and you will pull the loops tighter, all but one. The last loop could get loose, and you can pull it around my hands. After that, you will unwind the remaining loops.” Audrey explained to Hannah.

Hannah followed Audrey’s commands and she really unwound the rope. Audrey was free. She didn’t hesitate and untied Hannah’s wrists.

“Well, let’s remove the diapers now,” Audrey continued, but Hannah shook her head.

“Wait, sis. Dad and mom are still awake, and we can’t go to the toilet inconspicuously. It’s uncomfortable, but we have to use our diapers if we have to pee before they go to bed.”

“Right, Hannah. We can remove them then,” Audrey nodded, “let’s go to bed now,” she untied her discarded wrist rope and tossed it onto the floor.

Hannah had bad luck; she had to pee in her diaper soon; nevertheless, she removed the wet diaper and put it onto the floor.

Audrey woke up late in the night. She smelled the urine from Hannah‘s diaper and grinned. Her bladder was full, and she removed her diaper and sneaked out of the bedroom to the toilet. She was careful not to switch on the light. There was silence in the hall; their parents were asleep.

Hannah also sneaked to the toilet about two hours later; she was looking forward to the surprise in the morning.

“Hey, what happened?” Susan opened the door and stared at the discarded diapers and rope on the floor, “how did you dare to untie yourselves? We have to tie you up more thoroughly next time. Up to school now!”

Hannah and Audrey got up quickly and hurried up to wash and dress themselves. They had a quick breakfast and left for school.

“I’m quite curious about mom; I can’t wait to get untied again,” Audrey grinned at Hannah.

“Be careful and try to find more about escape skills on the internet. I’m afraid mom got quite angry at us.”

“Okay, sis; I’ll do my best,” Audrey nodded. During the breaks, she browsed the escapology sites and found more information. However, most of it was not useful.

In the afternoon, she was in a hurry; her bladder was quite full. She opened the door and entered the hall when her dad grabbed her from behind. He removed her backpack and held her arms behind her back while mom tied her wrists. This time she was surprised and didn’t manage to use the technique learned before. Her wrists were crossed just like the first time.

“Please, mom. I have to pee badly,” she turned to her mom.

“No problem, sweetheart,” mom led her to the bedroom and pointed at the bed.

“Lie down!” she waited and pulled down her pants and panties, “you will be diapered from now on. It’s Friday and you stay like this until Monday morning.”

“No, please.”

“You have broken my rules, and you need a proper lesson again,” she took three diapers, folded them and put them onto Audrey’s crotch and buttoned the rubber pants. As soon as Audrey was diapered, mom took a pair of thick childish tights and put it on her legs.

“Go to the living room and wait there. We will wait for your sister now,” mom grabbed her shoulder and ushered her to the living room.

Audrey was shocked; mom took her by surprise, and she was tied up tightly. Her bladder was bursting, and she didn’t want to use the diaper. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but the diaper package was too thick. Five minutes later she peed in her diaper helplessly. Her crotch was wet and uncomfortable.

Mom and dad walked over to the hall and waited for Hannah. As she opened the door, their father grabbed her from behind. Unlike Audrey, Hannah wrestled out of his grab and tried to flee. However, Susan grabbed her and gave her a strong slap. Before Hannah could defend herself, her wrists were tied behind her back tightly. Mom dragged her to the bedroom, and ten minutes later, she led her back. Hannah was wearing the thick tights instead of her pants and waddling; a big diaper pack was holding her legs apart.

“Well, sit down,” mom pointed at two chairs. When the girls sat down, she took to pieces of rope and tied their torsos to the chair seats.


“You will wait here for your dinner and can watch TV until then,” mom switched on the TV and picked up a fairy-tale, put the remote away and left.

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Thanks for adding another bit, didba59. You are keeping the high standard and I can’t wait, how does it go further. I am curious to see, whether the ropes can still keep the girls tied or if, like the real Houdini, not even a straitjacket will be enough. 

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Part 3

“Audrey, your idea has been a big mistake. We will spend the weekend tied up and helpless like babies!” Hannah scolded her sister, “do you like to watch fairy-tales and pee in your diapers for the entire weekend?”

“Of course not, but we had a decent sleep last night. Wait a little. I’m sure we will be able to get untied again. I’m looking forward to mommy’s surprised look when she finds us free in the morning.” Audrey grinned.

“Do you rely on the escapology site? Sis, mommy is not stupid, and she will make our life a hell,” Hannah tried to squeeze her legs; her bladder was uncomfortably full.

“Of course, I rely on it, sis. It has worked though, and it will work again. All we need is staying careful and use the escape techniques. I’m sure we will be free this night again.”

“Mom will get angry and tie us up more thoroughly. I won’t cooperate.”

“Are you serious? It is fun, sis,” Audrey tried to convince Hannah.

“No!” Hannah was stubborn. Despite her stubbornness, she was more submissive and was worried about mom’s reaction.

Ten minutes later, her bladder muscles failed, and a long stream of hot pee soaked her diapers. She sighed, but she tried to compose herself and keep her attitude.

The fairy tale was quite boring, and both girls were glad when it was over. Mom appeared and untied them from the chairs.

“Up to the kitchen, it’s dinner time, girls. Mommy will feed you,” she pointed towards the kitchen.

“Mommy, my diaper is wet. Could you change me please?” Hannah asked Susan. The wet diaper was uncomfortable for her.

“Let me check,” Susan reached to Hannah’s crotch, ”not too wet, you can wait.”

As Audrey and Hannah waddled over and sat down, she tied bibs around their necks and started feeding them. Audrey blushed in embarrassment, but Hannah seemed to be content.

After dinner, Susan led both girls to the bathroom and cleaned their teeth and faces, “bedtime for my little girls,” she ushered them to the bedroom.

“Mommy, it is early to go to bed,” Audrey was taken aback by the bedtime.

“Nope, sweetheart. Little girls have to go to bed early to have a proper and sound sleep,” Susan shook her head.

Audrey sighed and sat down on her bed. She got angry and couldn’t wait for the next opportunity. Unfortunately, mom didn’t untie her, and the wrists were still in the same crossed position.

“Do you have to make pee-pee in your diapers? Go and mommy will change you afterwards,” her voice was definitely mocking.

“Mommy, we are no babies, why is it necessary to humiliate us even more?” Audrey protested.

“Don’t sass, or I will add a gag to your ropes!” Susan warned her instantly.

Hannah kept silent and relaxed her bladder muscles to obey her mom. Audrey sighed only and did the same. She didn’t want to leak in the night. Her wrists were tied up tightly, and it was improbable she would be able to get free, let alone without Hannah’s cooperation.

Mom removed the wet diapers, cleaned their crotches, put three folded diapers on Audrey’s crotch and four on Hannah’s crotch, buttoned the rubber pants and added abduction braces before pulling up the tights.

“Good night,” she covered them, switched off the light and left.

The abduction braces were a nasty surprise. Audrey realized she hardly could sit up let alone stand up. Her legs were spread wide and held tightly in that position.

“Hey, Houdini! What will we do now?” Hannah sighed. She was totally helpless and couldn’t even sit up. The thick diaper package and abduction brace prevented her from any movement; she only could lie on her back.

“Don’t lose hope. We will find a way to get free. I’m afraid it won’t be this night, but we will handle it for sure,” Audrey still was a rebel.

“You are too optimistic, Audrey. I can’t even sit up. The damn brace keeps my legs wide apart.”

“I think we can undo it even with our hands tied, sis. The next task will be our hands. If we can’t use our fingers, we should find something else. A sharp tool can be used to cut the rope, or something pointy to loosen the knots.”

“Don’t dream, sis. I won’t cooperate. Let’s have some sleep now,” Hannah said and fell silent.

“Okay, okay. You will change your opinion,” Audrey sighed and tried to fall asleep.

Hannah couldn’t fall asleep for long in her uncomfortable position. As she finally dozed off, she was plagued by nightmares and her body betrayed her. She experienced a standard bedwetter dream. Her bladder was full, and she was standing queue in front of the cubicle. Five or six girls were waiting before her. After a seemingly endless waiting she finally closed the door, pulled down her pants and panties, sat down and peed. However, something was wrong. She didn’t hear her pee splash into the bowl, and she felt her crotch getting warm.

She opened her eyes, and, to her utter terror, she was just peeing in her diaper. Tears appeared in her eyes, she hadn’t wet the bed for five years at least. What happened?

Hannah wasn’t aware of a few drops of muscle relaxant her mom had put into her and Audrey’s juice.

Audrey peed in her diaper even without awakening. She woke up in the morning and felt the wetness and cold between her legs.

“W … what happened?” she startled, “I peed in my diaper and didn’t awake.”

“No idea, sis. I also peed myself during the night.”

“I’m … I’m weak, I can’t sit up,” Audrey realized something was wrong. Her diaper was wet, clammy, and her bladder was full. The bladder muscles failed, and she peed in her diaper again.

“Good morning, how did you sleep? Mommy will check your diapees and change you in a jiffy,” mom opened the door and exclaimed cheerfully.

“Mom, I can’t sit up,” Audrey complained, “am I ill?”

“No, sweetheart. You are tired only and you need more relaxation,” mom continued and walked over to the beds. She removed the abduction braces and changed the wet diapers.

“Up to the kitchen, girls,” she turned back and headed towards the door. Hannah stood up and followed her, but Audrey couldn’t stand up.

“Mommy, I can’t stand up,” tears appeared in her eyes.

“No problem, sweetheart, mommy will carry you,” mom returned to Audrey, took her in her arms and carried her to the kitchen table.

During the breakfast Audrey realized the weakness wore off. She was ready to look for an opportunity to get free.

“Stretch your legs, girls,” mom finished feeding them, “but don’t do anything funny”.

“Okay, mom,” Audrey nodded instantly and headed towards their bedroom. Hannah was a bit surprised, but she followed her sister out of curiosity.

“Hey, what mischief do you want to do, sis?”

“Remember what I told you yesterday. We need a pointy tool to untie the knot. Help me open my school bag.”

“What are you looking for?”

“It’s simple. What about a pencil? Help me open my pencil case.”

“No, I told you I wouldn’t cooperate.”

“As you wish, I try it on my own,” Audrey shrugged and started meddling with the zip.

Suddenly Hannah felt a growing pressure in her guts and a cold chill ran down her spine.

“Mommy, remove the diaper please. I have to poop. Please,” Hannah begged mom, but mom shook her head.

“That’s the diaper is for, sweetheart. When you finish, come to mommy and you will get a clean one.”

“No,” Hannah walked away and tried to pull down her tights and remove the diaper; however, her effort was vain, and her bowels expelled the smelly poop into her diaper.

“I’ll help you,” Hannah walked over to Audrey.

“Hey, did you change your attitude, sis? I can smell the reason,” Audrey teased her.

They fished a pencil out of the pencil case and Audrey managed to hide it in her bed.

“Mommy, can I have a clean diaper, please?” Hannah returned to the kitchen and asked mom innocently.

“Of course, sweetheart,” mom led Hannah to the bathroom and cleaned her thoroughly. As soon as she finished, Audrey appeared in the doorframe and smell was spreading from her.

“Okay, let’s change you as well,” she grinned. Audrey grinned back, but she was very careful not to reveal her plans.

Both girls couldn’t wait for the evening. Would their plan work?

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Part 4

The day passed quickly; Audrey and Hannah played the spectacle and were two obedient girls. However, Susan got a bad feeling; the behavior change was suspicious. She didn’t believe in that sudden change.

In the evening, she put thick diaper packages and the abduction braces on their crotches just like the last night.

“Good night,” she covered the girls and left.

“I can’t wait to try out my idea,” Audrey grinned.

“Hey, wait. Mom and dad are watching TV, and they are awake. We can’t take the risk. They could appear in the doorframe suddenly to surprise us. Remember the evening mom caught us red handed.”

“Right Hannah. We can wait for awhile,” Audrey yawned. She was tired, “later in the night, we will free ourselves.”

“Okay,” Hannah nodded and yawned as well. Five minutes later, both were sound asleep and unaware of the muscle relaxant and a small dose of sleeping medicine that mom had added to their dinner drinks.

“Hey, Hannah, are you awake?” Audrey suddenly awoke. It was late in the night, but she didn’t have any idea about the time and how long she had slept. The cold and wet feeling on her crotch revealed a peed-in diaper.

“What’s going on?” Hannah also opened her eyes, “what time is it?”

“No idea, but mom and dad are asleep for sure. There is silence all around. However, I’ve peed in my diaper and didn’t wake up.”

To her utter horror Hannah realized her diaper was wet, too. It was her second accident in a row.

“Oh no. What will we do?”

“It’s time for our next Houdini experiment, isn’t it?” Audrey grinned, “let me sit up and reach for the hidden pencil,” she tried to sit up, but her muscles were weak. She recalled the last night.

“Sis, I can’t sit up; I’m too weak. Something is wrong.”

“Wait. It happened last night, too,” Hannah also tried to sit up, but her diaper pack and abduction brace were too restrictive. Nevertheless, she also was too weak.

“Hannah, do you remember the night before when mom had put something into your juice? I guess she’s done it again, and we are too weak now.”

“Damn, we are trapped now,” Hannah sighed, “all we can is lay like helpless babies and wait for a diaper change.”

“Well, we can’t do anything just now, but on Monday, we have to go to school and can’t be weak like babies. Be patient,” Audrey encouraged Hannah.

“Let’s have some sleep now; we can’t do anything else,” Hannah sighed and yawned.

“Okay,” Audrey nodded and closed her eyes. Five minutes later, she was sound asleep.

On the other hand, Hannah couldn’t sleep. She was too excited and angry. The diaper package between her legs was uncomfortably wet and cold.

About half an hour later, she felt an urge to pee and her bladder muscles relaxed almost instantly; they also were too weak to hold her pee. Another stream of hot pee soaked the already wet diaper. At least, it was warm, but Hannah realized she didn’t have any control. Would she get incontinent? Tears appeared in her eyes.

In the morning, Audrey opened her eyes at the moment when she was peeing in her diaper. She tried to stop the flow, but she failed. Her muscles still were weak, and she couldn’t sit up.

“Good morning, my girls,” mom entered the room, “let’s check your diapees and up to the kitchen,” she pulled down their tights and undid the abduction braces.

“Oh. You are soaked; mommy has to clean you and put clean diapers on your behinds,” she apparently wasn’t surprised by their weakness and seemed to enjoy the care. She even untied their hands and changed their T-shirts.

“Love, help me please,” she called her husband. After the diaper change, they carried both girls to the kitchen and sat them to the table.

During the breakfast, both girls peed in their diapers uncontrollably and they needed another hour until their muscle strength recovered. Susan realized she couldn’t use the muscle relaxant the next night, just like Audrey had supposed.

Sunday passed slowly, and Audrey and Hannah had to endure more babyish treatment and watch child programs. However, they were obedient and waited for the next opportunity to a Houdini experiment.

In the evening, they couldn’t wait until mom left. That time, mom and dad went to bed earlier. The abduction braces were a serious obstacle, but Audrey could sit up and reach under her mattress to fetch the pencil.

“Hannah, we can start now. Can you sit up at least?” Audrey turned and put her legs to the ground. It was impossible to stand up, but she slid down carefully.

“I’m afraid, I can’t, but I’ll do my best, Hannah slid down to the floor and inch wormed slowly towards Audrey. Audrey turned her back to Hannah and started working on the knot. The pencil was a good idea indeed. In ten minutes, Hannah’s wrists were free.

“Wait please; the abduction brace is uncomfortable,” Hannah pulled her tights down and undid the brace. Afterwards, she freed her sister.

“Let’s put the pencil back into my school bag. Mom shouldn’t find out what we did,” Audrea stood up and put it back into the pencil case.

“What about the diapers? We can remove them now,” Audrey reached opt her crotch.

“I’m not sure, sis. What we had an accident? Remember the last night,” Hannah objected.

“Right sis. After all, they are not bad as long as they are dry,” Audrey crawled onto her bed again, covered herself and her eyes closed five minutes later. Her phone was sitting on the table, but she didn’t think of chatting anymore.

Hannah also went to her bed and fell asleep. She also didn’t think of chatting.

Audrey woke up in the night when she had to pee badly. She sneaked out of the bedroom and went to the toilet. Hannah didn’t wake up; her diaper was dry in the morning.

“Morning, mom,” Audrey gave her mom a mischievous grin when she opened the door.

“Hey, you are true Houdinis, girls. Your mommy has to be more creative,” mom shook her head. She even didn’t realize that the girls didn’t use their phones anymore; they were busy with getting free, “up to breakfast and school.”

As the girls left for school and Susan for work, Susan got a strange feeling. She suddenly missed the loving care of changing their diapers and feeding them. “Susie, you are getting insane; the girls are big ones already,” she told to herself when she realized her own feelings.

What if she asked her daughters about it? Would it be even crazier?

“Did you notice mom’s behavior?” Audrey asked her sister while walking to the school bus stop, “she wasn’t angry today.”

“Yeah, she was not. I was amused by her comment about creativity. It is almost like a game,” Hannah grinned.

“Hey, I totally forgot about my phone and chatting,” Audrey realized suddenly.

“So did I,” Hannah looked at her sister; she even hasn’t realized it.

While driving to school, Audrey and Hannah had to answer question why they weren’t online. Their friends were quite surprised by their inactivity.

“Mom has caught us red handed,” Audrey sighed, but she didn’t say any more details. Hannah was sitting next to her; she didn’t have to answer. The classmates didn’t ask them anymore; their parents also were strict and didn’t like the chatting.

Audrey was thrilled while she was walking home after school. What would her mom do? She was thinking of Hannah’s words about a game. All of sudden, a crazy idea hit her; the escape attempts were more exciting than the chat with her classmates. It was kind of fun.

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Another nice chapter, didba59, thank you. I hope that the mother won’t spoil the game and will keep the girls not only diapered but tied as well. I am looking forward to read more.

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Part 5

“Audrey, I have something important to talk with you,” mom welcomed Audrey when she entered the house.

“Okay, mom; I’ll remove my jacket and shoes and my school bag,” Audrey replied, but her heart was beating fast. How would mom react to the last escape attempt. However, mom didn’t look angry at all.

“Audrey, I think all that escape idea is yours, right?” mom started the discussion when Audrey sat down at the table.

“Y … yeah, mom,” Audrey nodded hesitantly, “Hannah didn’t want to cooperate first. Why are you asking me about it?”

“Out of curiosity, Audrey. I know both of you very well, but I wanted to be sure.”

“Mom, I’m surprised; you aren’t scolding me and haven’t said anything about teaching us lessons. Aren’t you angry?”

“Audrey, I have to admit a mistake. You haven’t broken any rules by untying yourselves. I haven’t set up any rule about it though. I didn’t want you chat at nights.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize it either,” Audrey was taken aback, too. However, she got a little disappointed. Their attempts were not breaking any rules. She would lack her motivation possibly.

“What is going on?” mom noticed a sign of disappointment in Audrey’s eyes.

“Oh, sorry, mom, nothing.”

“Audrey, I know you; you are a rebel. Now I’ve just said I won’t mind it. It won’t be that exciting,” mom laughed shortly.

Audrey nodded and looked down, ”mommy, we didn’t chat even if we were free. The escape attempts were funnier.”

“Hi, mom, hi, Audrey,” Hannah returned from the school, “oh, there is some interesting talk here, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, join us,” mom asked her, “we will wait for you.”

As Hannah joined the discussion, Audrey told her everything. She was amused instantly, but she also felt a bit disappointment.

“Audrey, Hannah, can I ask you for a favor, but don’t laugh, please,” mom collected her courage.

“Why should we laugh?” Audrey and Hannah asked her unisono.

“Okay. While I was feeding you and changing your diapers, I remembered the old times when you were little girls. Am I insane if I miss it?”

“What?” both girls stared at her wide-eyed, “do you like to feed us and change our diapers?”

Mom blushed deep red, and the girls really had to control themselves not to laugh. However, they suddenly felt a deep love. Audrey was the first one who hugged mom, “mommy, it is okay.” Hannah joined the hug pile.

“Mommy, can you promise something?” Audrey looked at her mom.


“Let us have some excitement with our Houdini attempts and you can feed us and change our diapers.”

“Okay, why not?” mom nodded, “it looks like a game. If you don’t escape your bindings, I will take care of you.”

“Unfortunately, it will be a bit difficult during nights only. However, we can have more fun on weekends or on vacation,” Audrey added, “our weekend house will be the perfect place for our fun.”

“Let’s make a deal,” Hannah added, and mom and Audrey nodded.

“Well, go and do your homework, girls,” Susan sent them to their room, “after dinner and shower we can start our game.”

Audrey and Hannah were amused by the word game. Mom wasn’t angry, and she even wanted to cooperate. They nodded and headed towards their room to do their homeworks.


Two months passed, Audrey and Hannah were tied up every night and they liked it a lot. Susan tried out different binding positions and the abduction braces. The girls sometimes tried to untie themselves, but they often closed their eyes, enjoyed the feelings without any serious attempt to escape, and finally fell asleep. There was only one unpleasant consequence; Audrey peed in her diaper in her sleep without noticing it; she became a bedwetter. Hannah usually held her pee until morning, but she also relaxed her muscles after waking up, and waited for mom to change her. Audrey didn’t tell anyone about her bedwetting; it was her secret. Mom couldn’t find it out though.

“Mommy, our spring break begins tomorrow,” Audrey announced when she returned from school, “could we spend it in our weekend house?”

“Daddy has to work, but I can take the week off,” Susan nodded, “you are impatient to have fun; I can read it in your eyes, sweetheart.”

“Of course, mommy. I’m sure Hannah will agree with that idea,” Audrey grinned.

“Well, we can do it, but we need disposables, sweetheart. Washing the cloth diapers would be difficult there. Let’s go shopping.”

“Wait, mom. We can take Hannah with us, too. She will come soon,” Audrey objected.

Hannah returned from school about half an hour later, and she instantly agreed to the idea. Susan drove them to the shopping center; they had to purchase diapers and other resources for the long stay.

In the evening, after dinner and shower, Audrey and Hannah changed into their pajamas and waited for mom. Susan brought a bunch of ropes like usual, and two disposable diapers.

“Lie down, mommy will put diapers on you,” she smiled and waited. The girls lay down obediently and spread their legs. She put diapers on their crotches and then tied their arms in boxties and their ankles loosely.

“Good night; look forward to the vacation,” she kissed their foreheads and covered them.

“Hey, sis,” Audrey asked her sister, “will we work on our bindings? The pencil is hidden in my bed already.”

“I’m not sure. The boxtie is quite difficult to be untied. Maybe mom wanted us to stay tied up this night.”

“I’d do it anyway. We can untie our ankles at least. I think we still need training to keep our skills,” Audrey grinned.

“Okay then. Let’s slide down from our beds and roll over,” Hannah sat up and pulled her legs from below the blanket and slid down slowly. She rolled over closer to Audrey’s bed.

Audrey also slid down from her bed and positioned herself to reach Hannah’s ankle rope. Ten minutes later, Hannah’s ankles were free. Both girls shifted their bodies, so Hannah could reach Audrey’s ankle rope. She needed a bit more time, but she managed to untie it.

“What now? I think we can let mom take care of us,” Audrey grinned. “Let’s crawl onto our beds now.”

“Okay,” Hannah stood up and walked over to her bed. Audrey did the same and they dozed off almost instantly.

“Morning, sis,” Audrey opened her eyes when the sun peeked into their bedroom. It was a bit early, but they could hear voices from downstairs. Mom was packing everything for the long stay and dad was helping her.

“Morning. I can’t wait until we depart,” Hannah opened her eyes. Her bladder was bursting, and she squeezed her legs together instinctively.

Audrey was surprised when she didn’t feel any wetness. However, her bladder was not full. When she pressed her legs together, she felt the full diaper.

“Sis, I peed in my diaper in the night don’t feel any wetness. The disposable looks much better,” Audrey grinned at Hannah.

“Really? Let’s try it,” Hannah relaxed her muscles, and a massive stream of pee soaked the diaper; however, it didn’t feel wet at all, “right, sis. It definitely is comfortable.”

“Morning, girls. Are you ready for our vacation?” Susan entered the bedroom and smiled at them, “well, you have untied your ankles apparently,” she noticed the ropes sitting on the floor, “let mommy change your diapees first.”

Audrey and Hannah relaxed on their beds and spread their legs. Susan pulled down their pajama pants and untaped the wet garments.

“Hannah, you diaper is on the verge of leaking. Be careful not to leak. How many times have you peed in it?” Susan checked her diaper.

“Once only, mom,” Hannah realized she would need a diaper change after every wetting. However, she didn’t mind it anymore.

“Girls, dress yourself quickly. We will leave soon. I’ll come again to tie you up,” Susan untied them and left. Audrey and Hannah changed their clothes; they put on tights, pants and thicker T-shirts; after all, it was quite cold outside. It was a bit strange not to put on their panties, but the panties wouldn’t be needed during the stay. The diapers weren’t too obvious beneath their clothes.

When they were dressed, Susan returned and tied their wrists behind their backs. Neither Audrey nor Hannah tried to use the escape technique that time.

“Let’s have a delicious breakfast before we drive off,” mom ushered them to the kitchen. They sat down at the table and mom fed them eggs and bacon and tea.

After breakfast, she put jackets and shoes on them and led them to the car, helped them into the car seats and drove off.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Part 6

Audrey and Hannah relaxed in the car seats and enjoyed the drive. They were looking forward to the vacation. Tied arms made their position a little uncomfortable, but they got used to that discomfort quickly.

The drive to their weekend house should last about 3 hours and Susan didn’t plan any stops. They had packed everything necessary and didn’t need a stop at a gas station.

“Girls, I have prepared an interesting and extensive vacation program for you. Besides of your escape attempts you will get an opportunity to test your abilities. Did you ever think of what can you do with your hands tied behind your back? Now you get an opportunity to this test. If you won’t mind, you can have some little girls’ time as well. Mommy will take the fulltime care of you. How do you like my ideas?”

“Wow, this is great,” Audrey exclaimed, “the abilities testing will be interesting,” she recalled the escape when they used the pencil. Now they would get an opportunity to learn more.

Meanwhile, the breakfast and tea passed the girls’ bodies and Hannah felt a growing urge to pee. Audrey also felt an urge to pee and her bowels were grumbling as well. She wasn’t sure if she could hold her poop until their destination.

“Audrey, my bladder is bursting. What about you?” Hannah asked her sister.

“So is mine, and my bowels also are grumbling,” Audrey replied instantly.

“Which one of us will be able to hold longer?” Hannah grinned.

“Okay, but won’t you cheat?” Audrey looked at Hannah.

“Why? It is fun though, and there is no award for the winner anyway,” Hannah shrugged.

“Okay, let’s make a deal,” Audrey nodded. Susan grinned when she listened to their conversation. It was a bit surprising deal, but it was a nice way to waste time until they would arrive at the weekend house.

Both girls felt the growing pressure and they were fixed in the car seats. The safety belts pressed against their abdomens and their legs were held apart by the seats. Their only option were the bladder muscles.

Audrey was the first one that started fidgeting in the car seat. She tried to press her legs together, but it was impossible. A strong cramp made her bladder muscles fail and she peed in her diaper.

Hannah kept watching Audrey and noticed her fidgeting. Nevertheless, the pressure in her guts made her fidget, too. Her bladder muscles were stronger, and she still held her pee when Audrey relaxed.

“He, he, you’ve lost,” Hannah laughed; however, her bladder muscles gave up at the same moment and a long stream of pee soaked her diaper.

“Hey, why did you stop laughing, sis? Have you peed in your diaper, too?” Audrey grinned and Hannah sighed only.

Susan was amused by their game, but her bladder was full as well. She had to stop at the next gas station.

“Mommy, wouldn’t you like to wear diapers, too?” Audrey teased her when they stopped.

“I’ll think of it,” Susan agreed and get out of the car. She returned five minutes later and turned to the girls. She was carrying two small cans of juice with straws.

“You might be thirsty,” she offered the juice to Hannah first, and then she moved to Audrey. The girls were really thirsty and drank the juice up almost instantly.

“Any clean diaper needed?”

“I think yes, mom,” Hannah nodded. Her diaper was soaked, and she wasn’t sure if she wouldn’t leak if she had to pee once more.

“Okay, sweetheart,” Susan parked the car on the far side of the parking place, helped Hannah out of the car seat and laid her down on the front seat. She pulled down the pants and tights, untaped the soggy garment, cleaned Hannah’s crotch and diapered her again. Hannah cooperated and lifted her behind to ease the change, but she closed her eyes and smiled.

“Audrey, are you alright?” Susan asked her younger daughter.

“Yeah, mom. I am,” Audrey’s diaper was slightly wet; she could pee in it once more and didn’t feel the wetness anyway.

Susan strapped Hannah in the car seat and drove off. They had another hour to go. Audrey’s bowels were grumbling, but her sitting position helped her hold the muscles. She kept watching the surroundings while Hannah relaxed and dozed off.

Before lunch, they arrived at the weekend house. Susan parked the car and opened the back doors.

“Get off, girls,” she unstrapped Audrey first, and lifted her from the seat and put her onto the ground, moved to the other side and unstrapped Hannah.

“Are we here already?” Hannah opened her eyes and waited for mom to help her out. She was trapped in the car seat and hardly could get it off with her arms tied behind her back.

As soon as Audrey wasn’t sitting in the car seat anymore, she couldn’t hold her sphincters; a mass of mushy poop filled the back of her diaper and her bladder also voided itself.

“Unfortunately, you can’t help me carry the bags; mommy will do it on her own and you can wait inside,” Susan unlocked the entrance door and returned to the car to get the bags.

“Hey, sis; you stink,” Hannah smelled Audrey’s poop; it was spreading across the hall.

“Don’t worry. You will stink as well,” Audrey laughed shortly.

“Let’s look around and look for an activity we can do with our hands tied, or find a way to get untied,” she continued, “what would you prefer, sis?”

“Okay, we can open the doors with our hands tied like this,” Hannah turned away and headed towards their bedroom. At the door, she turned back and opened it easily.

“I think there are pencils in the drawer of our table,” Audrey turned to Hannah, “we could do an escape attempt now or later.”

“I’d prefer later,” Hannah shook her head, “we can do it at night. To be honest, I enjoy my condition,” she blushed when she said it.

“Well, we can continue our round,” Audrey turned back and walked over to the hall. She opened the living room door.

“Can we switch on the TV?” she turned back to the table, grabbed the remote and found the ON switch by feel, “Bingo!” She also found the channel switch.

“Nice. I will pee first, and we can find a program then,” Hannah’s bladder was full; the juice had passed her body already. She relaxed her muscles and sat down on the couch.

Audrey hesitated if she should sit down in her messy diaper; she was afraid of leaking.

“Mommy, can you change me please?” she hurried up to the kitchen where Susan was about to cook lunch.

“Is it urgent, sweetheart?” Susan asked her.

”Mommy, I’ve pooped in the diaper and I’m afraid I’ll leak when I sit down on the couch.”

“Let me check,” Susan unzipped Audrey’s pants and pulled her tights and diaper a bit back, “don’t worry. It will hold until lunch if you don’t have to pee just now.”

“No, I don’t,” Audrey shook her head and returned to the living room. She sat down carefully, but the diaper held, indeed; however, more smell spread across the room.

“Well, we should get used to the smell and dirty diapers,” she shrugged and focused on the show.

“Yeah, we should do it. My diaper is full, and it is like a small and warm pillow beneath my behind,” Hannah grinned.

Hannah’s diaper was heavy and soaked, but it didn’t leak either. Both sisters relaxed and waited for the lunch. They total ignored the dirty diapers, just like actual toddlers would do.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Part 7

“Lunch time, girls,” Susan peeked into the living room, “you apparently have managed to switch on the TV. It’s a good start. You can do more attempts later. Let’s change your dirty diapers and feed you lunch now. Audrey, go first.”

“Okay, mom,” Audrey stood up and headed towards the bedroom-She lay down on her bed and waited for Susan. Susan pulled down her pants and tights and checked the diaper.

“Don’t move, sweetheart. Mommy has to be careful not to dirty the bed. I will bring a changing mat better,” Susan left and returned with a large changing mat. She spread it near Audrey and Audrey shifted herself onto it.

Cleaning Audrey’s crotch took quite a long time; it was covered with poop from stem to stern. Audrey relaxed and closed her eyes and Susan grinned when she noticed it.

“Sweetheart, you won’t need your pants while you are inside, I put your tights on you only,” Susan finished diapering Audrey and put the tights and slippers on her.

“Okay, mommy, but we could go for a walk later,” Audrey objected.

“No problem, I’ll put your pants and shoes back then. Go to the kitchen now.”

Hannah faced the same treatment, but cleaning her crotch was much quicker; Susan wiped away the urine and rediapered her.

“Hannah, I’ll add a booster; your bladder is bigger than Audrey’s,” Susan got a booster and inserted it into the diaper. Hannah’s legs were kept slightly more apart, and she was surprised first, but she didn’t mind it.

In the kitchen, Susan sat down between the girls and fed them lunch. Audrey and Hannah kept opening their mouths just like two toddlers would do, and Susan enjoyed it.

“Thanks, mommy,” both girls smiled at her when she finished feeding them,

“You are welcome,” she smiled back and stroked their hair, “mommy will dress you. and you can go for a walk now. Do you need another diaper change before you leave?”

“Nope, mommy,” both girls shook their heads.

Susan dressed Audrey again; she put on her pants and shoes. However, Hannah’s crotch was bulkier, and she had to wear a skirt instead. She also kept waddling.

Susan put their jackets on, but she didn’t untie their hands and put the jackets over them, so their arms were trapped inside the jackets.

“Hey, girls, don’t walk too far away. Be also careful; your hands are tied up,” Susan warned them before they left.

“Okay, mom,” Audrey and Hannah nodded and set off.

Their weekend house was located far from the nearest village and was surrounded by a forest. Susan and her husband liked to be far from civilization and to listen to the forest sounds; the girls originally didn’t like it and missed their friends, but they sometimes agreed to the stay; particularly if some of their friends could go with them. Now they were alone, but excited by their new condition.

The girls walked down a forest path until they stopped on the small clearing.

“Hey, sis, what will we do now?” Hannah turned to Audrey, ”we are tied up and can’t do anything but walk.”

“Walk and talk and daydream, sis,” Audrey reacted instantly, “our hands are tied, but our minds are free.”

“Right, sis; let’s imagine we are two helpless captives that just escaped their captors,” Hannah grinned at Audrey, “isn’t it exciting? We will be two princesses that were captured by the enemies and have to escape and find a safe place.”

“Princesses usually didn’t wear jeans, but we can imagine we are wearing dresses. At least, you are wearing a skirt,” Audrey shrugged.

“Okay, princess Audrey,” Hannah grinned.

“Well, let’s hurry up, princess Hannah. They soldiers could recapture us,” Audrey nodded and played along and set off again. “Watch your steps, princess Hannah,” she kept walking slowly as if she was wearing a long dress indeed.

“Have you heard them?” she asked Hannah half an hour later. They were walking slowly through the forest and headed away from the house; nevertheless, they both were familiar with the place and couldn’t lose their way.

“Nope, sis. We have escaped, but we have to find a safe place now and a good fairy that will untie us,” Hannah stopped at the nearby lake.

“Yeah. My bladder is full, and the diapers are humiliating,” Audrey struggled to stay in her role. She liked her diapers a lot, but an actual princess wouldn’t like them at all.

“Hey, princess Audrey. If we weren’t wearing them, we would have peed our beautiful dresses though. The diapers are humiliating, but they protect us. My bladder is full as well, and, even worse, I feel a growing pressure in my bowels.”

“Sorry, princess Hannah. You are my older sister, and you are always right,” Audrey couldn’t control herself anymore and started laughing. She felt her diaper getting heavy and warm when she peed in it.

“Princess Audrey has peed in her diaper,” she announced, still laughing.

Hannah also started laughing and her bladder muscles didn’t hold anymore. Her bladder voided itself a minute later. “Well, two peed in princesses are standing alone in the woods,” she got amused by their situation.

“Two princesses peed while standing,” Audrey added, “did they change into men?”

“No idea. We can’t look at the evidence,” Hannah laughed even more, “it is hidden inside the diapers.” When she stopped laughing, she felt a mushy mass in the back of her diapers.

“Let’s look for the good fairy, princess Hannah,” Audrey stepped forward and headed back towards the weekend house.

“Are you a good fairy?” Hannah asked Susan, “two princesses have just escaped form the claws of our enemy and they desperately need to be freed.”

“Well, well,” Susan grinned. She instantly joined the game and got amused by it, “unfortunately, this fair isn’t supposed to untie you, but she can take care of you. What do you need?”

“Our princess stomachs are empty, and our princess diapers are full,” Hannah reacted and laughed shortly.

“Let the good fairy check them,” Susan removed their jackets and shoes and peeked into Hannah’s diaper first, ”Princess Hannah, your diaper is smelly,” she moved to Audrey, “Princess Audrey is wet.”

“Time to a princess snack,” Susan called them to the kitchen after diaper changes. She fed the girls and sent them to the living room then.

“Princesses might be a bit tired, and they need a small relax with the non-princess TV.”

Both girls laughed and sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote. They really were a bit tired after the hike.

“Hey, princess Hannah,” Audrey turned to Hannah,” if the good fairy doesn’t untie us, we should do it by ourselves.”

“Yeah, it is an attempt worth. Let’s wait for the night, and we will become the naughty rebellious princesses that tricked the good fairy.”

“We will find the magic wand in our drawer and use it for a magical escape,” Audrey remembered the pencils. Hannah grinned and nodded.

After the dinner and bath, Susan tied their hands behind their backs and both girls clenched their fists slightly and kept their wrists apart, and their ropes were not too tight. They were ready for the night adventure.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Part 8

Audrey and Hannah were dressed in their pajamas, and Susan also put warm socks on them; the night was cold, and the bedroom temperature was pleasant for sleeping if the girls would be covered up to their necks.

“Hey, princess Hannah, do we start our escape attempt now?” Audrey asked Hannah when Susan closed the door.

“Wait a little, princess Audrey. We can wait a little until we will warm up under the covers,” Hannah objected.

“Okay,” Audrey yawned, “we have the whole night ahead.” However, her eyes closed five minutes later. Hannah was tired, too; she fell asleep almost instantly.

Susan peeked into the bedroom and grinned. Both girls were sound asleep. She guessed they would do an escape attempt but didn’t mind it at all. After all, that was part of the game.

“Hey, princess Hannah,” Audrey opened her eyes deep in the night. She felt cold, but her crotch was warm. During the night, she kicked off the cover and wet her diaper. The wet diaper wasn’t a surprise for her, but she realized she couldn’t cover herself again.

The room was lit by the dim moonlight, and Audrey spotted Hannah on the opposite bed. Hannah also had kicked off her blanket.

Hannah was dreaming and she had the usual bedwetting dream about looking for a toilet. Her bladder was bursting when she finally found a toilet, pulled down her panties, sat down and relaxed her muscles. She felt a big relief when she heard Audrey’s voice and woke up.

“What’ going on, sis … princess Audrey?” she recalled the game.

“It’s cold here, and we should start our escape attempt. To be honest, princess Audrey would like to be free and cover herself again.”

“Right, let’s start …” Hannah suddenly felt the warmness on her crotch, “okay, let’s hurry up,” she stood up and headed towards the table and opened the drawer.

Audrey also got up and walked over to the table, too. Hannah fetched a pencil and turned her back the Audrey. Audrey also turned her back to Hannah and waited. Hannah managed to untie Audrey’s wrists quickly; the knots were not too tight. Audrey turned back instantly and untied her sister, too.

“Well, what will we do now? Is our good fairy asleep?” Hannah turned back.

“I guess so. We can surprise her and get rid of our diapers.”

“Yeah, but we should clean our crotches first. Otherwise, the pajama pants will get smelly.”

“Wait, did you …?” Audrey was surprised; she expected Hannah to be clean.

“Princess Hannah had a bad dream and peed in her diaper.”

“Well, we are two bedwetting princesses now,” Audrey grinned, “my diaper isn’t soaked yet. We can go sleep again.”

“A good idea, princess Audrey,” Hannah grinned as well, “I have another good idea. Let’s sleep together on a bed and warm up each other.”

“Great,” Audrey nodded. Hannah returned to her bed and Audrey cuddled to her and covered them with the blanket. Ten minutes later, they were sound asleep.

“Morning, princesses,” Susan leaned over the sleeping girls and placed kisses on their foreheads.

“Morning, mo … good fairy,” Audrey opened her eyes and a wide smile appeared on her face.

“How did you sleep, sweetheart?” Susan switched into the mommy mode.

“Very good,” Audrey grinned and looked at the discarded ropes on the floor.

“Well, well, my princesses were mischievous again,” Susan was back in the game, “what about their diapers?” she lifted the cover and reached to Audre’s crotch, “yours is soaked; the good fairy should change it quickly.”

“Morning, good fairy,” Hannah opened her eyes and instantly realized the game. Her bladder was bursting. She could ask Susan to remove the diaper and let her to the toilet, but she got a second thought and relaxed her muscles plainly. It was that pleasant though.

“Hey, what is princess Hannah doing just now?” Susan laughed shortly.

“She has just peed herself, good fairy,” Hannah was amused be her idea; her diaper got soaked and heavy.

“Okay, time to get up, princesses. Up the bathroom and take a short shower before getting ready for the day,” Susan gestured at them. Audrey and Hannah jumped up and hurried up to the bathroom. They even could take the shower together.

As they dried themselves, Susan appeared in the bathroom and carried two dresses and a bunch of rope.

“Put the princess dresses on, and the good fairy will prepare you for the next adventures,” she passed the dresses to the girls. As they pulled the dresses over their heads, Susan tied their arms in tight boxties.

“Back to your bedroom, lie down and wait while the good fairy finishes your dressing,” she followed them and got diapers and tights ready. Just like before, Hannah got a diaper booster inserted into her diaper. However, Audrey’s diaper also was thicker. Susan pulled the tights up their legs and helped them put on slippers.

“Breakfast time, princesses,” she left for the bathroom to wash her hands and continued to the kitchen.

Audrey and Hannah sat down at the table and waited for Susan to feed them. They obediently opened their mouths and ate the pancakes, bite by bite.

“Thank you, good fairy,” Audrey and Hannah thanked unisono when Susan finished feeding them. They suddenly realized they didn’t have to do any chores. After all, they were princesses.

“Hey, princesses. It’s time for your next mission. What if you searched the mansion and found out what you can do with your arms tied?”

“It’s a good idea, good fairy. However, is this our mansion of your one?” Hannah teased Susan.

“It is my mansion, and you should search it thoroughly,” Susan grinned.

Audrey and Hannah grinned; they knew the weekend house, and it wasn’t too big, but it was a good task anyway. They had to find a way to open doors without using their hands.

“Let’s go to the basement first,” Hannah turned to the doors. However, it was locked.

“Do you know where our good fairy keeps the keys?” Audrey asked Hannah and headed towards the entrance hall without waiting for her answer. The kays were hanging on a hook, a little above their heads.

“Princess Hannah, what will we do?” Audrey turned to Hannah again.

“No problem, princess Audrey. We will find a solution. Look at the broom,” Hannah walked over to a broom standing in the corner, turned back, grabbed it with her right hand and returned to the hook she squatted a little slid down her hand and stood up again. The broom handle reached the keys on the hook and unhooked them. The keys dropped down to the floor.

“Sit down, princess Audrey, and grab the keys,” Hannah put the broom away and waited. Audrey sat down, grabbed the keys, but standing up was a big challenge.

“Try to cross your legs and lean forward. You will rise to the kneeling position and stand up,” Hannah explained, “I’ve read it in a book.”

Audrey obeyed her and she really stood up quickly. She walked back to the basement door and unlocked it.

“Wow, we need to switch on the light,” Audrey stopped in front of the stairs.

“Hey, use your princess nose and push the switch,” Hannah found the best solution immediately. Audrey laughed and pushed the switch.

“Well, let’s go down,” she stepped forward and climbed down the stairs. Hannah followed her quickly. They had an exciting new adventure ahead.

“What will we find in this dark cave? Is there a dragon here?” Audrey started the spectacle when she suddenly heard the water pump.

“Yeah. Don’t you hear his growling?” Hannah played along instantly.

“Will he eat us? Dragons like to eat princesses,” Audrey almost laughed, “let’s run away.”

“What would a princess do if she heard that growling?” Hannah felt a slight urge to pee.

“Would she pee herself out of fear?” Audrey asked her. She also felt a growing pressure in her bladder.

“I think so,” Hannah couldn’t control herself and laughed and relaxed her muscles. A stream of pee soaked her diaper. Audrey laughed as well and peed in her diaper, too. They climbed the stairs and stopped in the entrance hall.

“This week will be fun, princess Audrey.”

“Yeah, it will,” Audrey nodded.

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