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a Valentine's Day Card


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I didn't know if I should put this under my last post or start a new topic, they are completely unrelated, but it's another short story 


A girl at work was complaining, "Nobody gave me a Valentines". Let's call her, Janie. Me, being me the sweetie I am, I quickly folded a piece of paper, drew a heart on it and gave her a simple card. She was touched, even though I had spelled Valentine's wrong, but to her that made the card sweeter in a way. It matched the childish relationship i have with her and most women, for that matter. To her, it's like, "Awww you heard i was sad and made me a little card to make me feel better". I got exactly what I wanted, a hug, a pat on the head and you're such a sweet boy. 

She was shorter blonde, a little heavy set, the 70's band Queen described them as "Fat Bottomed Girls", but could she still wear tight clothes that looked good enough to catch an eye. We had a decent relationship, but never anything beyond playful flirting. I'd even talked with her about wetting my bed and she didn't even really do any teasing or anything. She was actually surprisingly understanding. So, I'd talked about fetishes with her a couple times and she had an interest in something, but nothing that sparked between us and she never specified her interests, it was always about me. She talked about wanting to have a threesome with her boyfriend and another guy. Usually it's another girl. She tells me her boyfriend is a Black guy real conflicted on homosexuality. I didn't put a lot of thought in it, i offered, "I'll suck his dick, if he wants?". She said, "No, but maybe", then went on to say, that when they'd been drinking, he was into the idea too, but "Don't ever say anything to anyone". And like "You know I wear diapers, you think I'm gonna run around telling your secrets?"
A few days go by, I've forgotten all about my little card. Janie comes in all angry and pouty. She's been arguing with her boyfriend and is still arguing with him through text messages. I ask, "What's happening?"
She confides a very typical argument, "He's just being a jerk. He doesn't want me talking with other guys. He always says at I'm cheating on him. And I've never cheated once. He's cheated on me and every since I caught him, everything I do, everywhere I go, he says, I'm cheating on him"
Me being blissfully naive as to what they are actually arguing about, asks, "What started the argument?"
She looks up at from her phone, "He found the card you gave me on Valentines Day. And now, he says you're flirting with me and that i fucked you".
This sends a chill down my spine, and gives my voice a sudden nervous enegry, "What do you mean? Why does he want to talk to me?", feeling my little dick and balls retracting inside of me. Janie goes back to typing on her phone, still absently holding the conversation with me.
"He keeps saying, you're flirting with me. And he doesn't want any guys flirting with me. I told him it was nothing. He's such a jerk! He's always overreacting. He's sk jealous. He won't even let me hangout with any of my guy friends". She finally looked up again and saw the fear in me. Awhile ago, she had told me, he'd been in jail for fighting before. And this was not the spot I wanted to be in at the moment. I could already see what was shaping up. Does the idea of her boyfriend humiliating me in front of her, turn me on? Very much. Did I sorta kinda orchestrate this situation into existing? I thought it a possibility, but in the moment, the fear is real and thats what turns me on so much!
Now, I really wouldn't even call myself a guy. My figure is almost like a split between a guy and a girl. I wear a lot of women's clothes cuz they fit better on me. If I'm walking on a street with heavy traffic, I always get some overly thirsty guy honking at me from behind if I'm wearing tight pants, cuz they see me from behind and think I'm a girl. My shoulders and face don't look too feminine, but have maintained a baby face, but below the waist, i look like a girl. Me and Janie are about the same height too. So, I'm not exactly a fighter. To me, I'd rather suck a guy's dick than fight him. Kiss his shoes? I'll get on my knees. In the moment, I'll do just about anything. I'm intensely submissive to dominant personalities 
Janie tells me, "Oh, don't worry about him. He's not gonna do anything...."
I didn't share her certainty, because before she had even finished, "But you just told me, he is coming here! Can't you tell something?", I'm whining at this point, like desperately pleading with her, "Tell him I'm not here or I went home or anything?"
Janie tells me, "That's what I should have said! I didn't even think of that!", but she can tell I'm upset and she starts talking very sweet like she was encouraging a kid, "You don't have to be afraid of him. He won't do anything. I'll protect you", which made me happy to hear, but does little to lessen the dread building inside me" It's gonna be okay. Don't even worry about"
A little while later, I'm back asking her, "Can't you tell him something? Cuz, he won't do anything to you! But that doesn't mean he won't do anything to me! You told me he's been to jail", and when she looked up again, and I don't know if it was a look in her eye or the smile on her face, but something gave me the impression she that was enjoying this in someway.
So I'm watching the clock all morning, hoping i can somehow get out of work before Janie's boyfriend shows up, or something to happen, but all to soon, the time comes, and her boyfriend's car pulls into the lot. Living up the moniker Yellow, I ran to one of the bathrooms, locked the door and hide inside for like twenty minutes. And that twenty minutes seemed to take forever to pass. The whole time, I'm sitting on the toilet trying to find things to take my attention off her boyfriend, Leon, out there waiting for me. After about ten minutes, I don't hear them talking anymore. But i stay inside. After another ten minutes, I thought I heard a car drive off. So I start thinking it's safe to come out and I have to come out sooner or later. I can't stay in the bathroom forever. And part of me that i hated in this moment, is hoping he's out there.
And the moment I turn the corner, I see Leon sitting across from Janie. He stands up and makes a b-line to me. He's under six feet, but he's still six or seven inches taller than me, heavy on some musky cologne, and bigger than me in every way. Later on Janie had said, described me walking into the room looking like a scared child
He's pushing his hand into my chest. My back is already against the wall. He is really loud in my face, spittle landing on my face, and a burst of pee escapes into my underwear. He's yelling and pointing at Janie, "You thought you were gonna fuck my girl? Are you fucking stupid?".
I felt sick, like I was about to throw up. This is all happening very fast, he's accusing me of hitting on and fucking his girlfriend, I'm shaking my head, denying everything, but i haven't gotten any words just sounds, not to mention I'm shaking pretty bad and tears are welling up in my eyes. Ive started crying and left a wet spot on the seat when my boss yelled at me. Leon shoves a piece of paper against my chest and my back bounces off the wall and I feel a longer jet of pee running into my underwear, i dont know if my pants were wet yet, but my underwear was as wet as it can be. And I'm like, "I didn't..."
He cuts me off, snatching the paper back from me, "You didn't write this?!?". And I'm looking back at him, eyes wide and childlike, Im literally helpless and keep looking away, my whole body is shivering and I know my pants must be wet.
"Its just a card! It doesn't mean anything", Janie called out, which only seemed to make him madder, cuz he grabbed my shirt and bounced me off the wall again, and this time the quick jet of pee escaping in my underwear doesn't stop. A few tears are starting to run, making my face shiny. I know he can see my pants are wet, even if i can't feel it, cuz I go numb below the waist when i get scared. Now, I'm looking over to Janie for help, my eyes are pleading with her.
Finally, she comes over and starts trying to calm him down. I remember her rubbing his shoulders and saying, "Let him answer. Leon! Look at him! He's scared to death". And I get to a certain point where I don't care about embarrassment or having dignity and I'm trying to think of what I can say to him to get him to believe me or get him off of me, but everything in my mind is a blank. I'm not someone you want in high pressure situations.
And, in this high pitched squeak, don't ask me why id say this, maybe it's because i know it'll turn me on later, but i tell him, "I still wet my bed! I sleep in a diaper! I don't think Janie would want to sleep with me!"
This obviously takes Leon by surprise, "What?", and he still has a grip on my shirt. And I can see Janie has a similar look in her face, surprise that's turning to a smile, it's something people do when they see someone wet their pants.
Outloud, i squeak out, "I pee my pants" not I peed my pants, I pee my pants, i dont know what I was trying to say, but that's what came out. Both of them look down, their attention on the wetness between my legs, down both my thighs ,with longer streaks of wetness down to my calves and my socks are only a little wet, i didn't have a full bladder whe. It happened. I've learned, if I want to assure a man of his masculinity, peeing my pants in front of him is a massive ego boost.
His whole energy changed, like he had relaxed. But I hadn't, like, I still feel like I'm gonna puke with my heart beating through my chest. Im still begging him that I'm sorry, i won't do it again, it didn't mean anything.Which wasn't entirely true, but he had told me to, "Shut up", so I did. And he looks me up and down, assessing me.
I look up, notice Janie's standing behind him with mouth open and her hand covering it. But just like he gets an ego boost, she just saw her man completely dominate me, she is super turned on, like he's some returning champion and the look in her eyes, I know her panties are damp. The way she is caressing his arm and back, looking up to him. It's almost has the look of a love story, except I'm standing in wet pants, completely humiliated and wiping away tears, and because something is really wrong with me, i start to suck my thumb, but im holding that hand with my other hand, so both my hands at my mouth. Luckily no customers came in the store the whole time this scene was unfolding.
But standing there watching him tell her, "You see what happens when you try to cheat on me?", she has her hands clasped in front of her chest, looking up to him, like, basking in his masculinity, "You see what a pussy he is? This little bitch!", pointing at me sucking my thumb. 
Janie looks to me and back to him, nodding her head in agreement eagerly, "Id never cheat on you! I love you. I love you! I love you! Id never cheat on you! Never! Especially not with him. I told you, he's like a little girl", the little nod of her head and the 'him' was worse than calling me piss pants or some other name and she had never told me she saw me as a gjrl. And he kisses her, full tongue in mouth, watching them kiss, feeling is starting to return to my body and i can feel the humiliation that people who have felt that cold wetness of their pee soaked pants clinging to their legs know. 
Im standing there sucking my thumb in wet pants watching her wrap her arms around his neck, he is gripping her ass with one of his hands, and she is pressing her face against his trying to push his tongue deep inside herself. The noises of their lips and tongues and the little sounds of passion from inside, it was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen from my position. He was gonna fuck her brains out tonight and she was gonna love it. The energy between them was magical. 
He told her, "I'll see you at home", after he had what he wanted and left. He didn't say anything or even look back at me.
When she turned to me, she couldn't get the smile off her face, even though she felt bad for me and finally I could exhale a sigh of relief. Janie, is in my face now, "It's okay. Calm down sweetie. It's okay", she's putting her hands on my shoulders, petting me head, but she also checks behind her to make sure he's not coming back, "Shhhh, let's get you in the bathroom". She has her hand on my back walking me to the bathroom. "Shhh, stop shaking, it's okay, baby". Don't ask me why, maybe fetish stuff, but I end up pulling my pants down and sitting on the toilet with my underwear still on, my yellow underwear, and I'm talking with Janie. After a few more minutes of her telling me it's gonna be okay and putting both her hands on my head and holding it against her body, she has to go back out front. 
Now, if you've ever been in the position of the wimp who pissed himself, most girls take an extreme degree of pity, there's this bonding thing, it's about the most emasculated I can be and she feels like it's her fault, but any sexual tension between us is gone, she's like a babysitter now and I've had this happen with a few girlfriends, "I just can't see you as a man anymore", they say.
Finally, as she's opening the bathtoon door, she asks the question, that seems obvious looking back, "You really wear diapers? Ive never seen a guy get the pee scared out of him".
I'm like, "I have accidents"
"I can see that", the smile on her face was shining and her arms were crossed under her tits making them look even bigger, "Maybe you should think about wearing them more".
"I don't pee my pants everyday"
"You need to get outta those wet clothes. You'll get a rash", this actually started to get my dick hard, hearing her telling me I'm about to get diaper rash. "I think I have an extra pair of tights in my car. You can wear, but I don't have any panties", again telling me she doesn't have any panties for me to wear was another step toward an erection, ",Do you have any your d...", she had trouble saying diapers and started to laugh as she said the word.
Now, I had extra pants, Goodnites, diapers, underwear, even shirts, when you wet your pants a few times a year, you learn to be prepared, my mom and sisters call it, my diaper bag. But I wanted to wear Janie's tights, so I didn't tell her and pulled my pants back up and went out to the car with her. I took one of my Goodnites, cuz a diaper would be very visible, especially in tights.
I'm sitting there with her for the rest of the day. And we talk about everything. Im telling her, if I wet my pants, I'm gonna wet the bed for a few weeks, and I'm gonna be much more likely to have accidents in the next few days. I can't help peeing myself sometimes, if someone jumps out or if the brakes on a car screech, there's gonna be at least a wet spot. The way she is talking to me know though, it's like I'm not a man in her eyes anymore and I'm incredibly turned on.
But that's not the end of this, cuz like a week later, Janie mentions the threesome again. And after the way I fell apart when he was angry, he told Janie  "You're right, he's basically a girl. No man is gonna piss all over himself and start sucking his thumb". Of course I'm interested, I wanted to see him fuck Janie more than anything and I was gonna. I was thrilled! I love dominate guys. If he wants to humiliate me, as long as he isn't like punching me, I'm happy. 
I'm over the moon, in another week, I was at their house, I dressed as feminine as I could and wore a Goodnite, I mainly wear the girl's one's cuz the work much better. At least for me the girl Goodnites hold leaks three times better, I don't know if it's cuz my package isn't very big, but the boy one's leak on me and the girl one's don't. 
I show up. Janie brings me in, she's in little shorts and a t-shirt, greeting me. I switch into a pink skirt, with white tights and a yellow top. She takes me to see the man. He's sitting on an easy chair and I get on my knees off to the side of him, "Thank you for letting me come over, Sir. Is there anything I can do for you?", everything is Sir, may I, please, thank you.
He stands and pats me on my head, "Oh you're a good bitch", I flinch, "You can stand up bitch", and he like sniffs me. My heart is beating through my chest, this guy almost kicked my ass one week ago. Im literally peeing my pull-up. I can smell alcohol on his breath. It was very animalistic. 
He puts his arm around Janie's waist, "You two bitches are gonna suck my cock"
I ask, "Do you want me to wear lipstick,  Sir?"
"Yeah, I do".
I get my lipstick out of my bag, give it to Janie, who puts it on me quicker than I could. At this point, I say, "I think I better tell you guys that I don't really have a dick" and I let that statement hang in the air. Janie and Leon look at each other, "Like, I have one but it's small, like girls don't feel it, but I wear a strap-on and girls like that one better"
"You're perfect, bitch"
Leon gets on the couch, pulls his jeans and boxers down. At first, he's holding his cock up. Me and Janie are on our knees sucking on his balls, our tongue over each other's, our lips are touching and the thin slightly salty taste of his balls fill my mouth. He let's his cock down and we both jump on it, licking his cock, me and Janie are basically kissing with the tip of his cock between our mouths. This is amazing. Janie forces me to the side swallowing his cock first, "Hold her head down", I push Janie's head down as she makes those gagging noises but she's really use to it. Janie takes her mouth off, his cock is dripping with her saliva and his precum, i start blowing him, same thing, "Hold her head down", Janie pushes my head down and I am gagging, but she's holding my head and I'm violently gagging,  anything left in my bladder is draining into my pull-up, eventually I relax and just let his cock stretch my throat. I look up at his eyes with mine wide and submissive, it's a submissive thing, I've had a couple cocks in my mouth before and eye contact at points is important, wide eyes, vulnerable, making little moans and noises, like trying to softly mimic the sounds of a woman orgasm, helps get the guy off, especially if the guy who's dick is in your mouth doesn't see himself as gay or bisexual. Now with his humiliation of me fresh in all out minds, the energy is different. It's whatever he wants, he knows that and he is imposing it on me and Janie. And he is loving it.
Rarely does a man surprise me, but he grabs my hair, pulls me off his cock and tells me to, "Eat my ass". I hadn't ever planned on doing this and he seems to register that, even though he is not the most sensitive of men, and he moves me on my knees to behind him, while I'm in the middle of saying, "I need to get a new pull-up, Sir", but he is snapping his fingers and pointing down, Janie hustles over, gets back on her knees and starts sucking. I forget about changing my pull-up, spread his cheeks and start tonguing his asshole. I can't say I'm crazy about the taste, like his balls, cock, cum I don't mind the taste, but his asshole, I'd rather not, but I would have got on my knees and started licking the ground, if he had told me to. After a few minutes though, I can tell he's about  to cum and the
 feeling I get from making a man cum is so hot, even if I'm not the one sucking his cock, it's the ultimate pat on the head, if a guy sleeps with me. I'll suck his cock all night like a pacifier, I'll sleep with my head at his crotch all night.
Anyway, he cums in Janie's mouth, pulls me back up front and has me kissing her and we pushing his cum back and forth between our mouths making a show of it. Finally I can ask again, "Can I go put on a diaper now, Sir?", but I'm looking up from him to Janie hoping, if he doesn't say anything, she will. 
"You couldn't sit your ass down and take a piss before you got here", but he's kinda laughing when he says it. 
"I didn't think I had to, but your cock...changed my mind", knowing he'd like that answer and he nods.
I get up off my knees, "One more thing, bitch", I freeze, "We wanna see your cock".
Immediately, I'm like, "Why?", I didn't even say Sir.
Obviously he goes, "Cuz I said so" and steps forward. He can tell I don't want to and that makes him even enjoy it more. Janie is standing now and watching me shrink in front of her boyfriend, getting hotter. He steps back and just grabs the front of my Goodnite and just rips it off and then pushes it against my chest. In an almost perfect way, my little dick springs up cuz I'm rock hard. He's smiling, Janie laughs, naked from the waist down my three inch penis is fully on display, I'm completely hairless and shave the little body hair that does grow. "That's....the smallest dick I've ever seen" and follows up with a line I've heard a million times in one form or another, he turns to Janie, "No wonder he's still diapers, he's got a baby dick", this actually embarrasses me though and I cover up, "Don't cover up" I move my hand and let them see my little dick.
"Can I go now, Sir"
I put a diaper on, come back, we go into the bedroom, I put on my strap-on over my diaper and they both a laugh outta that. But I'm pretty good with a strap-on.
So, Leon is gonna fuck Janie from behind, while I use my strap-on on her mouth. And Janie's like, "Please don't piss yourself while I'm blowing you"
Meekly, "I don't think I will"
Leon grabs my hair, pulling my head back, "You heard her! You better not". I start to say, "This isn't helping", but he pushed his thumb in my mouth and that made cum, sucking on his finger, it seems so small, but I came in my diaper sucking on his thumb.
Spit roasting Janie was fun, mainly watching Leon fucking her, I just tried to make her start gagging anytime she started moaning, cuz that's what she wanted. Having her looking up at me with my strap-on in her mouth, while his real cock is inside her pussy, I'm like a lesbian to them. And wearing the strap-on is demeaning, but I've always done it, because no girls could ever feel my dick, and it's awkward having a girl say, "Are you inside me? I can't feel anything? Are you sure it's in? I'm not all stretched out, I cant even feel you!", but watching her pushing off her legs so she goes into his cock harder and he is slamming into her big ass, heavy flesh smacking sounds. When he is really jackhammering Janie's starting to orgasm, I push my strap-on as deep as it'll go, and she looks up and her eyes are sparkling and wide as she goes into like body convulsions, her hands are grabbing my diapered ass, digging in and pulling my diaper down. She finishes, Leon says, "You squirted all over my cock", smacking her ass, making her moan, Janie pulls her mouth off my strap-on, turns and gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock clean. 
They've both been drinking, theyre coming down, they're going to bed, I sleep on floor next to their bed. I'd drank a bottle of water before going to sleep and my diaper reflected that the next morning. That the next morning, Janie did mention, but Leon no longer being drunk, didn't want me there anymore, in fact, he made it clear. I had to leave now. 
So fast, I'm putting my pants back on, on their porch, wet diaper fully visible to anyone watching me pull my pants on and make my way to me car. I get home and see myself, I'd forgotten to take off the lipstick, lol.
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